Testing Ancient Traps To See If They Work In Minecraft!


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  • Krystian PROGAMING
    Krystian PROGAMING5 timer siden

    Wats if texture pack named??

  • Soumyadeep Bhoumik
    Soumyadeep Bhoumik8 timer siden

    Why are you taking girls as contestents for 100 dolars without taking boys . Shame to you .

  • Kollol
    Kollol8 timer siden

    he could have used potions of harming or poison for the powder at the beginning

  • Heythe You
    Heythe You20 timer siden

    This is hard

  • Ivan Galvan
    Ivan Galvan21 time siden


  • Unicorn Playz
    Unicorn Playz22 timer siden

    Evie's last words: do i hear tnt? XD

  • Jane Lariba
    Jane LaribaDag siden


  • Amy Faulkner
    Amy FaulknerDag siden


  • propoop 2.0
    propoop 2.0Dag siden


  • John Finnegan
    John Finnegan2 dager siden

    I've done something like this but a haunted house and I made it lt like it's actually haunted 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🥰🥰🥰

  • d b
    d b2 dager siden


  • fallen angel
    fallen angel3 dager siden

    Why are guns pixilated

  • Randomyoutubeuser 3
    Randomyoutubeuser 33 dager siden

    Omg this dude has 9999999999999999999999 IQ

  • Respectful Rowland Arel Master
    Respectful Rowland Arel Master3 dager siden

    Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆

  • NeonVenom


    Dag siden

    Lmao ?

  • GliTchBeaST


    2 dager siden


  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams3 dager siden

    thumbnail: OMG NETHERITE SWORD WALL TRAP OMG REAL!!!!!!!! video: shoot arrow

  • Hannah Wysome
    Hannah Wysome4 dager siden

    We are gonna have 100 people . Reality 15 people

  • Saritha Maddela
    Saritha Maddela4 dager siden

    Say hello to the king of red stone

  • But19 1
    But19 15 dager siden

    Couldn't you just stand on one of the chests and you'll be fine no matter if you opened the wrong chest or not?

  • Abubakarking13 gamer
    Abubakarking13 gamer6 dager siden

    Bro redstone part is worst

  • lady gaga
    lady gaga6 dager siden

    Love-feller: I don’t think iron existed when Egyptians were alive Me :Egyptians still exist and have you heard of the Iron Age

  • TJ Gruber
    TJ Gruber7 dager siden

    You could have used poisonfor the first level

  • Melinda Bruns
    Melinda Bruns8 dager siden


  • Joan Guerra
    Joan Guerra8 dager siden


  • ??
    ??9 dager siden

    Are they dumb or what?

  • L O G A N L Y O N
    L O G A N L Y O N9 dager siden


  • Oliver William Hovatn
    Oliver William Hovatn10 dager siden


  • Philbert Heaven Sullivan :D
    Philbert Heaven Sullivan :D10 dager siden

    my guy be sus only girls as contestants

  • itzkylehere Pro
    itzkylehere Pro10 dager siden

    Yo one thing why is the guns blurry?

  • Rastra Rihardika
    Rastra Rihardika11 dager siden

    what the server

  • OwenNotFound
    OwenNotFound12 dager siden

    0:24 "booby trap"

  • Just your Average person
    Just your Average person12 dager siden

    Loverfella: there is no deadly nurotoxin Lingering potions: am I a joke to you

  • Allen Lin
    Allen Lin12 dager siden


  • Miles Goins
    Miles Goins12 dager siden

    Why did you blur the shot gun?

  • Jay P
    Jay P13 dager siden

    I like mumbo

  • Ryuji Seiko
    Ryuji Seiko14 dager siden

    Lover Fella only accepted girls to participate, what a s . i . m . p

  • monkey gaming
    monkey gaming14 dager siden

    Is t even pusbel

  • Pierre Medina
    Pierre Medina14 dager siden

    Red neurotoxin is just lingering potion of Poison and just add redstone

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L15 dager siden

    100 players.

  • Anita Macahilo
    Anita Macahilo15 dager siden

    Hey lovefella why you alwasy forgot 100 players

  • xander booth
    xander booth15 dager siden


  • Mivit Tiem
    Mivit Tiem15 dager siden


  • Nicholas Chee
    Nicholas Chee15 dager siden

    Minecraft Update crawling doll 😥😭

  • Chris Hawkins
    Chris Hawkins16 dager siden

    Next time when you build a trapped place in minecraft let me join in my name is Hollie

  • Jose Cordero
    Jose Cordero16 dager siden

    I want itiny back on these

  • lizard_dragon demolition
    lizard_dragon demolition16 dager siden

    Wow lover fella you've been playing Minecraft for so long and you don't know that magna cubes can hurt you under carpet

  • Theadventureof KENT
    Theadventureof KENT17 dager siden

    Lover fella:we are going to invite a 100 players through our traps inside video:invites a few

