The Day Kylian Mbappe & Erling Haaland Met For The First Time


When Kylian Mbappe met Erling Haaland for the first time. Will they be the next Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi ? a New era has begun ? comment down your opinions about these two players.
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The Day Kylian Mbappe & Erling Haaland Met For The First Time
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  • OfficialCrane
    OfficialCrane2 timer siden

    I was here.

  • OfficialCrane
    OfficialCrane2 timer siden

    I was here.

  • Rohan
    Rohan8 timer siden

    Mbappe vs haaland But neymar stole the show💥 Youngsters watch and learn😈

  • Emperor Emperor
    Emperor Emperor14 timer siden

    Haaland will come on top in the end

  • Cogeta
    Cogeta18 timer siden

    Haaland Strength✅ Height✅ Pace✅ Finishing✅

  • Peter Kelner
    Peter Kelner20 timer siden

    These kids these days looking stranger and stranger

  • ibix ibrahim
    ibix ibrahimDag siden

    I don't know about Mbappe but ERLing haaland is complete beast

  • WzyKz
    WzyKzDag siden

    Sancho is way more talented and gifted than Haaland.. Why is no one talking about him?

  • Clash of clans Fans
    Clash of clans FansDag siden

    Die sind nichttttttt. Wie ronaldo und Messi Egalllll vie weil. Aufrufe hast. Die werden nichts

  • Football Highlights
    Football HighlightsDag siden

    This Video is incredible garland is worlds greatest... Please help be to improve on my own chanel

  • Random Music
    Random MusicDag siden

    Just to see me when NOprojects recomend me this video 6 years later

  • Jonas Guzmán
    Jonas Guzmán2 dager siden

    Así que aquí fue que se vieron las caras Halland y Mbappe, pero eso sí Halland no era lo que es orita.

  • Joaquin Clarke
    Joaquin Clarke2 dager siden

    2:26 lol

  • Paul Merson
    Paul Merson2 dager siden

    Ivan Drago vs Rocky Balboa... in the end, the Rocky wins.

  • Xon Gaming
    Xon Gaming2 dager siden


  • nacho
    nacho2 dager siden

    Jaja majin buu and rafael from ninja turtles

  • Jeremy Najera
    Jeremy Najera2 dager siden

    The Messi and Ronaldo rivalry of the next era

  • Kapitan Żbik
    Kapitan Żbik2 dager siden

    Can someone explain me why some people speed up videos with football highlights?

  • Hamad Mito
    Hamad Mito2 dager siden

    After Years, You guys will search for this

  • Rafael Segura
    Rafael Segura2 dager siden

    Both making history in Real Madrid next year

  • xelenoz
    xelenoz3 dager siden

    2 soon to be legends

  • Evan O’Brien
    Evan O’Brien3 dager siden

    Kids in 10 years time gonna be visiting this video and saying “now they are rivals”

  • Muhammad Sohaib
    Muhammad Sohaib3 dager siden

    Future beasts💪💪🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • Dana Boy
    Dana Boy3 dager siden

    Anyone else wanna see Halaand in Bayern?

  • Viral
    Viral3 dager siden

    Who is here after Mbappe scored 2 goals vs Bayern Munich ? 👍

  • António Bento
    António Bento3 dager siden

    Haaland or Mbape? My answer is still Ronaldo

  • Mutahir Rana
    Mutahir Rana4 dager siden

    MBappÈ shirt # 7 . I always Feel like as He is Cristiano Ronaldo

  • tuan ma
    tuan ma4 dager siden

    Haaland dynasty

  • vyziobeats
    vyziobeats4 dager siden

    5:31 😈

  • Abecsai De Leon Hernandez
    Abecsai De Leon Hernandez4 dager siden

    Haaland to Real Madrid

  • Harold Davey
    Harold Davey5 dager siden

    Puede más solo le falta trabajar lo psicológico para potenciar su capacidad.

  • MD.Matiar Rahman
    MD.Matiar Rahman5 dager siden

    Erling Haland is a good player.

