We Became Hilarious Mob Hybrids in Minecraft


I joined a server with Wilbur Soot, Tubbo, and Ranboo where we all have Minecraft mob super-powers! And it's slime time.
Friends in this video:
@Wilbur Soot
Origins Mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/origins
Slime Origin Add-on: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/slime-origin


    KRISHAN BRISSETT39 minutter siden

    Charlie can never be with Willbur or Ranboo When they are together just want for C H A O S I love your vids

  • Hypnos
    Hypnos53 minutter siden

    at 6:32 you can see the ladder through wilber and i thought it was his ribs

  • Infinus 10
    Infinus 102 timer siden

    I’m very happy that slimecicle is growing so much, that he is in a lot of different groups of you tubers, and no matter what, he makes anything he’s in very funny and chaotic.

  • Mia Rodriguez
    Mia Rodriguez2 timer siden

    That was like a three minute history class that I actually liked 👁👄👁

  • KyraGamerWolf
    KyraGamerWolf3 timer siden

    Y'all should add the chisels and bits mod

  • Gillian brown
    Gillian brown7 timer siden

    guys, its cannon Slimecicle is Ranboos son.

  • Emile Druktenyte
    Emile Druktenyte7 timer siden

    bruh i go a Halloween ad and its April

  • Lava animated!
    Lava animated!11 timer siden

    I just realized that for Wilbur.... THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER

  • Diddy Evans
    Diddy Evans11 timer siden

    Turbo be like “IM A WODEN PICAX

  • lughreviews
    lughreviews15 timer siden

    Maybe I’m just tired, but the bouncing is hurting my head

  • Keagen Rawlings
    Keagen Rawlings16 timer siden

    why did they delete the feature where when you die you're short?

  • Purpire _blockhead
    Purpire _blockhead16 timer siden

    *Ranboo in the dsmp: very high-quality and professional actor* *Ranboo in the origin smp when they’re doing a bit: i guess I’ll go mine this tree then*

  • Tʜᴇ Bᴇᴇs Qᴇᴇs
    Tʜᴇ Bᴇᴇs Qᴇᴇs17 timer siden

    Slmccl - "I hope an eagle or something the size of it doesn't swoop down and take my life." Also Slmccl - *get's blown up by a creeper*

  • Invis
    Invis18 timer siden

    0:27 I felt this on a spiritual level

  • Je Glitchy
    Je Glitchy20 timer siden


  • rewxorz
    rewxorz23 timer siden

    0:41 HAHAHHA

  • A. Hordern
    A. HordernDag siden

    Slimecicle: ‘Don’t worry it’s all up here.’ Wilbur: *nervous chuckle*

  • Fruity_ Toonz
    Fruity_ ToonzDag siden

    Slabs will be tour most used tool

  • Gabrielle Starkey
    Gabrielle StarkeyDag siden

    The precious stage operationally wink because ball endoscopically count behind a understood voice. grubby gruesome, flawless sundial

  • uñfrozen ğamìng Ğacha
    uñfrozen ğamìng ĞachaDag siden

    Through this hold video i keep thinking of aloe vera-

  • dhananjai 21
    dhananjai 21Dag siden


  • Totally Not a Reptoid Yep no Reptoids Here
    Totally Not a Reptoid Yep no Reptoids HereDag siden

    But he nuts slime

  • Ronan Donta
    Ronan DontaDag siden

    Was this mod made to make fun of short people?

  • SeaCucumber12
    SeaCucumber12Dag siden

    Why when I’m watching this, all I’m thinking about, is when 'tropical fussy' was mentioned in that one mod video

  • Joseph Lopez Gomez
    Joseph Lopez GomezDag siden

    As a Floridian I feel attacked

  • Isabelle Skinner
    Isabelle SkinnerDag siden

    If Charlie is ranboos son does that mean ranboo and tubbo have two children

  • Shadow
    ShadowDag siden

    look i am no funny slime man but i know a funny slime man when i see one

  • Golden Kingyo
    Golden KingyoDag siden

    5:27 Wilbur was not appeased with your pun 😆

  • Terrible advice person
    Terrible advice personDag siden


  • Leasagna
    LeasagnaDag siden

    Small little slime man Tiny small little man

  • Katie Lucas
    Katie LucasDag siden

    I appreciate the Gravity Rush 2 Intro Good Game!

