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  • Eliel
    Eliel14 timer siden

    Wtf o maluco colocou o tauz no video, tem meu respeito. Wtf bro you just put a tauz music in this video, you have my respect

  • Vighnesh A
    Vighnesh A14 timer siden

    Whatta card to get for free...Weekend league performance 23 games 33 goals 10 assists ...

  • Diego Urdiales
    Diego Urdiales14 timer siden

    The Fekir cards body type does not affect him

  • Bob Sagit
    Bob Sagit15 timer siden

    He stumbles over his words 3-5 times before he gets the word out properly he’s a grown man with major stuttering issues

  • Tobias Zapf
    Tobias Zapf15 timer siden

    So far he didn't convince me. Will use him for Icon swaps and the re-evaluate if he ll become SBC fodder

  • Samy Omar
    Samy Omar15 timer siden

    I have both TOTS Gundogan and Mount who should I start? I also have Prime Okocha, Neres, TOTS Buendia, and TOTS Correa in my attack and TOTS Banega as my CdM?

  • X HamptonZ
    X HamptonZ16 timer siden

    Who’s back here from the tik tok of that kid

  • Hodgson Out
    Hodgson Out16 timer siden

    Carvahlo and Isak are so good with my tots Benzema and Llorente

  • E
    E16 timer siden

    5:56 🤣

  • DeMarcus Batista
    DeMarcus Batista16 timer siden

    Bro we need the eto fish song back so bad

  • Jón Garðar Arnarsson
    Jón Garðar Arnarsson16 timer siden

    Did him and got tots oblak in 1 of the packes, im gassed

    ADVAIT IYER17 timer siden

    Zwe, Now Carvalho, PLZZZ🙏!

  • Nacho G
    Nacho G17 timer siden

    Can we get a new intro lol

  • TM Plays
    TM Plays17 timer siden

    Still find it crazy that Zwe actually made a collab with Jefferson lmao, absolute legend

  • die kop
    die kop17 timer siden

    Proud Eritrean. He wil be i my squad till the end.

  • Deng van D.
    Deng van D.17 timer siden

    What's the name of the song that starts at 08:53

  • Obomate Brown
    Obomate Brown18 timer siden

    I don’t know if I should grind him because he doesn’t fit in my team

  • Liam Ison
    Liam Ison18 timer siden

    Just wondering can you do both the showdown Sbcs or just 1?

  • Toby Craig
    Toby Craig18 timer siden

    my Isak card has 17 goals in 11 games, he's a beast!!!

  • Aaron
    Aaron18 timer siden

    Crazy card. Scored 6 goals in 4 WL games, including a 119' winning goal

  • Gianni Souffargi
    Gianni Souffargi19 timer siden

    This card or 87 joao felix?!

  • Colm O malley
    Colm O malley19 timer siden

    How do u do the turn on ps4

  • Soresilvermini
    Soresilvermini19 timer siden

    What’s the song at 6:20 please I can’t fond it anywere

  • Ethan Fallon
    Ethan Fallon19 timer siden

    He is being sent into kenny sbc

  • Johan Resendiz
    Johan Resendiz19 timer siden

    ZWE made it to ESPN!!

  • Bart-Jan van Slageren
    Bart-Jan van Slageren19 timer siden

    If you don’t complete this objective you are just lazy

  • Abbe 1021
    Abbe 102119 timer siden

    the swedish goat 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • GertJan van Oers
    GertJan van Oers19 timer siden

    Man, you made me laugh with those KRASI samples🤣

  • dully
    dully19 timer siden

    what was the song at 6:38 it was lowkey banging

  • dully
    dully19 timer siden

    someone pls help i need that song for fut champs

  • I am Cyclone
    I am Cyclone20 timer siden

    I know nobody asked but this was by far my best weekend league, I went 23- 4 like how I used to just get gold 2 all the time

  • Henry Cavill’s Real Mustache
    Henry Cavill’s Real Mustache18 timer siden

    We proud of you my son

  • Papa Aply
    Papa Aply19 timer siden


  • CookerDegree 49
    CookerDegree 4919 timer siden

    Gg pal

  • Henrik Greenwood
    Henrik Greenwood20 timer siden

    Loool benzema on the front cover

  • MetallicaLiveHD
    MetallicaLiveHD20 timer siden

    Lovely to see you in the Swedish shirt. 🇸🇪🤘🏽

  • x-FableOG-x
    x-FableOG-x20 timer siden

    The best free card was 95 summer ibrah

  • I henry I
    I henry I20 timer siden

    The mendy and bruno where better

  • SiiSeñor
    SiiSeñor20 timer siden

    Legendary intro but when the bundesliga guaranteed tots pack comes out, u needa do a part 2 of the intro u did for it last year. Dababy-Rockstar remix was sooo fire 😂🔥

  • Real Fans TV
    Real Fans TV20 timer siden

    The soundtracks are insane can anyone tell me the name of any of them?

  • alex garcia
    alex garcia18 timer siden

    No trophies this season

  • Devon A . Desbonne
    Devon A . Desbonne20 timer siden

    only one outcome ...... rage quit

  • Luan Gashi
    Luan Gashi20 timer siden

    I’m from Ireland and I literally thought I forgot all about Mother’s Day but no America has a seperate Mother’s Day like why

  • C T
    C T20 timer siden

    Because there’s no holidays in this stretch of the year, between Easter and 4th of July (Independence Day), they (politicians with corporations in their pockets) move the BS holidays around to benefit restaurants and shops (seasonality)

  • mike brian
    mike brian20 timer siden

    0:29 that freaking beat is firee

  • Jamie_Weir0916
    Jamie_Weir091620 timer siden

    carvalho not free because of 10 squid battles but isak free with 11 friendlies?

