Who would be FASTER, Kylian Mbappe or prime Thierry Henry? | AJ, Henry & Mbappe | The Ultimate Call


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Anthony Joshua, Kylian Mbappe and Thierry Henry caught up to talk everything from what it takes to be an elite athlete to who would be quicker between Kylian Mbappe or Thierry Henry in his prime.
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  • help me
    help me5 timer siden

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  • Deyon Parris
    Deyon Parris18 timer siden

    Kylian understands English. I could go France some day and meet him.That is my role model kylian

  • Muhammet Çakıroğlu
    Muhammet Çakıroğlu19 timer siden

    at 6:20 Henry was explaining something that is obviously important in his opinion. He seemed annoyed that his talk was broken by that joke. I would have loved to hear the end of it to be honest... :)

  • Vic O
    Vic ODag siden

    that 2006 loss to Barca broke my heart, I hate Barca with a passion

  • xMsry7
    xMsry7Dag siden

    Just mad how Henry is fluent and yet couldn't speak a lick of English when he joined arsenal

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split2 dager siden

    You only can compare the speed, imagine compare the technique between both

  • dawod aldawod
    dawod aldawod3 dager siden

    it feels like I ate mushrooms , what's Joshua doing in there??

  • Róbert Balogh
    Róbert Balogh3 dager siden

    Mbappe is improving his spanish he is coming to Real Madrid ;) :D

  • JK Toh
    JK Toh4 dager siden

    When henry say it is not about speed but speed with ball, able to move right and left with same pace and to look up to observe the surrounding, i think he was describing messi.

  • Sunny-Thomas
    Sunny-Thomas5 dager siden

    This is so wholesome, just what I needed!

  • Louis V
    Louis V6 dager siden

    its good to be confident in a logical way, what mbappe said makes him great. He said he knows hes good but hes not at the level of messi or ronaldo, he knows what he has to do to get there and he has to take the steps to reach that level of greatness, but atleast he can say hes not there quite yet but that he knows hes a good player.

  • i Preza
    i Preza8 dager siden

    I wonder how Mbappé learned such good English, seeing as most French people's English is quite frankly abismal

  • A H
    A H9 dager siden

    Tu est toute seul

  • Bic narok
    Bic narok9 dager siden

    Henry is such a cool dude.

  • sergio parreira
    sergio parreira11 dager siden

    Henry sounds like a londoner speaking, hey bruv 😊

  • Abdul Mumin
    Abdul Mumin12 dager siden


  • Amanda MALCOLM
    Amanda MALCOLM12 dager siden

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  • Ibra !
    Ibra !14 dager siden

    i feel like mbappe is enjoying it Henry is trying to teach them and AJ is just trying to be mature and professional

  • Ashton Finn
    Ashton Finn14 dager siden

    I love how Thierry Henry says shift a bit like the swear word

  • Ashton Finn
    Ashton Finn14 dager siden

    I hope Kylian plays for Liverpool

  • Luca B.
    Luca B.15 dager siden

    Mbappe is a Beast haaland do a lot of goals but he do not assist, mbappe have 140 assist and 120 goals, haaland have 30 assist and 90 goals

  • Azalia Mitchell
    Azalia Mitchell15 dager siden

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  • I'm making youtube
    I'm making youtube16 dager siden

    Who is better in fotboll Henry or kylian? 🤔

  • evan griffith
    evan griffith17 dager siden

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  • evan griffith
    evan griffith17 dager siden

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  • Claudio Rodríguez
    Claudio Rodríguez18 dager siden

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  • Liam Featherstone
    Liam Featherstone18 dager siden

    Henry doesn't wear glasses to make himself look smart

  • Seviboy123
    Seviboy12318 dager siden

    Henry is too funny

  • dashe boy
    dashe boy19 dager siden

    The harsh hedge dentsply flash because mother cytogenetically flood amongst a silent leaf. real, synonymous specialist

  • Cian Hayes
    Cian Hayes20 dager siden

    I’m sorry but I can’t forgive Henry for his handball against Ireland where I live

  • Iyanu Alabi
    Iyanu Alabi21 dag siden

    Enjoyed this one alot

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn21 dag siden

    Why is his englis so good?

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn21 dag siden


  • Steven Cross
    Steven Cross22 dager siden

    Anyone else only here to see people say "mbappe speaks better English than kane"

  • Z159753
    Z15975323 dager siden

    Que ce soit en anglais ou en français, Henry a un charisme de malade! Mbappé se débrouille bien en anglais pour un gars qui n'a pas encore joué ailleurs qu'en France.

