Villarreal 1-1 Man Utd (Pens 11-10) - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Post-Match Presser - Europa League Final

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer holds a press conference after his team lost the Europa League final 11-10 on penalties against Villarreal after drawing 1-1 at the end of extra time in Gdansk.

@UEFA 2021

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  • Desi Day
    Desi DayMåned siden

    Better players, worse manager 😆

  • Etty Obz
    Etty ObzMåned siden

    When you think rashford and martial is better than lukaku you don’t deserve a cup

  • Kishan Rai
    Kishan RaiMåned siden

    I am sick of this guy

  • J love Smith
    J love SmithMåned siden

    U can fuck off with Scott McDonalds !

  • DV Scorpio
    DV ScorpioMåned siden


  • Question It All
    Question It AllMåned siden

    Credit to Villarreal, as they game planned United perfectly, and United were way too tentative, and way too panicky. Oles decision to play Rashford, where Pogba is at his best, was baffling. I was so disappointed in that (non) performance. But as I say, ALL the credit to Villarreal, they were the better team on the night.

  • Tracy Fielding
    Tracy FieldingMåned siden

    Love you Ole, the players get payed enough, dont win dont get payed end of, incentive

  • Muhd Zakiri
    Muhd ZakiriMåned siden

    Fuck u oke . U didt respect jose . Get out of my club ole . Fuck u . #OleOut

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc NguyenMåned siden

    Ole out.conte, Zidane in

  • MD1
    MD1Måned siden

    De Gea has not saved a penalty in EIGHT YEARS, but it did cross his mind. Fergie dropped Jim Leighton for Les Sealey and then wins the FA Cup.... Ollie is still thinking about it.....

  • I love to have a change now and again
    I love to have a change now and againMåned siden

    As if losing this final wasn't bad enough, now Brentford have been promoted there's already more pressure put on United before next season even starts.

  • Irwan Hassan
    Irwan HassanMåned siden

    I am the Fantasy Manager For Man Utd at a highest level. I am a Man Utd Fan. I synchronized my account when I use Lap Top. #IrwanHassan

  • Josh smith
    Josh smithMåned siden

    This absolute coward of manager get the fuck out of our club. Your Bolton fc standard not man united standard.

  • Irwan Hassan
    Irwan HassanMåned siden

    I am the Fantasy Manager for Man Utd at a highest level. I am Man Utd Fan. #IrwanHassan

  • KingTon357
    KingTon357Måned siden

    Get rid of him now I’m tired of this guy NO BRAIN for managing He has decent players on the bench but doesn’t use them to try change the game Why take off greens when he’s playing better than rashford And fck mctominay he was shit rashford shit Bruno shit telles shit pogba shit Cavani and greenwood were the only players putting up a good form I don’t see us in top four next season no semi finals nothing Ole needs to go coz he lost the wheel I don’t blame De gea he’s our best goalkeeper we shouldn’t of let the match get to penalties FULL STOP

  • Wallie Manggi
    Wallie ManggiMåned siden

    Ole pls remove the culprits!!! DeGea, and Pogba. Put Rashford & Linloft in the list of Auction Item immediately. Rashford feel he was secure in the club because of united product but the performance for the pass many game was very bad! Get DM,RW,CB and RB. Bisaka seem like no improvement at all in term of attacking mode. The competitor for him a must. Get Trippier in for 1 or 2 season. Box Strikers priority is Kane! Than your journey will be florist and blossom the whole season.. my point of view the UEFA final MUFC players on the pitch who desire to win the silverware is BF, EC,Mctominay & Luke Shaw. The rest look like their just finish the routine of the game. Hehehe..

  • preston akidiva
    preston akidivaMåned siden

    You had zero tactics, the entire season Ole couldn't train his players to defend set-pieces, no shock that's all it took.

  • Kay Darwin
    Kay Darwin2 måneder siden

    Oli u full of shit

  • John Kay
    John Kay2 måneder siden

    I feel very sorry for Ole. He was asked to come in to stabilise the team and ended up being put into this position of managing one of the greatest superpowers in the world. Was he the best person for the job? Clearly not. The owners and useless Board to blame for this.

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen2 måneder siden

    Ole is a shy guy doesn't know how to use a typical player in the last game.he doesn't make a change in the first tow halves.he Just wanted to take the pen but didn't expect he would fail .if let him stay next season,manutd will get any Title.

  • John Kay
    John Kay2 måneder siden

    Two shots on target in 120 minutes on a European cup final stage. Unforgivable, it’s not good enough and heads need to roll starting with the useless incompetent passive manager and coaches who couldn’t see that or change it. Very poor.

