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    LAFIFAHD15 dager siden

    Gotta be BRG

  • Christian Holien
    Christian Holien17 dager siden

    When teej talks 4x4 and off-road it’s pretty cringe. We love you teej but it’s cringe.

  • Caleb Johnson
    Caleb Johnson28 dager siden

    Off roading in a g-wagon? Oh you rich rich.

  • Ruedabaker 7
    Ruedabaker 728 dager siden

    Wears mask in the car by himself then pulls it down when someone walks up and gets close to him to talk lol sheep

  • Quinn Lessard
    Quinn Lessard28 dager siden

    8am-3:30pm 😭😭😭 such a long day 😭 how did you do it???😭😭

  • Miguel Splashlight
    Miguel SplashlightMåned siden

    TJ plz blast this song in ur truck (u'll understand after the video) and do a hilarious remake? noprojects.info/camera/video/lNijf5mFbHWZamY

  • Brian Robinson
    Brian RobinsonMåned siden

    The camera didn't do the new space justice until the time lapse of everything being brought inside 😅

  • Brett Jones
    Brett JonesMåned siden

    You should link up with trail recon he does over-landing on his NOprojects and he lives in California.

  • Jay Nottingham
    Jay NottinghamMåned siden

    Need to coyote swap the mustang. Plus, I got a mild 351 efi build going and its 425 hp going in my 1974 bronco. U can do a lot with that pushrod motor but if u want modern go coyote

  • Luis Ynayan
    Luis YnayanMåned siden

    The unknown card nomenclaturally protect because lyocell functionally back minus a versed antelope. bawdy, pushy air

  • Big Dad Energy
    Big Dad EnergyMåned siden

    11k for a glass FA?! Go to JMI and get a EJ25, less glass little more power lol

  • Tony Hightower
    Tony HightowerMåned siden

    Think I am going to wrap my AT4 in the 4x4 color

    VORTEC OMARMåned siden

    The least you can do is sign ALL skateboards 😔

  • JumpyTelevision
    JumpyTelevisionMåned siden

    Teej you should get a dog hammock for the 4x4 it will keep those seats clean and stop most of the hair from getting on the floor.

  • Kaya Brown
    Kaya BrownMåned siden

    Dude blew and engine at 30k miles bro!!?? Dude I feel like he has to much car knowledge for something like that to happen bruh

  • Nicholas Tidwell
    Nicholas TidwellMåned siden

    Just wanted to say man Tj you have came Along way love watching you turn your dreams into reality.

  • Jacob Keesser
    Jacob KeesserMåned siden

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate 5:41-5:48 ... 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑😂😂

  • Hemi vs. Ninja

    Hemi vs. Ninja

    Måned siden

    I can’t believe I had to scroll down the comments this far to find this

  • FernandoBunz _
    FernandoBunz _Måned siden

    Yo how we not gonna talk about Subaru wanting 11k before taxes for a brz motor 🤣🤣🤣you can get a whole ass new brz for 15k😂😂😂😂

  • Sean Stimpson
    Sean StimpsonMåned siden

    Next time.... you could save like 10xx the time by using moving dolly's LOL!!! just saying... could have grabbed boxes an entire stack at a time... All is looking good tho Sir!

  • Brazy Vegas
    Brazy VegasMåned siden

    I remember watching your videos on the brz before all this glad to see you live your dream

  • xB00M3RANGx
    xB00M3RANGxMåned siden

    Operation 2jz BRZ

  • Josh Macdonald blobeye sti
    Josh Macdonald blobeye stiMåned siden

    Can see Micky's Mustang with the rims and coilovers on in the back 😜

  • JCG Garage
    JCG GarageMåned siden

    Bro he is stupid why tf did he said about the cap 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hordi Hordi
    Hordi HordiMåned siden

    Anyone know where I can see more of that Ricky guy that rx-2 hella fire

  • chris Hansen
    chris HansenMåned siden

    The swaggin wagon

  • Gary Dee
    Gary DeeMåned siden

    Lesson learned - Never buy a Subaru !!

  • Rajdeep Singh
    Rajdeep SinghMåned siden

    Invest in a pallet jack 🤤

  • allensinho4
    allensinho4Måned siden

    I come from the future to tell you that TJ Hunt is moving to Texas

  • Ruben 300
    Ruben 300Måned siden

    Dealer really be robbing people they wild 😳

  • jasper.lemon
    jasper.lemonMåned siden

    Yooo teej, get that clear bra, that paint is hella worth it

  • Christopher Deguzman
    Christopher DeguzmanMåned siden

    You should get all your cars and car products out of Throttl garage so they can have more car projects. Get your own garage.😀

  • Jonathan Laboy
    Jonathan LaboyMåned siden

    If you want to over land. It would be awesome if you built a supercharge Tacoma

  • Hayden
    HaydenMåned siden

    cheaper shipping to Australia?????

