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  • Morgan Hylton
    Morgan Hylton4 timer siden

    When you warming up you sound like you were sneezing

  • manikaaa
    manikaaa10 timer siden

    dylan please watch more glee specifically anything with santana in it

  • NikitaCrave
    NikitaCrave21 time siden

    React to Julie and the phantoms first and last episode

  • Stay Safe
    Stay SafeDag siden

    Just to clarify, Emma (the redhead) was so nervous around germs and scrubbing things off because she has OCD.

  • Millie Meaton
    Millie MeatonDag siden

    did he realise that cory monteith actually died?

  • Sam
    SamDag siden

    You should watch random episodes and react to them, I feel like you would be very entertained by the other plot twists lmao

  • Abbey Mae
    Abbey MaeDag siden

    They purposely didn’t explain how Finn died out of respect for Cory and his family, they didn’t want to gloss over, make an imitation of or be seen as trying to rewrite his passing to make it more “family friendly” which I think was a good decision

  • cubbleshasreturned
    cubbleshasreturnedDag siden

    19:14 I looked at this child and thought "oh my God this is Dylan"

  • Gabrielle Duplessis
    Gabrielle Duplessis2 dager siden

    Most of the season 6 cast are the newest glee members. Surprised he did not even mention blaine.

  • andrea
    andrea2 dager siden

    how do u always miss when something is obviously a parody/satire

  • Akeel Kondiah
    Akeel Kondiah2 dager siden

    Please tell me that Gilmore Girls is next on the list. I would love to see your reaction of the pilot episode and the fall episode where the infamous final four words are revealed.

  • Chase Minnix
    Chase Minnix2 dager siden

    Cory(he plays finn) died in real life..He was found dead in his hotel room while i think shooting season 4 of glee..

  • Hannah b
    Hannah b3 dager siden

    Maybe you didn’t got this but the actor of Finn Hudson died in real life so they never explained it in the series bc respect and it was unexpected and Lea michele and him were a couple in the series and in real life so it was even more sad :/

  • Julia Rice
    Julia Rice3 dager siden

    The quarterback is the episode about fin (Cory monteith). There is a lot of depth to the show for 6 seasons. When it first started I didn’t like it but after the hype died down I enjoyed some of it. It’s wild and I would recommend you actually watch this one. I enjoyed this commentary, you’re pretty fuckin funny… shit 🤣 keep it up

  • Morgan
    Morgan3 dager siden

    I dont mean any offense by this, but Dylan frequently looks and dresses like the leader of a new age cult

  • Molly King
    Molly King4 dager siden

    why do you look like bbno$

  • Aleigha Hunt
    Aleigha Hunt4 dager siden

    It’s the fact that he called FINNAS aka Billie eilishes brother a extra-

  • barbie girl

    barbie girl

    3 dager siden

    who tf would even know that he looks like a an extra they hired because he melts in to the background easily

  • Emilee Rose
    Emilee Rose4 dager siden

    you should collab with hannah bayles

  • onedthot
    onedthot4 dager siden

    Can you do gilmore girls? or the forsters

  • Lea Tabinowski
    Lea Tabinowski4 dager siden

    Grant gustin and Melissa Benoist are in glee. Grant gustin plays Barry Allen/the flash in the arrow verse and Melissa benoist plays super girl in the arrow verse they both have their own arrow verse show

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty5 dager siden

    It's obvious you've never seen glee because they've always aimed for the sky

  • candyvodka
    candyvodka5 dager siden

    Not him making fun of Finneas Eilish

  • Halie Hoeft
    Halie Hoeft5 dager siden

    “can you make it less obvious that this man is about to do some shit w the glee club” ITS CALLED GLEE ?

  • Michela Loi
    Michela Loi5 dager siden

    Can you do the originals? 😂

  • Viola Bologna
    Viola Bologna5 dager siden


  • J. M
    J. M5 dager siden

    If everyone was competing in a club I was in, I’d be amazing too. Like they were waaay too competitive to end up boring & unsuccessful

  • Robyn Retro
    Robyn Retro5 dager siden

    They mention briefly in the episode ‘The Quarterback’ that they don’t want to talk about how Finn died, but about how he lived. Considering Cory died from a drug overdose, I think that was their way of honoring his legacy and not have it be overshadowed by the cause of his death. I thought that was a nice touch.

  • Cece G.
    Cece G.6 dager siden


  • Luna and the Eaglefoots
    Luna and the Eaglefoots6 dager siden

    She wasn’t actually pregnant The wife

  • Luna and the Eaglefoots
    Luna and the Eaglefoots6 dager siden

    I freakin love glee so much

  • Kaylin Echols
    Kaylin Echols6 dager siden

    you look like eric from true blood

  • Sariah Romyn
    Sariah Romyn6 dager siden

    “He’s dating Quinn Febreeze” I’m wheezing

  • Ego Johnson
    Ego Johnson6 dager siden

    He’ll never know Sebastian Smythe. Tragic.

