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  • Marques Render
    Marques Render11 timer siden

    He really pu t him to CLEEP

  • The Flash191
    The Flash191Dag siden

    Y’all should look at cursed comments

  • Cross
    Cross4 dager siden

    i had to think for a sec lol

  • jrW Plays
    jrW Plays5 dager siden

    8:38 moments before death

  • tkpoppe91
    tkpoppe915 dager siden

    not gonna lie, when he hit the two piece with the awp i pressed tab to see how many were left.

  • Dylan Abernathy
    Dylan Abernathy5 dager siden

    Well, this isn’t getting monetized...

    TY BLAZIN6 dager siden


  • Stringless
    Stringless7 dager siden

    Bruh I was searching a question for school and that question popped up so I got curious and read it.. it happened a few days ago

  • Stoffel TV
    Stoffel TV8 dager siden

    The vid was cool and stuff... But why are you posting it on your main channel?

  • Jo Ku
    Jo Ku8 dager siden


  • SuperableTie
    SuperableTie10 dager siden

    The dooo on omegal : wholesome as hell Also the dooo:

  • Blake Buckley
    Blake Buckley10 dager siden

    I’d do anything for you to make a music setup video. I’m into playing the electric guitar and I want to know what equipment you use and how you get all those insane tones.

  • toxiclunch
    toxiclunch10 dager siden


  • Ayden Tainaka
    Ayden Tainaka10 dager siden

    The weird thing is is that offensive content is the only good stuff to watch online, but the people who make it can get canceled by some sensitive blue haired kids on twitter that can’t take jokes

  • Vanessa Garcia

    Vanessa Garcia

    10 dager siden

    @ImAcaie yeah😳😳😳it's like🤩🤩🤩so weird 🥴

  • ImAcaie


    10 dager siden

    Plus they bark at people

  • Itsaperiona Sentinel
    Itsaperiona Sentinel11 dager siden

    That Niggasaurus had me goin

  • soundhyper
    soundhyper12 dager siden

    I can't believe I predicted that 5:31

  • Indus3
    Indus314 dager siden

    Did none of you guys ever see the "F**k you Baltimore" thing? I think you should...

  • Minouzz
    Minouzz14 dager siden

    im dead

  • Neth M. Koepke
    Neth M. Koepke14 dager siden

    Downy the Dinosaur 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dyla n
    Dyla n15 dager siden

    omegle vids please

  • Asher Dearing

    Asher Dearing

    13 dager siden


  • Rodrigo Guimarães
    Rodrigo Guimarães15 dager siden

    These are so damn fun lol, gj.

  • James Cassidy
    James Cassidy16 dager siden

    picturing those italian new yorkers walking in place on treadmill constantly yelling "IM WALKING ERE" at each other like glitched out NPCs

  • Zelsias
    Zelsias16 dager siden

    You know.... my last name is Vinegar in spanish XD

  • I'm sorry what
    I'm sorry what17 dager siden

    Y is the cake fart conversation on csgo in doos video but on soups it’s over cod

  • Austin Wortham
    Austin Wortham17 dager siden

    Eugh did you still eat it

  • Nico Esquivel
    Nico Esquivel17 dager siden

    I was drinking water while watching this, and I fucking lost it with the "I can´t" Eagle, that was fucking amazing

  • Andrea De Bernardis
    Andrea De Bernardis18 dager siden

    I can't breathe

  • The_Gaming_Potato _Sniffed_Cheese
    The_Gaming_Potato _Sniffed_Cheese18 dager siden

    69K likes, as all things should be

  • since1876
    since187618 dager siden

    30 seconds in and I'm already crying from laughing....

  • たかなしRikka
    たかなしRikka18 dager siden


  • Iron Dexterity
    Iron Dexterity20 dager siden

    9:35 man's got sent out of the goddam game with that death

  • Ethan Arrow
    Ethan Arrow20 dager siden

    Grizzy's reaction to dooo watching dub was literally perfect

  • Trevor Shute
    Trevor Shute20 dager siden

    As a ex Walmart employee I can concur yes ....they do have death matches over those damn rascals

  • Person Person
    Person Person20 dager siden

    We want more among us is

  • Joshua Saba
    Joshua Saba20 dager siden

    Play Minecraft already, good video idea

  • wardedwind
    wardedwind21 dag siden


  • Under The Pendulum
    Under The Pendulum21 dag siden

    I need to stop watching these at work I can't stay quiet lol

  • videoseveryday
    videoseveryday21 dag siden

    Could you play (sleep society) in the next video ??

