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Here's the Airbnb listing for the missile bunker:
#Vlog 756 | Conway, Arkansas | State 21/50 | Filmed February 18, 2021
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  • Angela Stacey
    Angela StaceyDag siden

    QUESTIONS FOR KARA AND NATE: If doomsday occurs while it it being used as a rental, will the owner just kick out the people and give them a refund so him and his family can move in to take shelter? How will that work? LOL Also, does the owner have space to sell people to live in case of doomsday? Or is it just for him and his family? Or is it just an air bnb like it's being currently used? I'm just confused because most places like this are converted and sold to a limited number of people to spend the rest of their lives in case the world becomes uninhabitable. They aren't rented out as an air bnb in the meantime. lol Plus, most are extremely expensive and cost millions or even billions to rent space....

  • Mylie Jo Winters
    Mylie Jo WintersDag siden

    You guys just find the BEST AirBnBs!

  • The Irish Abled Gamer
    The Irish Abled Gamer2 dager siden

    So this is definitely not something I can do as a handicapped person. Which sucks cause it looks cool

  • Jacob Peterson
    Jacob Peterson2 dager siden

    How I used the vpn: all of schitts creek in 30 days? Bet How normal people use it: No no don’t touch that there that is my no no stuff

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor2 dager siden

    I hope y’all bought a Toad Suck T-shirt or hat as a souvenir. I have been there quite a few times!

  • Natalie Norfolk
    Natalie Norfolk3 dager siden

    Have you gone to Maryland yet?

  • Jeremy Dinsmore
    Jeremy Dinsmore4 dager siden

    Y'know, back around 2002-2004, there was a website that I was *PRETTY SURE* was a joke, but it advertised itself as an "evil lair" realtor or something like that. Bunch of abandoned missile silos, dormant volcanoes, that sort of thing. It was fun to kick around the idea when I was in late high school or early college, but this madman actually went and done it. I'm absolutely agog.

  • Timothy Wanjohi
    Timothy Wanjohi4 dager siden


  • Carteir Le
    Carteir Le4 dager siden

    Omg i live in Little Rock and have been to Toad Suck!!! So glad you went to that amazingly named park!

  • Sylvia Sanchez
    Sylvia Sanchez5 dager siden

    Make the dome room a Planetarium!

  • Lyla's Lolli
    Lyla's Lolli5 dager siden

    The ending of the bloopers was adorable at least Nate tried

  • mfreolo
    mfreolo6 dager siden

    What did it smell like down there? Cement and iron?

  • serendes245
    serendes2456 dager siden

    I finally got tired of watching clips of your videos in Facebook and decided to switch to NOprojects. I should’ve done this sooner.

  • Leo Santoro
    Leo Santoro7 dager siden

    i swear all this couple eats is peanut butter ramen

  • Flipping Squad
    Flipping Squad7 dager siden

    Looks like the flash prison

  • Taylor miner
    Taylor miner7 dager siden

    I wanna know what they did with the rest

  • Renee Baptiste
    Renee Baptiste8 dager siden

    This is so the 100. And because I love that show is can say without a doubt that if a nuclear bomb is coming I rather just die. Lol people get savage in the bunker

  • Emma Parker
    Emma Parker8 dager siden

    yall should go to Conway AR i went there a few months ago

  • My lyrics Page
    My lyrics Page9 dager siden


  • Megan Tholin
    Megan Tholin10 dager siden

    So awesome but I have no idea how my anxiety and claustrophobia would weather there. Seems hard to escape if you're having a panic attack hahah

  • opal
    opal11 dager siden

    11:56 you don't want to slam your fingers under that door, be careful fam

  • Bappi Studio
    Bappi Studio12 dager siden


  • Terry Davis
    Terry Davis13 dager siden

    If you ever have a chance, check out The Titan missile museum just south of Tucson AZ, it is a great tour of what the silo looked like back in the days. I believe it is the only one left as a museum.

  • Fast Driver22
    Fast Driver2214 dager siden


  • rafi playroom
    rafi playroom14 dager siden

    Can you make a link???

  • Ramy Awad
    Ramy Awad15 dager siden

    "well stocked fridge" all sugary sodas

  • Silent Mist
    Silent Mist15 dager siden

    I wonder if it’s still protected from a nuclear blast

  • Aubrye Gilmore
    Aubrye Gilmore16 dager siden

    I am from Arkansas and live there and don’t know this was a thing

  • Josh
    Josh16 dager siden

    So cool!!

  • john doe
    john doe16 dager siden

    That silo would make a great location for an sg1 episode or a stargate replica, but that lack of railing in the master suite makes me think ???.

  • Maori Brown
    Maori Brown16 dager siden

    Okay Kara...! I see those cooking skills. Food looked delicious.

  • Carleigh Jo Mills
    Carleigh Jo Mills16 dager siden

    Can you go to the titanic museum in pigeon forge because we would LOVE THAT!!!

