T.3 Will SURPRISE You With "Into The Unknown" - America's Got Talent 2021

T.3 rocks the stage with an incredible rendition of "Into The Unknown" (from "Frozen 2") by Panic! At The Disco. Catch the next episode of AGT on Tuesday!

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T.3 Will SURPRISE You With "Into The Unknown" - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  • Music4Life
    Music4Life42 minutter siden

    I remember finding them on tiktok during quarantine, proud of them!

  • Cynthia Bishop
    Cynthia Bishop6 timer siden

    Really nice surprise!!! Thanks guys

  • Alex'smindrunswild
    Alex'smindrunswild6 timer siden

    They are too amazing for AGT…this show is rigged and only want people with sad stories

  • Brother EL
    Brother EL13 timer siden


  • 5BIRDOG5
    5BIRDOG522 timer siden

    Loving the wicked reference at the end!!!

  • 5BIRDOG5
    5BIRDOG522 timer siden

    Simon is seeing money signs!!!!

  • Jericho Ceazar Apostol
    Jericho Ceazar ApostolDag siden

    *"When your audition turns into a Finals Performance"*

  • Cathy Van Buskirk
    Cathy Van BuskirkDag siden

    I can't help watching this repeatedly. They just make me so happy watching them sign such beautiful harmonies.

  • Alejandro Mora
    Alejandro MoraDag siden


  • Aldora Dos Santos
    Aldora Dos Santos2 dager siden

    Que chicos tan estupendos

  • ーサスケー
    ーサスケー2 dager siden


  • lillydale 27
    lillydale 272 dager siden

    I honestly want to hear the comments

  • Laura Quinones
    Laura Quinones2 dager siden


  • Bruce7
    Bruce72 dager siden

    No One:

  • Tom Holland
    Tom Holland3 dager siden

    Y’all stink!

  • Wai Yam
    Wai Yam3 dager siden

    What a wonderful harmonize!!!!

  • Tunes
    Tunes3 dager siden

    Wow what great voices and harmony they have !!!!

  • Keahn Flournoy
    Keahn Flournoy3 dager siden

    Bruuuuuhhhh.....just so damn talented

  • Luke Velasco
    Luke Velasco4 dager siden

    From Tiktok to AGT. sigh... we love seeing talent being recognized.

  • tatiiyaana_
    tatiiyaana_5 dager siden

    am i the only one who remembered them from tiktok?

  • Rere vlog ID
    Rere vlog ID5 dager siden


  • Ogrewhelmingg
    Ogrewhelmingg5 dager siden

    Howie is so pretentious lmao

  • Lady circlewoman3
    Lady circlewoman35 dager siden

    As good as they are, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard...

  • Octobris
    Octobris6 dager siden

    I know them from Instagram. It was funny to observe how the production tried to portray them in order to shock the audience with their talent ;)

  • Bibba Book Girl
    Bibba Book Girl6 dager siden

    Damn those harmonies

  • Analise Rogers
    Analise Rogers6 dager siden

    It’s so strange, I’ve seen these guys so many times perform in Hyannis sound on cape cod for years and now they are here crazy!

  • Analise Rogers

    Analise Rogers

    Dag siden

    @Matias Hernandez small world haha

  • Matias Hernandez

    Matias Hernandez

    Dag siden


  • Chempoh Achem
    Chempoh Achem6 dager siden

    I've literally watched all "into the unknown" songs after this😂 they are the best so far... Even better than Brendon tbh 😎

  • Mizna khan
    Mizna khan6 dager siden


  • Stephanie Aho
    Stephanie Aho7 dager siden

    I just LOVE thos SO SO much! Their voices - the arrangement- their energy- everything!! Reminds me of some favorite bands from the 70s- like Boston, Styx maybe? - I don't know...Anyway, it's so uplifting & I get chills every time I listen!💖😄

  • Aadya Singh
    Aadya Singh7 dager siden

    Goosebumps throughout the video 😍🔥

  • Singgih Sunaryo
    Singgih Sunaryo7 dager siden

    Waww i love it

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie7 dager siden


  • Ndeshy Pewa
    Ndeshy Pewa8 dager siden

    The Judges Didn’t really expect This just by The way they were looking At them first. I Got goosebumps All Over🥵🔥🔥♥️ They’re Really good.😊