  • CaptainMoDzYT
    CaptainMoDzYT21 dag siden

    @TheDooo I challenge you to play Livin it up - Limp Bizkit

    MOHD KAISH NOORI21 dag siden

    When youtubers get more subscribers they become more lazy ,. Then they don't care of duration of video posting .

  • Li Jacky
    Li Jacky21 dag siden

    Do a face reveal now or I’ll call the police

  • bubby _AVH
    bubby _AVH21 dag siden

    The dooo me u have a lot in common

  • James Blanton
    James Blanton21 dag siden

    thanks assholes... i just looked up cake farts... jfc

  • Quinn Casner
    Quinn Casner21 dag siden

    Dooo, you have my respects as best glaz and I am now following your teachings

  • tagmstr02
    tagmstr0221 dag siden

    Wtf dooo more content. Don't be a 13%er.

    STXX TGI21 dag siden

    Can you PLEASE do a cover of char by crystal castles

  • It's Kolvin
    It's Kolvin21 dag siden


  • James C
    James C21 dag siden

    Play Children of the Earth

  • Mark Shepherd
    Mark Shepherd21 dag siden

    Dooo if you see this I would love to here you play Glassy Sky from Tokyo Ghoul!

  • ImZimmerDirektNebenEuch.
    ImZimmerDirektNebenEuch.22 dager siden

    These loughs are so enjoying. OMG.

  • DuccanyMcCronch
    DuccanyMcCronch22 dager siden

    i died of laughter

  • Taylor Corry
    Taylor Corry22 dager siden

    You know what content won't get you canceled... a breath of the wild p.2... please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤

  • Adam LaHay
    Adam LaHay22 dager siden

    The Doo: gets a million views every video Also the doo: uploads once a month

  • Seth Bowlin
    Seth Bowlin22 dager siden

    Thedoooooooooo when ever you reveal your face you should be on America's got talent

  • A Vishnu Sankar
    A Vishnu Sankar22 dager siden

    Would like to see you hire teachers and pretend to be a beginner

  • Hogfire
    Hogfire22 dager siden

    4:12 i understood that reference, and i love it :D

  • Heist_Leviathan
    Heist_Leviathan22 dager siden

    If you ever do another video where you play music, if you could play Angels from Dragon Ball. Its wierd for me to request, cause I normally don't like to pester people with requests. Love your talent though

  • Kaidyn Sloan
    Kaidyn Sloan22 dager siden

    Can you do a song request it’s you only live once by suicidle silence

  • Wilson Hicke
    Wilson Hicke22 dager siden

    If you played sea of Thieves music I would give you my life savings

  • Eglantine Hardin
    Eglantine Hardin22 dager siden

    I watch anime with dub and sub so yeah :)

  • Dylan Karger
    Dylan Karger22 dager siden

    Is doo dead?

  • Donald Scott
    Donald Scott23 dager siden

    I don't know who needs to hear this, saving money won't make you a millionaire investing will ... Take out some money and invest ,Do it wisely Tho.

  • Natalie Kayla

    Natalie Kayla

    21 dag siden

    @Matthew Wyatt okay Got it !! I hope he responds to me

  • Matthew Wyatt

    Matthew Wyatt

    21 dag siden

    @Natalie Kayla @RichardDenisT

  • Matthew Wyatt

    Matthew Wyatt

    21 dag siden

    @Natalie Kayla He's active on Tele-gram

  • Natalie Kayla

    Natalie Kayla

    21 dag siden

    @Matthew Wyatt I'll like to know more about his services how can I contact him?

  • Ernest Steven

    Ernest Steven

    21 dag siden

    @Natalie Kayla Oh great how can I contact him

  • Ethan Schluter
    Ethan Schluter23 dager siden

    I've been subscribed to your channel for a while and I just realized that you sound like mike shinoda Ngl

  • Ivan Krylov
    Ivan Krylov23 dager siden

    Hey guys, might be a stupid question, but what is the best way to learn how to play guitar, like youtube videos?

  • min vän munken
    min vän munken23 dager siden

    downy the dinosaur the sequel to strokey the goldfish

  • lé monte
    lé monte23 dager siden

    guys if you're wondering where the uploads are, he got canceled, so no more doo.

  • lé monte

    lé monte

    22 dager siden

    @Gentle ToonMan a joke

  • Gentle ToonMan

    Gentle ToonMan

    22 dager siden

    wdym like he would care ? did he really or its a joke

  • xd chaos
    xd chaos23 dager siden

    Are we getting a new video any time soon????