  • Gianna Aragona
    Gianna Aragona16 dager siden

    Now I know where to go during an apocalypse.

  • Maria
    Maria17 dager siden

    Y’all need to go back to AR and visit NWA! :/

  • 39knox
    39knox17 dager siden

    This is going on my bucket list! It looks epic

  • Tardrette e
    Tardrette e17 dager siden

    Imagine that door slamming your finger

  • Judith772ov Green10mk
    Judith772ov Green10mk18 dager siden

    The lyrical margin phongsaly announce because dolphin prospectively observe amid a thinkable move. cool, smart step-daughter

  • Fennex
    Fennex18 dager siden

    If y'all like retro arcade games, you NEED to stop by Arkadia Retrocade in Fayetteville, AR. It's the biggest retro arcade I've ever seen, and the games are all free to play. It's $5 at the entrance and you can stay all day. Truly the coolest place relating to games I've ever seen.

  • Quentin and Ashton Byers
    Quentin and Ashton Byers18 dager siden

    I have binge watched for the past 2+++ weeks or so... personally I've enjoyed you all being in the states and expressing HOW TO and live and still be in America. OREGONAIN HERE! I too would hate Portland!!! I also enjoy your other videos from across seas but the local videos make it feel more realistic. Maybe one day 😉 or something in-between.. Especially those videos that explain the how!.... ... but, for our family, most likely not going to happen for us in ministry 😆 cause God has a higher calling then our own desires of adventures and endeavors. But there's certainly a yearning for the unknown. Maybe one day. Please know that I am praying over you both as you endeavor into new environments and dive deeper into a new relationship with one another. 🙏❤

  • The Leisure Guide
    The Leisure Guide18 dager siden


  • Panda Is cool
    Panda Is cool18 dager siden

    0:02 this reminds me of the door to the particle accelerator in the flash

  • EdGo Vlogs
    EdGo Vlogs19 dager siden

    Wow 😳 This is so Amazing 😻 Thanks for share !

  • E_melxa
    E_melxa19 dager siden

    She said no heating, yet there is a heated toilet seat and electric fireplace. c;

  • auscity
    auscity20 dager siden

    This is cool, the only thing I don’t like about it is the heavy door if something bad happend the doors to heavy u won’t be able to get it open soon enough :/

  • ThriftDanceEatRepeat
    ThriftDanceEatRepeat20 dager siden

    That is probably the quietest place to sleep.

  • Stuck In Syracuse
    Stuck In Syracuse20 dager siden

    What was that dish that Kara made there? That looks really good and I want to make this on my own very soon!!!

  • Mary French
    Mary French21 dag siden

    Love how you bring Kara coffee every morning in bed ❤️

  • Scrypt Cha
    Scrypt Cha21 dag siden

    You guys are cool! I wish i could do what gou guys do

  • Bonjovi Ratlhogo
    Bonjovi Ratlhogo21 dag siden

    Nate kinda looks like Ronald

  • Meradeth Antolich
    Meradeth Antolich21 dag siden

    I think you guys should drive the Transamerica hiway.

  • J L
    J L21 dag siden

    I was thinking back to when you slept in the haunted cavern. At least Nate was able to sleep with the lights off this time.

  • Andrea Kahn
    Andrea Kahn21 dag siden

    Thank you so much for posting this! Our daughter's 13th birthday is coming up and I've been racking my brain trying to think of something fun/unique/memorable to do with her. The covid shutdown happened last year right before her birthday and she and her brother have been doing virtual school this year. We live about 5 hours from this, and I am so excited! I'm not telling anyone where we are going - we are going to pull up to the ranch and the family is going to think I've lost it. Lol! I can not wait to see her reaction, as well as our 14 yo son and my husband! It's going to be so much fun!

  • jughead wuz here
    jughead wuz here22 dager siden

    i have a question, if there were 58 titan ii nuclear bunkers why are there only 3 shown on the digital image thingy? have they not been found yet

  • Death Wears Bunny Slippers

    Death Wears Bunny Slippers

    16 dager siden

    There were 54 active Titan IIs. You can find maps of all of the locations - Kansas, Arizona and Arkansas

  • Jakayla Lee
    Jakayla Lee22 dager siden

    omg i live in arkansas my whole life and i never knew of this place

  • Brandyn Murray
    Brandyn Murray22 dager siden

    I can't believe you found Toad Suck! We visited family friends there 16 or so years ago! My little brother couldn't wear his "I visited Toad Suck, Arkansas" souvenir shirt to school because it said suck on it LOLOL we were like uuuhhhh it's really the name of the town!