  • James semaJ
    James semaJ2 måneder siden

    McTominay had a very good game. Great advert for the academy

  • IrishGary1
    IrishGary12 måneder siden

    Deer headlights

  • The_Peoples_Champ
    The_Peoples_Champ2 måneder siden


  • Larry Press
    Larry Press2 måneder siden

    Every time we got really close to scoring one of them would go down injured. They had 6 subs .

  • glyn clemson
    glyn clemson2 måneder siden

    Not a Utd fan, but just wanted to say that I can't believe all the comments putting this loss solely on Ole's decision making. The players are the ones that you should be grilling, Rashford looked like a conference much is he on a week to perform like that?

  • Lehlohonolo Mokotedi
    Lehlohonolo Mokotedi2 måneder siden

    trophies arent for everyone, just for mikel

  • Suraj Kattige
    Suraj Kattige2 måneder siden

    Ole is a terrible manager. This amateurish decisions had cost us in CL group stages, and now again in UEL finals. There was time for him to learn from his mistakes, but can't seem to be doing that. His contract definitely shouldn't be renewed.

  • Fajrul Azali
    Fajrul Azali2 måneder siden

    Conte is on market now hahahahaha better now or never 🤣🤣🤣

  • ስደት ይኣኽለና sdet
    ስደት ይኣኽለና sdet2 måneder siden

    Ole you are the best weather in the world kkkkkk

  • Graham Rimmer
    Graham Rimmer2 måneder siden

    If they'd won on penalties you,d all be kissing his ass but they lost so you have a go at his every decision. His biggest mistake is he didn't sub the goalkeeper otherwise you would have won,it's that simple really.

  • Diego Silva de Souza
    Diego Silva de Souza2 måneder siden

    Mourinho wouldnt loose this final

  • The purple Warrior
    The purple Warrior2 måneder siden

    Keep him at the wheel.. Please.. 🙏🤣🤣

  • peter trower
    peter trower2 måneder siden

    Should of swapped keepers, De hea can't save penalties and why wouldn't u want to put on a FRESH hungry keeper thats wants to prove a point

  • samuel njenga
    samuel njenga2 måneder siden

    I swear I haven’t hated anyone this year... but this guy is winning it with his attitude thinking that he deserves to win and games should follow his script simply because he scored a winning goal and played under Fergie... he is a fool who is leading the club into a deep mess

  • Gavin Roberts
    Gavin Roberts2 måneder siden


  • Jonsi D
    Jonsi D2 måneder siden

    It's a progress!!!!

  • Sensei Ni Reí Shinden Ni Rei
    Sensei Ni Reí Shinden Ni Rei2 måneder siden

    I agree you didn't do enough you are fully responsible for this failure 🤨

  • Mike Odiete
    Mike Odiete2 måneder siden

    Ole mumu

  • I.P. Knightley
    I.P. Knightley2 måneder siden

    I'm sure of it. When Pogba came back into the side Bruno's form dipped.

  • tanmay das
    tanmay das2 måneder siden

    Fuck off OLE

  • R B
    R B2 måneder siden

    Ole at the wheel lol! Mourinho won the Europa league with half his United team injured and without Fernandes and Cavani!

  • Krish
    Krish2 måneder siden

    I am baffled when the manager says they lost on one kick; no this match was lost due to the ineptitude of one manager Amateurish stuff from him , getting frozen ingame when his counterpart was making sub after sub especially when they were there for the taking and when you had players out there who were poor and injured and crying out to be subbed A disgraceful management

  • Krish


    Måned siden

    @I love to have a change now and again pathetic excuse Man utd had one week off by playing their reserves against wolves and Villarreal played 3 days prior against real Madrid in la liga These ole suck ups comparing ole to Klopp the nerve and audacity

  • I love to have a change now and again

    I love to have a change now and again

    Måned siden

    Ole's not the reason they lost though, the reason they lost this final is the same reason they lost against Liverpool, it's the conjested fixtures you ask Ole, even though it never effeccted them whilst they was winning, they lose a game and theres pathetic excuses, and to think United fans slate Klopp.

  • Jackson Gilbert
    Jackson Gilbert2 måneder siden

    Out. Too soft to be Man Utd manager. Excuses after excuses. Being calm after loses doesn't help you. McTominay is definitely not performing as far as I'm concern. What a jokes.

