They ADDED ZOMBIES to WARZONE SEASON 2 and everything is SAVED


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  • Soldier 1st Class
    Soldier 1st Class12 dager siden

    It all messed up when everyone goes to the zombies

  • Mopar or No Car
    Mopar or No Car12 dager siden

    If I get this fucking Playstation ad one more time...

  • Ghost 1
    Ghost 119 dager siden

    When Jev is happy his Gfuel flavor tastes better

  • Lil Carti Vert
    Lil Carti Vert23 dager siden

    I got faze rains gta rp videos

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin24 dager siden

    wow what a great click bait title and complete waste of time.

  • kingChicknn
    kingChicknn29 dager siden

    big fan

  • Wilgrind
    WilgrindMåned siden

    *ENEMY AC 130 ABO-*

  • RPG Gaming
    RPG GamingMåned siden

    Did you just buy the entire battle pass

  • AverageYT Commentary
    AverageYT CommentaryMåned siden

    This sucks

  • Billy bombas
    Billy bombasMåned siden

    The way his eyes lit up when he saw it was working🥺

  • Iwoominati
    IwoominatiMåned siden

    Happy jev = happy everyone

  • KittoO
    KittoOMåned siden

    I dont think i would have been happier for myself if i were in this situation as much as i am for him

  • Taetius McKee
    Taetius McKeeMåned siden

    i love to see jev happy

  • Siege God
    Siege GodMåned siden

    I actually had this audio play mid game last season in duos and the edge of my screen had a static effect and it didn’t happen to my teammate

  • Siege God

    Siege God

    Måned siden

    The beginning cut scene audio

  • Diego Gaxiola
    Diego GaxiolaMåned siden

    How did he get all the tiers????

  • azooz_alhajri


    Måned siden

    He buyed it

  • Arda Maya
    Arda MayaMåned siden

    I had the glitch again in season 2 and now im gonna get scammed even more then last time

  • XxPark28xX
    XxPark28xXMåned siden

    Bro goes “yeah let’s buy the battle pass” buys the WHOLE battle pass😂😂😂

  • XxPark28xX


    Måned siden

    Love it man thank you for being the only cod player I take serious when it comes to this you literally save me from deleting this game bruh seriously🤣😭

  • Cisco Lopez
    Cisco LopezMåned siden

    Ima go back and watch the outlast series I miss when jev would play scary games 😭😂

  • vennom777
    vennom777Måned siden

    Fame never changed him

  • Bottom Text
    Bottom TextMåned siden

    So the boat was lost at sea for nearly 40 years?

  • It’s jokrxlr8
    It’s jokrxlr8Måned siden

    Saw this title and said to myself...NOT AT ALL

    NICHOLAS HACHEMåned siden

    2 M4A1 barrles on the LC10 leaked right omg!!!!!! 8:17 lol

    TSAV ITGMåned siden

    The vodianoy gives me mad man of Medan vibes

  • Hyperr Khaotic
    Hyperr KhaoticMåned siden

    8:44 if you're tired of waiting through the rambling, this is where the video actually starts

  • Alex Schifano
    Alex SchifanoMåned siden

    Everybody If you like handler you need to subscribe to MaS Devour he's just like handler but has only like 8k subscribers and I'm trying to get people to see his channel.

  • yunggaff
    yunggaffMåned siden


  • DUDE259 B013ERT
    DUDE259 B013ERTMåned siden

    Unfortunately you can’t put dark either on anything on warzone yet! Sad face

  • Tampico San
    Tampico SanMåned siden

    Nice. Nice makes me smile makes me happy

  • Blitz!
    Blitz!Måned siden

    Can you play rocket league

  • Johno
    JohnoMåned siden

    Man everyone in the comments said everything i could have said but it’s great to see the genuine happiness. On behalf of all of us, love you jev

  • Jester_Xray
    Jester_XrayMåned siden


  • Disturbed Toenails
    Disturbed ToenailsMåned siden

    The cutscene made me immediately think of when jev played man of Medan

  • Brody D
    Brody DMåned siden

    Is this modern warfare or black ops?

