We Bought The Cheapest GTI In Germany (TURBOS & TÜV)


We head to Germany to pick up a car that Marty bought off the internet... sight unseen. With just 24 hours, we have to modify it 'TUV Style' then take it on a road trip across the border into Austria.
MUSIC: 'One You Find (Featuring Jordan Millar) by MOOG available on all good digital music platforms.
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Thank you to VW Australia for inviting us to Wörthersee and supporting the production of this episode.
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.


  • Mighty Car Mods
    Mighty Car ModsÅr siden

    Grab the new song from this film “One You Find (Feat. Jordan Millar)” by Moog from iTunes and all good digital music stores. music.apple.com/au/album/one-you-find-feat-jordan-millar-single/1471845651

  • Rose kommentiert Kommentare

    Rose kommentiert Kommentare

    3 måneder siden

    Germany here. Just found this video by chance (what else on YT... :D) and you are some cool guys! Keep up the good work! Loved to watch all the seconds between 0:00 and 48:56 ^^ 3:18 A modified car is worth a checking too (from police view!!). But also drug dealers and/or carriers. ^^ But this police officer understood pretty fast and laughed the rest of the time because he probably thought "why did i stop them? :D"

  • Russ Channel TV

    Russ Channel TV

    4 måneder siden

    This is the TURTORIAL VIDEO LINK THAT Explanains it. noprojects.info/camera/video/19CKf9qbpp6JZp0

  • Fabi


    7 måneder siden

    TÜV is important

  • Norby xQz

    Norby xQz

    11 måneder siden

    Guys PLEEEEASEE tell me what spray you used for the bonnet(hood), i'm looking for it for months now, love it, pleeease please please tell me

  • Fred Langelier

    Fred Langelier

    År siden

    Just bought your song! Nice thing you did! And will keep my MK6 Golf Highline 2.5 2010

  • Tudor Stefan
    Tudor Stefan20 timer siden

    The name of the track on minute 1:19 and 16:57?

  • danpatchee
    danpatcheeDag siden

    "Its not perfect but i mean look at it man, we're in Germany and we have a golf gti"

  • Anonymity City
    Anonymity CityDag siden

    ehh you should cook the spargel ;)

  • Shawn Massey
    Shawn MasseyDag siden

    The natural pigeon joly wail because meal microcephaly occur behind a scattered twig. ragged, macho bicycle

  • The Book of Lab
    The Book of Lab2 dager siden

    i just gotta say i absolutely love MCM even as an american ive watched every tv episode and every single youtube vid that didnt make it on tv but man.... moogs music production always hits me so hard idk why but everytime i hear the music overlayed parts i always get a lil teary and somber the music moog makes and puts in the vids always brings me this soft acceptance of melancholy like even if you listen to the samples he uses all the lyrics are like "i wish we could feel this way foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" like damn man it just gets me sometimes and it gets hard to watch like having it playing in the background sometimes gets me emotional just cuz of the moment and the music its a crazy thing to feel from people you assumed were just another youtube channel it shows that they are so much more and able to really touch their audience and im thankful af to be apart of that, you guys are awesome.

  • Christian Thurow
    Christian Thurow3 dager siden

    HAHAHAAH.. they are eating the Spargel raw xD

  • Graaf3111
    Graaf31118 dager siden

    “Oh hey Moog, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you! How are y-“ “IVE GOT A MK7 GOLF R WITH A REVO PACKAGE ON IT IVE DONE AN 11 POINT 2 SECOND QUARTER MILE ZERO TO 100 IN 2.9 SECONDS”

  • burgernutty
    burgernutty9 dager siden

    18:07 like the scene from the movie Ghost

    BRZY ASF9 dager siden

    did he have euros?

  • N1mble
    N1mble12 dager siden

    i really dont know how i missed this episode. finally watched it. it was really good =) its funny that you as australians met the german guy who is called Sydney on a volkswagen car meet.

  • Ubahn Botanik
    Ubahn Botanik12 dager siden

    das ist eigntlich ein dreitürer meine herren

  • TheEscape2012
    TheEscape201212 dager siden

    Did they safe the snail?

