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  • Kvonn
    KvonnMåned siden

    How do u even do body faints?

  • Neymar. Jr
    Neymar. JrMåned siden


  • Benjamin King
    Benjamin KingMåned siden

    Can anyone say what is that MK remix on 6:26 ?

  • Ignacio Monjes
    Ignacio MonjesMåned siden

    Why smalling is so Bad?

  • illieHD
    illieHDMåned siden

    teun koopmeiners is the lead goal scorer for az this season

  • sadık bekmezci
    sadık bekmezci2 måneder siden

    come to FENERBAHÇE

  • Šerif Lelić
    Šerif Lelić2 måneder siden

    Myron Mbabu 😅

  • BOSSK52
    BOSSK522 måneder siden

    That moment went smalldini takes out a player on the same team, why are all Utd centre backs so clumsy😂

  • pash G
    pash G2 måneder siden

    I have smalling he’s a beast man, just try and use your cbs as little as possible and keep them in position

  • Josh Banks
    Josh Banks2 måneder siden

    Smallings built different 😂

  • Juan Ortiz
    Juan Ortiz2 måneder siden

    When I played fifa 20 career mode I bought Boadu and trained him up to 92 ovr and he was insane

  • Nigel Alexis
    Nigel Alexis2 måneder siden

    8:32 it was at this moment he knew...

  • Dutch-knight 2
    Dutch-knight 22 måneder siden

    damm zwe the walkout animation had the Feyenoord logo xD

  • Jaherhajsjajwnendiwjwja
    Jaherhajsjajwnendiwjwja2 måneder siden

    As a dutchman i like this

  • Jaherhajsjajwnendiwjwja
    Jaherhajsjajwnendiwjwja2 måneder siden


  • Alfie Badlan
    Alfie Badlan2 måneder siden

    Is div 5 good or bad

  • Oogballenjoch
    Oogballenjoch2 måneder siden


  • Jens Postema
    Jens Postema2 måneder siden

    Im a big az fan and got him first 81+ player pick. I was so hyped

  • Alperen Akbulut
    Alperen Akbulut2 måneder siden

    I packed him today and tried for 5 matches guyyssss he is unbeliavable finisher and sprinter absolutely better than mbappe this card must be a joke im shocked !!!

  • Committed Beats
    Committed Beats2 måneder siden

    Feyenoord scored 6 yesterday so fer has an upgrade already

  • Conor Whitcomb
    Conor Whitcomb2 måneder siden

    He is the best card I’ve used this year. 39 goals in 15 games out paces even the likes of Varane.

  • Grapefruit -_-
    Grapefruit -_-2 måneder siden

    Its noy boaadu but bo-a-du

  • Rizki Abyaz
    Rizki Abyaz2 måneder siden

    I'm so glad i gambled to use all of my fodders on klaiber, robben and malen before toty. eredivise is so fun to use this year

  • lbrxdyx
    lbrxdyx2 måneder siden

    People who did malen don’t need him

  • Rick Sweep
    Rick Sweep2 måneder siden

    My man ❤

  • Dimitri Heuts
    Dimitri Heuts2 måneder siden

    It’s pronounced BO AH DO

  • Viiki8
    Viiki82 måneder siden

    Try out the new what if Krepin Diatta, my mans has like 99 agility and jumping and a 97 pace.

  • Rainy Illusionz
    Rainy Illusionz2 måneder siden

    Boadu is the definition of oPenis

  • JChaconYT
    JChaconYT2 måneder siden

    Fer get a +2 upgrade in ONE MATCH 😂

  • Robbob729
    Robbob7292 måneder siden

    eeeeeeeeh of course..

  • George Woods
    George Woods2 måneder siden

    He's the type of player that'll end up at like a Newcastle or Palace or something

  • j AL-zaid
    j AL-zaid2 måneder siden


  • Pri Nce
    Pri Nce2 måneder siden

    of course, whenever i play against gold werner i get my ass kicked

  • Robert Stoner
    Robert Stoner2 måneder siden

    Myron Boadu exists: Zwe: "Mbadu"

  • Markos Greek
    Markos Greek2 måneder siden

    Got him in my red player picks

  • nato nato
    nato nato2 måneder siden

    I think his shooting is okay

  • Loek Tube
    Loek Tube2 måneder siden

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D !!!

