Rich Grandma vs Broke Grandma

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Living in a Cardboard House for 24 Hours / Challenge!:
Not all grandmothers are the same. Because of this, it is difficult for Sally's two grandmothers to find a common language. But regardless of whether the grandmother is rich or poor, they love their granddaughter equally.

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  • Devonique Spence
    Devonique Spence2 timer siden

    I like the poor grandma

  • Yoona Laureen Perez
    Yoona Laureen Perez19 timer siden

    I love poor grandma cuz she is awesome and normal and rich grandma is a little weird

  • Rolando Zamora
    Rolando Zamora23 timer siden

    This word grandma a normal grandma

  • Maria Catarina Petrilli Rocha
    Maria Catarina Petrilli RochaDag siden

    I would like both

  • Syeda Shama Parveen
    Syeda Shama ParveenDag siden

    Sofia is rich grandma and skyler is poor grandma and I choose rich grandma

  • Hannah Perez
    Hannah PerezDag siden

    my grandmother gives me money

  • naynay 7778
    naynay 77782 dager siden

    I like the poor grandma because she was nice

  • Cashmere Harris Bradley
    Cashmere Harris Bradley2 dager siden


  • Chetan Solanki
    Chetan Solanki2 dager siden

    just wasted my time

  • keyla caceres
    keyla caceres3 dager siden

    she gives me yummy food and deserts

  • Dure Batool
    Dure Batool3 dager siden

    My on grandma poor rich

    NICOLE DAVIS4 dager siden

    The rich grandma

  • Alandra lala
    Alandra lala4 dager siden

    I want sofi

  • Sophia Reed
    Sophia Reed4 dager siden

    i like the poor grandma but no one beats my grandma

  • Jacquelyn Boudreau
    Jacquelyn Boudreau4 dager siden

    My grandma is the best🥰

  • rayan from Pakistan
    rayan from Pakistan4 dager siden

    Troom 😉

  • 💙TJ Gamer💜
    💙TJ Gamer💜5 dager siden

    BLACK 🐻 BEARS 🐻🐻🐻🐻🖤🖤

  • Danielle Christou
    Danielle Christou5 dager siden

    Grandma styler is better because she can be sick

  • Yassin Mo
    Yassin Mo5 dager siden

    Can you please do a rich dad vs poor dad

  • Katie Roblox Gamer
    Katie Roblox Gamer5 dager siden


  • Srinivas Rao
    Srinivas Rao5 dager siden

    It's funny 😄 😆 🤣 😂 the action of sofi eating burger at the end of first

  • Bargas Gaming
    Bargas Gaming5 dager siden

    Rich grandma

  • Emma Garner
    Emma Garner6 dager siden

    My grandma is the best!!!

  • Bichitra Boruah
    Bichitra Boruah6 dager siden


  • Ella Terris
    Ella Terris6 dager siden

    this is so good and cool

  • JM - 02BJ 887714 Dolson PS

    JM - 02BJ 887714 Dolson PS

    Dag siden

    How cool

  • sherise o shea
    sherise o shea6 dager siden

    Is it just me or why is the rich grandma bouncing like that

  • Chief Mrs Igweh
    Chief Mrs Igweh6 dager siden

    I like the rich granny

  • Roseinne Christabel Espejo
    Roseinne Christabel Espejo6 dager siden

    rich peploe eat glod so i pick the poor garndma

  • Ghazala Parveen
    Ghazala Parveen6 dager siden

    I would like to spend my vacation with grandma Sophie

  • Saron Elias
    Saron Elias6 dager siden

    The rich grandma

  • Thoufz Naaz
    Thoufz Naaz6 dager siden

    Poor grand loved the child very much

  • Zoe Carr
    Zoe Carr7 dager siden

    The poor one because I would take care of her and never be mean because I do not care about money

  • Tessa Scott
    Tessa Scott7 dager siden

    i prefer mt grandma she is the best i love her so much :)



    2 dager siden

    Me too

  • F_F G_AMER
    F_F G_AMER7 dager siden


  • layla
    layla7 dager siden

    Money dosent buy happniss

  • Samantha Lagman
    Samantha Lagman8 dager siden

    Grandma Sophie is shaking alot 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Sanya Nayar
    Sanya Nayar8 dager siden

    Hahahahaha 🙄😜😝this is so funny

  • Hannah Ferris
    Hannah Ferris8 dager siden

    I like the poor grandma bc she gives her granddaughter food and the rich one gives her per GOLD YOU WILL CRACK YOU FLIPPING TEETH OUT

