Tell Me You Love Me

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Tell Me You Love Me · Demi Lovato

Tell Me You Love Me

℗ 2017 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc./Hollywood Records

Released on: 2017-09-29

Producer, Associated Performer, Bass (vocal), Drums, Guitar, Horn, Piano, Programmer: John Hill
Producer: STINT
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Mitch Allan
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Rob Cohen
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Serban Ghenea
Studio Personnel, Mix Engineer: John Hanes
Associated Performer, Bass (vocal), Drums, Guitar, Horn, Piano, Programmer: Ajay Bhattacharyya
Associated Performer, Keyboards: Dave Palmer
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Kirby Lauryen
Composer Lyricist: John Hill
Composer Lyricist: Ajay Bhattacharya
Composer Lyricist: Kirby Lauryen

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  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie4 måneder siden

    Friday 19 march kiss Anna Marie I said that Cein bule you back home 🏠 Tuesday 23 march kiss Anna Marie Cein Monday 22 march wark Cein you House night Thursday 25 march and Anna Marie ? Cein Raining dogs as the house

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie6 måneder siden

    Thursday 14 January Cein friend did sid Emma Anna Marie Cein bby lovely boys Cein see sad🤬🤬

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie6 måneder siden

    Tuesday 12 January bby love Cein see do dog ANNA MARIE ♔ KISS YOUR head

  • Kellie Monaghan
    Kellie Monaghan7 måneder siden

    Love her natural beauty shes so stunning with and without makeup 😍😍

  • cheryl tomasauckas
    cheryl tomasauckas7 måneder siden

    But.... You ARE somebody WITHOUT somebody!!! 💯🙏💯

  • cheryl tomasauckas
    cheryl tomasauckas7 måneder siden


  • cheryl tomasauckas
    cheryl tomasauckas7 måneder siden

    POWERFUL!!!! 💯💙💯💙💯

  • Naya Wah
    Naya Wah7 måneder siden

    This song gives me Simply Complicated nostalgia

  • cheryl tomasauckas
    cheryl tomasauckas7 måneder siden


  • Abha Katariya
    Abha Katariya7 måneder siden

    I freaking love this song so much.....

  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed8 måneder siden

    I love you

  • No Tears Left In Butera
    No Tears Left In Butera8 måneder siden

    Oh no here I go again

  • Lucia Teixeira
    Lucia Teixeira8 måneder siden

    Love Demi Lovato 😍😍♥

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie8 måneder siden

    Friend Friday 20 November Cein see night and kiss love 💍 Feb Anna Marie sutuday 21 November Cein SSE kiss love. Anna Marie keith

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie8 måneder siden

    Cein see love you Keith ❤ me February 2020. Anna marie Baby 😫🤧😭👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Cein see kiss you 👿 Anna Marie friend Cein July Tuesday 17 November what house for Dog is it was just

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie8 måneder siden

    Love you ❤ Cein ❤ see you Anna Marie Friday 13 November Tuesday 17 November Monday 16 November Cein see Anna Marie ❤

  • Patricia Manning
    Patricia Manning8 måneder siden

    I love demi lovato she is my fave singer and I love her and all her songs.😍😍😍😊☺☺😊😘😜😀😁😄😃

  • Patricia Manning
    Patricia Manning8 måneder siden

    I love this song

  • Emma Perks
    Emma Perks8 måneder siden

    Like a lot of people at the moment I'm going through a tough time with a lot of issues, my daughter myself and family. Listening to this song makes it all a bit easier so thank you ❤❤

    MAGALÍ MARÍN8 måneder siden


  • play fake
    play fake8 måneder siden

    Música perfeita ...🔥🔥

  • kaylay
    kaylay8 måneder siden

    Dododod oh no here we go again fighting over what I said im sorry yeah I'm sorry and all my friends and they know its true I dont who I am without you I got bad baby I got bad!!!! Oh tell me you love me I need some one on days like this I do on days like this OoOO can you hear my hart say OoO I love this song

  • Micah Gray
    Micah Gray8 måneder siden

    Such a beautiful voice she’s a classic❤️

  • Alexandra Maria
    Alexandra Maria9 måneder siden

    Anyone else going through a bad breakup?...