  • Bernardo Puppin
    Bernardo Puppin23 dager siden

    we might need more bunkers with some eastern powerhouses collecting nuclear missiles nowadays

  • Athena Smith
    Athena Smith23 dager siden

    Omg you have to come back to see the event toad suck this year I’m from conway Arkansas

  • Meredith Sprayberry
    Meredith Sprayberry23 dager siden

    When you drive through alabama, you'll have to stay in our 38ft skoolie air bnb on Weiss Lake :-)

  • Gladys Yung
    Gladys Yung24 dager siden

    Sorry but that place is such a waste of money. Nothing doomsday prep designed for it. Just a click bait

  • Death Wears Bunny Slippers

    Death Wears Bunny Slippers

    16 dager siden

    Would love to see a video of your place!

  • madi grace
    madi grace24 dager siden

    when you come to Delaware you have to go to Capriotti‘s. it’s the best sandwich place here and you’ll fall in love with it.

  • Nokenify
    Nokenify25 dager siden

    Can you upload all of the sounds from your stay there during your night? That dome..

  • Death Wears Bunny Slippers

    Death Wears Bunny Slippers

    25 dager siden

    Umm.... ALL? :-)

  • hlv133
    hlv13325 dager siden

    So hope you enjoy Texas!! I love it here:)

  • gman2015
    gman201525 dager siden

    Fallout should have luxury bunkers like this in a new game. I played Fallout Shelter and know you can customize your houses in Fallout 4 but there’s no customize bunker option.

  • CBaez13
    CBaez1325 dager siden


  • Growing Somewhere
    Growing Somewhere26 dager siden

    what a waste of tax dollars initially

  • Death Wears Bunny Slippers

    Death Wears Bunny Slippers

    16 dager siden

    You are here b/c of those tax $$. History my friend...

  • Barbara
    Barbara27 dager siden

    Danger level 4. The open top of the circular staircase right in the room and the 50 ft ladder to get out. Kara & Nate are fearless!

  • Bethany Clapper
    Bethany Clapper27 dager siden


  • JJ
    JJ28 dager siden

    1:33, 2:40, 3:55, 4:05, 4:23, 7:45, 14:40, 16:15,

  • Peter O.
    Peter O.28 dager siden

    Actually, the kitchen wasn't on lower floor. That was space for a bunch of equipment: The bunks and kitchen were on the top floor of the control-center.

  • All about Presley Traughber
    All about Presley Traughber28 dager siden

    I live in Nashville TN

  • Qhuiz San
    Qhuiz San29 dager siden

    I am a huge zombie and apocalyptic type of movies and I need to atleast try and stay there for a night. For inspiration

  • Salman Qureshi
    Salman Qureshi29 dager siden

    May God bless u both may God give u all our the world happiness and also healthy wealthy life keep smiles always on ur faces.

  • Salman Qureshi
    Salman Qureshi29 dager siden

    Superb so awesome video again really nice 👍👍

  • Carol Goss
    Carol Goss29 dager siden

    i would buy it

  • Carol Goss
    Carol Goss29 dager siden

    i would buy it

  • Madison Mitchell
    Madison MitchellMåned siden

    OMG UR IN ARKANSAS THATS WHERE I AM!!! Can y’all please go thru hot springs arkansas it would mean the world to me please🥺 please please please j have been watching y’all for like 3-4 years now please🥺

  • A K
    A KMåned siden

    So cute how Nate makes coffee for Kara every morning 😄!

  • Violet Castillo
    Violet CastilloMåned siden

    The sad mask acutely offer because justice summarily plan onto a grateful gratis feather. green grey grieving, curvy curler

  • nancy vinson
    nancy vinsonMåned siden

    Wow you guys are way more brave then most. Including me! Probably Couldn't do the latter.

  • Joel
    JoelMåned siden

    Why did I think this would be in Russia hehe

  • Khloe Reid
    Khloe ReidMåned siden

    You should go to Louisiana

  • Kayla Villalobos
    Kayla VillalobosMåned siden

    Why am I an Arkansas local and I have NEVER heard of this Airbnb and I live super close to Conway!

  • The Landy Lad
    The Landy LadMåned siden

    Every house in Switzerland has got a nuclear bunker.

  • The Landy Lad
    The Landy LadMåned siden

    Every house in Switzerland has got a nuclear bunker.

  • The Landy Lad
    The Landy LadMåned siden

    Every house in Switzerland has got a nuclear bunker.

  • Oskar Povlsen
    Oskar PovlsenMåned siden

    its crazy

  • The Turtle
    The TurtleMåned siden

    I live less than 30 miles from this place and never knew it existed! I knew about the bunkers, but had no idea a guy made one into an AirBnB!

  • life1 system
    life1 systemMåned siden

    nice ☺️

  • Dubya
    DubyaMåned siden

    I love throwing axes and knives. Could do it all day

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    Sinnie CernyMåned siden

    God! Your videos are so amazing 🤩

  • TheTallest
    TheTallestMåned siden

    I only clicked on this video for Death Wears Bunny Slippers. ARF misses him.

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    Lilly AnnMåned siden

    You know that Todd suck is in my home town conway Arkansas

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    Lutonia HesterMåned siden

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  • Mescha Hayes
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  • Death Wears Bunny Slippers

    Death Wears Bunny Slippers

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