  • Colin Healy
    Colin HealyMåned siden

    jev stfu an play the game

  • Cliff Mac
    Cliff MacMåned siden

    the boat is man of medan vvibes

  • BroseidonTheGod
    BroseidonTheGodMåned siden

    Didn't this guy hack on Fortnite and then cry about getting banned? Maybe if you didn't download hacks. You bot.

  • Benjamin
    BenjaminMåned siden

    8 minutes of nothing then 4 minutes of gameplay? what the fuck?

  • V U
    V UMåned siden


  • Horse Schitt
    Horse SchittMåned siden

    Why u buy the whole battle pass instantly that completely kills the point

  • Aaron Ingram
    Aaron IngramMåned siden

    Oh ok so were back to suppressors hurting weapon ranges which is completely false but ok activision

  • yeet gang
    yeet gangMåned siden

    Am happy that you happy (:

  • FaZe Savage
    FaZe SavageMåned siden

    Jev I think we should run a game bro

  • Blissy
    BlissyMåned siden


  • Mr. Avi
    Mr. AviMåned siden

    watching this 3 days later then todays video is out hehe going to watch then that hehe

  • Hyper Nova
    Hyper NovaMåned siden

    We can finnaly rest boys...and watch the sun set....on a peaceful universe

    NEVER SALTYMåned siden

    I'm so happy for you Jev! holy moly that was a long time for your game to be busted. lmao.

  • Matthew Bloxton
    Matthew BloxtonMåned siden

    How did you complete pass already?

  • Calvin Reid
    Calvin ReidMåned siden

    This is a whole anime arc 😂

  • Gerald Capo
    Gerald CapoMåned siden

    What was the point of uploading this? This has to be the stupidest video out like…. 2 minutes of playing and the rest was talking about how u got your stuff u spent money on..

  • Damar Aksama

    Damar Aksama

    Måned siden

    this...wasnt supposed to be a gameplay video. are you new here?

  • Severoc
    SeverocMåned siden

    These battle passes are ass, I miss MW seasons

  • ThxtB0iAri
    ThxtB0iAriMåned siden

    Glad for u man finally the glitch gone

  • Jairo Gallegos
    Jairo GallegosMåned siden

    I love seeing jev happy

  • Kemono Kamizuko
    Kemono KamizukoMåned siden

    “Happiest day of my life, yeah I got married and stuff but my guns now work”

  • Sabotage
    SabotageMåned siden

    Am I the only one that genuinely teared up hearing him say it’s fixed 🥲

  • The squack
    The squackMåned siden

    Jev I’ve been watching since 2014 you’re still the realist out here

  • Lefty Bro
    Lefty BroMåned siden

    10 mins of talking 2 mins of gameplay stfu jev

  • Gabe Cosby
    Gabe CosbyMåned siden

    Just curious why you wear a hoodie half off? Kinda goofy lookin. AC system cold on your neck?

  • 30 clips
    30 clipsMåned siden

    Bro omg zombies

  • 30 clips

    30 clips

    Måned siden

    Let’s also add zombies to multiplayer

  • Allen Vicens
    Allen VicensMåned siden

    Im here after watching 6 Requis videos from 4 years ago😩

  • UwU
    UwUMåned siden

    Is that boat the same on from bo4 zombies

  • PapaCopperpot
    PapaCopperpotMåned siden

    Jev you just spent 10 minutes in the menu

  • JJ 45
    JJ 45Måned siden

    Lol 10 minutes of you running your mouth and a couple minutes of gameplay 😂

  • Billy Yarrow
    Billy YarrowMåned siden

    It took him over 8 and 1/2 minutes to actually get into the game

  • Burley
    BurleyMåned siden

    There’s some Gameplay in your Intro?

  • Loui P
    Loui PMåned siden

    8 minutes in before any gameplay...

