studio footage: vocal arranging the “positions” bridge - ariana grande


positions out now:


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    Jamie Grande35 sekunder siden

    Obsessively Twerking

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    yass queen

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    Love you Ariana

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    I'm done I liked subscribed And shared all your videos

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    vocal queenn !!

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    Tzhai Alamo25 minutter siden

    3:14 omg

  • Blazer Firewood
    Blazer Firewood26 minutter siden

    She's so serious and "matter of fact" about her work it's amazing. The whole chillax is a front for her music videos but the music itself is no joke and her techy employers were on it!

  • Pop Princess
    Pop Princess29 minutter siden

    She’s such an angel! 🥰😊

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    Jarhet YT29 minutter siden

    No entendi nada pero me gusta 👍😘

  • Felicia Renteria
    Felicia Renteria30 minutter siden

    Ariana: “okay- one more.” Ariana: “I love that, just one more time.” Ariana: “great- we can go back one more time!” Ariana: “ooo I love THAAT, let’s build more” Me: YES MOREEEE!🤌🏽✨

  • Felicia Renteria
    Felicia Renteria32 minutter siden

    I can watch this everyday-

  • GoXWithXTheXFlow
    GoXWithXTheXFlow51 minutt siden

    we need a documentary

  • isa malfoy
    isa malfoy54 minutter siden

    4:33 "that's fucking tight" reminds me of when cat from victorious was like "that is so tight"

  • Elizabeth Carmona
    Elizabeth CarmonaTime siden

    Goddamn I have watched this so many times

  • Shouko Nishimya
    Shouko NishimyaTime siden

    1:32 omg she's soo cute

  • Tyler Hebel
    Tyler HebelTime siden

    Love someone who has vision and knows what they want.

  • Marjorie
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    This is a whole symphony

  • mia!!
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    ariana doesn't need autotune, autotune needs ariana

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    Tf is everyone twerking

  • Victor Garcez
    Victor GarcezTime siden

    Productor: How many more "yeah" do you wanna to ad? Ari: Yeah

  • Isaiah Jones
    Isaiah JonesTime siden

    4:32 “That’s so not tight” -Cat Valentine

  • Julio Alves
    Julio AlvesTime siden

    I am not dismissing the fact that there were 2 videos that look very much like a warning that something big is being produced, like a new documentary.

  • Ariana Grande best fan
    Ariana Grande best fanTime siden

    i really love you and your songs,you are the best singer,i am yur big fan,beauty

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    Love this so much

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    Omg love this

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    This video makes me feel dumb

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    I need this on a loop

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    the *please* it's too cute stoppp😭

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    Yo!! Kudos to the sound engineer... They hit it right

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    Omgggg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Evangelos Georgios Kokonesis2 timer siden

    You didnt add a "yeah", you add a "yuh"

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    Kyle Van Neely2 timer siden

    Hey everyone here is my Bing Playlist of Ariana Grande Reactions

  • Enrique Vergara
    Enrique Vergara2 timer siden

    OMG she is so talented I can't! The way she leads the whole production is just unreal

  • Dallas Boyd
    Dallas Boyd2 timer siden

    omg the other day my friends said she was annoying and she reminds them of a mouse ima show them this 😐☝️

  • LWolf vlogs
    LWolf vlogs2 timer siden

    She's one of the only singers who sound good without auto-tune

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    need more now please

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    her voice sounds better than an angel, to me;

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    The god you is a queen 😃😍♥️👑

  • Jake Daniel
    Jake Daniel3 timer siden

    i can hear that there's a little autotune in that box where Ari in. That made this track a fireee.

  • Tenzin Dolkar B
    Tenzin Dolkar B3 timer siden

    This is how professional sings On the other side me scaring my neighbours with my voice 😂

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  • flying tacos
    flying tacos3 timer siden

    Imagine if we got "The Positions Diaries" I would die.

  • Taysha Perez
    Taysha Perez3 timer siden

    this so beautiful. brb going to go listen to everything again with so much more appreciation.

  • jungkook jeon
    jungkook jeon3 timer siden

    I didn't really know it needs that much effort and time actually it's not

  • DramaWithNisha
    DramaWithNisha3 timer siden

    Ariana is literally the goddess of life!😭, the guy who's producing it he's really respectful and kind and patient I would want someone like that for my music!

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    DOCUMENTARYYYYYY, I NEEDDDDDD❤❤❤💖😫❤💖😫❤💖❤😫❤💖❤😫❤💖❤

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    Love how polite she is

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    Ariii more please

  • Tofe Alwerfaly
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    More please!

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    Ariana is a fuckin beast 🤷🏾‍♀️ period! Scientific proof that cancers are talented af 😩😍😍

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    A masterpiece ❤️

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    "𝒟𝑜 𝓌𝑒 𝓃𝑒𝑒𝒹 𝒶 𝓁𝒾𝓉𝓉𝓁𝑒 little, 𝓎𝓊𝒽"

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    even "yeah" is something we should look forward to

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    I come back here religiously

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    3:05 3:54

    SHAMOYA RUSSELL4 timer siden

    holl up love it

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    damn, that's legit

  • Mathilde B#
    Mathilde B#5 timer siden

    and i thoughth shhe used autotune for these parts in perticuarly...

  • Hauntwed QT

    Hauntwed QT

    3 timer siden

    Yeah shes like the only person that doesn't need auto tune on studios

  • Gail
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    she's too kind to ask for everything. what a talented cutie 🥺

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    thank you

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    I feel like this is a documentary

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    Beautiful Voice YOUR A JUST PERFECTION

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    3:15 this part was amazing😲

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    She's so talented. I LUV HER SO MUCH✨

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    She's truly a artist in all meaning

  • The PatMac
    The PatMac6 timer siden

    dude they have their own language

    RELOYVALENT6 timer siden

    Those efforts are killing me. While listening in Spotify I could isolate all the voices and in this video I was waiting for the "me" part in higher note. That is no nice.

  • AP
    AP6 timer siden

    she has a lot of ideas, that's why her songs are always rich and complex eventho it sounds easy

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    3:15 wow

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    I love you ariana ❤❤❤

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    she a legend ..she so beautiful ..i love you ariana grande........ im live georgia

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    Abbii Brown6 timer siden

    The fact that this girl can let her voice go so high and extremely low is amazing 😭

  • Lorn123
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    I love these little bits, they’re so interesting to watch pls keep them coming

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    Perfect arrangements

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    She it's obviously a queen

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    Mommy ganda mooo

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    shes so polite omg

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    she's a genius omfg

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    I'm prob her biggest fan. She is so amazing i wish i could meet her

  • Vichirizu
    Vichirizu7 timer siden

    I‘m watching this for the 100th time.. I NEED A WHOLE DOCUMENTARY with a lot of those kinda clips-

    THE QUEEN ARMY7 timer siden

    I really want to pick a bad one but every idea that she gives it's more better than the last

    AIDEN JOSEPH ZEHNDER7 timer siden

    Sam and cat to 47mil subs

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    Her voice is so angelic I cannnt 😩❤️

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    Where is the full documentary?

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    Jezzy Michelle Ira Relevo8 timer siden

    I appreciate her even more 😭😭😭 ily since 2013

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    The real legend is the guy on protools...

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    this is so cute

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    ... When You looking for the eyes of Ariana Grande on the streets... 🥺 Time after time... 2018/21' "the joshuatree🎶🦈🎶®️"

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    I love you Ariana!

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