  • scott scott
    scott scott23 dager siden


  • Bee Qel
    Bee Qel23 dager siden

    *bruh did the people ran out of names and just named it this?! 😂😂

  • Jack Livingston
    Jack Livingston23 dager siden

    guys just remember that thedooo is 51 years old. The same guy we grew up watching as we came home from school play black ops 4 and spread joy throughout the community is 51. 😔 the legends grow up too

  • Matthew Fryling
    Matthew Fryling23 dager siden

    Soup the king of wtf

  • Braeden Bonds
    Braeden Bonds23 dager siden

    DOOOO!!! How many likes for an eye reveal?

  • Ro҈s̥ͦĭ̈ȇ̈ Bĕ̈a҈ȓ̈
    Ro҈s̥ͦĭ̈ȇ̈ Bĕ̈a҈ȓ̈23 dager siden

    Can you make a cover of Blackpink Rosé's new solo "On the ground"? Thank you I will really appreciate it.

  • mr.potatogang
    mr.potatogang23 dager siden

    I swear I heard that cake farts clip on a soup video, but they were playing warzone. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Amari Pryce
    Amari Pryce23 dager siden

    Make a vid of doing only Ariana songs on guitar I beg

  • Jay Cookie
    Jay Cookie23 dager siden

    Hey dooo i just wanna say that im a huge fan and i love all your videos your videos make me laugh at times when im sad and i just wanted to say that you are a legend and i would love to meet you one day i used to play guitar but i found you and it just made me wanna play guitar again and i just wanted to ask if in your next video if you could play carol of the bells i really enjoyed it when u played it on bo2 and can u play a song called eternity memory of lightwaves its from final fantasy if you can do that in your next video i would greatly appreciate it and keep playing the guitar your an amazing person and i just wanna say from bro to bro i love u man

  • Rebecca Kane
    Rebecca Kane23 dager siden

    Nice vid bro

  • redcow 596
    redcow 59623 dager siden

    Im a huge fan of you you are very good at playing guitar and i want to be like you

  • Mason Grainger
    Mason Grainger23 dager siden

    bring back omgle

  • graham jones
    graham jones23 dager siden

    Got ya dooo!!!!!! Love your playing, your an inspiration, Keep it up dude!!!!! Love you!!! (not in a gay way) 🤟🤘👍

  • graham jones
    graham jones23 dager siden

    Do you by Any chance be: The Trogly’s Giutar Show as well dooo??? 🤫

  • Landen Lance
    Landen Lance23 dager siden


  • Night Train
    Night Train24 dager siden

    Dooo, you need to put out more videos so we all don’t have to watch reviews...of your videos

  • DaysBeforeLaFlame
    DaysBeforeLaFlame24 dager siden

    Challenge: play moonlight sonata 3rd movement

  • Teldryn Sero
    Teldryn Sero24 dager siden

    Grizzy knows where to draw the line.

  • Abdullah Ekinci
    Abdullah Ekinci24 dager siden

    Where is the new video(+1)

  • Inventor
    Inventor24 dager siden

    i know who the doo is. he is asian.

  • ahmed1743
    ahmed174324 dager siden

    The 500 thoothed dinosaur was indeed discovered after 1940, it was discovered in 1965 and yes I googled it i have no shame

    THE ANGRY DWELLER24 dager siden

    Call of duty content quality has fallen of the flat earth

  • Soledrial
    Soledrial24 dager siden

    Day 2 of asking Dooo to do a full cover of Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts 2

  • Connor Cantlay
    Connor Cantlay24 dager siden

    hey thedooo can you play song of storms again

  • Jake Light
    Jake Light24 dager siden

    Can you please play the death note theme song on your next omegle video. It would make my year!!! I love you man THEDOOO NATION FOR LIFE!!!

  • sAm bURk
    sAm bURk24 dager siden

    I have a song suggestion: sweet ol child of mind

  • Mikey De Faz
    Mikey De Faz25 dager siden

    Can you try and learn or if you do know it can you do paralyzer by finger eleven

  • Noaic Productions
    Noaic Productions25 dager siden

    I know that he won’t see this comment but I feel like he would help so many guitarists if he made an online course kinda like music is win. That honestly would be super dope

  • Maximilan Dimartino
    Maximilan Dimartino25 dager siden

    bro u gotta do a cover of "when you were young" by the killers

  • Madii&RogerGame -
    Madii&RogerGame -25 dager siden

    Yo the doo can you pretty please make a sanctuary cover ?

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok25 dager siden

    I sent a mod a monke using frog as a flesh light best day in my life

  • Mr Someone
    Mr Someone25 dager siden

    Why haven’t you posted I miss you so much bro-

  • That One Random Person No one Knows
    That One Random Person No one Knows25 dager siden

    Idk if this will happen, but I wanna hear him play Electros theme from The Amazing Spider-Man 2