  • Rockstar_xcx
    Rockstar_xcxMåned siden

    Jokes on jev, that FFAR barrel and SOCOM Eliminator is the meta now

  • Hen
    HenMåned siden

    jev happy= happy me

  • George Joseph
    George JosephMåned siden

    The happiness in his face when he can literally just play the game truly does show how broken this game is

  • Dominick Gallo
    Dominick GalloMåned siden

    Spending money in the store is the same as saying "I like getting scammed"

  • Its Kaku
    Its KakuMåned siden

    jev pls play outbreak

  • AO7
    AO7Måned siden

    Hey jev I've recently started streaming and was wondering if I can improve how talkative I am to my viewers

  • adam harrington
    adam harringtonMåned siden

    Jevs trending let’s go

  • King Savage28
    King Savage28Måned siden

    As Jev gets his account back I get banned because a hacker stole my account and cheated on it. I'm on Xbox and there was a Blizzard account linked to my Activision account. Gotta love COD

  • Bigboy Chungas
    Bigboy ChungasMåned siden

    I haven’t seen a happy jev in a long time, feels good to see him finally happy again lol

  • Capo Blue
    Capo BlueMåned siden

    Sorry Jev but 8 minutes straight and no gameplay is disappointing

  • Kumino_M25
    Kumino_M25Måned siden

    Achievement: New Thumbnail Unlocked* Happy Version

  • Miguel Castigador
    Miguel CastigadorMåned siden

    Warzone zombies won't load on Xbox. Keeps saying purchase even though already own it

  • brandon husted
    brandon hustedMåned siden

    it is soooo nice to see you happy and not so angry at the game

  • Sniping_clam_chowder
    Sniping_clam_chowderMåned siden


  • GreasyFishTacos
    GreasyFishTacosMåned siden

    They fr nerfed jev

  • RF_strøkey
    RF_strøkeyMåned siden


  • TopDog
    TopDogMåned siden

    bounty: following him jev: LET me lead him out to east mic bumble F*ck

  • Royals
    RoyalsMåned siden

    1 mill in 2 days Jev still smashing it

  • Sparks
    SparksMåned siden

    Man it's not a game mode covering the whole map? Sucky

  • RL C10NE
    RL C10NEMåned siden

    4.44 mil ayyyyyyo!

  • Jonas Thelker
    Jonas ThelkerMåned siden

    Same as in Zombies... If you build a class some attachments give you armor damage or scrap drop rate or even reload speed... i would think its the same with warzone...

  • Kenie Seppeh
    Kenie SeppehMåned siden

    Is just me of is it so nice to see Jev happy 😊

  • Finn Kolozsvári
    Finn KolozsváriMåned siden

    If you try zombies don't do outbreak it's SO boring

  • 5a1bull
    5a1bullMåned siden

    Homie just flexed buying 100 tiers like its nothing 😂 Gotta love Jev

  • SkitzWasTaken
    SkitzWasTakenMåned siden

    Hey Jev did your store packs get fixed? The ones that you bought but didn’t get

  • mufceoin
    mufceoinMåned siden

    gameplay starts at 9:45 when it’s a 13 minute video...

  • Not_Enzo
    Not_EnzoMåned siden

    Thank God . Jev is happy for once in 75 days.

  • iZ Monroy
    iZ MonroyMåned siden

    How come it says Zombie Live on Warzone but can’t play it ? & it has the count days ?

  • fly guy
    fly guyMåned siden

    Man I'm still running around with an uzi and a fire shotie

  • K-Field Isaac
    K-Field IsaacMåned siden

    Did not see Jev fight a single zombie but I'm fine with it lol

  • Seth Bentley
    Seth BentleyMåned siden

    Do more ufc

  • JackMcGunns
    JackMcGunnsMåned siden

    im so happy for jev

  • AdiVoid
    AdiVoidMåned siden

    I'm happy for jev

  • Beanz z
    Beanz zMåned siden

    i love you

  • wxldsXO
    wxldsXOMåned siden