  • Joël Gooren
    Joël Gooren2 måneder siden


  • RocketBunny Gaming
    RocketBunny Gaming2 måneder siden

    Hes like a less linkable Jonathan David

  • Calum Slesser
    Calum Slesser2 måneder siden

    41 games played, 40 goals and 23 assists for me so far and I've been complete trash in some of those 😂 I'd recommend this guy 👌

  • Jojo Dawide
    Jojo Dawide2 måneder siden

    What we’re in the same division I thought he was div 1 player lol 😂 😂😂

  • Alonso
    Alonso2 måneder siden

    That Core-A-Gaming Voice Over 😂😂😂

  • IKEA Bag
    IKEA Bag2 måneder siden

    I got him in division 7 rank 3 rewards.

  • IbraKadabra 17
    IbraKadabra 172 måneder siden

    Damn Wings von ufo im Hintergrund 🔥

  • RaviS
    RaviS2 måneder siden

    Myron Mbabu

  • TeXG Starcraft
    TeXG Starcraft2 måneder siden

    price because of hyper link robben/klaiber btw like your b8 Dutch Mbappe - FAR FAR AWAY from Mbappe level

  • Dubh Dughlas
    Dubh Dughlas2 måneder siden

    Mbappe < Mboadu

  • BenTheSwolenOne
    BenTheSwolenOne2 måneder siden

    so happy i packed this guy untradable

  • timmy turner
    timmy turner2 måneder siden

    Zwe with the ufo361 - wings instrumental, i see you👀👀

  • Glenn der velde
    Glenn der velde2 måneder siden

    I have Smalling to (untradeble) and to me he is the best defender i played with this year 😅 but its really funny the Smalling song 😅

  • Tball 360
    Tball 3602 måneder siden

    i use weah in fut champs, he is crazy

  • pio villanueva
    pio villanueva2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who thinks Boedus sucks? I bought him and replaced del piero with him. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  • coolstufftodo
    coolstufftodo2 måneder siden

    I got him red then packed him untradeable so I have 2 lol he’s very good

  • A S
    A S2 måneder siden

    He so good

    BALKAN MDJ2 måneder siden

    After I wached this video, next that happened is that I got Mbappe 😂

  • Evan rice
    Evan rice2 måneder siden

    The sad truth im poor i cant get him 😢

  • Evan rice
    Evan rice2 måneder siden

    When i told you went straight on Fifa and said i fucking knew it i told only truth

  • Vince Hajós-Szabó
    Vince Hajós-Szabó2 måneder siden

    I got his red card, and he is UNBELIVABLE. I love him

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia2 måneder siden

    Nah mbappe is the French Boadu

  • sheep gamer
    sheep gamer2 måneder siden

    dat is zeker de nederlandse mbpe

    GFEAST2 måneder siden

    Got him in a player pick and he was extinct when I checked the market

  • JK
    JK2 måneder siden

    There is no M in Boadu! :D

  • SimpleBaconHD
    SimpleBaconHD2 måneder siden

    Him or Future Stars Jonathan David?

  • Johan Kastje
    Johan Kastje2 måneder siden

    Het is Bo A Du :-)

  • Chris Rowe
    Chris Rowe2 måneder siden

    What’s the point of controller if cam covers it. Disaster again the great hilarious zwe is no more

  • Divridend
    Divridend2 måneder siden

    Just me or he feels a little slow. Had a finisher Chem style on him. Now going to try marksman on him.