  • Bandar Aqeel
    Bandar Aqeel20 timer siden

    When u click on a vedieo just to see the intro

  • Rodrigo Jacinto
    Rodrigo Jacinto20 timer siden

    I have Isak and is very goos

  • Das YouTube
    Das YouTube20 timer siden

    Waiting for ibranimovic tots

  • ethoro08
    ethoro0820 timer siden

    Cant move forward in objections cuz nobody plays survival 😡

  • Harshsimon
    Harshsimon20 timer siden

    I am at the point where I just can’t be asked to play fifa 21 anymore anyone relate

  • Trendy Ende
    Trendy Ende20 timer siden


  • Elder 1892
    Elder 189220 timer siden

    Well never have a better big man than onuachu

  • Elder 1892
    Elder 189220 timer siden

    I’m gonna get racic coutinho and carvallho already got isak

    MM GAMING20 timer siden

    I Got 97 rated Benzema in a 80+ laliga player Pick

  • Melkadero
    Melkadero20 timer siden

    I love that you pronounce his name correctly😘

  • Constantin Constantin
    Constantin Constantin20 timer siden

    The best intro of yt lol. Keep using scenes and krasi voice haha

  • kole081
    kole08120 timer siden

    zwe check the fekir tots plz

  • Andy Langford
    Andy Langford21 time siden


  • Thomas Stacey
    Thomas Stacey20 timer siden


  • Daniel Krivtsov
    Daniel Krivtsov21 time siden

    First time Zwe has the correct kit to the actually player rewiev 😅

  • kole081
    kole08121 time siden

    Him and Cucurella best free cards ever

  • Micheal McGee
    Micheal McGee19 timer siden

    I like fofana and suarez too I know luis isnt meets but hes fun to use

  • Daniel Wade
    Daniel Wade20 timer siden

    True. Cucurella is a beast for me

  • Ahmed manhal salah
    Ahmed manhal salah21 time siden

    I dont have ps plus so i bought isak future stars and he is sooo good his body type is inane

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright21 time siden

    I can do everything but get to 9 wins and it's infuriating

  • Daniel Krivtsov
    Daniel Krivtsov21 time siden

    Straight from Stockholm and AIK well deserved ALEXANDER. Proud of you lad.

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay21 time siden


  • Br Gach
    Br Gach21 time siden

    `Ooo 'when...

  • TheSmellyGhost
    TheSmellyGhost21 time siden

    Yea, his card is amazing. Like you say, one of the best free cards there's been. I also have a review of Isak and would love peoples feedback on the video if possible.

  • Petter Schonenberg
    Petter Schonenberg21 time siden

    Why is the rainbow Flick fucked on ps4

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez21 time siden

    Boys can someone spare a few coins on ultimate team. Sold my club for Bale sbc. Looking to get Griezmann and Courtois back. I’m on Xbox... cheers

  • Harvey Skinner
    Harvey Skinner21 time siden

    I have isak and he’s class but very clunky

  • Cleatus Bobby
    Cleatus Bobby21 time siden

    Zwe never skips celebration/replay...

  • Henry Cavill’s Real Mustache
    Henry Cavill’s Real Mustache18 timer siden

    He doesnt mind if the other team watches theirs either though. I like watching them even when im raging lmao

  • Roland Meier
    Roland Meier19 timer siden

    Since it’s for his NOprojects channel, I can’t hate on it

  • Victor Lagerholm
    Victor Lagerholm21 time siden


  • Tom _
    Tom _21 time siden

    Bro much love from Germany

  • Evan Kelly
    Evan Kelly21 time siden

    Song @6:20?

  • Linus
    Linus21 time siden

    Put him into the 85x 5 and got Hegazi and Modric…😭😭😭

  • Evan Kelly
    Evan Kelly21 time siden

    That’s an L bro

  • Simon Törngren
    Simon Törngren21 time siden

    Isak actually played for AIK when he was in sweden

  • Ghost
    Ghost14 timer siden

    @Alpha you must be fun at parties

  • C T
    C T20 timer siden

    @Alpha some idiot on the internet left the ignorant and snarky comment “Ok and?” Which is more impressive? Playing professional soccer or what you do?

  • Monkeeh
    Monkeeh20 timer siden

    Heja Djurgårn

  • Alpha
    Alpha21 time siden

    Ok and?

  • Bersain Cordoba
    Bersain Cordoba21 time siden

    Do crossing s Center's

  • Kristian Varis
    Kristian Varis21 time siden

    My mom packed me TOTS Lucas Vazquez from 85x5 pack today lol... Happy mothersday I guess

  • Daniel Krivtsov
    Daniel Krivtsov21 time siden

    I packed frenkie

  • Timon Stoppe
    Timon Stoppe21 time siden

    Alexander Isakinho

  • ItsGolub
    ItsGolub21 time siden

    Great vid Zwe KEEP IT UP MAN !!!

  • Spanky Tv
    Spanky Tv21 time siden

    When you click on the video to see how silky this yam Boi is

  • Mr Banter
    Mr Banter21 time siden

    It's Bolingoli not BallinGoali

  • EthanTheCham 63
    EthanTheCham 6321 time siden

    Zwe please do a racic Zweview, man looks cracked

  • seb
    seb21 time siden

    used isak in the 85+5...

  • JChaconYT
    JChaconYT21 time siden

    It's not free....i had to pay PS Plus 😭

  • Rodrigo 2812
    Rodrigo 281221 time siden

    is one of the best free cards ever but zlatan summer heat wll be like 1m on the market