Trying To Clear Every Check Light On My High Mileage Audi A6 Allroad


In this episode you will see how fun it is to work on a high mileage audi A6

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  • Bart Bulten
    Bart Bulten10 dager siden

    Nice to see that doing an oil is made easy on this Audi. Oil filter nice on top of the engine and not having to remove the skitplate Clearly someone engineerd it good! Keep up the work, love your cars, especially the BMW and the Golf! Your weekend of going to the Nordsleife and Spa inspired me to do the same!

  • Mikael T
    Mikael T12 dager siden

    Always a Jupiler box in a decent Belgium garage...

  • Suraj Raina
    Suraj Raina13 dager siden

    Clean the intercooler too

  • Slavi Grigorov
    Slavi Grigorov17 dager siden

    Thank you for making those videos, it really helps some people doing simple maintaince. Also you can make another video fixing the rest of those problems, and maybe give some info about gearbox oil change :)

  • Islam Torkhani
    Islam TorkhaniMåned siden

    nice work 🦾

  • PLAGue1246
    PLAGue1246Måned siden

    very useful content

  • Marc Horton
    Marc HortonMåned siden

    Awesome! You certainly know your stuff!

  • aurélien vanh
    aurélien vanhMåned siden

    Salut, tu devrais mettre de la musique dans les passages où tu démontes des pièces :) sinon top niveau contenue

  • TwoAcePilots
    TwoAcePilotsMåned siden

    Hey man, I got a question, How did you drive and refuel your A6 without using the fuel gauge?

  • power28 AUDI
    power28 AUDIMåned siden

    Nice video bro! Een vraagje die luchtinlaatklep met stelmotor waar heb je die gekocht? Ik heb ook soms deze zelfde probleem soms heb ik de gevoel dat die gewoon perfect trekt maar soms weer trager geen foutmelding of motorstoring enkel van de versnellingbak short to the ground.

  • arnaud
    arnaudMåned siden

    400561 km....👏💪👍😎

  • Lukas Hoch
    Lukas HochMåned siden

    Nice video, thinking about buying A6 C6 S-line since a few weeks. The car seems to be very complicated with the 3.0tdi, but still think its a great car to have for that budget. Am I right or not in your opinion? Everyone who have the car could tell me please 😄

  • GP C
    GP CMåned siden

    How long have u been driving the car with the swirl flap problem ? Does it couse more damaged if u keep driving it like that ?

  • Øyvind Hanstad
    Øyvind HanstadMåned siden

    Great video and content😀🇳🇴

  • Jasper Nijboer
    Jasper NijboerMåned siden

    Memphis, ik geniet van al jouw video's! Zowel van de video's van de Volvo, de BMW en Golf als van de Audi. Super leuk om te zien waartoe Jasper, Tibo en jij in staat zijn. Hoop dat jij nog heel veel video's zult plaatsen van jullie auto's!

  • B
    BMåned siden

    This Chanel is going to grow a lot from this video, thanks for sharing! Got a question though; why don't you disable the egr all the way?

  • B


    Måned siden

    And steel bolts in an aluminium block.. hope it'll last

  • B


    Måned siden

    And one small thing, they say driving in a big winter coat causes harm, because of lack of seatbelt functionality..

  • AP
    APMåned siden

    How much did all of the parts for the maintenance cost?

  • Alexander Stevens
    Alexander StevensMåned siden

    That car does look beautiful

  • Alexander Stevens
    Alexander StevensMåned siden

    Christmas tree 🎄😀🤣

  • DanielFs
    DanielFsMåned siden

    try LIQUI MOLY Diesel Additiv that clean everything that have contact vith the fuel Its abaut 20€ on amazon and it's worth it

  • Hayden Lyons
    Hayden LyonsMåned siden

    "Let's take a break from VW" proceedes to work on Audi (VW)

  • madvelila
    madvelilaMåned siden

    Good content!

  • pac 94
    pac 94Måned siden

    I have the same problem with that CHECK light...

  • billy bob thornton
    billy bob thorntonMåned siden

    as a BMW enthusiast, its relaxing to watch these videos. It could always be worse :D JK, hope you sort things out!!

  • gedankenmensch777
    gedankenmensch777Måned siden

    Not into this NOprojectsr stuff, but this Channel is pure gold. Keep it running, pal.

  • C A
    C AMåned siden

    salut, c'est du beau boulot que tu as fait, bravo ! quelle est la motorisation de ton automobile?

  • Vladyslav Oligradskyy
    Vladyslav OligradskyyMåned siden

    Really good and interesting content, keep it going!

  • Ulises S.
    Ulises S.Måned siden

    Take off the EGR!

  • Gavin C.
    Gavin C.Måned siden

    I'm doing this with my A6 tomorrow!

  • Rajvosa97
    Rajvosa97Måned siden

    Die 3.0 tdi’s zijn echt vreselijk om aan te werken respect dat je dit zelf allemaal kan!