  • Esai Villalobos
    Esai VillalobosMåned siden

    Day 1 asking you to get a rzr

  • Andrew Thao
    Andrew ThaoMåned siden

    Those hoodies noice! 69$ bruh im to broke for that sad life

  • TougeRuzbay
    TougeRuzbayMåned siden

    Making big moves TJ man

  • SpicyRiceVlogs
    SpicyRiceVlogsMåned siden

    More like SWAG WAG or swagon

  • Vlad Kostetskyy
    Vlad KostetskyyMåned siden

    yoooooo that’s my friend Alec Aka Squinty who drew that picture 😂😂

  • Twistin' Props
    Twistin' PropsMåned siden

    Did he change his oil and forget to put the drain plug back in before adding oil?

  • Chris Mendez
    Chris MendezMåned siden

    Frick, if only there were more skateboards

  • Christian Valencia
    Christian ValenciaMåned siden

    Yo! The beard coming in Teej

  • Eddie Bandz
    Eddie BandzMåned siden

    Crazy on how I met Tj at the Boston meet up and how far he has come 🔥 congratulations dude

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron DouglasMåned siden

    Watch TJ do widebody and bag's on the G wagon

  • DBgetsblocks
    DBgetsblocksMåned siden

    I getting a sweater for sure

  • Bryan Zecena
    Bryan ZecenaMåned siden

    Pavement princess fsh🤣🤣🤣

  • Daymin White
    Daymin WhiteMåned siden

    I had a feeling this was gonna happen soon

  • ItsiDutchyy
    ItsiDutchyyMåned siden

    2jz that B!tch

  • Ray_G 03
    Ray_G 03Måned siden

    The real question is...can you go through the drive-thru in the G?

  • Æøœłš Ñçē
    Æøœłš ÑçēMåned siden

    Idk why but you should buy a 5th wheel toy hauler camping going to tracks and when you go to tracks car in the back and you can sleep and live in it for a few day’s

  • T.S.R. Productions فسقحقخیعزفهخد
    T.S.R. Productions فسقحقخیعزفهخدMåned siden

    Put bronze te’s on the 4x4 square

  • Nicholas Dillon
    Nicholas DillonMåned siden

    Fucking kswap it

  • Timothy Carter Jr
    Timothy Carter JrMåned siden


  • MrHazeMyth
    MrHazeMythMåned siden

    Subaru is super proud of their super shitty motors. Their original quote for my EJ25 in my 04 STI was over $15k. Amazingly the prices came way down when they realized they were going to have to replace it under warranty. Same dealership tried to delete all of my service records and claimed I never reported any issues leading up to the complete failure of my motor.

  • Kody Moriarty
    Kody MoriartyMåned siden

    I call my suv the shaggin wagon🤣

  • Billy Schmoger
    Billy SchmogerMåned siden

    Crazy how far you’ve come. I remember you moving into the first shop years ago, now you have a shop bigger than it just for hunt co. Insane growth TJ keep it up!

  • Chris Steiner
    Chris SteinerMåned siden

    Heck yeah brother take it out to bee canyon right at the base of the mountain

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis CarrionMåned siden

    11,800 for that job/replacement LOL ohhh America

  • Inmer E90
    Inmer E90Måned siden

    "Shagwag" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gabriel Antonio Eugenio Dioneda
    Gabriel Antonio Eugenio DionedaMåned siden

    can we see the very first shop?

  • TeleLee Tv
    TeleLee TvMåned siden

    They are now “those people” when camping lmao

  • John Lee
    John LeeMåned siden

    You should build like a shop

  • chris heredia
    chris herediaMåned siden

    Ls swap bennadics brz

  • EboTUBE
    EboTUBEMåned siden

    new house, new cars, new warehouse sheeeshhh my boy teej said it’s time to upgrade! 😂😂

  • AA7Skillez
    AA7SkillezMåned siden

    “Sounds better than your RX7” 😂

  • Florian Schläger
    Florian SchlägerMåned siden

    Teej: the g-wagon BARELY fits in the garage Also teej: aaaaanyways next week the roof racks are getting installed

    CRSPECMåned siden

    I wanted to cop the supra hoodie but you’re out of mediums 🥲💔

  • Conner Fowler
    Conner FowlerMåned siden

    Wow I’ve been watching since before you moved into this warehouse. Crazy it’s been that long

  • Kerrod Riley
    Kerrod RileyMåned siden

    The roof racks go on and id say it won't fit in the garage keep in mind

  • Semaj Brown
    Semaj BrownMåned siden

    I have a random question lol can you Ls swap a rhd rx7 fd?

