YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn't anyone else?

Around the world, there are regulations for "influencers". Those regulations make sure that if someone is paid to endorse a product, they have to declare that payment to the people watching. But why does no-one on TV, or film, or anywhere else have to do that?
Written and performed by TOM SCOTT
Script assistant ANDREA MARKS
"Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight" by Rose/Broom/Breuer (1924), arranged for orchestra by BENJAMIN SQUIRES
Filmed safely:
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00:00 Intro
00:58 1. Payment and Control
05:47 2. You Have To Declare It
09:17 3. No-One Else Has To Declare It
18:03 4. We're Going To Disney World
24:47 5. The Land Of The Free
31:15 Outro


  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott19 dager siden

    "Influencers have to declare sponsorships clearly and up-front. Why doesn't that apply to any other medium?" would have been a much more accurate title, but alas, NOprojects titles have to be short and catchy!

  • ?


    Time siden

    You made the mistake of trying to talk while vaping.

  • skylx08


    2 dager siden

    Only time I heard the lyrics "Does your chewing gum loose its flavor on the bedpost..." was in the Ray Stevens song "A-Hab the A-Rab". ...unclench, its from the 70s.

  • linkbirds


    2 dager siden

    We gotchu fam

  • JoseitoEdlVodao


    2 dager siden

    Because you guys haven't lobbied deep enough. Do you realize you're their competition? I don't have to watch the video but hey, is it easier than Time Zone logic?

  • 0623kaboom


    3 dager siden

    btw north america does have a law that says paid promotion must be declared on all media ... yup those but wait theres more commercials are disclaimed as paid promotions ... just because the UK doesnt have them doesnt mean no one does ...

  • Lachlan Mason
    Lachlan Mason39 minutter siden

    Not a sponsorship but Disney’s Own Christmas parade they pre record and broadcast disrupts the area in fron of the castle for a few days.

  • Ramix Nudles
    Ramix NudlesTime siden

    "Chewing gum" is the better lyrics. "Cherry cola" is not only better lyrics, it makes more sense. Cherry cola would be easier to replicate as a taste or flavor. Cherry is a recognizable flavoring, and used to try to disguise the regular flavors in a bunch of horrible products, i.e., when they are trying to slip something inferior or disgusting past you.

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    Lawrence Calablaster

    34 minutter siden

    I never even knew about the original lyrics of either.

  • rblx08
    rblx08Time siden

    11:46 you are welcome

  • Skandraken
    SkandrakenTime siden

    Tom Scott: "It's time to play is this an advert?" NOprojects: "This is the perfect place for an ad break." Me: "Yes, this is blatantly an ad." I had to stop and mentally register the skip button in the corner of the ad. Well played, NOprojects.

  • Kavai Animu
    Kavai AnimuTime siden

    NOprojectsr: drinks a soda during the video The UK: OY YOU GOT A LOICENCE FOR THAT SODA

  • Chronic Abraham
    Chronic Abraham2 timer siden

    Tom Scott hitting a vape and trying to casually continue his topic before coughing up a lung is exactly why I kept watching

  • Christoffer Kamronn
    Christoffer Kamronn3 timer siden

    🤘🏼 👏🏼 YES YES YES! Spot on!! Please make a 2.0 in a year!!!

  • MukDesigns
    MukDesigns3 timer siden

    Anyone else really want to do to Disney World?

  • imdawolfman
    imdawolfman3 timer siden

    You could replace, 'This video is not sponsored' with, 'Your name here'. Or not.

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    brianbp4f4 timer siden

    So Casino Royale should have been Advertisement Royale

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    Hpv ꧁Xeno꧂4 timer siden

    11:45 Don't thank me :>

  • Adar Oben
    Adar Oben5 timer siden

    The unbranded chewing gum lost its flavor long before you stick it to the bed post.

  • Vedant Kumar
    Vedant Kumar5 timer siden

    Hey, look into The "Coca Cola" Song, produced by the bollywood industry

  • Victor Salmon
    Victor Salmon5 timer siden

    Hilarious, informative, and appreciated. Thanks for your work!

