Sky Grid Mod with Tommy is Hilarious!


Today me and Tommy played Minecraft but on the Sky Grid and it was very funny beaucse yeah and also Ranboo became god at like some point sooo yeahhhh!
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  • Summer Flower
    Summer Flower3 timer siden

    If Tommy and Tubbo were too create the commandments, boy would we be screwed

  • Anarxh
    Anarxh7 timer siden

    *S-L-A-V RULES*

  • Leighton Tang
    Leighton Tang8 timer siden

    1:09 Music?

  • gamemonster10
    gamemonster1013 timer siden

    It’s like the farlands but smol (on bedrock I’ve never been to it on Java)

  • jump-kind366
    jump-kind366Dag siden

    My name is markuss

  • Marcus Sørensen
    Marcus SørensenDag siden

    I have died

  • Sine Kristiansen
    Sine KristiansenDag siden

    I watched this because of the 21:21

  • Mrs flower
    Mrs flower2 dager siden

    Um tubbo your Livestream had some weird messages appear on the screen please explain

  • Tom Petrecca
    Tom Petrecca2 dager siden


  • Ftycggv Gybvhhj
    Ftycggv Gybvhhj2 dager siden

    I'm sorry, we're you reciting the Taoi Te Ching Lao-Tzu (Art of War)??

    KARMA2 dager siden


  • April Bensing
    April Bensing2 dager siden

    TOMMYS A RAP GOD RAP GOD But can you rap faster than me

  • Tom Petrecca
    Tom Petrecca2 dager siden

    *Death is not for tommyinnit* Dream: hold my potato

  • Keila B
    Keila B2 dager siden

    Tubbo: I’m a man of god Also tubbo: *builds idol to sacrifice stuff to*

  • Prince Alex
    Prince Alex2 dager siden


  • Caden The glitchgamer
    Caden The glitchgamer2 dager siden

    Tubbo: saves Tommy from captivity while submerged in lava Tommy in return: *yeets tubbo into lava*

  • EKM Squad
    EKM Squad2 dager siden

    kid like why r u so cute not in the liking way but the other cute

  • CHAOMAR تشاومار
    CHAOMAR تشاومار3 dager siden

    Go tubbo go :) You are da best

  • Ezak Nosidal
    Ezak Nosidal3 dager siden

    i dont like you tubbo you exiled him he was with you since Day 1.

  • Kranes
    Kranes3 dager siden

    This is awkward cause my name is actually marcus

  • Alex Fella
    Alex Fella3 dager siden

    "do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again I'll walk by again" *dies* "okey"

    VIVIENNE LIU4 dager siden

    Tubbo's face when he says "Puffer Fish" is just god himself

  • Alexander Kinsella
    Alexander Kinsella4 dager siden

    Me to

  • •Shimmër and CC•
    •Shimmër and CC•4 dager siden

    is it bad that i know about 25 things from the bible including tubbo's quote by john 3:16

  • Nik Bellette
    Nik Bellette4 dager siden

    why are all the comments just about tommy's quote of death hahaha??

  • Gene Andrew Soriano
    Gene Andrew Soriano4 dager siden

    To every one who dislike tubbo's video you will regret that buddy tonight your gonna sleep with one eye open If you got scared i'm sorry its just because Tubbo's a great guy he is a really nice guy😟😓

  • Glitchy Cutie
    Glitchy Cutie4 dager siden

    I'm sick as hell and y'all made my day hella better

  • Smokey MC
    Smokey MC4 dager siden

    This is poggers

  • BH Stormz
    BH Stormz4 dager siden


  • BH Stormz
    BH Stormz4 dager siden


  • BH Stormz
    BH Stormz4 dager siden

    20:00 Best

  • CringeyIsRåin . Com
    CringeyIsRåin . Com4 dager siden

    I’m 5 days late yaya

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment4 dager siden

    what’s with tubbo and zombie pigmens with names starting with m

  • CornFake
    CornFake4 dager siden

    3:08 man behind the slaughter DUDUDU DUDUDU

  • TheOddest
    TheOddest5 dager siden

    Tublow up

  • •dep kit•
    •dep kit•5 dager siden

    tubbo tommy and ranboo trio is to powerful

  • Chloe Worn
    Chloe Worn5 dager siden

    Marcus is grown up Micheal who changed his name as he was embarrassed about his family

  • dashmaster
    dashmaster5 dager siden

    "I'm making a shrine" wew so ur re making the mule shrine

  • thevicky
    thevicky5 dager siden

    woah tubbo, this is so hilarious! maybe you should make more so hilarious videos!