  • Jake Murphy
    Jake MurphyMåned siden

    I wouldn't really classify that as high mileage!

  • mkalamo
    mkalamoMåned siden

    At the grocery store and the Low Rider song is on!

  • Baïum G
    Baïum GMåned siden

    That accent !

  • Ric ardo
    Ric ardoMåned siden

    How you can feel safe in this car? 😅 But for 400k that isnt to much to fix. German quality 😎

  • Mi To
    Mi ToMåned siden

    Hey, what kind of engine is in your Audi? Did you change the timing chain or is it the original one?

  • Sceme1991
    Sceme1991Måned siden

    As an ex Audi A6 owner this video gives me PTSD.

  • Paul Cristian
    Paul CristianMåned siden

    the pads in the back wont give you a light since they don't have any sensors, if the ones in the front are good the sensor/connector needs to be checked :D

  • Walter Butscher
    Walter ButscherMåned siden

    I give you guys a lot of credit tackling those jobs. You didn't mention how long it took and the workshop makes life easy. That was a great job on the Audi. It's always a pleasure seeing your progress hopefully spring will be here soon and I can get to work on my cabrio again. Till next time stay safe

  • Amin Shabestari
    Amin ShabestariMåned siden

    the brake light is still on because the wire that is connected to the end of the brake pads . and when it gets touched , it directly indicates that you have to change them . so now you have to change both wires as well it costs 15€ i think

  • ilias saenen
    ilias saenenMåned siden

    Aan het rijden op de ring van Aarschot in de video ik herken het rijd daar ook af en toe

  • Andrija Stanojevic
    Andrija StanojevicMåned siden

    Is it 3.0 tdi?

  • Roco Kiefa
    Roco KiefaMåned siden

    really nice video! thank you!

  • comedyman112
    comedyman112Måned siden

    pls tell us the cost of the parts. thanks

  • Jakub
    JakubMåned siden

    mine issue with brake pads light was sensor on front left wheel

  • Flebz
    FlebzMåned siden

    Im surprised that this channel has 83k subs only.. it should be alot bigger!

  • ShiraanVII
    ShiraanVIIMåned siden

    I was such an idiot... I was waiting for your videos since a while... and realised: shit, I forgot to subscribe! Aaaaaaand... DONE! Thanks for your videos, they're always nice to watch, I love the old Vag's (got 2 Golf MK III, looking for a MK I and a MK II, but where I live, it is hard to find in good/average condition, and with papers)... .

  • ballzdeeep1
    ballzdeeep1Måned siden

    Subscribed. Good content

  • Michael Moyson
    Michael MoysonMåned siden

    Nice video! Tof om te zien dat iemand van België een autokanaal heeft!

  • 6 9
    6 9Måned siden

    You're supposed to change the break pad sensors when you replace the pads..

  • PhiBer
    PhiBerMåned siden

    Just watching at 24:00 min. You know those steel bolts can cause corrosion with your block and suddenly fail at the block side? These Torque Bolts are VW standard and don't cost a fortune. Better keep it original....

  • Sylvan Bosman
    Sylvan BosmanMåned siden

    Is dat een 2.8 diesel?

  • Petr Praslička
    Petr PrasličkaMåned siden

    Who else is having lunch and just needed something to watch?

  • KingChooêt
    KingChooêtMåned siden

    Heb je de EGR al uitgeprogammeerd?

  • Ankit Pal
    Ankit PalMåned siden

    Don’t buy old vehicle

  • Likena
    LikenaMåned siden

    I have an a6 like this one too, just no allroad. And i have 330,000 on mine. Still going strong without any light!

  • Donato Anastasia
    Donato AnastasiaMåned siden

    Brake pad warning light is normally from the front pads on VAG stuff. I can't tell you how many I've seen where the wires break off the pads and it brings up a brake pad wear light.

  • MsZiutekXD
    MsZiutekXDMåned siden

    My Friend had a broken wire from the sensor

  • Lazouk
    LazoukMåned siden

    Pourquoi tu parle Anglais si tu est Belge ?

  • russell1533
    russell1533Måned siden


  • ZakkuEmanyueru
    ZakkuEmanyueruMåned siden

    check the connections to the brake pad sensors (mines always slide out from the connector itself)

  • Grzyban
    GrzybanMåned siden

    Don't get me wrong but VAG doesn't mean "Volkswagen Audi Group", it means "Volkswagen AG" (Aktiengesellschaft - basically Volkswagen Inc. )

  • Staf Verdon
    Staf VerdonMåned siden

    Cruising langst de ring van Osschot city

    THE BEAR WOODMåned siden


  • M4RKU5
    M4RKU5Måned siden

    amazing car!! my father used to own one

  • Vlad Ioan Paunescu
    Vlad Ioan PaunescuMåned siden

    you have to clean the codes so that the brake light indicator doesn't appear

  • Tapejara 150
    Tapejara 150Måned siden

    press (X) to doubt

  • Olsun
    OlsunMåned siden

    My gti mk5 first light was EPC 170000km on the clock. Worst one electronics. I hate it

  • Tess
    TessMåned siden

    31:40 - Why did you change the fuel filter before you lowered your tank contents under a quarter, throwing all the gunk that is in the bottom of the tank through the filter? (shenanigans like that ruined our Passat B7's 2.0TDI injectors. Expensive jokes)

  • RVAG
    RVAGMåned siden

    What year is that car?