  • Al Med
    Al Med2 måneder siden


  • Andrew I
    Andrew I2 måneder siden

    I don't see the players confident next season will be a better one with Ole at the wheel... it just feels like the players don't trust ole to take them to a better season next

  • Fred
    Fred2 måneder siden

    "We were confident in David" Sorry mate that's not a good enough answer! Why? Where does that confidence come from? Cuz it doesn't come from the last 40 pens he's faced, it doesn't come from the last 5 years How are you not more confident in someone to save a penalty who actually, you know, has FUCKIN saved penalties?! Chopping and changing between the 2 goalies half the fuckin season and now all of the sudden, when it actually makes sense, when it's a nobrainer you go with the dumbest option available Sick of these copy/paste braindead interviews man Ole is a legend of the club but fuck me, it's starting to hurt when you look at him or listen to him

  • Lee fitz26

    Lee fitz26

    Måned siden

    Hope for the best

  • Jack
    Jack2 måneder siden

    Dint he say trophies are for the ego??? 😂

  • Jack
    Jack2 måneder siden

    Playing henderson all the way only to swap for da gea in the final 😂 boy da gea penalty saving attempt was so bad

  • SYAL Gaming
    SYAL Gaming2 måneder siden


  • Steven Ting
    Steven Ting2 måneder siden

    Ole's real time adaptability or resourcefulness is bad at most of the time that caused the squad's inconsistencies throughout the season.

  • jsr9422
    jsr94222 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who thought Luke Shaw was our best on field?

  • Guy Nelson
    Guy Nelson2 måneder siden

    His body language says it all.

  • D _
    D _2 måneder siden


  • Everard Antonio
    Everard Antonio2 måneder siden

    Ole yu talking shit

  • billy KO
    billy KO2 måneder siden

    The most important thing is that when a big player cannot perform well for 60 minutes, 70 minutes like marcus rashford, substitution is needed to make a changes to the game. But Ole you failed to do so and that is the problem

  • billy KO
    billy KO2 måneder siden

    Still think marcus rashford is a player who can win match? Next season will not have trophy again!!

  • Grassroots Football
    Grassroots Football2 måneder siden

    if youve stood with us in the good days you can stand with us in the dark ones too.. in Ole we trust

  • Mohammed Altaf
    Mohammed Altaf2 måneder siden

    Solskjaer cannot break down low block compact teams. He is one dimensional and can only play against teams that come on to them. A counter attacking manager. Poor at set pieces all season. No imagination no creativity. New signings will not change anything if they are all under poor guidance and instructions from Ole.

  • Steven Parr
    Steven Parr2 måneder siden

    Ole just tell the player that they not getting paid they will play then, if I did my job as bad as these misfits I would be sacked. Ole your mistakes cost us the game de gea should never play for united again he's pans 12 mistakes he made, just not good enough.

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers2 måneder siden

    Not good enough 👎

    MIKI IZY2 måneder siden

    Nooooo why dit this happen 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mitoo
    Mitoo2 måneder siden

    You have not done well at lost all the important matches..

  • Mitoo
    Mitoo2 måneder siden

    No change at all? You wanted to lose the match! Come on..we are no fools.

  • Mitoo
    Mitoo2 måneder siden

    Please resign lost on purpose. You are for the Glazers, for money, not for the's all clear enough to understand your mentality. You have sold your Man utd's soul.

  • Aney Maalim
    Aney Maalim2 måneder siden

    Very disappointed tonight

  • Kalsang Wangdak
    Kalsang Wangdak2 måneder siden

    Panalty anything happenes , in football anything can happened. It’s joker🤓

  • David Keita
    David Keita2 måneder siden Can explain olé game plan in this final, even himself can't explain his changes !

  • David Keita
    David Keita2 måneder siden

    Mourinho could win this trophy !with this squad !

  • David Keita
    David Keita2 måneder siden

    The poorest manager in football History l ever see! So please,let him go,please ! We're losing every trophy ! Please !selfish Guy !he should go by himself,saying l can't !

  • Lamine denfa
    Lamine denfa2 måneder siden


  • Lamine denfa
    Lamine denfa2 måneder siden

    Only fok

  • Jerome Robinson
    Jerome Robinson2 måneder siden

    The problem is that you fielded a high quality weak team, Certain players should have never started the game . Your selection was off and your substitutions too late as usual

  • Zuhair Yassin
    Zuhair Yassin2 måneder siden

    the only way possible i see this guy next season is with a new assistant coaches other than former players he needs another perspective and more precisely a spanish one

  • Kilo saavedra
    Kilo saavedra2 måneder siden

    Complete failure from Manchester United

  • Nat Mol
    Nat Mol2 måneder siden

    The scummers took a beating

  • Bismah Z Jallani
    Bismah Z Jallani2 måneder siden

    Good Ebening u lost

  • Chandan Paul
    Chandan Paul2 måneder siden

    We don't need 3 new players. We need this scam artist to walk out of the club asap.

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres2 måneder siden

    Can someone ask him why he decided to make no subs until the 99' minute?