  • Rebecca Williamson
    Rebecca Williamson6 dager siden

    Did you see the drinks in her hand when she said she’s pregnant 🤣 ahah okay then hun

  • Marvelous Eggplant
    Marvelous Eggplant6 dager siden

    Ummm shirt?

  • Nurcan Sapkaya
    Nurcan Sapkaya6 dager siden

    so he just missed the legendary scene when Quinn went to the hospital to give birth to Queens "Bohemian Rapsody"

  • AnxiousMessBugg ¿?¿
    AnxiousMessBugg ¿?¿7 dager siden

    New favorite quote "This is a school, hes a children"

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith7 dager siden

    no fin didn't die on the show cory died in real life that so sad:(

  • Hellobish Kish
    Hellobish Kish7 dager siden

    I know you don’t like when people comment stuff you can react to. So I’m not gonna do that. Pls do NOT watch the first and last episode of On my Block

  • JapanesePeaceLilly
    JapanesePeaceLilly7 dager siden

    16:59 that extra was finneas💀

  • Dylan Mahadeo
    Dylan Mahadeo7 dager siden

    I hate you this show is the reason i am still alive today and all you did was make fun of it. If you watched the whole show you’ll see why he needed to sing that song.

  • Nia


    7 dager siden

    You must be new here.

  • PrincessAriel
    PrincessAriel8 dager siden

    Nah nah naaaaah the comedic timing at 10:46 I was not going to laugh, I assure you. But that last quarter of a second he let it hang I burst out laughing. Ah man, this channel is simply a good time. (but also wholesome,, Dylan be on his wholesome shit)

  • Tabitha Abernathy
    Tabitha Abernathy8 dager siden

    3:35 the way he copied Mr. Shue EXACTLY tho

  • The Void
    The Void8 dager siden

    You look like a pirate in that shirt and it's a very flattering look for you, I'm sorry, it had to be said, I regret nothing

  • lakiela Angelina
    lakiela Angelina8 dager siden

    I would give anything to see you react to just sue Sylvester scenes

  • Avery
    Avery8 dager siden

    that “extra” was Finneas

  • Burcu the person
    Burcu the person8 dager siden

    Please do this content with "Buffy the vampire slayer" if you haven't watch yet (believe me you will watch all of it after you have seen first and last episode of this phenomenal show)

  • Sesha Roo
    Sesha Roo8 dager siden

    It took me this long to go through the seasons of this show

  • p3achyhearts
    p3achyhearts8 dager siden

    So... Dylan is like 6'4 and he doesn't think he's tall but he says that guy is probably 6'6 implying that hes tall. Interesting.

  • noyoniká
    noyoniká8 dager siden

    Omg Blaine was there in the pilot as some other kid wtfffffffff

  • jasmine
    jasmine8 dager siden


  • Ashley
    Ashley8 dager siden

    No but who’s gonna tell him what a spot is 😂

  • Laina-e83
    Laina-e839 dager siden

    So that guy (fin) he died from drugs in real life which is not funny but the comment about how you said “is he high” is funny because he was, anyways he died in real life and they just kinda did a memorial episode for him and moved on but it was sad I didn’t even watch the show though B/

  • Mila K
    Mila K9 dager siden

    Did he really just make fun of Billie Eilish’s brother nodding his head? Lol I’m dead

  • lua ;
    lua ;9 dager siden

    Dylan react Julie and the phantoms plsss

  • farah k
    farah k9 dager siden

    can you do this with teen wolf ?

  • alicia
    alicia9 dager siden

    do “revenge”

  • mads
    mads9 dager siden

    I needed a M*tthew M*rrison trigger warning

  • Christina Edwards
    Christina Edwards10 dager siden

    whyd you go hard on the middle part for the sponsor. Like i wanna know in the beginning so i can brace myself before i get settled in i don't want it to show up no warning all of a sudden dylan ok.

  • em so
    em so10 dager siden

    He missed Santanas iconic lines

  • Caché Fille
    Caché Fille10 dager siden

    there's just... so much absolute nonsense in the middle... like all the new characters from seasons 4-6 aren't even _mentioned_ in the finale. you really need to see it all to believe it, but even then it's too batshit sometimes!

  • Lizbeth
    Lizbeth10 dager siden

    Now I wanna see him do this but with criminal minds

  • Inês Nevado Rego
    Inês Nevado Rego10 dager siden

    hang on- 16:30 ....... is that Finneas????