  • Marcin Szymański
    Marcin SzymańskiMåned siden

    You definitly need VCDS for coding, breakes need to be adjusted in VCDS as u have electric hand brake, you need to giv module new value off thicknes of brake pads

  • Adam Rosenberg
    Adam RosenbergMåned siden

    I want to see more of this Audi!

  • Riky 5196
    Riky 5196Måned siden

    imagine a BMW owner do this , hilarious.

  • Tudor Adrian
    Tudor AdrianMåned siden

    Castrol 🤮

  • zinzor
    zinzorMåned siden

    MAKE MORE ALLROAD VIDS, ive so many problems with it D:

  • Tomislav Simonis
    Tomislav SimonisMåned siden

    Haha at this point i would have just replaced the whole car

  • Stijepo Zupa
    Stijepo ZupaMåned siden

    Same is with all mercs post 1991 endless money pits,it seems that all mercs cars infected by aids you can treat it but you can not cure you can not get rid off it.

  • Jonathan
    JonathanMåned siden

    What tool did you use to get the wires out of the connector on the fuel level sensor ?

  • idkwuisp 76
    idkwuisp 76Måned siden

    Man is it a good looking car though

  • Tom Dijkman
    Tom DijkmanMåned siden

    And the wheelhub doesn't need cleaning or something when replacing a brake disc🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Boosted
    BoostedMåned siden

    Those beeping noises, brings back dark times

  • Izzat yusri Jamaludin
    Izzat yusri JamaludinMåned siden

    Guy. You have to reset codes in obd 2

    ANDREASS202Måned siden

    Them front tyres where shoot, maybe time to change before it blowes?

  • Michiel Boonen
    Michiel BoonenMåned siden

    Test ride @ Aarschot, fun to see a place i know

  • Entertainment
    EntertainmentMåned siden

    400.000 km is wel echt een prestatie, dat zijn toyota nummers

  • Fentanyl Floyd

    Fentanyl Floyd

    Måned siden

    except toyota does produces these numbers with a quarter or less of this audis check engine notifications

  • Dam
    DamMåned siden

    Why on earth would you wear noise canceling headphones when taking the wheels off???

  • Chaotus
    ChaotusMåned siden

    More A6 Content! Im driving one myself

  • TheXMuscle
    TheXMuscleMåned siden

    We love all cars not only very old, like this a6 I believe more people have newer cars and would love seen videos on it.

  • audi A4 ADDICT
    audi A4 ADDICTMåned siden

    Its Not good job sorry....

  • Das Reich
    Das ReichMåned siden

    I'm surprised you leave your MK1 Golf out in the snow.

  • arthur itchybollix
    arthur itchybollixMåned siden

    My mate got one of these keeps filling up with water

  • CyBy777
    CyBy777Måned siden

    Hahaha uw belgisch accent maat 😂

  • Geri Pizzuti
    Geri PizzutiMåned siden

    Yes please dont make it the last video. We want to see you fix everything on it. Your an amazing mechanic. Great video.

  • Luca van Gorkom
    Luca van GorkomMåned siden

    Instead of using the windback tool you can also use and OBD tool (I use obd11) to wind back the parking brake electronically, and then push the piston back inside with a flat screw driver when the caliper is still mounted on the old discs.

  • Jamie Donnelly
    Jamie DonnellyMåned siden

    absolutely love the content! I have a 2.7TDI (pretty much the same engine) and have a few similar issues, if I fill my tank my fuel gauge normally shows 3/4 full. Also I think I have EXACTLY the same headlight issue, although mine has been like that for 3 years now. I also need to change my aux belt and pulleys, it just a big job! Looking forward to seeing the Volvo again soon!

  • Daily Struggle
    Daily StruggleMåned siden

    These german cars and all their issues, and not to talk about spare part prices...good lord.

  • Mohammed Almamari
    Mohammed AlmamariMåned siden

    5:24 never skip leg day

  • Damian Rozmarynowski
    Damian RozmarynowskiMåned siden

    Im getting p0011 p021 p23xx every time... im not even erasing them anymore :P timing set need replace in my 2.4 bdw

  • Jacek Placek
    Jacek PlacekMåned siden

    In poland this car would be brand new in 1 week

  • Gustav H
    Gustav HMåned siden

    Dont you have some heat in the garage?

  • Joris vR
    Joris vRMåned siden

    Als er een brandstof lampje gaat branden dan zal er wel een lec zijn in het brandstofsysteem 😂😂😂😆😂. En trouwens voor een Belg is dit evht goed Engels👍👍.