viisaus #shorts


  • Noob Master69
    Noob Master694 minutter siden

    Mmmmm monke

  • Timo Junttila
    Timo Junttila8 minutter siden

    Finnish language is like Elvish in Lotr, it's a made-up language for a fictional place. Finland is a hoax and doesn't actually exist.

  • Tropical Penguin
    Tropical Penguin9 minutter siden

    Fine, ya know what... fine

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  • Kamal AL-Hinai
    Kamal AL-Hinai20 minutter siden

    What did you translate in Arabic, Michael?

  • Mateo Claure
    Mateo Claure26 minutter siden

    This channel is cancer

  • MestariTyyppi
    MestariTyyppi29 minutter siden

    Literally every Finnish person just clicked this

    HAALATAMLADS33 minutter siden


  • Jake_State_Farm
    Jake_State_Farm47 minutter siden

    Vsus 😳

  • Ad Hoccer's Wings
    Ad Hoccer's Wings52 minutter siden

    That "VSauce" pronounciation is fucked up, really does sound like what a bad Finnish pronounciation would be

  • Bilal Azhar
    Bilal Azhar54 minutter siden

    more like v saaaaaaauuuusee

  • Max Rosengren
    Max Rosengren57 minutter siden

    älä laita tällästä

  • Toasted Macaron
    Toasted Macaron59 minutter siden

    Vsauce sounds like Dean Pelton from community and I love it

  • Jimi Alastalo
    Jimi AlastaloTime siden

    Suomi mainittu :D

  • 4aDaBest
    4aDaBestTime siden

    as a finnish person i can confirm too many things are translated to kuusi palaa

  • A.P.G 23
    A.P.G 23Time siden

    "saaaaaaaay whaaaat" by Vsuase

  • AIM 4 GAME
    AIM 4 GAMETime siden

    Glad I played CLASH OF CLANS that too originated from FINLAND 🇫🇮

  • köyhä welho
    köyhä welhoTime siden

    Tekis mieli viinaa

  • Mr. Thing
    Mr. ThingTime siden

    Wisdom is vsauce. Or is vsauce wisdom???

  • Sol
    SolTime siden

    wt- 😂

  • Rapuska
    RapuskaTime siden

    Pitäs vissiin torille taas... Wouldn't the word wise (viisas) fit better for Vsauce?

  • just an amogus fan
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  • Treymey
    TreymeyTime siden

    Vi sawce

  • Alex H
    Alex HTime siden

    The coucil of Finns have summoned me.

  • Aiden and Brantley
    Aiden and BrantleyTime siden

    Hey let’s get this video to 7777 comments

  • Kuura
    KuuraTime siden

    as a finnish person, I will say TORILLE

  • Ben the Drummer
    Ben the DrummerTime siden

    Vsauce how does clapping stand for a round of applause?

  • Seeveli
    SeeveliTime siden

    I did not even realize this before even tho im finnish

  • dandc2011
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  • Benkku
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  • SaxyButters
    SaxyButters2 timer siden

    But Finland doesn't exist... 🇪🇪

  • Red Ziee
    Red Ziee2 timer siden

    Heyy wisdom vsauce here

  • Joonas Anttiroiko
    Joonas Anttiroiko2 timer siden

    As a Finnish person I have nothing original to say about this. I just wanna fit in.

  • RegisSoldier
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  • Demiurg fon SirSninjSh
    Demiurg fon SirSninjSh3 timer siden

    How can I contact Vsauce?

  • littlemonkey321
    littlemonkey3213 timer siden

    I commented this to some of your videos years ago 😀 greetings from Finland

  • Huh Buh
    Huh Buh3 timer siden

    That’s awesome ngl

  • Abather
    Abather3 timer siden

    I thought it was video sauce because he used to take a tape and squeeze it til this green liquid thing pops up

  • Efic ETH
    Efic ETH3 timer siden


  • LoSeR
    LoSeR3 timer siden

    More like vsus

  • Cayle Pavey
    Cayle Pavey3 timer siden

    When you care so much about your name but no one gives a shit

  • 90ds
    90ds4 timer siden

    The only good thing about shorts

    DDDSSDDDSSDDDSS4 timer siden

    Oh I'm sooo finished

  • mallu_allu
    mallu_allu4 timer siden

    bruh its nice to be finnish for ones. :)

  • logical memer
    logical memer5 timer siden

    so did vsauce come first or the Finnish language *queue vsauce music

  • Henkka 28
    Henkka 285 timer siden

    *inhales* Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  • KermisTheRetard
    KermisTheRetard5 timer siden

    How have i not realized that before haha

  • viirus 13
    viirus 135 timer siden

    Oligatory torin zoom meetissä tavataan

  • Ciucalau
    Ciucalau5 timer siden

    inteleptul ne invata

  • BadDay - Lets Plays
    BadDay - Lets Plays6 timer siden

    Ask a Finn if he helps you to learn his language and you have found a friend for life. Not because he is grateful or something, its just how long it will take to teach you finnish.

  • butti fdft
    butti fdft6 timer siden

    As yet another Finnish person, I can confirm that by merely mentioning Finland or something Finnish will summon all the Finns to your video.

  • vertti niskanen
    vertti niskanen6 timer siden

    Finland mentioned. To the town square!