  • Zehbi Zehbi
    Zehbi Zehbi5 dager siden

    In 8 years we Will be back here when They are the best players in the world

  • Antonio Stoian
    Antonio Stoian6 dager siden

    5 april 2021. I just made history

  • Silas
    Silas6 dager siden

    Próximas lendas do futebol

  • Sayed Jalal Badshah
    Sayed Jalal Badshah7 dager siden

    The future Cristiano and Messi 🔥

  • Chrissie Martin
    Chrissie Martin7 dager siden

    Imagine the two of them running at a defence scare the jusus out them

    CLIPS FF8 dager siden

    Haaland , Haaland 🔥

  • achilles11
    achilles118 dager siden

    “Khvitcha Kvaratskhelia” guys remember this name. He’s Georgian player.

  • cesar casas
    cesar casas8 dager siden

    El futuro es de los goleadores así que Haaland

  • roski
    roski8 dager siden

    Haaland is a team player

  • roski
    roski8 dager siden

    Haaland is built different😭

  • Keid
    Keid8 dager siden

    Haaland The Best

  • The Calcutta Vibes
    The Calcutta Vibes8 dager siden

    Upcoming legend's

  • Loyal Lion
    Loyal Lion8 dager siden

    Aight Halaand and Mbappe are great player, but they are overrated tbh

  • Lucas Daniel Villalba Rojas
    Lucas Daniel Villalba Rojas9 dager siden

    haaland es mejor

  • Nabil Ashrar Pidim
    Nabil Ashrar Pidim9 dager siden

    0:31 Haaland : me was laughing becose how Mbappé's face look like ninja turtle

  • Wafi Rizqulloh
    Wafi Rizqulloh9 dager siden

    hi mbappe

  • Hedonpackers
    Hedonpackers9 dager siden

    5:36 great shoot anyway

  • Mohammed Zohair
    Mohammed Zohair9 dager siden

    I'm leaving my mark on this video. This video could be history if Mbappe n Haaland become the next RONALDO n MESSI!!

  • abdulrahman noor
    abdulrahman noor10 dager siden

    Welcome to Barcelona

  • Landry Tyrell
    Landry Tyrell10 dager siden

    The selective drug suggestively rain because walk byerly part but a assorted font. far, offbeat transaction

  • Abu Rabaah
    Abu Rabaah10 dager siden

    I like haaland more than mbappe.

  • khelifox
    khelifox10 dager siden


  • حماد الزدجالي
    حماد الزدجالي11 dager siden

    احسن واحد هالاند

  • Pompom Pom
    Pompom Pom11 dager siden

    Haaland is better in terms of individual skills and as a team player(character).Mbappe is good but too full of himself, he feels like he is better thanthe two goats.Messi andcr7

  • DeadSoul
    DeadSoul11 dager siden

    From messi cr7 , we have this shit...mark my words these two won't even achieve half of messi and CR7..

  • Max Delany
    Max Delany11 dager siden

    Haaland is carrying Dortmund through the champions league

  • Aristotelis Dedegkikas
    Aristotelis Dedegkikas11 dager siden

    30 mil > 350 mil

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin11 dager siden

    Haaland is the future!!!

  • Albert Alberto
    Albert Alberto11 dager siden

    fun fact: Haaland is better than Mbappe

  • lawyerbird 98
    lawyerbird 9811 dager siden

    Mbappe is literaly over haaland in fact the skill isnt about the number that yu scored. Haaland is good striker but he isnt creative

  • Tomas Mauleon
    Tomas Mauleon12 dager siden

    todavia esta messi a su mejor nivel, todavia falta para que venga el proximo argentino mejor del mundo jajaja

  • Alan Maldonado
    Alan Maldonado12 dager siden

    3:33 Marquinhos 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • sls sls
    sls sls12 dager siden

    They are worrior

  • Sumit Debbarma
    Sumit Debbarma12 dager siden

    The nxt big rivalry in football

  • Catalin Matyus
    Catalin Matyus13 dager siden

    well im here before their first ballon d'or

  • aqil haqimi
    aqil haqimi13 dager siden

    Both are amazing

  • Connor Calby
    Connor Calby14 dager siden

    This will age very well

  • Ali Hawlery
    Ali Hawlery14 dager siden

    This video will be recommended on NOprojects after 10 years later

  • qq Spark
    qq Spark14 dager siden

    Çağlar Söyüncü and Hasan Ali Kaldırım 🤣🤣

  • Alejandro Ambrocio
    Alejandro Ambrocio14 dager siden

    The turtle against the Cyborg.