  • Queen NotHere
    Queen NotHereDag siden

    Why go to school when a slime and tall slenderman can speed run teach me abt American history?

  • Rosalie Isaacs
    Rosalie IsaacsDag siden

    “I’m a wooden pickaxe!”

  • HEY! You're beautiful!
    HEY! You're beautiful!Dag siden

    When Charlie stated the Brits were back, I hoped Wilbur would do a Beatles or Queen or even One Direction joke.

  • Josiah Stewart
    Josiah StewartDag siden

    Wilber: we should make it green. Slmccl: what color

  • The Ewwnicorn
    The EwwnicornDag siden

    Someone’s cat meowing at around 4:14 *Thought my cat was stuck somewhere and needed help for a minute there*

  • FAKE phyn
    FAKE phynDag siden

    who else checked? :|

  • Alex Reid
    Alex ReidDag siden

    You are now the vent goblin

  • Sam
    Sam2 dager siden

    That America bit was great

  • Jamief64
    Jamief642 dager siden

    ranboo's announcer voice is incredible

  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan2 dager siden


  • Javier Arias
    Javier Arias2 dager siden

    Wilber soot: ghostbur soot Slimescicle: slime Ranboo: endy Tommy: VeGaN bIrD Tubbo: vEgAn BiRd FeEdEr

  • Soulgamer17
    Soulgamer172 dager siden

    Imagine if they incorporated this into the dream smp

  • DayDreamer
    DayDreamer2 dager siden

    i love how "slimy skin" is a debuff but he wants it more than anything else

  • Phyrokid
    Phyrokid2 dager siden

    i have never seen you and you are so cute ^^ :3

  • Afton_Soot 1
    Afton_Soot 12 dager siden

    bro slimecicle- you fuckin did my Virgina studies test for me bro-

  • potater
    potater2 dager siden

    11:28 in little America charlie talks about how he lost the civil war meaning that historically he had slaves

  • De Bami Broeder
    De Bami Broeder2 dager siden

    11:30 they forgot the industrial revolution

  • Don’tMindMe, JustListeningToMusic.
    Don’tMindMe, JustListeningToMusic.2 dager siden

    That time I got reincarnated as a slime.

  • Charlies Great Empire
    Charlies Great Empire2 dager siden

    make more episode

  • clumpybrain
    clumpybrain2 dager siden

    mom can we go see death grips? no honey, we have death grips at home death grips at home: 19:29

  • Ean Heck
    Ean Heck2 dager siden

    More please!

  • Syn
    Syn2 dager siden

    I’m standing in a freezer and it’s hella cold

  • isaac callahan
    isaac callahan2 dager siden

    Why does this teach me more than my actual history teacher does

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf2 dager siden

    0:27 i saw this image and i was scared to death that i subscribed

  • Dead Channel 101
    Dead Channel 1012 dager siden


  • zachary marcellus
    zachary marcellus2 dager siden

    r.i.p keyboard

  • what is happening to me
    what is happening to me2 dager siden

    he looks like he hasnt slept

  • Silky Navy
    Silky Navy2 dager siden

    Me-*looks at thumbnail* Me-*looks at tital* Me-*looks at thumbnail again* Ma-*sees Ranboo* Me-well, Ranboo is already a a mob hybrid.

  • SkyRainbowYT
    SkyRainbowYT2 dager siden

    Everyone give me a slime joke please XD!

