Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Music video by Taylor Swift performing You Belong With Me. (C) 2009 Big Machine Records, LLC

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  • Tiluta
    Tiluta5 minutter siden

    2021....12 years later....still hits different ❤️❤️

  • hey lexie
    hey lexie25 minutter siden

    this song was my whole childhood

  • yh.
    yh.26 minutter siden

    july 28 2021 can’t go wrong with this-

  • Anushka Bhandari
    Anushka Bhandari39 minutter siden

    I like this song

  • わたるん!
    わたるん!59 minutter siden


  • Jeremy Eugene
    Jeremy EugeneTime siden

    I left a message two below ....

  • Mahnoor Salman
    Mahnoor SalmanTime siden

    :-) 😂

  • Jeremy Eugene
    Jeremy EugeneTime siden

    FACTS: I usually write then wait a day or so for a response .... Baby Girl .... so I am always near ....442.244.1572 ....storm or no storm .... no matter how far away I am .... I am always near .... lets start a family .... sorry about this not being a fairytale .... yours .... SAILOR

  • Mahnoor Salman
    Mahnoor SalmanTime siden

    Me listening this song twelve years later this means I'm the greatest legend of u all , 😂

  • Kate Hook
    Kate HookTime siden

    12 years later still loving this song 👁👄👁

  • Manu Y
    Manu YTime siden

    ALERT SWIFTIES: Please only listen to the new version of the songs! We only listen to the songs she owns!!

  • Manu Y
    Manu YTime siden

    GUYS! Please only listen to the new version of the songs, because we need to give credit only to the songs she owns! She does not own this version of the song!

  • Taiton
    TaitonTime siden

    The awkward moment when you grow up and realize that taylor swift was the other girl too

  • Marsker
    Marsker2 timer siden

    this would have been a great oldie movie

  • Chethan Haalmathasthar
    Chethan Haalmathasthar2 timer siden

    Taylor swift😍😍😍

  • Rowena Aberjedo
    Rowena Aberjedo2 timer siden

    Still watching my favorite song and artist 💙

  • M.Lavanya arts
    M.Lavanya arts2 timer siden

    Who's watching this after 12yrs ✌️

  • makaesha makaya
    makaesha makaya2 timer siden

    1 year later I'm listening to this song this is legit

  • BlueAstral
    BlueAstral2 timer siden

    Taylor Swift wins the boi

    NOMVI STAR WARS3 timer siden

    beyoncé had a better video

  • JiaMah2005
    JiaMah20053 timer siden

    July 2021, i realized the song was 12 years old...its my entire childhood although i am just 15. This song is a masterpiece ❤️

  • Aisha Goyal
    Aisha Goyal3 timer siden

    Hey stranger, if you are here in August 2021 you are true Swiftie ❤️

  • Deleigha Dixon
    Deleigha Dixon3 timer siden

    Tell me why I saw dis in family guy

  • Bianca Mendoza
    Bianca Mendoza4 timer siden

    5 more months and it's 2022, who's with me?

  • Ben V
    Ben V4 timer siden


  • Hanifah Lina
    Hanifah Lina4 timer siden

    2021 and i still counting 🤣🤣

  • sana Khan
    sana Khan4 timer siden

    Double legenrty i am after 12years

  • Rihko
    Rihko4 timer siden

    12 years later, still watching this.... Gosh this hits diffrent when your not 10,

  • Liza Liza
    Liza Liza4 timer siden


  • Dine Cabantac
    Dine Cabantac5 timer siden

    12 years ago and still counting to play it all over! Having one son with this is awesome! 😍😍😍😍

  • can this
    can this6 timer siden

  • Art miraA
    Art miraA6 timer siden


  • Someone me
    Someone me7 timer siden

    anyone listening at 2021?

  • Mostaf Rafiq
    Mostaf Rafiq7 timer siden

    There is only one solution call me

  • Fyacha
    Fyacha7 timer siden

    Idk why is this have 1B views

  • Fyacha


    5 timer siden

    @lesyeuxninni awh :>

  • lesyeuxninni


    5 timer siden

    @Fyacha it was looking like that but i guess you're not ❣️

  • Fyacha


    5 timer siden

    @lesyeuxninni what? do you think im a hater or something?

  • lesyeuxninni


    6 timer siden

    why not

  • Paula D.
    Paula D.7 timer siden

    This could literally be made into a movie

  • melisa cyrus
    melisa cyrus7 timer siden

    Selena'dan calmis jdjdjdjkd

  • melisa cyrus
    melisa cyrus7 timer siden

    2:56 selin leyla ve nazli kivilcimin partisine geliyor

  • Benedicto Family
    Benedicto Family7 timer siden

    July 2021 everyone 😍

  • melisa cyrus
    melisa cyrus7 timer siden

    1:33 selenanın ikizi tamara

  • melisa cyrus
    melisa cyrus7 timer siden

    Tay'ı birakip taylor'a da kosmassin

  • melisa cyrus
    melisa cyrus7 timer siden

    Evde tay gibi cosuyom

  • melisa cyrus
    melisa cyrus7 timer siden

    2000 ler modasi ogk

  • Kirra Bacon
    Kirra Bacon7 timer siden

    12 years ago, this is still a legend🥲❤😂

  • priya shree
    priya shree8 timer siden

    Still listening to this song no matter which year it is

  • Hasky Channel
    Hasky Channel8 timer siden

    Still watching in 2021

  • sachi lajurkar
    sachi lajurkar8 timer siden

    I am watching this video 12 years later I must be legend too 😂😂 lol

  • BY LD
    BY LD8 timer siden

    Long long time i don’t listen music ... belong like her ❤️

  • EmmaGemma
    EmmaGemma8 timer siden

    july 28 2021

  • tanzina islam
    tanzina islam8 timer siden

    I love you❤

  • tropicialtommy
    tropicialtommy9 timer siden

    fr i though that boy was justin Bieber 😍

  • Hazza x Boobear
    Hazza x Boobear9 timer siden

    This should be the video of “love story”

  • Johnpaul Fulgencio
    Johnpaul Fulgencio10 timer siden


  • lily strikesagain
    lily strikesagain11 timer siden


  • Annika Garg
    Annika Garg11 timer siden

    12 years later ....I still love this song

  • ʰⁱᵐᵃʷᵃʳⁱ🌻
    ʰⁱᵐᵃʷᵃʳⁱ🌻11 timer siden

    This is wonderful i been listening to this song every day made my day better 2021?