  • Alexandra Maria

    Alexandra Maria

    9 måneder siden

    @Kourtne Mackley yeah I have faith that we will 🙂

  • Kourtne Mackley

    Kourtne Mackley

    9 måneder siden

    @Alexandra Maria this is coming for m me but we will both get thru this

  • Alexandra Maria

    Alexandra Maria

    9 måneder siden

    @Kourtne Mackley well youre not alone. Im sorry you are going through this. 😔

  • Kourtne Mackley

    Kourtne Mackley

    9 måneder siden


  • Yc Calore
    Yc Calore9 måneder siden


    INNESS9 måneder siden

    I thought it was Jessie J singing ...ahh

  • shane jackson
    shane jackson9 måneder siden

    demi lovoto my baby baby brouther likes her

  • catia leite
    catia leite9 måneder siden


  • Alex TheBadassBadger
    Alex TheBadassBadger9 måneder siden

    Someone should make a Chuck&Blair edit with this song

  • Analucia Berenz
    Analucia Berenz9 måneder siden

    esta canción la amooo

  • Analucia Berenz
    Analucia Berenz9 måneder siden

    this song is so beautiful

  • Germán Ariel Garrido Benz
    Germán Ariel Garrido Benz9 måneder siden


  • Castillo Lopez Maria Fernanda
    Castillo Lopez Maria Fernanda9 måneder siden


  • HappyHusband7144!
    HappyHusband7144!9 måneder siden

    Yeeeaaahhhhhhh! This song is so badass! My wife sent this to me when I was in the middle of an intense Hatebreed marathon and I felt this so deeply! And I say the Same about you Dawn...."Ooohhhhh. Baby I got it bad" "Everything I ever Need is standing right in front of me" Dawn I'm somebody because You're my somebody!!!!

  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug9 måneder siden

    My favorite song ❤️ when I first heard it I took it relationship wise but now when I actually listen I take it as me talking to myself . I miss myself, I let me self destruct, and the only person I need is me .. I NEED TO TELL MYSELF I LOVE ME ! it’s gonna be a long road but like demi said “everything I need is standing right in front of me I know that we will be alright” when I look in a mirror I’m all I need and everything is gonna be good! If you feel the same as I do LETS START LOVING OURSELVES NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES wish you luck you got it ❤️🤗

  • Ashleigh Markin

    Ashleigh Markin

    9 måneder siden

    I am working on it everyday!

  • Lady Bug

    Lady Bug

    9 måneder siden

    @Ashleigh Markin lets do it!!! Self love is the best love

  • Ashleigh Markin

    Ashleigh Markin

    9 måneder siden

    Yesss same!

  • Johnna Rogers
    Johnna Rogers9 måneder siden

    I dont know how she does it but somehow she always makes me feel better when I'm struggling and I can always find myself in her lyrics, I love you demi and i hope you are happy and have an awesome life💙 #lovatic

  • s.s
    s.s9 måneder siden

    And when you least expect it from the corner, someone will tell you Tell Me you love me

  • gabby santana
    gabby santana9 måneder siden

    PREACH QUEEN anyone who got a bf got can relate to this song. i mean I'm not wrong

  • Angelo Abreu
    Angelo Abreu10 måneder siden


  • Michael Cobb
    Michael Cobb10 måneder siden

    I love you Demi Lovato

  • Antonyous Aabed
    Antonyous Aabed10 måneder siden


  • Tyrell Wilcher
    Tyrell Wilcher10 måneder siden

    Classic 💖

  • Washington Luis
    Washington Luis10 måneder siden

    Kim e Guime Guime Guime ❤️Give

  • Carolyn D
    Carolyn D10 måneder siden

    Y’all need too make sure ur actually speaking with Carolyn.....ME

  • Woofdes14
    Woofdes1410 måneder siden

    On quarantine and still loving this song!

  • Sammy Fay K
    Sammy Fay K10 måneder siden

    I'm somebody. With or without him. Period!

