Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)

listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.


  • Solina Tsegai
    Solina Tsegai2 minutter siden

    The laugh reminds me of the time when I was on a discord server with 70+ people and the admins forgot to turn off @everyone. So I did @everyone. It was the first thing I did, then I got mod two minutes later, then got banned an hour later. Life was fun.

  • Ancient Gaming
    Ancient Gaming9 minutter siden

    Best song in my opinion

  • *•geode_cave•*
    *•geode_cave•*9 minutter siden

    This no joke sounds like something my oc spark would sing to his “daughter”

  • crystal kalem
    crystal kalem17 minutter siden

    I can't help but listen to this song nearly every day. Honestly I listen to most of the songs from Inside quite often...

  • Nicolas Litzler'
    Nicolas Litzler'21 minutt siden

    The song is very good and when you understand that the internet is humanity it's getting creepy but so much better

  • Sacha
    Sacha21 minutt siden

    sounds like an SCP song

  • Khandoker Muhimanul Islam
    Khandoker Muhimanul Islam27 minutter siden

    I hope people use this song as the next rick roll.

  • Ryerye Keeley
    Ryerye Keeley28 minutter siden

    I like that 1. This is the definition of the internet 2. When you say opposites like a tip for straining pasta then immediately a 9 year old who died, showing how you can find EVERYTHING on the internet

  • Kian Curatolo
    Kian Curatolo29 minutter siden

    When are we going to meet none of this is okay and it can be made better, oh wait something cool in suggested.

  • Real Awesome
    Real Awesome31 minutt siden


  • Real Awesome
    Real Awesome31 minutt siden


  • Saus Bauz
    Saus Bauz32 minutter siden

    Hello my sweet child, what you seek is 3:52

  • 123DJ321
    123DJ32135 minutter siden

    i wish time travel was possible

  • 123DJ321


    34 minutter siden


  • beeboreo
    beeboreo37 minutter siden

    "Cause a random guy just kindly sent you photos of his cock" Sounds like discord.

  • Daclium
    Daclium57 minutter siden

    This song is the new I Can't Decide and soon there will be animatic of this song with every tumblr sexyman

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian57 minutter siden

    3:50 laughing

  • humixmusic4lyf
    humixmusic4lyfTime siden

    Wow … he’s rlly guyd ( ^ω^ )

  • Hasan Semih Akgül
    Hasan Semih AkgülTime siden

    I wouldn't use internet if I saw this when I was 8

  • melvina kirk
    melvina kirkTime siden

    If this goes to Tik tok I will cry in pain

  • Ash Zino

    Ash Zino

    43 minutter siden

    It’s been on tiktok since before the special came out. And tiktok isn’t bad just because it’s the most popular app right now. It’s the same as youtube, there are millions of hours of content on there and if you can’t find anything you like anywhere on the app then you’re the problem.

  • Ronins Requiem
    Ronins RequiemTime siden

    This is a banger

  • It Hurts To Live
    It Hurts To LiveTime siden

    3:51 me when the bogos binted i forgor is among us

  • Kyïv stuff
    Kyïv stuffTime siden

    It was always like this. Internet just helps brings all those things inside of your home on your screens. You know how they say: racism didn’t get worse it just gets recorded? The same is with the internet. Humanity is terrible and beautiful at the same time. But it’s always your choice to click that link or not. Even the youtube algorithm can be guided in the direction you want - just google how ;)

  • Moistywamen
    MoistywamenTime siden


  • Pepperoni Pia
    Pepperoni PiaTime siden

    Omg Karl Heisenberg is so talented!!!

  • s a m i ت
    s a m i ت2 timer siden

    **now, there comes a time where you need to log off**

  • aster domitrovich
    aster domitrovich2 timer siden

    I feel like the internet was designed to make us insatiable, so we just consume consume consume and keep coming back for more.

  • Sarah DeAnne
    Sarah DeAnne2 timer siden

    I have probably listened to this song at least 4 of the last 24 hours. I can just loop it, it's so dynamic, so accurate, I don't even realize it's going on for so long. I'm not sick of it yet either.

  • Ikeastore
    Ikeastore2 timer siden

    I feel like this man could ruin someone's childhood with one word

  • 𝕸𝖊𝖗𝖈𝖚𝖗𝖞~𝕯𝖚𝖘𝖙
    𝕸𝖊𝖗𝖈𝖚𝖗𝖞~𝕯𝖚𝖘𝖙2 timer siden

    i remember when i was legit looking at a new article about the best pasta recipe then it took me to a kid that got struck by lightning-

  • Zero Zero Gaming
    Zero Zero Gaming2 timer siden

    This song is a mixture of true, funny, scary

  • Waht DaFuque
    Waht DaFuque2 timer siden

    Am I the only who was pleasantly surprised with Bo Burnham's voice? It improved significantly! If I hadn't seen the video, I would have mistaken this for a song from a musical. Wow-

  • Alyssa Ruderman
    Alyssa Ruderman2 timer siden

    bo never misses but this shit hits so hard it may kill, cause you really don’t want to be trapped inside a fucked up reality but everybody is already is. we got to the point of no return.