  • DeLaPrd
    DeLaPrd5 timer siden

    Probably because NOprojects content is as low-effort as it gets while attracting a massive audience. NOprojectsrs have little to lose by deceiving people with bad products so they had to regulate it somehow.

  • Pascal Junger
    Pascal Junger6 timer siden

    Simple solution: Opt out, don't show ads.

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    nate levinson6 timer siden

    The energetic giant crucially suspect because hovercraft interestingly blind abaft a fixed trick. sore, few fierce women

  • TheLongDark
    TheLongDark6 timer siden

    For crying out loud, Tom, now I want Samara to climb out of my doorbell.

  • José Villarreal
    José Villarreal6 timer siden

    I love tom

  • K
    K7 timer siden

    I think there should also be laws where celebrities or influencers could be held partially liable for harmful products that they promoted. It would make a lot of them pause before just blindly accepting money and saying "This product is great!".

  • Jason
    Jason7 timer siden

    Having a screen of logos after ads and before movies would be cool. Imagine the prestige of a bond movie wearing rolex, aston martin and jaguar as medals. Imagine how great it'd be for ford to be a medal there on the same board.

  • rodrak
    rodrak7 timer siden

    a little tangent to topic but also why should ad designers be exempt from having to declare authorship? change that and change advertising.

  • Jason
    Jason7 timer siden

    11:55 This is a failure. Now I want to inhale too much of a nictone-less flavour-less vape and cough like Tom Scott

  • rodrak
    rodrak8 timer siden

    Yep. Wayne and Garth taught us nothing.

  • Justin Hughes
    Justin Hughes8 timer siden

    You forgot an asterisk.... Land of the free* *Most of the time it's not actually free

  • soundspark
    soundspark9 timer siden

    And yet influencers are allowed to advertise dodgy products and services without getting their videos flagged for fraud.

  • Daniel M. Hendricks
    Daniel M. Hendricks9 timer siden

    Everyone loves censorship so long as the dictator agrees with them. Reference: Democrats and big tech in the U.S.

  • Masha
    Masha9 timer siden

    This video is an advertisement for the town of Dover

  • MegaHI32
    MegaHI329 timer siden

    I don't think requiring a TV show or video to state the ads inside is against free speech, because you're not prevented from speaking, it's just truth in advertising

  • DarkSnP
    DarkSnP11 timer siden

    Is that a kanger tech

  • Kapcer 2137
    Kapcer 213711 timer siden

    wtf why exactly at the moment you said " is this an advert" i got an ad

  • Lauren
    Lauren12 timer siden

    "How many kids told their parents they wanted to go to Disneyworld after seeing that show?" ... Me

  • Carewolf


    9 timer siden

    Just surprised they advertised the American version in Florida, instead of Euro Disneyland just 200km south of Brittain.

  • ritren t
    ritren t13 timer siden

    Also anyone having more youtube ads like since 1-2 monthes ago?

  • micha egi
    micha egi13 timer siden

    In Germany there is a law that forces TV shows to declar product placement. It is shocking how often this tag is seen for TV shows, soap operas etc.

  • Carewolf


    8 timer siden

    And still somehow it doesn't apply to children's programming like Transformers or Paw Patrol, that consist of 100% product placment.

  • Sampler19
    Sampler1914 timer siden

    16:25 so tom scott is tomscotter than tom scott?

  • Mutantcy1992
    Mutantcy199214 timer siden

    Honestly, if the Farrow & Ball sketch got anyone to buy that paint, I'd be shocked. I've never heard of them, and it seems like they used a British paint company to make it simultaneously legitimate but also a paint company that *most* people wouldn't have heard of.

  • Purple BatDragon
    Purple BatDragon14 timer siden

    Political ads are banned in the UK? That sounds amazing!

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    really reasso15 timer siden

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  • Kalle Pihlajasaari
    Kalle Pihlajasaari15 timer siden

    Dear @Tom Scott Did you know that Vitamin-D endorsements and mention of medical research are banned from marketing material in Finland in connection with our current epidemic as well as some other locales. Sort of like saying I drink water to stay hydrated is illegal. It is a shame really because it might put an end to the worst effects of seasonal infections and many other immune and autoimmune related diseases that there is proven research for causality and even more of correlation. If you want to stick it to the stuck in the mud regulators and do the world population a solid by shortening the period of restrictions we live under I recommend you look into it. vdmeta and vitaminDwiki are good places to start.