  • DarkSciencesRecords
    DarkSciencesRecords10 måneder siden

    Daem! ❤️ 😍

  • Lief 204
    Lief 20410 måneder siden


  • Asu Alaca
    Asu Alaca10 måneder siden

    1:08 2:18 3:29

  • jean-luc buczinski
    jean-luc buczinski10 måneder siden

    No talent to see here. Please move on.

  • Mohanned Alghazo
    Mohanned Alghazo10 måneder siden

    I hope I never see the day that you move on and be happy without me 😿

    TIA TUCKER10 måneder siden

    One of my favourites 😍

  • vilmor luiz schmidt
    vilmor luiz schmidt11 måneder siden

    Demi Lovato highest media fame in the world and international political marketing starts systemas policies in the United States and Government Program Projects Usa and Demi Lovato fame mine, Donald Trump all for Live and Peace in Usa and World.

  • Anabele
    Anabele11 måneder siden

    Someone from Spain?👀🤍 We love you Demi😍❤️

  • Stacey Melenciano
    Stacey Melenciano11 måneder siden


  • Fedora Darang
    Fedora Darang11 måneder siden

    As someone that battle with depression and anxiety I understand this song and I cry every time I listen to it cause sometimes you just need someone to just tell you they love you and mean it. Praying for all the people battling depression and anxiety

  • Misaki Kobayashi
    Misaki Kobayashi11 måneder siden

    Demi: You ain't nobody 'til you got somebody Me: *chuckles with crying* There you go, I'm now a nobody.

  • TabortoothTiger


    10 måneder siden

    You got yourself. That's the most important thing you need. Yourself. How are you gonna love somebody else if you don't truly lovely yourself even? In the end, the only person that you have is yourself. People come and go but the constant in your life is you.

  • Paityn ⚡️🌞
    Paityn ⚡️🌞11 måneder siden

    I love you Demi!!❤️❤️❤️you make my life better your like my role model

  • giø vanninha
    giø vanninha11 måneder siden

    musica perfeita nao exis...

  • Nasiiah Rawls
    Nasiiah Rawls11 måneder siden

    This song hits differently while in quarantine.

  • Madison Wright
    Madison Wright11 måneder siden

    Demi Lovato was the first woman who made me realize that i liked girls *#bipride*

  • mellisa smith
    mellisa smith11 måneder siden

    99iqqqqlPL M

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay11 måneder siden


  • Karlo Castillo Paz
    Karlo Castillo Paz11 måneder siden

    Shakira Shakira,Oh, me-Digo Hola Demi y si c q hablas español :v pq lo hiciste con Luis Fonsi :p

  • Ellie Dixon
    Ellie Dixon11 måneder siden

    And now she's getting married

  • Ellie Dixon

    Ellie Dixon

    11 måneder siden

    @Jackie me too😍💓

  • Jackie


    11 måneder siden

    Ellie Dixon so happy 4 her ❤️❤️

  • Alok Kumar
    Alok Kumar11 måneder siden

    I love you to the extent you can never imagine my love, never.

  • David Cosme
    David CosmeÅr siden

    Painful song🥴

  • Alexis Belcher
    Alexis BelcherÅr siden

    I understand this song. I just wish that one person would just come to me and talk to me like a normal human being face to face I could explain everything what would it hurt to hear me out? What would it hurt to listen to what I had to say in person. They want to listen to everybody else I don't want to talk to me at all and everybody has gotten it all mixed up because they take what I say out of context and twist it not to mention the fact that I tell everybody when I meet people only want to talk to one person and I'm not going to be real with anybody else but that one person George Pullman Plaza I'm going to lie to your face because I only want to talk to that one person and they never bothered to tell that one person I tell them I'm going to lied to them because I only want to talk to that one person but that one person never finds out that I say so they believe what these people are telling them and they had no trust in me they have no loyalty with me even though I've showed them that I am loyal and I trust them but they gave up on me and I never gave up on them. I wish somebody would just explain to him go talk to her and I am her everybody calls me a guy but no one knows no one has seen me down there. They might see a little piece of what's going on but they don't see the full thing so they don't know. And that one person has a family member that's a doctor and they never even thought about sitting down with me and that doctor and letting me explain everything I much rather just listen to everybody so they follow the crowd. That's not the kind of person that used to be they used to think for themselves they let people change them. Maybe it's too much to ask for somebody to try to understand maybe it's too much to ask for a few minutes of their time for me to try to explain things. I don't know anymore. I was born a regular female but because people want to talk a lot of BS they don't ever find out the truth because they don't want to listen to me.