  • bella Grey
    bella Grey11 timer siden

    After 12 years still I'm here 😌

  • Linda B
    Linda B12 timer siden

    Still tugs my heart strings over a decade later can’t lie

  • Remington Peterson
    Remington Peterson12 timer siden

    hey look its cyclops bro.

  • kashika jain
    kashika jain12 timer siden

    lets see how many people are still listening to this song :)

  • Daisy Caisy
    Daisy Caisy12 timer siden

    The people that disliked this song should get their covid test, because one of the main symptoms is no taste !

    PASSMORE FILMS13 timer siden

    Left brunette Taylor for blonde Taylor

  • sheluvsmikey
    sheluvsmikey13 timer siden

    If u visit this song in 2021 just remember ur a 🐐

  • Kalyana _
    Kalyana _13 timer siden

    12 years later

  • Tanisha Banana
    Tanisha Banana13 timer siden

    I just realized the guy in this video is from spy next door, never knew and its 2021 lol

  • Dương Đỗ
    Dương Đỗ14 timer siden

    Anh thuộc về em

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez14 timer siden

    Cindirella copy.... buuuuuh

  • Sakila Angel
    Sakila Angel14 timer siden

    The solid pipe densply rot because need antenatally plan midst a spicy sunday. marked, annoying net

  • Sage Sheahan
    Sage Sheahan15 timer siden

    Wish I could've met a girl like her... And to those women who find themselves there? Go. Get. Him. 😎😉

  • Kindy Help Me Reach 50kSubscriber With No videos
    Kindy Help Me Reach 50kSubscriber With No videos15 timer siden

    11 years later, if you're watching this, you're a legend.

  • Leiza✨      ·1000 years ago

    Leiza✨ ·1000 years ago

    15 timer siden


  • George Marriott
    George Marriott16 timer siden

    Everybody's just realizing that Taylor's in here twice as the mean girl and the nice girl, but I noticed it the first time... anyone else?

  • Elizabeth Pinkie Pie
    Elizabeth Pinkie Pie16 timer siden

    Idc what ppl say, I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT

  • Mohanadas Kerisnan
    Mohanadas Kerisnan16 timer siden

    Boy :tired of drama Taylor:ok sorry to hear that

  • Lalah Manis
    Lalah Manis16 timer siden

    This is the best music video of all time!!!

  • Ayben zoot
    Ayben zoot16 timer siden


  • RV
    RV16 timer siden

    12 years later, 1st time watching this mv hahaha so cute

  • Richard Mangal
    Richard Mangal16 timer siden


  • Your Modern Properties
    Your Modern Properties17 timer siden

    girl: Why do you like her?!?!?!?! boy:i Love here girl:what the?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Richard Mangal
    Richard Mangal17 timer siden


  • Aspyn Preston
    Aspyn Preston17 timer siden

    Yes we are all here in 2021 you don’t all have to ask. It’s a masterpiece why wouldn’t we be here?

  • Twitch Moments
    Twitch Moments17 timer siden


  • Twitch Moments
    Twitch Moments17 timer siden


  • Twitch Moments
    Twitch Moments17 timer siden


  • Julia Garcia
    Julia Garcia17 timer siden

    isso aqui envelheceu igual vinho cara, pura qualidade

  • Felipe medeiros

    Felipe medeiros

    17 timer siden

    Um brasileiro aleluia

  • Eloisa Concha
    Eloisa Concha17 timer siden


    LEVENT ÖZGÜL18 timer siden

    Brunette Tylor is gorgeous

  • Jomarie Andalucia
    Jomarie Andalucia18 timer siden


  • Visitacion Agalatiw
    Visitacion Agalatiw18 timer siden

    This song is 8 months older than me. HJAJJJAJAJA

  • denise tumabiene
    denise tumabiene18 timer siden

    meron ren naman akong kapit bahay pero d kami nag gaganito :,)

  • denise tumabiene

    denise tumabiene

    18 timer siden

    when kaya

  • Vallescas, Levy L.
    Vallescas, Levy L.19 timer siden

    In 2021 Boy: You going tonight? Taylor: MECQ Lockdown

  • Sophia Moreno
    Sophia Moreno19 timer siden


  • Krystal Moon
    Krystal Moon19 timer siden

    Anyone in 2950*

  • Lyric Anderson
    Lyric Anderson19 timer siden

    Mee 2021

  • paria M
    paria M20 timer siden

    0:57 Privacy: Am I a joke to you?

  • William Matheus Silva Amatuzi
    William Matheus Silva Amatuzi21 time siden

    Gatinha ela! Meu amor... filé!

  • Jeremy Eugene
    Jeremy Eugene21 time siden

    Baby Girl .... I need your phone number .... And don't believe everything you hear .... Sailor

  • Drake Warehall
    Drake Warehall21 time siden


  • hi shitsters
    hi shitsters22 timer siden


  • サラ・トリシアズ
    サラ・トリシアズ22 timer siden

    Taylor hate Taylor 😭😭😭