  • white arthur
    white arthur17 dager siden

    他。 1111清清浅浅4分 看特效人云亦云个坦克。 y h b b

  • Stephensocks2
    Stephensocks217 dager siden

    If your a minecraft Pro u can tell if a chest is trapped

  • littlelords gamein
    littlelords gamein17 dager siden


  • Vixzy
    Vixzy17 dager siden

    There’s a a command block at the grave thing

  • Vanessaglam_ xo
    Vanessaglam_ xo18 dager siden

    You open and close with no lever and the open when you're in

  • Diane Arno
    Diane Arno18 dager siden

    That plop in the vid is like pooping

  • khishigundrakh khishgee
    khishigundrakh khishgee18 dager siden

    That snaked man is ragnar from vikings the movie

  • Nathan
    Nathan18 dager siden

    You Sould play Friday night funkin one day

  • John King
    John King18 dager siden


  • Vy Le
    Vy Le18 dager siden

    ... I don’t know what to say

  • Equizic
    Equizic18 dager siden

    Lover: at the end 100 people will try End: doesn’t have 100 people try Me: wat

  • fox hunter
    fox hunter20 dager siden


  • Shnavith Gowda
    Shnavith Gowda21 dag siden

    Click bait I came here only for the nether sword trap but still the traps were awesome

  • UglyDuck E
    UglyDuck E21 dag siden

    Why blur guns!?

  • Muhammad Muhsena
    Muhammad Muhsena22 dager siden

    Wow where is the 85 other players are u scam jk I like ur vids

  • Zubir Denan
    Zubir Denan24 dager siden


  • HD SuppreSS
    HD SuppreSS24 dager siden

    Just say it’s a musket it’s a gun but has the same meaning

  • Rafael Montalvo
    Rafael Montalvo24 dager siden

    I want to do it am a pro

    XYRILE BRYLE R. FERMIN26 dager siden

    I think wither is a deadly neurotoxin in Minecraft

  • Ice Fire Phoenix
    Ice Fire Phoenix26 dager siden

    i literally was like my mom is going to kill me if my brother sees a gun but I am glad he blurred it but he kept saying what was that thing

  • Kristen Green
    Kristen Green27 dager siden

    🤔 hmmm

  • Reet Inder Kaur
    Reet Inder Kaur27 dager siden


  • Kristian Svalgaard
    Kristian Svalgaard27 dager siden


  • Casson Dennison
    Casson Dennison28 dager siden

    Why did you blue the shot gun?

  • JT Liwanag Gaming
    JT Liwanag Gaming28 dager siden

    loverreacts: its only one time me when testing: thats alot of times not only one

  • Kaden account
    Kaden account29 dager siden

    10:23 its 6 then 7 Then at the end he says 16 bruhhhh

  • Blu
    Blu29 dager siden

    It's sus how most of the contestants are woman

  • Micah Kinton
    Micah Kinton29 dager siden

    *execute order 26*

  • Christina Cole
    Christina Cole29 dager siden

    I now how to make a opening and closing ortomatic door

  • Bradley Parker
    Bradley Parker29 dager siden

    The funny thing is He said Iron wasn’t invented in the ancient Egyptians time me in my head : Iron WAS ONE OF THEIR MAIN RESOURCE

  • joseph Macabudbud
    joseph MacabudbudMåned siden

    mincraft face revel

  • Wywy The Killa
    Wywy The KillaMåned siden

    Those silver fish are giving me SERIOUS vibes from the movie Mummy

  • Trazz
    TrazzMåned siden

    Who can relate me watching this at midnight at the end GO TO BED

  • Alan Bulger
    Alan BulgerMåned siden

    Why blur the shotgun?

  • tacco
    taccoMåned siden

    Yo should try to use particle effects

  • Vex _protato
    Vex _protatoMåned siden

    When you realize the one he invited to play on his trap are girls 👁👄👁

  • R Y
    R YMåned siden

    on the sand trap you should put soul sand on the bottom then add water then put sad off that the you get quick sand

  • LourynBMarabe
    LourynBMarabeMåned siden

    you Uso pa

  • kale johnson
    kale johnsonMåned siden

    man youre good at that stuff

  • RedPlays Among us
    RedPlays Among usMåned siden

    How can crawl?

  • Crow'em
    Crow'emMåned siden

    Pffff lingering potions

  • Alex surub
    Alex surubMåned siden

    Only girls rly wth

  • NASA’s Adventures
    NASA’s AdventuresMåned siden

    Cinnabar is poisonous because it is main ore of mercury. because it contain Mercury [hg] atomic NO. 80 hope you could take all of that in

  • FishyBoi
    FishyBoiMåned siden

    Fun fact: the chest [sand and tnt] fall trap Wont work.

  • Darren Sitala
    Darren SitalaMåned siden

    She will get *drumroll* 50$. :/

  • Blake Yap
    Blake YapMåned siden

    command block cheater jk

  • DellaRae Ballejos
    DellaRae BallejosMåned siden

    Is your favorite colar red beacause mine is

    Zenitsu SLEEPING ATACCMåned siden

    I thought you said CHAKRA BLASTER

  • Sheela Kumari
    Sheela KumariMåned siden

    Some time you look like Mysterio of spiderman 😂😂

  • Rencis Mikhael Basco
    Rencis Mikhael BascoMåned siden

    hmmm i noticed there was no boys hmmmm

  • Brittany Hicks
    Brittany HicksMåned siden

    you said a hundred 😞😞😞

  • Chewbacca Bricks
    Chewbacca BricksMåned siden

    Pls tell me how to make the piston door

  • Dragon the gamer
    Dragon the gamerMåned siden

    he said made iron noone made iron they discovered it.

  • Kancat May
    Kancat MayMåned siden

    I want to see someone actually get through that pyramid. It's prolly take like 10 episodes before that happens though