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo16 timer siden

    "Is this and advert?" Ad plays. I like your humor.

  • Sid DeHound
    Sid DeHound17 timer siden

    If you are "influenced" by something you see or hear on any media you are beyond help.

  • sasuke uchiha

    sasuke uchiha

    16 timer siden

    Not necessarily true. Take kids for example. They're susceptible to most things that are being told to them that they'll just take it as face value. But granted while they grow up, because they go through a repetitive cycle, they come to realize how the world works. Imo the biggest issue with it is how the educational environment is terrible outright in most places and they're stubbornness to not update their teaching methods to include stuff like that.

  • Vaylon Kenadell
    Vaylon Kenadell17 timer siden

    It's asinine that money is considered "free speech", anyway. Since when is money free?

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    16 timer siden

    People don’t realize that Tv is absolutely stuffed full of advertisements even in the Scripts of the programs and product placement.

  • Vaylon Kenadell
    Vaylon Kenadell17 timer siden

    Expecting ethics from capitalism is like teaching a Tyrannosaurus rex how to play piano. They just weren't built for that purpose.

  • Cataclysm
    Cataclysm18 timer siden

    Ah, yes. Wouldn't it be nice if Cooperations ran by people treated people like people instead of sheep.

  • n8
    n819 timer siden

    Thanks for such an informative video! You did an incredible job laying out the information here, and all of the parties involved. But... you're right. As a person with a strong opinion, I definitely disagree with one statement. "You should have the right to know when you are being advertised to." As crazy as it sounds, here in the US, I don't think that that would be right. However, I am on board with keeping regulations consistent across different mediums and platforms. The point about the parasocial relationship to social-media influencers is a really interesting one though. Again, thanks for the work you're doing!

  • Daniel Dietz
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  • Vitor Lobão
    Vitor Lobão21 time siden

    just HOW can you look 40 and 4 at the same time?

  • Aleksei Corleone
    Aleksei Corleone23 timer siden

    28:00 nobody, and I mean nobody, actually considers corporations people. Corporations are MADE UP of people, they are a group acting in a coordinated fashion, the same as trade unions or guilds or the class of a class-action suit. So you can't restrict so-called "corporate free speech" without restricting the free speech of the individuals that actually made it. Pepsi don't make Pepsi ads, because Pepsi is not a living entity; Pepsi's copywriters do and Pepsi's management endorses it. And all of those are, you guessed it, people. The "corporations aren't people" rhetoric is borderline Marxist rhetoric that a certain class of people aren't human.

  • kylejiahsmith
    kylejiahsmith23 timer siden

    Asbestos Land looks like a great theme park!

  • Jack Williams
    Jack WilliamsDag siden

    It's common knowledge here in the US that corporations have more rights to do things individuals cannot. To include but not limited to legalized bribery, better known as lobbying. It's only time until corporations are give legal right to vote in political elections here in the land of the free.

  • fresusjeak
    fresusjeakDag siden

    Bravo! Over half an hour, and I am not tired of your voice, nor the subject; well done! Many thanks to the off-camera Tom Scott for keeping this channel going.

  • Deathbrewer
    DeathbrewerDag siden

    NOprojects just wants to cover their behinds in any and all ways possible, limiting as much liability on themselves as they can and putting it all on you. Also yea, there's double standards of how these things are interpreted and enforced all over the place, not just on NOprojects, but in general. Part me of thinks part of why TV gets away with a lot more than online influencers is the gigantic lobbyist system the big, old dinosauric TV companies and their affiliates have helped the system be way more strict against what they view as their competition and much more lenient with themselves. Lawmakers and regulators for a given industry are often essentially bought and paid for by the biggest/richest/most established entities in said industry, instead of actually regulating against them.

  • Oniyaki
    OniyakiDag siden

    I totally need that doorbell tho.

