We Pretended To Work At The Grocery Store (Fake Employee Prank)

Fake Employee prank in the grocery store, We went and pretended to work as fake employee's in the grocery store. Hope you guys enjoy this prank and like the video if you want more beta squad pranks!

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  • grassbandits
    grassbandits10 dager siden

    They never uploaded house of hell 😞😢

  • Hydrovortex28 algaridi
    Hydrovortex28 algaridi11 dager siden

    are the beta squad muslim? can someone answer my question?

  • Hydrovortex28 algaridi

    Hydrovortex28 algaridi

    7 dager siden

    @Old KSI Videos im still gonna watch them i am just curious

  • Mystic 457

    Mystic 457

    8 dager siden

    @Old KSI Videos if your talking to me then no I still am gonna watch them but it’s sad cuz beta squad has ended

  • Old KSI Videos

    Old KSI Videos

    8 dager siden

    Are you not going to watch them because of this

  • Mystic 457

    Mystic 457

    10 dager siden

    Chunkz and sharky are and I think that AJ is too but not sure

  • Hydrovortex28 algaridi

    Hydrovortex28 algaridi

    10 dager siden

    @Mystic 457 can you give me some of them?

  • Teeja Joseph
    Teeja Joseph13 dager siden

    I literally saw Niko at ASDA i live in Watford and the tesco that Kenny went to I walk buy everyday

  • Talon R
    Talon R14 dager siden


  • someone someone
    someone someone17 dager siden

    u cant juus tell him to throw it at him that could be someones dad uno

  • James Salt
    James Salt19 dager siden

    That is wide but funny

  • ProlesKitchen
    ProlesKitchen20 dager siden

    Kenny stay getting a dub!

  • JamesYT
    JamesYT23 dager siden

    Fake employee at KFC!

  • Epic4_Real
    Epic4_Real23 dager siden

    Stacking the stelves...

  • Neelam Khan
    Neelam Khan29 dager siden

    Niko went to the tesco i went to

  • Unicorn Night
    Unicorn NightMåned siden

    Little did the k ow they would all go to the house of hell

  • Boro Highlights
    Boro HighlightsMåned siden

    18:10 turn subtitles on hahah

  • mnmtwo
    mnmtwoMåned siden

    wonder how these people feel now that they did that to a current mayor....XD

    MINIBDMåned siden

    A year later and I’m still waiting for the house of hell

  • Jerry1609
    Jerry1609Måned siden

    Honestly man i died watching this 😹

  • Sanford Curtis
    Sanford CurtisMåned siden

    Fake employee: *does something* Everyone in van: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Ryan Powell
    Ryan PowellMåned siden

    Niko Omilana I love your videos and your political movement I live in Canada and I'm wondering when the NDL is going to reclaim its lands for England. When will the Supreme leader plant his flag ! And furthermore what can I do to help how can I become the valuable member of the NDL I'm destined to be get at me Niko. Let's bang out the Niko Defense League Canadia !

  • Anth
    AnthMåned siden

    Adda putting up pictures of Niko for free as part of his mayoral campaign

  • Rohan George
    Rohan George2 måneder siden

    1.6 subs u would think people would recognize him

  • K Russ
    K Russ2 måneder siden

    Towel leakkkk IMMM DEAAAAD🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dee
    Dee2 måneder siden


  • Liz Klaassen
    Liz Klaassen2 måneder siden


  • Liz Klaassen
    Liz Klaassen2 måneder siden

    What soooo fricken

  • Emma Pilton
    Emma Pilton2 måneder siden

    subscribing for this dedication

  • awesomeSonic
    awesomeSonic2 måneder siden

    6:01 lol the guy niko threw the towel on

  • lsbs
    lsbs2 måneder siden

    nahh they live in my area seeing my local big tescos and asda in a vid is WEIRD LMFAO

  • bruh
    bruh2 måneder siden

    Imagine when one of them got caught and said "sorry guys the assassination attempt failed"

  • itssmorgii xo
    itssmorgii xo2 måneder siden

    I literally love beta squad I’m doing a circle around all their videos 🥰 But literally I love Sharky I proper simp for him

  • Reshirex
    Reshirex2 måneder siden


  • OREO
    OREO2 måneder siden

    My guy literally said there is a towel leak all over asda 🤣next time if someone getting g something haram ima call em a SHMUCK

  • md3vmc
    md3vmc2 måneder siden

    5:46 im proud

  • OliviaR.updates
    OliviaR.updates2 måneder siden

    did they ever go to the house of hell?