  • 7S Diablo FF
    7S Diablo FF6 timer siden

    Title : Finnish People of Finland : *We've been summoned*

  • Winston Knowitall
    Winston Knowitall6 timer siden

    As a Pole I have to mention that Finland lies pretty close to the North Pole. What a coincidence!

  • Michel Rahman
    Michel Rahman6 timer siden

    How did vsauce 2 and 3 start?

  • butti fdft

    butti fdft

    6 timer siden

    I'm finnish and I just now got it

  • rodger2275
    rodger22756 timer siden

    Say whhhhhaaatttttttttttt.........

  • Chris Leone
    Chris Leone7 timer siden

    I've been using that website for years lol I have so many accounts signed up with names from there. The email thing came in real handy before too

  • Soccar Guy
    Soccar Guy7 timer siden

    In Dutch you pronounce it the same *XD*

  • Essi Leaks
    Essi Leaks7 timer siden

    I speak Finnish and I live in finland

  • Tanya Chacko
    Tanya Chacko7 timer siden

    The way he says ‘say whaaaaatttt!’ 🤣

  • RadicalShuz
    RadicalShuz7 timer siden

    So it's supposed to be V Sause Mm got it

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson8 timer siden

    I speak Finnish, but I have never noticed that the name"jVsauce" is pronounced almost exactly as the Finnish word "viisaus". (The difference is that "Vsauce" is pronounced as "viisaas" and not "viisaus".)

  • Redapo
    Redapo8 timer siden

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  • Lizarded
    Lizarded8 timer siden

    This is vitun pog.

  • Lizarded
    Lizarded8 timer siden

    Oh my fucking god PERKELEEEEEEEEEEEE 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮😎😎💪

  • Тимофей MYR
    Тимофей MYR8 timer siden

    Hey viisaus

  • Peasant M
    Peasant M9 timer siden

    Wisdom here

  • A L Jo
    A L Jo9 timer siden

    Going by the stress on the *Coincidence* part in the first half of the video, I thought VSauce in Finnish will mean *BoyWantsGirl* .

  • Katti
    Katti9 timer siden

    I'm finnish and I just now got it

  • ggwp
    ggwp10 timer siden

    I heard you needed Finns here

  • it wankhade
    it wankhade10 timer siden

    I miss you man .make some content

  • PavePlayz
    PavePlayz10 timer siden

    as a finnish person, i can confrim this is true.

  • Sultan MEME
    Sultan MEME10 timer siden

    How to basic

  • Roy Lim
    Roy Lim10 timer siden

    Isnt Finland the country where you get a doctoral sword

  • koYyn
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  • Charles Skeen
    Charles Skeen10 timer siden

    An upload. I'll take it!

  • Tundra14
    Tundra1411 timer siden

    There's no such thing as coincidence Micheal. Girl wants boy? No. Girl wants man? I don't even care. Woman loves. Maybe.

  • Ristus Notta
    Ristus Notta11 timer siden

    Holy crap i never thought of that, greetings from Finland

  • geeker
    geeker11 timer siden

    Coincidence? I DON'T THINK SO

  • kurikuraconkuritas
    kurikuraconkuritas11 timer siden

    I thought it was because of videogame sauce. early vsauce has a NES cartridge being crushed into pulp

  • Peter Sharphead
    Peter Sharphead11 timer siden

    Are you part God?

  • bhris gonzalez
    bhris gonzalez11 timer siden

    didnt you know? viisaus was a word made after vsauce

  • The Most Forbidden
    The Most Forbidden12 timer siden

    Who needs school when you have Vsauce

  • Alexis Anttila
    Alexis Anttila12 timer siden

    Just wanted to say that I, too, am Finnish. Cheers! Haluan sanoa, että minäkin olen suomalainen. Kippis!

  • Kristian Larson
    Kristian Larson12 timer siden

    how important do i have to be to name my own phenomenon?

  • Ydmykelse
    Ydmykelse12 timer siden

    The prophecy is true

  • Ninad Suryawanshi
    Ninad Suryawanshi12 timer siden

    Hey just so you know Vsauce is also nearly Believe In Indian Hindi

  • Razorraxor
    Razorraxor13 timer siden

    As a non-Finn, I can confirm that all you Finns are hella attractive

  • Daisy
    Daisy13 timer siden

    I never noticed that as a finnish person lol

  • Sr_Mayto
    Sr_Mayto13 timer siden

    I bet he made google translate himself

  • Obamaspuebes
    Obamaspuebes13 timer siden

    It sounds like if sia in snowman said vsauce

  • itz_BlueWolfAlpha
    itz_BlueWolfAlpha14 timer siden

    Damn- 😮

  • Squirrel ! Was taken :/
    Squirrel ! Was taken :/14 timer siden

    Wow awesome

  • Evan_37
    Evan_3714 timer siden

    Country Vsauce

  • ItzNippenii
    ItzNippenii14 timer siden

    Umm I am conffussed cuz me Finnish

  • Cameron Pritchett
    Cameron Pritchett15 timer siden


  • Sorry my english is so suck
    Sorry my english is so suck15 timer siden

    As a finnish person I never realised this.

  • exseque
    exseque15 timer siden


  • Spie Zero
    Spie Zero15 timer siden

    Hello wisdom.