  • Tae15
    Tae152 timer siden

    people in the comments acting woke when you’re watching this *on the internet*

  • Extremelightning
    Extremelightning2 timer siden

    This is song is so accurate

  • Screaming_man
    Screaming_man2 timer siden


  • mrtweetski
    mrtweetski2 timer siden

    They could legit make a movie with him as an evil villain

  • Turi Vonhoven
    Turi Vonhoven3 timer siden

    i feel like Burnham would be an amazing salesman XD

  • Francesco Monti
    Francesco Monti3 timer siden

    Oh God this man is a fucking genius

  • Paradox
    Paradox3 timer siden

    Sir you genius for this ❤️❤️

  • Lil Zion
    Lil Zion3 timer siden

    We are just going insane ……..

  • Жанэль Турлыбекова
    Жанэль Турлыбекова3 timer siden

    Я так его люблю🥺🥺

  • mnemos
    mnemos3 timer siden

    The slow turn to face the camera at 1:14 is almost malevolent.

  • Impact
    Impact3 timer siden

    @Pewdiepie dis u?

  • BillBo Baggins Minecraft

    BillBo Baggins Minecraft

    3 timer siden

    Yes it is

  • Eduardo Cabral Santana Soares
    Eduardo Cabral Santana Soares3 timer siden

    Vim pelo ifunny

  • MrImp3rf3ct
    MrImp3rf3ct3 timer siden

    "Here's a healthy breakfast option, you should kill your mom" Those are different articles right? right?

  • Stray
    Stray3 timer siden

    This is gold.

  • Michael Bern
    Michael Bern4 timer siden

    aren't you kind of making fun of yourself, I mean we can find you on the internet too, the place for all bull shit things

  • Shakthi Ganesh

    Shakthi Ganesh

    2 timer siden

    Yeah, I'm sure he knows that.

  • Michael Bern
    Michael Bern4 timer siden

    first off at 0:00 minutes: you suck

  • Shakthi Ganesh

    Shakthi Ganesh

    2 timer siden


  • Detective
    Detective4 timer siden

    Alternate title: "The Internet Described In 4 Minutes And 40 Seconds (Musical)"

  • SuperAnimations 358
    SuperAnimations 3584 timer siden

    Please, give respects for this man, becuase not only this song represents the whole story of the internet, but how it evolved from being a good place, to a litteral hell.

  • Adam Smithers
    Adam Smithers4 timer siden

    How fitting that mine ended with two ads

  • Robert Bledsaw III
    Robert Bledsaw III4 timer siden

    "The Industrial Revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race." - Uncle Ted

  • Jack
    Jack4 timer siden

    This is such a fucking good song, my favourite in the whole special by far, although I loved the whole thing tbh

  • Silas Burbank
    Silas Burbank4 timer siden

    Almost forgot to listen to this today

  • vSpooxie
    vSpooxie4 timer siden

    3:20 is the BEST part of this song

  • Hoviper
    Hoviper4 timer siden

    The "could i interest you in everything" after the laugh gives me goose bumps everytime

  • Faux Universe
    Faux Universe4 timer siden

    the "heres a breakfast option you should kill your mom" part always gets me

  • Вечная Странница
    Вечная Странница4 timer siden

    Гениальная песня. Красивый голос. Thanks!

  • Jamie Lilley
    Jamie Lilley4 timer siden

    He’s just describing buzzfeed

  • That horror guy
    That horror guy4 timer siden

    Who else gets other father (coraline) vibes from this video

  • Baku Haku
    Baku Haku4 timer siden

    This is a villain song from the perspective of a villain who has already won.

  • Faux Universe

    Faux Universe

    4 timer siden

    stolen comment

  • JohnCo Unkown
    JohnCo Unkown5 timer siden

    This song points all of the things wrong with my life, so I don't like it. DISLIKE

  • Ben Gonzalez
    Ben Gonzalez5 timer siden

    I know bo burnham will probably never see this but ive beeen following your work since you were playin at your parents house and you never cease to knock it out of the park. Really brilliant stuff

  • Cliff Daniel
    Cliff Daniel5 timer siden

    "Be happy be horny" a wise man once said

  • no name
    no name5 timer siden

    the internet literally ruined my life lmao

  • Colin Cavender
    Colin Cavender5 timer siden

    Dependency, is a crime against modernity,but for the mean time let's indulge in all of the succulent bandwidth,let it bathe our cortex in digital clout.sea monkeys spelunking and never doubt.