  • Anisepul Esiat
    Anisepul Esiat8 dager siden


  • Bernice
    Bernice8 dager siden

    Wow i saw them on TikTok and have them singing a version of this song saved to my phone from when they did it a while ago So awesome to see them here

  • TikTok Pa More Boys Official
    TikTok Pa More Boys Official8 dager siden

    Thats what we called TALENT ⭐

  • Sandra
    Sandra8 dager siden

    Damn why is everyone so good this season like damn covid did something

  • Larry Bird
    Larry Bird8 dager siden

    Do they not know he’s wearing Rocko’s Modern Life shirt?!🥺

  • Dynasty
    Dynasty9 dager siden

    Thought You Guys Were the Triple Threat From Season 1 Of American Got Talent 2015 For A Moment

  • Mark Simon Dela Cruz
    Mark Simon Dela Cruz9 dager siden

    Into the unknown All of us: 👁️👄👁️

  • Herbertned Fernandez
    Herbertned Fernandez9 dager siden

    Now THAT is how you wipe the smugness off those judges faces!! Outstanding!

  • TK W
    TK W10 dager siden

    It took me a minute to realize why I know this song. I'm a mom. They did beyond awesomely. And their smiles at the end made my day.

  • Ahsan Habib Prince
    Ahsan Habib Prince10 dager siden

    I really wanna hear the judge’s comments. Yeah, there’s no doubt that they did awesome. But still if I don’t hear the judge’s comments, it somehow remains incomplete to me 😒

  • Rayz Place
    Rayz Place10 dager siden

    Send them to Hollywood I threw myself off my chair that was amazing

  • Courtney Burney
    Courtney Burney11 dager siden

    Wow they are awesome

  • Euron Oujano
    Euron Oujano11 dager siden

    This was the best 2:45 mins of my 2021.

  • Marie Bridge
    Marie Bridge11 dager siden

    The look on the judges faces is like they judged them before they started to sing. Then they opened their mouths and sang that was it. Judges now: wow…..they sounded amazing.

  • Portia Maree
    Portia Maree12 dager siden

    Simons ... I can make money from this face

  • Ali Domingo
    Ali Domingo12 dager siden

    It's a Golden Buzzer worthy!!!

  • حميد الحمادي
    حميد الحمادي12 dager siden

    You are passionate about money, but where is the talent? Please expel anyone who does not have the talent. Has yelling and trying to influence people has become a talent? Definitely not

  • Maria Reyneke
    Maria Reyneke12 dager siden


  • Ananya Singh
    Ananya Singh12 dager siden

    And we have the Disney Princes

  • Roberta charmaine Tahana
    Roberta charmaine Tahana13 dager siden

    The shock on the judges face priceless way to go boys

  • Eesa I
    Eesa I13 dager siden

    Brendan look like Eric Forman ...

  • Aggeliki Vassou
    Aggeliki Vassou13 dager siden


  • Chimera Crimson
    Chimera Crimson13 dager siden

    Why did this not get a golden buzzer?

  • Emily Smyly
    Emily Smyly13 dager siden

    Wow 👏💛

  • Jacques Vandermeer
    Jacques Vandermeer13 dager siden

    Just like a Marvel super-hero theme song.

  • Jacqueline Dunford
    Jacqueline Dunford13 dager siden

    INSANNNEEEE! i've watched this video countless times and it hasn't failed to give me chills ONCE. this performance takes my breath away. if i were a judge, they'd have my golden buzzer FOR. SURE.💛

  • Jason Asterion
    Jason Asterion14 dager siden

    Wow! Amazing!!

  • sio kosyou
    sio kosyou14 dager siden


  • Kintoy Gallo
    Kintoy Gallo14 dager siden

    Oh my goodness!!! Those voices!!!😍😱❤️👏👏👏👏

  • Matthew Randell
    Matthew Randell14 dager siden

    How'd they do?

  • Joel
    Joel14 dager siden

    Is that shirt from Rocko's modern life

  • Carlo Louis Palo
    Carlo Louis Palo14 dager siden

    Their voices are so well blended! That's insane! And that smile from Brendon right after their song, melted my soft heart!!! LIKE WTHHHHH!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tanner Michels
    Tanner Michels14 dager siden

    Wow! Just Wow!!

  • Narayan Kishnawat
    Narayan Kishnawat14 dager siden

    And one of them is Brendon.