  • I Am Zypher
    I Am ZypherMåned siden

    I live around halfway in-between San Diego and Idyllwild, and I can say for sure that is a long drive. Sheesh.

    AR CRSNMåned siden

    wait a second! You were at IDYLLWILD this whole time?! No wonder i keep hearing so many dogs barking at eachother.

  • bbmafiaderek
    bbmafiaderekMåned siden

    The title should have been “ WE KEEP MOVING”

  • Jarett Smith
    Jarett SmithMåned siden

    If you ever wanna go offroading in Big Bear, Lemme Know, I know the place like the back of my hand

  • alxndr
    alxndrMåned siden

    seeing that miley painting brings back memories

  • Cesar Rios
    Cesar RiosMåned siden

    @ 5:41

  • RichYRich
    RichYRichMåned siden

    I ring can see to bro 😂

  • Joel H
    Joel HMåned siden

    Did he just casually mention he’s buddies with Bucky lasek....

  • Nicholas Davey
    Nicholas DaveyMåned siden

    I feel like overlanding in that would be crazy. Mostly hard to keep fuel in the ride and not go empty in a day or two

  • John Vigna
    John VignaMåned siden

    What happened to the trail vid

  • Mitch Harper
    Mitch HarperMåned siden

    I blew my mazda engine not too long ago. Got quoted 7k by mazda. Now ive done it all myself and its only costing 2k :)

  • Huma Huma
    Huma HumaMåned siden

    I love your content and if you ever need help me and my brother build jeeps trucks and fabricate stuff for off-road vehicles

  • Huma Huma
    Huma HumaMåned siden

    If you want to truly overland your rig you most definitely have to get different wheels because your tire will pop off the bead

  • Alex world
    Alex worldMåned siden

    For 11k coyote swap it

    LIFE WITH D. BLACKMåned siden

    Big motivation TJ keep it up! Much love & respect!🤝

  • Anthony Asher
    Anthony AsherMåned siden

    Terrible stack job

  • GoD Durbz420
    GoD Durbz420Måned siden

    I just realized that I’ve been watching the channel for about going on 9 years this December. I remember I moved from Illinois to Arkansas to live with my biological father to fix my life a little. I was 18 without a job or high school diploma. Got my GED when I got to AR and after 8 months and being without a job for month got kicked out and had to move back to IL. Now I’ve been living in California going on 2 years this October and I’m 26 and still watching the channel... I love the content you put out man. Love the cars and the good vibes you put out. Hope one day I’ll get to meet you and Calvin and the rest of the crew... and see on of your many amazing cars...

  • Cole Mason
    Cole MasonMåned siden

    "The woods" 🤣 my back yard has more trees than that... come to Canada and we'll show you how to off road.

  • Angel Villarreal
    Angel VillarrealMåned siden

    Didnt u tell us like 10 episodes ago that u were moving locations?

  • josh hammond
    josh hammondMåned siden

    How do you say "I have a friend bucky lasek sign these" so relaxed like.. Bucky is like tony hawk, he is the god father hahaha

  • PSI_JNKI_420
    PSI_JNKI_420Måned siden

    The same thing happend to my mates 86 his oil cap came off but for some reason we did a service on it probably not long after it came off and the cap was next to the filter thing lucky me mates car is fine

  • Allan Reza
    Allan RezaMåned siden

    Ls swap

  • Neil542
    Neil542Måned siden

    Imagine paying for your clothes to look faded and like you washed them one too many times lmaoo

  • The FG Gamer
    The FG GamerMåned siden

    Congrats on the new space wishing you and the team many more successful days, weeks, months and years to come

  • jack mehoff
    jack mehoffMåned siden

    It's not a fucking car. Holy shit. It's an SUV. Could even call it a Benz truck. Jesus fucking christ

  • Sameah and Stuff
    Sameah and StuffMåned siden

    I see you fixed the roof lights on big bertha.

  • king JC
    king JCMåned siden

    Is it just me or does TJ voice sound different

  • Ruben Malmberg
    Ruben MalmbergMåned siden

    "It bearly fits" and then sais that he's gonna put a roofrack on it 😂❤💪🏻

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler AdamsMåned siden

    Tips for off roading in an overpriced jeep. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

  • Crivatz
    CrivatzMåned siden

    Could it be the valve spring recall problem on brz's?

  • Adrian Trd
    Adrian TrdMåned siden

    The Milioner it’s back I see !! Tj haw much money you spend for tax because you owne so many cars !! ?