  • Daniel Krivtsov

    Daniel Krivtsov

    2 måneder siden

    Marksman is the best

  • Hugo Lundberg
    Hugo Lundberg2 måneder siden

    I got him red

  • Quinten Moojen
    Quinten Moojen2 måneder siden

    You say it all wrong😂

  • Karel Brokx
    Karel Brokx2 måneder siden

    im an AZ fan and i want to buy him but hes extinct 😭ps; pretty realistic in real life he also wins penaltys for the team

  • Cristian Constantin
    Cristian Constantin2 måneder siden

    Smalldini and robben :))) 8:45

  • Daniel Di Placido
    Daniel Di Placido2 måneder siden

    The first week I don’t play champs this guy comes out perfect for my team

  • Siem Van oers
    Siem Van oers2 måneder siden

    its booo aaa doe

  • TP vids
    TP vids2 måneder siden

    Could you say he is similar to malen’s showdown card?

  • ConnorMCFC 21

    ConnorMCFC 21

    2 måneder siden

    Hes better imo

  • Germ9
    Germ92 måneder siden

    i got him from my red picks he is super good

  • Callum Wilson
    Callum Wilson2 måneder siden

    7:41 how I feel bout United atm

  • Luke Awadue
    Luke Awadue2 måneder siden

    that second guy was a straight rat. defending by letting the ai pressure and then moving the defender side to side to get a block. deserves to lose every game.

  • Joost Jansen
    Joost Jansen2 måneder siden

    BO A DOE is correctly to prenose

  • WassellThatAbout
    WassellThatAbout2 måneder siden

    How are you in Div 5, did you derank to get there to do these videos? I’m nearly in Div 2 and I’m crap

  • MSNBol
    MSNBol2 måneder siden

    Waar zijn m'n az supporters dan, dit is toch genieten

  • odlaar
    odlaar2 måneder siden

    got him in my red picks and packed him as well :)

  • Jeroen B
    Jeroen B2 måneder siden

    Giakoumakis is likely to get the TOTS for the eredivisie if he becomes topscorer

  • Thomas Kennedy
    Thomas Kennedy2 måneder siden

    Ea logic - make an amazing tackle but you get punished for it

  • Timo van der Hoek
    Timo van der Hoek2 måneder siden


  • Bonesz
    Bonesz2 måneder siden

    “Scissor outside the box “ 😂😂😂😂

  • David Blinn
    David Blinn2 måneder siden

    that smalling card is weird. I got it in an 81+ PP and it was terrible for me the first few games, but after I got used to it it's quite powerful

  • sahib arora
    sahib arora2 måneder siden


  • Max van Straten
    Max van Straten2 måneder siden


  • Joris Bruijn
    Joris Bruijn2 måneder siden

    OPenis, nice

  • Simon de Bruijne
    Simon de Bruijne2 måneder siden

    In the short animation, there is a Feyenoord logo hahhaa he is from AZ

  • Kieran Howe
    Kieran Howe2 måneder siden

    Is smalling actually good?

    ALFRED OBETEN2 måneder siden

    Chris smalling and boadu, chris smalling.

  • nasir hassan
    nasir hassan2 måneder siden

    i got him red great super sub

  • Ian Yessir
    Ian Yessir2 måneder siden

    He wins every header aswell

  • Marc Van der Snoek
    Marc Van der Snoek2 måneder siden

    so, who noticed the Zwei mistake at 0:11 ?

  • ItzPlatypus
    ItzPlatypus2 måneder siden

    Scored a hattrick twice this season against my club..

  • Daan Roos

    Daan Roos

    2 måneder siden

    Jupp ahaha. Bijna 50% van z'n goals tegen Feyenoord 😭

  • Harry LFC5
    Harry LFC52 måneder siden

    Zwe ‘OPness’

  • Niko Ganev
    Niko Ganev2 måneder siden

    Hes shot wasnts sus you are sus😂

  • Mohamed Nashat
    Mohamed Nashat2 måneder siden

    Elements of opinus

  • Leon
    Leon2 måneder siden

    I feel like anyone who uses Mbappe against me never does skill moves

  • Das YouTube
    Das YouTube2 måneder siden

    Daam EA please 4 star skill moves