  • Cixa e
    Cixa e15 dager siden

    You're lucky you don't have to get pulled over in romania I got told by the cops to "suci pula" which I was told means drive safe

  • Mak Trampenau
    Mak Trampenau15 dager siden

    Props guys! Found this gem today and really enjoyed it. Hope you had a good time in Germany!

  • Ely Enderle
    Ely Enderle15 dager siden

    The hesitant gorilla proportionately allow because professor chemically interfere despite a smelly ankle. messy, rabid crate

  • Zeb van Berlo
    Zeb van Berlo16 dager siden

    39:20 music?

  • Niles Nibogie
    Niles Nibogie18 dager siden

    Have to get your car inspected after modifying it and have to carry certification and have it redone every 2 years that’s just ridiculous

  • y22dtr1
    y22dtr119 dager siden

    spark plugs full of oil???and you put new ones and didnt change the cover gasket???shitty channel!

  • Stefanos Karavassilis
    Stefanos Karavassilis20 dager siden

    16:03 its like their trying :D

  • Teltow-Fläminger SimsonJunge
    Teltow-Fläminger SimsonJunge21 dag siden

    I as a german Love you too

  • Fox T
    Fox T21 dag siden

    cant wait to move to the US from germany, unfortunatley if you LOVE cars and you LOVE working on your car, germany is the most boring place in the world, even the autobahn isnt as great anymore as it used to be. There wont be a unlimited section of the autobahn anymore in a few years anyway.

  • Jerry Berry
    Jerry Berry22 dager siden

    Song 22:00 pls

  • Jeremy Johansson
    Jeremy Johansson22 dager siden

    45:03 Sydney

  • GG LeDoodeStadt
    GG LeDoodeStadt23 dager siden

    Funny how I watch your vids and then notice you did something with Sydney. And in the Kei to the city you drove und the car of Lucas luhr. Had some of those mind blown moments not gonna lie.

  • Andrew Sustek
    Andrew Sustek24 dager siden

    I miss my Mk3 GTI so much. It was a riot, quite fast, but the constant police stops were starting to get annoying

  • RadioWaveToGammaRay
    RadioWaveToGammaRay25 dager siden

    everytime they say TÜV you gotta drink one

  • Jaron Larson
    Jaron Larson25 dager siden

    went to sub and realized i already was

  • seph95
    seph9525 dager siden

    Ha, f you would have opened the door of your car, in the US, you would have gotten at LEAST a taser pointed at you.

  • Roberts Roberts
    Roberts Roberts26 dager siden

    I dunno why, but first time i saw you, I thought u are someone who uses drugs :D No offence m8

  • Highen Rydin
    Highen Rydin26 dager siden

    I got that same e36 225xi in my driveway lol

  • Wilson M
    Wilson M27 dager siden

    39:00 every single modded golf owner

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog27 dager siden

    That slammed Troc R concept was interesting

  • ForgottenNitro
    ForgottenNitro27 dager siden

    "the typical description of drug user targets" what the fuck does that even mean? anybody can be a user lmao

  • Reaaz Woodworth
    Reaaz Woodworth28 dager siden

    5th time watching this and the music is still making my drunk as vibe hard. Thanks boys, this channel makes me so happy.

  • MxGaming
    MxGaming29 dager siden

    The somber love unintentionally wish because rub strangely connect unto a workable body. political, impossible weight

  • dDawid
    dDawidMåned siden

    The name: Mighty Car Mods Me in my brain: Marty Car Moog(s)

  • Jared Breash
    Jared BreashMåned siden

    The defeated bow fundamentally store because customer ipsilaterally polish about a innocent cut. minor, descriptive chinese

  • Tr1ts
    Tr1tsMåned siden

    my dad owns a gti

  • aitotskie yamada
    aitotskie yamadaMåned siden

    twin turbo super engine hehhehe.

  • Shahrin Abubakar
    Shahrin AbubakarMåned siden

    Epic jurney in erope...memory with Jerman police i olso have information abaut athor cuontery

  • Alden Seeberg
    Alden SeebergMåned siden

    Why was the crowd so quiet during their speech?

  • Terry Hughes
    Terry HughesMåned siden

    Did you guys buy a VW sausage while you were there? I wonder how they are haha.