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma5 timer siden

    The song has Hamilton vibes

  • Bea Con
    Bea Con5 timer siden

    The way the red lights sinisterly hits his glasses at the end definitely fits

  • CJ Cross
    CJ Cross5 timer siden

    What in the black mirror

  • Ysmni
    Ysmni5 timer siden

    The fact I got a TikTok advert immediately after this hurts my soul in a way I can't place.

  • James Johnstone
    James Johnstone6 timer siden

    You know he didn’t learn to play piano by just watching videos

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson6 timer siden

    This is chaotic and I’m glad.

  • Kira Yoshikage
    Kira Yoshikage6 timer siden

    I really love how during the end of the song it goes from loving and comforting, to mocking, then to overstimulation with one concrete message. Its kinda how I’ve seen companies treat the generation raised by the internet. Like they say they understand that it’s messed up, then they mock for being internet dependent and still use them for profit by offering everything while still keeping their control

  • ham
    ham6 timer siden

    see people dislike this yet, its litrally telling the entire story of the internet...I love it

  • Danielcheeseflavoredtortillachip
    Danielcheeseflavoredtortillachip6 timer siden

    Its just a song? People Don't need to comment how controversial this is, Its not.

  • Brieface


    5 timer siden

    It’s not the song. Bo used to do edgy satirical humor (think South Park). unfortunately some 14 year olds from tiktok discovered this so they’ve been spamming his pages with hate. Welcome to the internet! 😬

  • N0F4CE
    N0F4CE6 timer siden

    1:25 to 1:31 is literally bing in a nutshell

  • M H
    M H6 timer siden

    Internet circa 2003-05 was just the right amount of connection.. now it's giving kids as well as adults mental problems..

  • N0F4CE
    N0F4CE6 timer siden

    That thing about the power rangers quirky quiz is way too accurate it scares me

  • Marc Damania
    Marc Damania6 timer siden

    Well this fits none of my playlists...

  • Harvey Gamer
    Harvey Gamer7 timer siden

    Anyone else think he looks like Heisenberg from resident evil village

  • Jelly Berry
    Jelly Berry7 timer siden

    That laugh is Evillll. amazing

  • Mr Fazlocks
    Mr Fazlocks7 timer siden

    This song is horrifying accurate about the internet..

  • ROBLOX gaming
    ROBLOX gaming7 timer siden

    3:51 for me this is the best part

  • Voracious
    Voracious7 timer siden

    This should be played when you power on a new computer haha

  • 𝑻𝒐𝒈𝒂 𝑯𝒊𝒎𝒊𝒌𝒐
    𝑻𝒐𝒈𝒂 𝑯𝒊𝒎𝒊𝒌𝒐7 timer siden


  • 505th_Oldboy
    505th_Oldboy7 timer siden

    1:29 FBI Glowies

  • hayley
    hayley7 timer siden

    this song is the perfect representation of the internet. we see such terrible things on it & it’s shortened our attention spans so much & yet we always come back. it’s like a villain song where the villain knows nothing will change. this is so brilliant.

  • Leorio Paladiknight
    Leorio Paladiknight8 timer siden

    As the great man once said: "Is there anything better than 😺 yes a really good book

  • Gondaro254
    Gondaro2548 timer siden

    1:01 bo burnham trying to hold back his laughter as he said that

  • osama katbi
    osama katbi8 timer siden

    This is legendary

  • cervu
    cervu8 timer siden

    this song really says everything about the internet

  • DangerNoodle_47
    DangerNoodle_478 timer siden

    He looks like Heisenberg from resi 8

  • Brook Hubbs
    Brook Hubbs8 timer siden

    3:42 "It was always the plan to put the world in your hand" Awwww, it's not the internet's fault. It's only being what it is. 3:52 (Evil Jafar Laugh) Oh...

  • shen;-; ;-;
    shen;-; ;-;8 timer siden

    The laugh...its...just...so...evil...

  • McDonald’s Egg And Cheese Biscuit
    McDonald’s Egg And Cheese Biscuit8 timer siden

    3:23 his voice sounds so fucking good

  • Fikri Fahmi
    Fikri Fahmi9 timer siden

    Gen z introducing internet to the new generation:

  • Rat Sallad
    Rat Sallad9 timer siden

    Well waddaýa now; I googled "mentally frail, sexually insecure and lazy millenial with mommy-issues" and "more effort than talent when it comes to composing" and The Internet led me to this comedian.

  • chiecken man

    chiecken man

    3 timer siden

    Idiocy 101

  • Rat Sallad

    Rat Sallad

    5 timer siden

    @Hammer23 I meant my "now" like you wouldnt belive!

  • Hammer23


    5 timer siden

    very big words coming from someone who doesn't know how to spell "know".

  • Fern


    8 timer siden

    Why are you so mad

    BLIZZY9 timer siden

    I'd be fine if this video is the only known proof that humans existed