  • Chizitere Obioha

    Chizitere Obioha

    22 dager siden

    ailleurs qu’en mais France

  • sharif ise
    sharif ise23 dager siden

    Thank you

  • Emmanuel Crepin
    Emmanuel Crepin23 dager siden

    All these guys are champs. The respect in this virtual room in unreal.

  • Uzair Sheikh
    Uzair Sheikh23 dager siden

    bro tuti karni ti mena

  • Matthew Lominy
    Matthew Lominy24 dager siden

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  • nicolas boehm
    nicolas boehm25 dager siden

    and 3 months later mbappe scores a hattrick against barcelona at the nou camp

  • Alexx
    Alexx25 dager siden

    Mbappe's English is so impressive for a guy who has never lived anywhere outside France unless if we view Monaco as a real separate entity but it is still a French speaking city anyway.

  • Mohammad zain gamer
    Mohammad zain gamer25 dager siden

    It has been a long time since I have seen Kylian Mbappe has speaked English

  • sirjaws49
    sirjaws4926 dager siden

    Mbappe is faster because his feet touch the pitch but Henry floats across it

  • Geoffrey Wright
    Geoffrey Wright26 dager siden

    Mbappe is faster. Nothing to compare really. Being a sprinter myself I know when I see an absolute beast of a runner. I’d like to see Adama vs Mbappe. Now that would be something because Adama without doubt is the quickest in the Prem.

  • محمد عمر
    محمد عمر26 dager siden

    Henry is the best premier league ever. Mbappe is not even the best in the French league. Henry always the one

  • Mr Eff
    Mr Eff27 dager siden

    Very uplifting & wise interview/chat. We can all take something from this. Positivity, self awareness & confidence is key 👌🏽

  • Kojo Da Reaper
    Kojo Da Reaper27 dager siden

    Why is Anthony Joshua in here 😂😂😂😂

  • ADH
    ADH27 dager siden

    I just have a feeling mpappe doesn't understand the joke is laughing for no reason

  • Der Alte Jenkins
    Der Alte Jenkins27 dager siden

    Better talk about haaland

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa28 dager siden

    Really just the boys vibing

  • Ronald Dacres
    Ronald DacresMåned siden

    They are Amazing People...👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾

  • Shahruz Numonov
    Shahruz NumonovMåned siden

    Gematria Effect Sports

  • Kivett Cutshall
    Kivett CutshallMåned siden

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    BBC LORD GODMåned siden

    Henry toi ta coupe du monde et mbappe coupe du monde c est pas la même man Mbappe est vraiment concerné dans cette victoire tu ne pouvais pas avoir place man Zidane à tout fais Thurman a tout fais Laurent blanc petit liza

    ASAPH MARKMåned siden

    Thierry can be a very good mentor

  • Mrchilly
    MrchillyMåned siden

    This was actually amazing the past, present and future of sports all on a call

  • it is toby
    it is tobyMåned siden

    Who else wants to mbappe race bolt

  • Daniel Ogiemwonyi
    Daniel OgiemwonyiMåned siden


  • Mahammed G
    Mahammed GMåned siden

    AJ is like someone who’s going to win a final and is confident every game

  • Iosif Bortan
    Iosif BortanMåned siden

    Ask him if he will have the same hunger as Messi or Cristiano ?

  • Zack Galante
    Zack GalanteMåned siden

    Mbappe Speaks better English than the entire Liverpool population

  • qexy
    qexyMåned siden

    I didn't expect Mbappe to speak like that lmao

  • qexy
    qexyMåned siden

    I didn't expect Mbappe to speak like that lmao

  • Cameron Dare
    Cameron DareMåned siden

    i find it crazy that mbappe is already one of the best in the world

  • XxShAdY_NiGhtZXx X
    XxShAdY_NiGhtZXx XMåned siden

    Thierry should become a manager he’s so factual

  • Nassim Bellaali

    Nassim Bellaali

    Måned siden

    he is

  • Yero diallo
    Yero dialloMåned siden

    Waouuuw mbappe is half English bravo France engletaire merci keep it up

  • Marlon
    MarlonMåned siden

    The young shoe postmeiotically open because yarn singly order to a succinct snowman. chubby, ceaseless poland

  • Rigel
    RigelMåned siden

    Bruh Henry was paradise in the beautiful game watching him made u want to play the sport regardless. Mbappe is a young beast, but at that age Messi and Ronaldo OWNED. Real talk cuzzz...