  • Catal
    Catal2 måneder siden


  • Shush NDL
    Shush NDL2 måneder siden

    The "I'm too drunk" woman was w2s mum

  • 獣Kemono
    獣Kemono2 måneder siden


  • Ahmed Al Adraj
    Ahmed Al Adraj2 måneder siden

    8:30 this is london’s future mayor everyone lol.

  • Sexy Shrekk
    Sexy Shrekk2 måneder siden

    Apparently kenny used to work everywhere

  • Ammar Z
    Ammar Z2 måneder siden

    Everyone already knows it niko is the best no cap

  • A Hmad
    A Hmad2 måneder siden

    What happened to the house of hell?

  • Raging Beast
    Raging Beast2 måneder siden

    5:59 niko you are an absolute legend 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali3 måneder siden

    Aj really trying to look cute

  • Snopple Wopple
    Snopple Wopple3 måneder siden

    " there’s a towel leak in the ceiling” I'm dying lmao

    BODIN3 måneder siden

    I the only person who thinks this is the funniest vid on yt ever

  • Ryan Knutterr
    Ryan Knutterr3 måneder siden


  • Katie Greaves
    Katie Greaves3 måneder siden

    Omg I’m in the background of the 2nd Tesco one and I remember it happening lol

  • Asma Traore

    Asma Traore

    2 måneder siden

    lol HAHA

  • Shxzam
    Shxzam3 måneder siden

    Lmao AJ said he was gonna be there for 3 years ...14:37

  • it's Johnny gaming
    it's Johnny gaming3 måneder siden

    Triangle flake face

  • Jay Spencer
    Jay Spencer3 måneder siden

    Best video ever this

  • fawtup_plays
    fawtup_plays3 måneder siden

    Yoooo niko is a savage lol 😂😂is raining towels

  • gamedk41
    gamedk413 måneder siden

    Imagine walking by the van, and just hear people yelling and screaming from it.

  • stargazer10
    stargazer103 måneder siden

    I absolutely love this channel 😂😂

  • VictorsVictor IS A TTV
    VictorsVictor IS A TTV3 måneder siden

    18:11 with subtitles

  • John Cena
    John Cena3 måneder siden

    Sharks a bottle job

  • Laith Kishlaf
    Laith Kishlaf3 måneder siden

    12:29 mans like you cant film here its private property...... THEN HOW IS IT A STORE 😭😭😭😭

  • S K I
    S K I3 måneder siden

    I GO TO THAT TESCO 😲😲😲😲😲😯😮😮😮

  • Ali Saleh
    Ali Saleh3 måneder siden

    I'm getting confused are you guys muslims I'm not racist

  • Z Man
    Z Man3 måneder siden

    I saw niko in adsa and I was like what but noow i know

  • Jeshly N
    Jeshly N3 måneder siden

    Sharky is a bottle job

  • Aiden The boi
    Aiden The boi3 måneder siden

    “There’re not coming cause I’m also the feds, how about that one” 😭ded

  • Karimisntactive
    Karimisntactive3 måneder siden

    This guys running for mayor!!