  • Just Aaron
    Just AaronMåned siden

    3:13 This Dude in the Back Seat Looks Like Lionel Messi

  • Noe Garcia
    Noe GarciaMåned siden

    dude that's crazy how they just stepped out of the car

  • Clive Smith
    Clive SmithMåned siden

    Close your eyes at 16:03 and just listen, trust me.

  • BigD
    BigDMåned siden


  • arnie wheeler
    arnie wheelerMåned siden

    paint looks good

  • wilfred lee
    wilfred leeMåned siden

    !!!! They forgot the most important step to doing an exhaust !!!! Starting it up with no exhaust

  • Chungwei Wang
    Chungwei WangMåned siden

    The worthless circle premenstrually trap because bangladesh inevitably detect from a ceaseless sing. jazzy, blue-eyed mailman

  • Jumbo Plumbo
    Jumbo PlumboMåned siden

    which year is that model?

  • egshane
    egshaneMåned siden

    you should use the phrase "jack off" and "jack it off from the bottom" everywhere you go.

  • TheRobotWatcher
    TheRobotWatcherMåned siden

    29:14 what is he doing?

  • Bran dao
    Bran daoMåned siden

    it's wet caus.. we're in germany, it's raining. best quote

    VIEDTEMåned siden

    German Flag is Gold, not yellow...

  • Ravi Camadoo
    Ravi CamadooMåned siden

    this was a great movie. love watching your vids guys. xx

    QRWASUPERMåned siden

    Will World be normal Again? Car meets, traveling etc:(

  • TPCV
    TPCVMåned siden

    In the Netherlands, the gouvernment decided we needed more bio shit in our fuel because it's "better for the environment" (turns out it isn't). spoiler, my golf 4 does not like bioshit fuel. So long story short now i have to tank the high class expensive fuel or else my engine just shuts down randomly. Still freaking love my golf tho.

  • Tae Park
    Tae ParkMåned siden

    Mdwfwdw for egg s

  • Thomas Loki
    Thomas LokiMåned siden

    best is the control of police... only because of tuned car...

  • Management board
    Management boardMåned siden

    The cryptocurrency market leader set a new lifetime high of $51,348 early Wednesday, having penetrated the psychological level of $50,000 on Tuesday for the first time, I already started investing with Mr Luiz and I guess y’all should act.

  • Management board

    Management board

    Måned siden

    Thanks Chris .+

  • Tim D
    Tim DMåned siden

    how to eat "Spargel" :D 36:10

  • James Wardley
    James WardleyMåned siden

    Easy way to get front suspension out on a golf is take all the bolts out then use an airhammer to get the strut out works like a dream

  • Jesse Boddaert
    Jesse BoddaertMåned siden

    Is this a commercial by Castrol?

  • Nicu Fratila
    Nicu FratilaMåned siden

    06:31 little throw back to the most awesome golf ever bought, built, modded and driven into a Honda meet :)) Loose by a mile rather than win by an inch, we know why!

  • Dukeatista
    DukeatistaMåned siden

    I just ordered these exact same coilovers, how do they ride?

  • Jmoyness
    JmoynessMåned siden

    why don't you buy my car and do an episode on it?

  • Hélio Martins
    Hélio MartinsMåned siden

    Nice to see you in EUrope... I love Germany, the germans are very open mind people, very friendly, hard workers, very good drivers (with a biggest civism on the route I ever see). A tip for your guys, in Ebay, the german salers for car parts, they speak very well the english. ;-) The biggest number of german police officers, they are very professional and very friendly. Biggest number of cars you will find in Europe, specially on a moutain countries, they will have rust... The pieces on the top of the shock absorbers, is better to take some new and renforced aftermarket parts...

  • I got shit for u
    I got shit for uMåned siden

    I actually hate living here in germany all i want is to move to america rn

  • Neil Sullivan
    Neil SullivanMåned siden

    My face when i realized I missed a special :c0

  • michael hesselgren
    michael hesselgrenMåned siden

    oil on sparkpluggs and you just replace them?