  • BVB-Adama
    BVB-AdamaMåned siden

    Mbappe is lucky because navas is the only really decent goalie in ligue 1. Lopes is alright but like the only big challenge for him is the ucl I think

  • Ben
    BenMåned siden

    Kylian speaking English sounds French/Spanish/Mexican/Italian/American 🤣

  • adieju_ carvalho
    adieju_ carvalhoMåned siden

    Mmbape speaking English is so cool to hear. My GoAT 🖤❣️👑

  • Saaketh Sriram
    Saaketh SriramMåned siden

    Anthony Joshua is a tier 1 troll😂😂

  • MP Solutions
    MP SolutionsMåned siden

    Two great athletes learning from legend

  • Joshua Gouveia
    Joshua GouveiaMåned siden

    I think you mean I don't just hear I listen

  • Its me Joe
    Its me JoeMåned siden

    I like Kylian Mbappe . He is a humble happy boy who wants enjoy his football.

  • Robert Lawler
    Robert LawlerMåned siden

    Welcome to the mighty reds

  • Virus - The Virus Community
    Virus - The Virus CommunityMåned siden

    “Raw and hard” 😂

  • three bedrooms
    three bedroomsMåned siden

    didn’t know mr.death grips was french !

  • Wikileaks
    WikileaksMåned siden

    Mbappe so arrogant

  • Nikolai Alexander Westall
    Nikolai Alexander WestallMåned siden

    Mbappe forgot Neymar in his list. 😄

  • serhat 67
    serhat 67Måned siden

    Mbappe says Ciao at the end of the video call Sky Sports : MBAPPE LINKED TO JUVENTUS

  • Ray Mysterio
    Ray MysterioMåned siden

    EA says its not even close, prime henry is a donkey and why ask such silly questions 🙄

    YNWA YNWAMåned siden

    so.. who' faster?

  • Ellis Kilty
    Ellis KiltyMåned siden

    i beg kylian comes to anfield

  • Ian Pian

    Ian Pian

    14 dager siden

    He’s destined for Madrid.

  • PieceBoxHeid
    PieceBoxHeidMåned siden

    This is a worldy of an interview, you can tell they're actually enjoying themselves

  • Prince Etu
    Prince EtuMåned siden

    These guys laughing was so good to watch.

  • Ashley LeivA
    Ashley LeivAMåned siden

    Mate Thierry Henry was an absolute beast , unmatched for days

  • Jack Boyd
    Jack BoydMåned siden

    AJ very Humble person🥺💗, Mbappe flash, Henry Very goodplayer

  • Demon21 HD
    Demon21 HDMåned siden

    is it just me or does alexander arnold look like kylian but kylian has a different shape of hean and hair.

  • Ridwan Ali
    Ridwan AliMåned siden

    Goals not power league

  • Risko Discos
    Risko DiscosMåned siden

    Great content

  • Paul Bismuth
    Paul BismuthMåned siden

    We shall stop comparing Haaland vs Mbappé. Haaland will be a pure 9 like Lewandowski a top scorer, Mbappé a better rounded player ( more versatile ). There won't be any Messi or Cr7 anytime soon.

  • the coff
    the coffMåned siden

    this is up there with some of the best interviews i’ve seen

  • Josh Elderfield
    Josh ElderfieldMåned siden

    Mbappe literally sounds like a ninja turtle

  • Khairun Nisa
    Khairun NisaMåned siden

    I know I'm late, but what has prime got to do with pace lol

  • Understand 555

    Understand 555

    Måned siden

    How can you compare a 40 year old Henry to mbappe of course they have to compare who is faster when Henry was in his prime. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Haroon Nadim

    Haroon Nadim

    Måned siden


  • H2 HN
    H2 HNMåned siden

    Two many goats for one zoom call

  • Looi Khai wing
    Looi Khai wingMåned siden

    Mbappe will winner 2 time World Cup champions

  • Jay Jay

    Jay Jay

    Måned siden

    Nope next year is brazil then the year after will be portugal the world cup is gonna be rigged

  • Ammaar
    AmmaarMåned siden

    Who is watching this after Mbappe scored a hat-trick against Barcelona into he UCL

  • Zohaib Chaudhri
    Zohaib ChaudhriMåned siden

    3 different Generations but they all have the same MINDSET. Be the best

  • billy b/s
    billy b/sMåned siden

    Joshua doesn’t need glasses to see fury would beat him