  • Jaidenski Nadgirski
    Jaidenski Nadgirski5 dager siden

    9:55 Wait I thought that was Sun Tzu

  • Jaidenski Nadgirski
    Jaidenski Nadgirski5 dager siden

    Tubbo? More like Subscribe or Twitch Prime

  • profuria GN
    profuria GN5 dager siden

    thankyou tubbo

  • Kiwiella
    Kiwiella6 dager siden

    Im sorry but that whole intro and title and video picture... It was EXACTLY like Tommy’s videos Your becoming him. :O

  • TrïaløfATravełler
    TrïaløfATravełler6 dager siden

    5:40 Tubbo never realised he had a spare bucket he could've used😂

  • Brad I Guess
    Brad I Guess6 dager siden

    Tubbo is picking mushrooms while Tommy is figuring out how to kill everything (and getting married).

  • Power gaming
    Power gaming6 dager siden

    "what do you have against the shrine "I'm not a man of God" Tubbo: where dat holy wattah

  • Kiri Dorsey
    Kiri Dorsey6 dager siden

    I’m in love with you

  • Alanna Parsons
    Alanna Parsons6 dager siden

    I love how he kept saying gunk is a made up word

  • Fanny Smith
    Fanny Smith7 dager siden

    8:30 “Sweden music” yeah sure I’ll play one of my songs

    STRIKE CLASH7 dager siden

    You are so cute

  • Beatrix Waldron
    Beatrix Waldron7 dager siden

    Tommy has the best pickup lines

  • Marcus Goodwin
    Marcus Goodwin7 dager siden

    i feel uncomfortable with them shouting my name over and over.

  • •Faye•
    •Faye•7 dager siden

    *Du du du du*

  • Xx_Chxrryx _xX
    Xx_Chxrryx _xX8 dager siden

    Theres animal crossing music :D

  • Xx_Chxrryx _xX
    Xx_Chxrryx _xX8 dager siden

    Pog I have done this before

  • YezaCartoonz
    YezaCartoonz8 dager siden

    Bench Trio in one video

  • Mister unicorn
    Mister unicorn8 dager siden

    6:34 fun fact: an enderman is based on slenderman and on SCP-096

  • Sir Billiam lll
    Sir Billiam lll8 dager siden

    Am I the only one that thinks that Tommy's Minecraft skin is insanely cute when it looks around?😶

  • Squid Cat2325
    Squid Cat23259 dager siden

    Tubbo can’t even stay away from ranboo for a one episode

  • Track track
    Track track9 dager siden

    1:18 1:22

  • Sophie Misdale
    Sophie Misdale9 dager siden

    The pig that was sacrificed was techno

  • Alaina Carapia-Winters
    Alaina Carapia-Winters9 dager siden

    Tommy: " S-L-A-V Tubbo: "S- L- A- V- E i know what that spells" Tommy: "what does it spell tubbo" Tubbo: *proceeds talking*

  • desiree campos
    desiree campos9 dager siden

    You need to be nicer to Tommy please

  • Amelie Berger
    Amelie Berger10 dager siden

    You are my favourite dou ❤️

  • Vortex_
    Vortex_10 dager siden

    I only came to to see this video because I saw a diamond on the thumbnail

  • Kriston Foster
    Kriston Foster10 dager siden

    You’re mean to tell me I’m not even joking like I don’t see how you can put up with you

  • Gursaranjit Singh
    Gursaranjit Singh10 dager siden


  • Pretzel Sorceress
    Pretzel Sorceress10 dager siden

    6:30 just putting this here for myself

  • Gwen McClung
    Gwen McClung10 dager siden

    I love how tubbo junped in after Tommy ^_^

  • The Fun Playz
    The Fun Playz10 dager siden

    Tommyinnt once said"can I punch you?" Ranboo:is that you best pickup line? Tommyinnt:"what I was hitting on em" Tubbo_:OMG