  • Shelia Moore
    Shelia Moore10 dager siden

    First & Last episodes of The West Wing

  • Ximena Aguirre Torres
    Ximena Aguirre Torres10 dager siden

    glee had no sense and thats why it was so damn good

  • Alexis Gonzales
    Alexis Gonzales10 dager siden

    Dylan and Trin need to do a collab where Trin shows the best and worst episodes of Glee because I am so disappointed Dylan didn't get to experience Santana.

  • krystyna
    krystyna11 dager siden

    that extra that was really into it is finneas o'connell, right?

  • solio gacaa
    solio gacaa11 dager siden

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  • Maria Rose
    Maria Rose11 dager siden

    I’m begging you to watch the first and last episodes of Teen Wolf

  • jeto_platypus
    jeto_platypus11 dager siden

    3 of the people from the main cast sadly passed away.

  • El Koopman
    El Koopman11 dager siden

    Please do Shameless US!!!

  • Isabella Winter
    Isabella Winter11 dager siden

    Someone tell him the quarterback guy died in the series

  • Jai Anna
    Jai Anna11 dager siden

    I remember watching the first maybe season of glee and it wasn't too bad. It came on during the storyline era of TV like awkward and my life with liz, etc. But after that, the storylines went insane.

  • nadia Morris
    nadia Morris11 dager siden

    Why is Dylan so freaking handsome

  • JCP 980
    JCP 98012 dager siden

    He needs to react to Hamilton

  • Gabi Szymczak
    Gabi Szymczak12 dager siden

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  • SydneyRae
    SydneyRae12 dager siden

    The guy who plays Finn passed away during film so they didn’t really have enough time to come up with a reason as to how he’s not in the season anymore.

  • Alexis Blackburn
    Alexis Blackburn13 dager siden

    I just wish he got to see Grant Gustin sing

  • Rogue X
    Rogue X13 dager siden

    he will never know the unholy trinity

  • eileen reyes
    eileen reyes13 dager siden

    React to the movie Pearl habor

  • -slytheringrande
    -slytheringrande13 dager siden

    We might need more of your reactions to glee.

  • samieeandhearts
    samieeandhearts14 dager siden

    the way that the “extra” he was talking about was fucking finneas???

  • Zeb B
    Zeb B14 dager siden

    the fact that Dylan didn’t recognize grammy-winner Finneas was the extra in the last episode

  • BB T_T
    BB T_T14 dager siden

    I will go watch Glee again now 👍

  • Ashley Bozeman
    Ashley Bozeman14 dager siden

    So I just finished watching The 100 & of course my first thought was “I wonder what Dylan would think?” Please do a first & last with The 100! Keep ‘em coming!

  • Julia Schäfer
    Julia Schäfer14 dager siden

    I can't believe he did not talk about Santana once. She carried this show after season 3 in my opinion and has made such a big impact on the LGBTQ+ community. RIP Naya Rivera

  • Mila G
    Mila G15 dager siden

    how did he not realize that the extra in the scene where the teacher is singing a goodbye song is literally Finneas O'Connell, as in singer and producer Finneas, as in Billie Eilish's brother Finneas

  • Kaelee Grace
    Kaelee Grace15 dager siden

    You should do this with the show Lost

  • Writing Rainbow
    Writing Rainbow15 dager siden

    I rarely dislike videos on yt but this one deserves it

  • Amia Marie
    Amia Marie15 dager siden

    As soon as the video started playing, the words - what the fuck is he wearing - escaped me. His buttons must be broken or about to pop off, and he hasn't fixed them yet... yeah, that's it

  • Catelyn Vans
    Catelyn Vans15 dager siden


  • Ayla Astreia
    Ayla Astreia15 dager siden

    Begging u to react to teen beach

  • BookLover
    BookLover15 dager siden

    I couldn't even finish the pilot episode. I love their covers of songs though. I'm pretty sure that was the only reason the show lasted for so long.

  • Kalia Philabaum
    Kalia Philabaum16 dager siden

    so sad he never saw the klaine shrine

  • Fatuma Osman
    Fatuma Osman16 dager siden

    The best part of glee is Santana

  • Mackenzie Kopacz
    Mackenzie Kopacz16 dager siden

    Does anybody else think that Dylan looks like Zeke Yeager from Attack on Titan….? Those glasses tho 🧐

  • Ray reacts
    Ray reacts16 dager siden

    the funniest thing is how famous that extra is now... i was today years old when I found out that is Finneas (Billie Eilish brother)

  • Waterbear
    Waterbear16 dager siden

    Your jokes feel very forced, too cringe for me

  • Lena Schreuder
    Lena Schreuder17 dager siden

    so were not gonna talk about the "extra" who is Finneas billie eillishes brother ....ok just checking.

  • Abby Zawada
    Abby Zawada17 dager siden

    I know you don’t take recommendations, so ‘this is not a recommendation’, but I feel like you would like The Haunting of Hill House.