  • Jackline Kisamo
    Jackline Kisamo14 dager siden


  • Julia Oliveira
    Julia Oliveira14 dager siden

    There is a guy using sully’s shirt

  • Ace The Baller
    Ace The Baller14 dager siden

    I just wanna hear a whole choir perform this!!

  • Trevin Dukes
    Trevin Dukes14 dager siden

    Ayeee these are the Tik tok guys!! Love to see them go for it!

    BANGTAN BUTTER14 dager siden

    I keep coming back to watch it!!!

  • nasey nashir
    nasey nashir14 dager siden

    This is super cool. Strong vocals. Love them, I'm a fan now.. hope to see them in the final!!!

  • Lisa
    Lisa15 dager siden

    Great job

  • 이재준
    이재준15 dager siden

    한국인 있나..?

  • Mark Ramsey
    Mark Ramsey15 dager siden

    This is AWESOME!!!

  • Raferties Lorekeeper
    Raferties Lorekeeper16 dager siden

    When I first saw this I asked my hubby (who'd already seen their audition) 'So... These guys are part of a glee club or something, right?'

  • Ethan Stawks
    Ethan Stawks16 dager siden

    The meaty drawbridge aboaly bury because morocco symptomatically park pro a difficult pig. nutritious, two wedge

  • Hailey Fields
    Hailey Fields16 dager siden

    This gave me too many emotions 😭🤚

  • Ronald Woodard
    Ronald Woodard16 dager siden

    Doesn't get any better than this! These guys are perfect! Golden Buzzer from me!

  • Ulana Prokopiak
    Ulana Prokopiak16 dager siden

    These guys are absolutely AMAZING!! Their harmonies are on point!!!

  • dom r
    dom r16 dager siden


  • stephanie conder
    stephanie conder16 dager siden

    Y'all need to do MORE!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯💯

  • May Lenette Digamo
    May Lenette Digamo16 dager siden

    Wwhhhooaaa 👏👏👏👏🖐️

  • lenny wijaya
    lenny wijaya17 dager siden

    Wow this act really gives me goosebumps..

  • 성공할때까지한다
    성공할때까지한다17 dager siden

    틱톡 보고온사람? 손

  • Vony Rand
    Vony Rand17 dager siden

    Waaaaait, whaaaaaaat?????????? I want them to have golden buzzer!!!! They just killed it!

  • Grace Song
    Grace Song17 dager siden

    I love dat song from Frozen 2

  • Adolfo Coronado
    Adolfo Coronado17 dager siden

    They should had the Golden Buzzer

  • Kelly Young
    Kelly Young17 dager siden

    Well … huh … Rocco’s Modern Life went human and can sing for the gods!

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith18 dager siden

    So Howie says YES to these guys singing musical teachers song. But when the AMAZING woman sang this same thing he said NoooOoooo I don’t like musical theater songs 🥴🥴 someone’s a little gender biased

  • Hunter Nelson

    Hunter Nelson

    17 dager siden

    nvm i just watched it. she was good but i think it’s cause these dudes were so much louder and had a group rather than one person

  • Hunter Nelson

    Hunter Nelson

    17 dager siden

    probably cause she sounded bad …

  • T T
    T T18 dager siden

    Awesome guys

  • Tonya Johnson
    Tonya Johnson18 dager siden

    I never want to hear this song performed any other way!!!

  • Faith God1st
    Faith God1st18 dager siden

    Honestly SO PROUD of these guys - from seeing their original NOprojects cover of this to now AGT...!!!! God bless these guys, what flipping talents 😆

  • JoJo RAY
    JoJo RAY18 dager siden

    Damnnnn wow as a huge Disney fan they freaking nail this incredible

  • That Perfection
    That Perfection18 dager siden

    I watched these guys on tiktok all the time and got soooo excited when I saw them walk on stage!!

  • Emily Garner
    Emily Garner18 dager siden

    so howie can say yes to these guys but not the other girl who sung the exact same song?? 🧐

  • Kimberly Honig
    Kimberly Honig18 dager siden

    OMG, I love this!! Has Idina seen this? I love the ‘Defying Gravity’ flourish at the end. So amazing. Love these guys.

  • Sweeneytv
    Sweeneytv18 dager siden

    those notes are insane holy. i saw one of them from Josh guitar and now here. This is so great

  • Darren Roxas
    Darren Roxas18 dager siden

    where is the golden buzzer?