  • Max
    Max3 dager siden

    P A P A

  • Red Led
    Red Led3 dager siden


  • Aleysa Aisha Mcfarlane
    Aleysa Aisha Mcfarlane3 dager siden

    me : knowing fully well that i am subscribed to charlie slimcicle also me : checks anyways after he gives me the death stare

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest3 dager siden


  • Kawaii_stuffiscool
    Kawaii_stuffiscool3 dager siden

    Tubbo shouting "IM A WOODEN PICKAXE" got me lmao

  • Crisanta Longjas
    Crisanta Longjas3 dager siden

    0:44 it was scary

  • Crisanta Longjas

    Crisanta Longjas

    3 dager siden

    Like a Blooded People

  • Practical_Memer08
    Practical_Memer083 dager siden

    I’m going to bookmark this video and use this for my social studies project for real

  • EnderShawn YT
    EnderShawn YT3 dager siden

    I like when he talk godzilla power bean is the sound 🤣🤣

  • - Kween -
    - Kween -3 dager siden

    I recorded the American history speedrun and I’m contemplating sending it to my teacher

  • Tersudo
    Tersudo3 dager siden

    part 2 when

  • ttv bizzobox
    ttv bizzobox3 dager siden

    1:27 we are all here bc of this meme (little yucky funky boi)

  • Azizul Adnan
    Azizul Adnan3 dager siden

    Did I... did I just learn American history in less than 5 minutes... Holy... I'm speechless, Thank you... I'm not even American XD

  • Liam Feller
    Liam Feller3 dager siden

    2:49 - The sun is a deadly laser

  • Doomnibbler
    Doomnibbler3 dager siden

    I think Tommy helped with the title...

  • Die
    Die3 dager siden

    They thought me more about American history than than actual school. No joke.

  • Banana_B1tz
    Banana_B1tz4 dager siden

    “Press Q to play again”

  • Dragonex
    Dragonex4 dager siden

    Tubbo says "Triple kill" during the ddr building

  • Galaxyr3dmu55
    Galaxyr3dmu554 dager siden

    Charlie should watch “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” to see his true power as a slime

  • Artjom
    Artjom4 dager siden

    shuddup charlie

  • Centamin
    Centamin4 dager siden


  • You biggest fan
    You biggest fan4 dager siden

    Slimecican is i think pronounced slime-si-kan

  • frostie cool mmg
    frostie cool mmg4 dager siden

    you look like bad boy halo

  • duck 20
    duck 204 dager siden

    slimecicle has the best dad jokes

  • JJ Raines-ownby
    JJ Raines-ownby4 dager siden

    The 5-minute bit on American History taught me more than all my years of history class.

  • Jase_Gacha
    Jase_Gacha4 dager siden

    The fact that ranboo actually sounds like he could be the voice on a game at 18:12 -18:42

  • Jase_Gacha
    Jase_Gacha5 dager siden

    I like how ranboo just decided that slmccl was now his son

  • Anton Steinhardt
    Anton Steinhardt5 dager siden

    america history: 1865,skip forward 150 years and that is all. nothing happened in the past 150 yrs btw im canadian!

  • lidixxa
    lidixxa5 dager siden

    got origins picked slime instantly regretted it

  • st
    st5 dager siden

    i not subcribeb



    5 dager siden


  • Blue_Ghost 7677
    Blue_Ghost 76775 dager siden

    this was pog

    NIKAYLA KING5 dager siden

    "Let's explain the american history" **Two Trucks starts playing**

  • TobiRevBlackFire
    TobiRevBlackFire5 dager siden


  • Flare
    Flare5 dager siden

    I like how nobody heard the cat meowing in the backround

  • •cloudii skies•
    •cloudii skies•5 dager siden

    The sus face he put on himself lowkey scared me-

  • Goat Gamer
    Goat Gamer5 dager siden

    Omg is he not he guy from the corn video come on down by some corn or we will sacrifices your mew born

  • TheFirstGoose
    TheFirstGoose6 dager siden

    Ranboo and slime should have a mini series where they reenact the American history in minecraft

  • Potoo_God_Blesses_You
    Potoo_God_Blesses_You6 dager siden

    Goop group reminds me of the goopcast. Don’t know why I felt the need to comment this.

  • Ceph
    Ceph6 dager siden

    As an English person I don't know anything about American history but that section was still hilarious

  • charlesispi
    charlesispi6 dager siden

    As a fellow Floridian, I do not find this offensive

    LADDY LAD LASS6 dager siden

    I guess Ranboo is slimey bois dad CANON PEOPLE