  • VW Photo Booth
    VW Photo Booth15 dager siden

    i don't really see the hype on Haaland.

  • margaret self
    margaret self15 dager siden

    The macho leo expectably worry because offer finally rescue abaft a five engine. ahead, white libra

  • Marcu Player
    Marcu Player15 dager siden

    I was here

  • Erling Haaland
    Erling Haaland15 dager siden

    I’m better than Mbappé

  • enzofe00
    enzofe0015 dager siden

    0:29 Is he laughing?

  • Jin jer
    Jin jer16 dager siden

    You may not believe but in 2033 haaland and adimoth are the two rivals....match my words

  • Mnassrı Hakım
    Mnassrı Hakım16 dager siden

    I'm just leaving a comment I'll get it back later

  • saefudin azis
    saefudin azis16 dager siden

    Tetap Belum Ada yang seindah Ronaldo dan Messi...

  • Kanatoo
    Kanatoo16 dager siden

    I was here for 2022

  • José gilberto Sandoval muñoz
    José gilberto Sandoval muñoz16 dager siden

    2:26 wtf haland

    ONLY LEGEND CAN DO17 dager siden

    Erling 😂 2:26

  • Bauer G. Bruno
    Bauer G. Bruno17 dager siden


  • Bauer G. Bruno
    Bauer G. Bruno17 dager siden

    Poha....esse hallans apareceu do nada

  • Aorabel GT
    Aorabel GT17 dager siden

    Grab my words, they both are gonna be a great rivals

  • aziz
    aziz17 dager siden

    مستقبل كرة القدم

  • Cam Jo
    Cam Jo18 dager siden

    Just found out about Haaland from his U20 world cup video. Why are more people not talking about him as one of the next greatest?

  • 8 8

    8 8

    16 dager siden

    they are.. you live under a rock?

  • T.J
    T.J18 dager siden

    We'll be watching this Vid in years trust me

  • Wu Yifan
    Wu Yifan18 dager siden

    Emang kuat si haland

  • Goat Mania
    Goat Mania18 dager siden

    If Messi was with Haaland, he could have scored a Super-Hattrick in 1st half

  • Selim Cam
    Selim Cam18 dager siden

    Haaland has the potential to be the future GOAT imo. He creates chances in places most people wouldn't expect because he's highly technical with both feet, understands the game, and knows how to use his size/speed to his advantage. Beyond his natural talents -- he also has the work rate to match a young ronaldo, which means he'll only get better with age

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez19 dager siden

    Sobrevaloran demasiado a mbappe, es muy bueno eso nadie lo puede discutir pero ya lo pone e a nivel de Messi y cr7? Pff por favor 😬

  • Lpool FC
    Lpool FC19 dager siden

    The future Ronaldo vs. Messi debate (Halland vs. Mbappe)?

  • Akash Dahane
    Akash Dahane19 dager siden

    Well whole Dortmund team tries to find/assist Haaland whenever possible just like Barcelona to Messi. PSG has different story, Star studded team, each player is hell bent on proving their worth, hence get selfish many times and skip the assists

  • Akash Dahane
    Akash Dahane19 dager siden

    I don't want to lose mbappe Neymar pair

  • Raymond Nilsen
    Raymond Nilsen19 dager siden

    just putting a comment here, so i can see it again in 6 years.

  • BryanVc11
    BryanVc1120 dager siden

    Tremendo Haaland

  • Jay P
    Jay P20 dager siden

    Place your bets for the future...

  • Qwest
    Qwest20 dager siden