  • Paul Jeeteng
    Paul Jeeteng3 måneder siden


  • Chriz crewzing
    Chriz crewzing4 måneder siden

    this was the best

  • jxyce
    jxyce4 måneder siden

    how tf is tesco , a shop open to literally ANYBODY private property-

  • jxyce


    4 måneder siden

    @Beta ohhhhh

  • Beta


    4 måneder siden

    @jxyce They invite people in their store (not physically) but they give permission to do it

  • jxyce


    4 måneder siden

    @Beta but like how is a public store private? im not saying youre wrong it just confuses me

  • Beta


    4 måneder siden

    Every shop is private property

  • mental_lag poo
    mental_lag poo4 måneder siden

    0:35 POV your uncle barry is taking you to disneyland

  • Tim Count
    Tim Count4 måneder siden

    The purple timpani densply wrap because date intermittently fax into a onerous tune. xenophobic, unwritten medicine

  • ReKeZoSo
    ReKeZoSo4 måneder siden

    I wanna do this with my friends

  • shourya prakhar
    shourya prakhar4 måneder siden

    What happened to the video?

  • W-T-F _7981
    W-T-F _79814 måneder siden

    Did anyone see the shop called Sakura behind chunkz. Hahaha sakura was so usleless as a ninja she decided to open up a Chinease restaurant.

  • The.chantemoore
    The.chantemoore4 måneder siden

    Niko literally does these everyday

  • Frostlol
    Frostlol4 måneder siden


  • Frostlol
    Frostlol4 måneder siden


  • Spencer’s World
    Spencer’s World4 måneder siden


  • duck chief
    duck chief4 måneder siden

    Kenny looks like straight of compton dre

    MIZZY4 måneder siden

    Ain’t no grocery store private property, EAD tasco 😭

  • Salsabeel Mohamed
    Salsabeel Mohamed4 måneder siden

    18:58 sakura

  • Aayush Patel Year 9
    Aayush Patel Year 94 måneder siden


  • Itz Noah
    Itz Noah4 måneder siden

    The towel victims and their families are disliking this.

  • k
    k4 måneder siden

    man, give me some of dat confidence

  • KS8
    KS84 måneder siden

    Sharky is a bottle job

  • HassXY
    HassXY4 måneder siden

    sharky's a bladclaart bottledrop

  • Oliver Hutchinson
    Oliver Hutchinson4 måneder siden

    This is a private property' While standing in a huge public shop anyone can go to, Except Niko 🤣

  • allen henderson
    allen henderson4 måneder siden

    Ion care nico won🤣

  • l Bullets l
    l Bullets l4 måneder siden

    What law do you actually break by using the tannoy?

  • little.sungie
    little.sungie4 måneder siden


  • Lucas Jubea
    Lucas Jubea5 måneder siden

    ‘I’m sorry I’m from romania’ ah I didn’t know chunkz knew about romania

  • Shadowy AMVs
    Shadowy AMVs5 måneder siden

    Bro how y’all doing this wtf

  • Nerd Gaming
    Nerd Gaming5 måneder siden

    Nico = god

  • Nerd Gaming
    Nerd Gaming5 måneder siden


  • bruhtwiste
    bruhtwiste5 måneder siden

    2:21 kid must be so confused

  • The Cursed Atheist
    The Cursed Atheist5 måneder siden

    Niko's a GOAT 😂😂😂

  • Gooners
    Gooners5 måneder siden

    9:47 why would you wanna band niko from every Asda in the country 😂 is it me or was he also banned from every ikea in the uk. You employees need to stop banding my guy niko from every store because he is the funniest and the greatest 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gooners
    Gooners5 måneder siden

    Ay yu man are outta control 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌

  • M1ST
    M1ST5 måneder siden

    Say wallahi

  • Pasto
    Pasto5 måneder siden

    2:22 that boy was me lool

  • Execute order 65
    Execute order 655 måneder siden

    Niko is the funniest

  • Execute order 65
    Execute order 655 måneder siden

    Chunks and niko is my favourite

  • Adrian Salvatore
    Adrian Salvatore5 måneder siden

    All I'm saying is that Asda manager bigged himself up way too much, ain't no way he has the authority to ban Niko from any store but his own 😂

  • Cxyzon C:
    Cxyzon C:5 måneder siden

    Head on down to the Olive Garden to get your free olives 🫒

  • Darkness Dark
    Darkness Dark5 måneder siden

    I love how Kenny saids shush

  • Abhinandan Roy
    Abhinandan Roy5 måneder siden

    Impractical jokers but coloured