  • RayRay7212 _
    RayRay7212 _10 dager siden

    In god we trust

  • Jake Armstrong
    Jake Armstrong10 dager siden


  • Reynaldo Garza
    Reynaldo Garza11 dager siden

    Tubbo: *says something that Sun Tzu said and probably learnt from Technos video* Also tubbo: “Its from the Bible”

  • Suryadi Syam
    Suryadi Syam11 dager siden

    its funny haha haha hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • 《Øreø》
    《Øreø》11 dager siden


  • 《Øreø》


    11 dager siden


  • 《Øreø》


    11 dager siden


  • X•Mysterious G3ntlemen _
    X•Mysterious G3ntlemen _11 dager siden

    Tubbo I think you spelled "gremlin child noises" wrong

  • Dogm’tree
    Dogm’tree11 dager siden

    “One sec, GOD and TUBBO, mother needs me.”

  • TheFintyツ- Финти:3
    TheFintyツ- Финти:311 dager siden

    I am one Russian?🗿🤔

  • Ruby Magri
    Ruby Magri12 dager siden

    I just love the fact that his mother is worried about him getting cancelled lol

  • Hans Liboon
    Hans Liboon12 dager siden

    How Can You Betray Tommy In The Dream Smp He Trusted U

  • Dylan Sharma
    Dylan Sharma12 dager siden

    RANBOO gives this vidio funniness

  • anthony kelly
    anthony kelly12 dager siden

    tubbo, can you tell tommy that im writing a story and i just wanted him to know that he is the main character. if you could tell him that would be amazing!

  • nat
    nat12 dager siden

    13:00 i cannot hear that song now without thinking "i just spoke to tommyinnit.."

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement13 dager siden

    19:04 Tubbo you have looked at Minecraft r34 too much.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement13 dager siden

    9:04 Everyone's talking about "Death is simply not for Tommyinnit" but they're ignoring the even funnier, "Tommyinnit sees the loss of loved ones and goes 'No no no, not for me thanks.'"

  • tman 213
    tman 21313 dager siden

    you know what they say if you cant get a wife get a husband

  • Miss Jesse Taber 30
    Miss Jesse Taber 3013 dager siden

    anyone else miss their friendship? 😔

  • AβdUllah MAhsud

    AβdUllah MAhsud

    11 dager siden

    Wdym arn't they still friends?

  • david
    david13 dager siden

    cool video also i heard that you got donated by mrbeast that was sick!

  • Nightmare Does ark
    Nightmare Does ark13 dager siden

    “Sweden” Tubbo: proceeds to sing wet hands

  • Jenna Halkett
    Jenna Halkett13 dager siden

    Watching this during English class

  • Anmol 540
    Anmol 54013 dager siden

    How to spell piano b-i-t-c-h

  • Kayla Asmr :l
    Kayla Asmr :l14 dager siden

    This map = just killed a women felling good

  • Akira Kunimi
    Akira Kunimi14 dager siden

    I just started watching this channel today and I’m already in love with it 😍

  • Ninja J.
    Ninja J.14 dager siden

    Why do Tubbo videos always lead to Christianity?

  • Ruby Reese
    Ruby Reese14 dager siden

    Hewo u are safe now this is dough he is your safe man 🐕✌🏽

  • Brittany Duenas
    Brittany Duenas14 dager siden


  • Josephine Heijmen
    Josephine Heijmen14 dager siden

    I'm gonna write that down actually that one was good *AGGRESIVE GOD TYPING*

  • ZendPixie
    ZendPixie15 dager siden

    Tommy: **adopts a zombified piglin** Tommy: "I wanna get married as many times as I possibly can" I guess they switched objectives in the end, huh?

  • Marta Macedo
    Marta Macedo15 dager siden

    In this vid, tommy was philza and tubbo was wilbur XD

  • Biggie Slime
    Biggie Slime15 dager siden

    tommy’s pick up lines were really good though 😫🖐