  • mace windew
    mace windewDag siden

    11:46 is the best part of this whole video

  • DSC
    DSCDag siden

    Because NOprojects people don't have lobbyists working for them to get them tax breaks, free land, and so on. All those perks people give Hollywood et al costs governments/taxpayers $325,000 per person, so not worth it at all.

  • michel saulnier
    michel saulnierDag siden

    Thank you for helping us be aware

  • Denver Morgan
    Denver MorganDag siden

    People don’t realize that Tv is absolutely stuffed full of advertisements even in the Scripts of the programs and product placement.

  • Benjamin S.
    Benjamin S.Dag siden

    "We'll be right back after these messages," "mY mESsage!"

  • Roger Garcia
    Roger GarciaDag siden

    "Taken as religious text" nowadays idk if that's a joke or hes being serious constitution is swiss cheese and more of recommendation letter in todays day and age

  • Jon Ingall
    Jon IngallDag siden

    Haha never try to talk with a lungful of vape. Never ends well 😂

  • Joe I Guess
    Joe I GuessDag siden

    All I have to say is we will be back right after these messages from our sponsors and viewers like you! In other words they do declare ads, just like if you were to cut away and say "this video is brought to you by Bang Her Mash Brothel"

  • Kris Marks
    Kris MarksDag siden

    Aren't the things you're comparing against those types of things that are presumed to be fantasy? Whereas 'influencers' are presumed to be realistic? I would argue that's why the differentiation exists.

  • John Foerch
    John FoerchDag siden

    Oh wow, this really takes me back to my youth when I would rock out to Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavor On the Bedpost Overnight?

  • Greg Furlong
    Greg FurlongDag siden

    🖕 the Government

  • MochaFur
    MochaFurDag siden

    I still can't stop thinking about soulja boy wearing that superman shirt that was blurred.

  • CogitoErgoCogitoSum
    CogitoErgoCogitoSumDag siden

    Talking crap about the mouse. I wonder when/if they will find Toms body.

  • Restoring Reality
    Restoring RealityDag siden

    Well then why doesn't NOprojects practice what they preach? The entire company is one big advertisement for NWO satanists.

  • mike bar
    mike barDag siden

    What do u mean by declare the advertisement,,

  • Russell Thorburn
    Russell ThorburnDag siden

    7:44 The former POTUS proved that these U.S. rules/laws are more like a pirate code (more of a guideline that one is free to ignore if it suits one's purposes and one has enough money and/or political clout to avoid the consequences of ignoring those rules/laws.).

  • jacek otreba
    jacek otrebaDag siden

    You get a like because you mentioned the Kinks and their song Lola

  • MRHA
    MRHADag siden

    When the ad popped up at 12:33 I nearly lost it. The timing was too perfect. “IS THIS AN ADVER-“ *ad*

  • Worst88
    Worst88Dag siden

    Wouldn't it be "Draw the line just *above*"? Implying they are compliant to the line? Drawing the line just below what they do sounds like knowingly crossing the line and a hard position to defend

  • Justan Ol ' Guy
    Justan Ol ' GuyDag siden

    I like the political ad restrictions you have over there, maybe it wouldn't have led to some of the idiots that we have in office today... the Comics Code is still enforced, the stupid should be protected from themselves, I suppose...

  • Justan Ol ' Guy
    Justan Ol ' GuyDag siden

    The Vape made me Sub So it actually did work...

  • dennis de vulder
    dennis de vulderDag siden

    We should create regulatory rules for applying critical thinking instead.

  • Kalle Pihlajasaari
    Kalle PihlajasaariDag siden

    Did you get paid for mentioning BBC so many times? :-)

  • seagrot
    seagrotDag siden

    makes me curious about how stuff like yugioh works, in terms of advertising disclosure. the shows were edited for US releases for years (and afaik still are?) to not show the actual physical cards. to me that always seemed like a legal obligation to avoid product placement, but i've never actually looked at it. where is that line drawn? is the whole show an advertisement for cards? what about games like cool spot or pepsiman? this goes so deep. help

  • Nicholas Andre
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    Here we have 🌈lobbying🦄 in action.

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    The FTC itself is unfair and deceptive. a bunch of hypocrites nothing more.

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