  • George Noonan
    George Noonan2 måneder siden

    16:05 listen with ur eyes closed

  • K9 Revenge
    K9 Revenge2 måneder siden

  • Peter M.
    Peter M.2 måneder siden

    How did you guys survive 4-5 days in Europe without Vegamite ... or did you have a stash in your luggage? BTW, there is now a shop in Vienna, Austria, where you can buy it. I tried it many years ago whilst down under ... and it is really not my "taste". You have to be a real Aussie to like Vegamite ;-)

  • Bradyameister
    Bradyameister2 måneder siden

    Bjorn IRONSIDE!!!!!

  • d3Rm0Nk
    d3Rm0Nk2 måneder siden

    Oh course the Kühlergrill has to be abgenommen and the Auspuff not DO NOT QUESTION THE TÜV Also ARE YOU MAD?! Flying a drone over a street and people's houses? DATENSCHUTZ MY FREUNDE Two young guys in a crappy modified Mk4 ... yup that's German drug profiling xD Stickers? You WANT to get pulled over right? Funfact: the only traffic stop I ever gor into I got instantly waved through because I apparently look the exact opposite

  • Sharp Canines
    Sharp Canines2 måneder siden

    The number plate reads Ah! Mighty Car

  • theGinthebuilding
    theGinthebuilding2 måneder siden

    Wow that is a great price. In the US, a manual 1.8T with genuine R bumper and recaros would run $4-5k

  • Dennis Van Dijk
    Dennis Van Dijk2 måneder siden

    Mighty Drug Mods 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nours Mousa
    Nours Mousa2 måneder siden

    this shit happens to me for looking dark skinnd I look like criminal they say haha check my channel to see how I look

  • Pandawatch
    Pandawatch2 måneder siden

    The condition of that car for being the "cheapest" Golf in Germany is amazing.

  • Pandawatch
    Pandawatch2 måneder siden

    blow torch is handy for jobs like this

  • Belfegor
    Belfegor2 måneder siden

    Well, my cheap ass lighter that I use for lighting my cigarettes also has a TÜV certification. Cool!

  • Alex Protopapas
    Alex Protopapas2 måneder siden

    If someone has for example aftermarket camshafts or valvesprings without the legal papers the cops will not know right?

  • Mahmoud Abo Caesar
    Mahmoud Abo Caesar2 måneder siden

    Made in Germani

  • nucatm
    nucatm2 måneder siden

    You eat raw Spargel? There ... ehm ... you do not eat that raw xD

  • DeadNitrogen
    DeadNitrogen2 måneder siden

    grüße aus wolfsburg

  • Ching Chong Koronavirus :D
    Ching Chong Koronavirus :D2 måneder siden

    In Germany we say ``Fick die Polizei`` because they are all pricks

  • Zombie Head
    Zombie Head2 måneder siden

    Getting stopped in Germany for "kontrolle" is normal, i daily my E30 and probably the only one in my town who drives a 30+ year old car all year round. You would think after living here for 14 years the police would know me, but no, i still get stopped randomly.

  • Julius Rieber
    Julius Rieber2 måneder siden

    you should have cooked the Spargel before eating it haha

  • PTE Newell
    PTE Newell2 måneder siden

    20:11 what’s the music pleaseeeeeee

  • Germany Holland
    Germany Holland2 måneder siden

    260km can go

  • Leon Višić
    Leon Višić2 måneder siden

    Greeting from Croatia guys!

  • RaveN
    RaveN2 måneder siden

    Yo, can someone pls tell me what kind of colour/paint, and if you don't know exactly, can someone suggest some colours that are very similar, I just can't accept it's just black or dark blue..hahah it looks sooo nice! Cheers! Oh yeah and how much did you lower it on the coilovers? Great vid, great car!

  • Wilhelm Selle
    Wilhelm Selle2 måneder siden

    TÜV ist zur the biggest challenge in this video

  • Stephan Kyle
    Stephan Kyle2 måneder siden

    I need one of those mobile lifts! So nice!

  • Oceam
    Oceam2 måneder siden

    Where is the nazi sticker???

  • Budz
    Budz2 måneder siden

    @30:18 Cops holsters hood is flipped forward. He was ready for trouble! lol

  • MakeSh00t
    MakeSh00t2 måneder siden


  • Julius
    Julius2 måneder siden

    Hach.... Deutschland, eins der schönsten Länder der Welt KAPPA