  • Anto Jones
    Anto Jones2 måneder siden

    All the comments obviously differ whether he should or should not have made subs. The simple point is; they made all their subs and we didn't at the right times and you can't tell me they have better bench players than United.

  • ツ S N A K E ツ
    ツ S N A K E ツ2 måneder siden

    I have this ego shit mentality of being embarassed to be in a Europa League...let alone lose in a final in UEL. This one hurt,it is on Ole but it is what it is. Seeing Bruno crying his heart out...jesus,i was so down and depressed whole night. GGMU 😔❤

  • E N
    E N2 måneder siden

    Roy Keane was right in the build up to this game, the only reason United were in this competition is because they failed in the champions league and they couldn't even win the uefa cup

  • Tian Medallist
    Tian Medallist2 måneder siden

    This guy should be sacked he's clueless. Big club with a less than average manager

  • Shu-ya Zhao
    Shu-ya Zhao2 måneder siden are undoubtedly guilty of being an emotion-driven coach to certain players. It is not a bad thing when exercised appropriately. BUT in any Cup final, you MUST turn around and become 100% objective. Such as why you did not restrict Rashford's playtime? You know and carrick also knows that he is not as fit as Daniel James! Even though Bruno doesn't like his football. That said, you foolishly failed to substitute De Gea with Henderson - a far proficient goalkeeper in dealing with penalties. Honestly, you screwed up Big Time by your trying to be a "faithful" manager but end up a LOSER! How are you going to face and explain to Bruno, Cavani, MacTomminy, and others? If you don't REPENT, give you 3 more great players of $150 million transfer fees, it won't help the club and team because of your glaring weakness. Face up to it. Wake up and REPENT Ole. Stop being a "nice guy". It will get you SACKED next season. 100% for sure. Finally, between Jason Sacho and Grealish, listen to your players. NOT your own or the board's opinion. Your players know better than anyone of you. Don't try to be TOO SMART.

  • Alex Mulugeta
    Alex Mulugeta2 måneder siden

    Ole you are Clueless just have some respect for yourself and leave like Casey Jean Stoney did!

  • Temsü 58
    Temsü 582 måneder siden

    No... Ole don't make excuses...for Europa league this squad is good enough to win it...yeah to win Premier league and UCL we need to sign more quality players.

  • Seamus Martin
    Seamus Martin2 måneder siden

    Ole talking utter bollocks again.

  • Vater Jacob
    Vater Jacob2 måneder siden

    Better not over estimate & over use Cavani.He should be a weapon for 2nd half,not first half.That should be the plan B.

  • Michael Muldowney
    Michael Muldowney2 måneder siden

    Someone get this poor guy a proper beer.

  • Lee fitz26

    Lee fitz26

    Måned siden

    Get him a proper job coz hes out of his depth

  • J.C
    J.C2 måneder siden

    Oh look.. he ain't smiling now. Lmao. Remember Ole, cups are for ego

  • Alex Mulugeta

    Alex Mulugeta

    2 måneder siden

    He's a clown 🤡

  • Berhane Zerou
    Berhane Zerou2 måneder siden

    Out Out Out ole 100%

    KAILASH BUCKTOWAR2 måneder siden

    A good team performance is one when all players not just the strikers try to score. This was not the case with manu.

  • Muhammed Nihanfaraz
    Muhammed Nihanfaraz2 måneder siden

    Ole is a fraud

  • Schrodinger's Neko
    Schrodinger's Neko2 måneder siden

    Ole has taken the team from 6th, to 3rd to 2nd. From not qualifying, to losing in Semi's to Losing in Finals. He's done this with close to zero backing and the few signings he has done became huge successes. Now we need the final push to get the squad over the finish line.

  • Mr BobaJango

    Mr BobaJango

    2 måneder siden

    That 2nd place is papering over the cracks and 74 points would struggle to make top 4 in other seasons. he shouldn't need more signings to beat villareal lol. glazer yes man appointed fraud ole is

  • Jukka O. Parviainen
    Jukka O. Parviainen2 måneder siden

    Scott Tominay, learn to shoot inside woodworks,, its not enough just shoot 3-4 meters besides the goal. Or give the final pass, 4 meters pass 2 meters off the mark. Big Laugh!!!

  • SNS
    SNS2 måneder siden

    Ole had his chance

  • SNS
    SNS2 måneder siden

    Please kick this fool out of the club

  • Abdul Mumin
    Abdul Mumin2 måneder siden

    43rd minute Luke shaw handball should of been 2 - 1

  • Abdul Mumin
    Abdul Mumin2 måneder siden

    Villarreal are as good a Aston Villa

  • Abdul Mumin
    Abdul Mumin2 måneder siden

    Please needs to go