  • David Cosme
    David CosmeÅr siden

    Changed my life

  • Dawn Shangase
    Dawn ShangaseÅr siden

    My Queen is engaged 🙌😍🥳🥳❤🔥

  • Nikki Fouraker
    Nikki FourakerÅr siden

    This should have played when april and jackson got married

  • Tj Glenn
    Tj GlennÅr siden

    Tell me you love me

  • Tj Glenn
    Tj GlennÅr siden

    Tell me you

  • Katherine Cajulao
    Katherine CajulaoÅr siden

    Robin Torres our friendship song is Tell me you love me it's remind me thinking about my best Spanish lady all my whole life with you Robin torres!

  • Katherine Cajulao

    Katherine Cajulao

    År siden

    Robin Torres our friendship song is Tell me you love me it's remind me thinking about my best friendship with my special friend all my whole life with you Robin torres!👍👍

  • Samantha Pauline Hardin
    Samantha Pauline HardinÅr siden

    Michael Hardin lol

  • Daisy Bennett
    Daisy BennettÅr siden

    I love this song!!👍👍

  • Amanda Austin
    Amanda AustinÅr siden

    Still waiting for THAT day when a guy would tell me he loved me

  • Mitch The plant
    Mitch The plantÅr siden

    To this day I’m still wondering..... WHO THE HELL IS ERIK I can’t be the only one.

  • Sherry lynn Harmon
    Sherry lynn HarmonÅr siden

    Pure talent

  • David King
    David KingÅr siden

    2020 ?

  • justine triplett
    justine triplettÅr siden

    i love you so does your fans but im number 1 unless you got a husband he'll be number one then Jesus Christ then me but put Jesus Christ first k

  • Goji 2000
    Goji 2000År siden

    Demi Lovato: Tell me You Love me Night Ranger: Don't Tell me you Love Me

  • Kybrea Washington
    Kybrea WashingtonÅr siden

    Love this song

  • Ken Salvador
    Ken SalvadorÅr siden

    who's listening to this right now

  • Ken Salvador
    Ken SalvadorÅr siden

    who's listening to this right now

  • Kyra Walker
    Kyra WalkerÅr siden


  • Cora Pratt
    Cora PrattÅr siden

    I like it but is rilly boring

  • Skii Carter
    Skii CarterÅr siden

    This song deserves to heard so much more... I can relate to it.... Demi deserves to be heard.....All of all us women need to be We can get back on feet just like Demi has...We can still be strong

  • Phia
    PhiaÅr siden

    I thought her feet were on her head for a good minute 😂

  • Sweetie ydm
    Sweetie ydmÅr siden

    como amo esta canción :'3

  • Maggie Pena
    Maggie PenaÅr siden


  • Victoria Davis
    Victoria DavisÅr siden

    I love you

  • trey. is. my. man seays
    trey. is. my. man seaysÅr siden

    I would. Tail. My. Ex. 👀❤❤❤ him. But. He. Act. 👍 he. Went. Me. But. Im. Good. Buy. My slef.

  • Missiheartentertainment
    MissiheartentertainmentÅr siden

    BEST song EVER from Demi!!!

  • Thiago Sena
    Thiago SenaÅr siden

    TE AMOOOO 🇧🇷🇧🇷♥️🏳️‍🌈

  • Samantha Lords
    Samantha LordsÅr siden

    Omg sooo good!

  • Eduarda Ribeiro
    Eduarda RibeiroÅr siden

    demi lovato is for sure the salvation of the world!!!!!!!!!

  • Ginei'ja Merus
    Ginei'ja MerusÅr siden

  • Ariane Delorme
    Ariane DelormeÅr siden

    I wish I could hug all the people who feel like this. Including Demi. I got your back girls!

  • NikkiDiddlyDoo


    År siden

    What about the boys?

  • Sofia Ferrreira
    Sofia FerrreiraÅr siden

    This song hits me every time!