  • Hannah Ferris
    Hannah Ferris8 dager siden

    I have a billionaire family richer than the rich granny

    MAY PUERIN8 dager siden

    Haha 🤣 the boxing part is funny I laughed so hard. I love your content.😁

  • fluffy
    fluffy8 dager siden

    I like the poor grandma

  • Savitha A S
    Savitha A S8 dager siden


  • Vishaka Ramlakhan
    Vishaka Ramlakhan8 dager siden

    Your Lucy my grand mother die february 26 2020

  • Vishaka Ramlakhan
    Vishaka Ramlakhan8 dager siden

    The poor grand mother make her granddaughter happy

  • Prapti Mandal
    Prapti Mandal8 dager siden

    The rich grandma is shaking a lot 🤣🤣

  • Roshan Neopanay
    Roshan Neopanay8 dager siden

    The rich grandma

  • Christine Japhet
    Christine Japhet8 dager siden

    The rich granny is nice 💞💞

  • Arjun Meme
    Arjun Meme8 dager siden

    The poor grand mother is good

  • Ingo Singh
    Ingo Singh8 dager siden

    I like poor grangma

  • Seemarekha Ghosh
    Seemarekha Ghosh9 dager siden

    The poor grantmother is good

  • Y/N
    Y/N9 dager siden

    Troom troom got so much money that they can't afford fake 1 dollar bills

  • Luz Ortiz
    Luz Ortiz9 dager siden

    I don't like you troom troom

  • Andrea Shank
    Andrea Shank9 dager siden


  • Andrea Shank
    Andrea Shank9 dager siden


  • Yannah._.Speedrunz
    Yannah._.Speedrunz9 dager siden

    Honestly…id rather choose the poor grandma 😅💗

  • haricharan das
    haricharan das9 dager siden


  • Elham Kabian
    Elham Kabian9 dager siden

    Ich mages nicht

  • Kendra Gobble
    Kendra Gobble9 dager siden

    The poor grandma is so sweet and nice but the roch grandma Is so mean

  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose9 dager siden

    Rich one

  • Mitaly Marma
    Mitaly Marma10 dager siden

    আমার দাদি অনেক ভালো ☺

  • Mensur Karameti
    Mensur Karameti10 dager siden

    No rich grandmother is more beautiful

  • Mensur Karameti

    Mensur Karameti

    4 dager siden

    I love you rich grandmother

  • Touria Om adam
    Touria Om adam10 dager siden

    My grandma is so nice like im the king

  • leimor Skyy
    leimor Skyy11 dager siden

    i would stay with the rish and poor

  • agam
    agam11 dager siden


  • Jacelyn Kenah
    Jacelyn Kenah11 dager siden

    I prefer the poor one because she sacrifices and loves her more but the rich one seems to care about her money mainly and she's mean to the poor one.

  • bling Queen adderley
    bling Queen adderley11 dager siden

    i like the poor grandma

  • kate relow
    kate relow11 dager siden

    my grandma is is the middle

  • Abhay Raj Bind
    Abhay Raj Bind11 dager siden

    Both are best

  • land
    land11 dager siden

    the poor is so good🖒🖒🖒🖒

  • Fekete Vivien-Vanessza
    Fekete Vivien-Vanessza11 dager siden

    Yes Yogiart Fans is good

  • Miki hani Micheal hani
    Miki hani Micheal hani11 dager siden

    Rich is nice

  • Imran Awan
    Imran Awan11 dager siden

    What that rich grandma is so ridiculous otherly ridiculous I like the poor grandma and her granddaughter is being not nice

  • Giovanna Aragao
    Giovanna Aragao12 dager siden

    I love broke

  • Aliya Charles
    Aliya Charles12 dager siden

    She is shaking

  • Godly C Star
    Godly C Star12 dager siden

    7:57 grandma Sophie is cheating

  • Norma Dioquino
    Norma Dioquino12 dager siden

    The poor grandma is so nice

  • Vishaka Ramlakhan

    Vishaka Ramlakhan

    8 dager siden


  • Kat Alexander
    Kat Alexander13 dager siden

    I like the poor grandma, she kinda loves her more.

  • Frogi


    4 dager siden

    Same I like her better to

  • marinapaskal500
    marinapaskal50013 dager siden

    My grandma Kathy she is amazing and I'm a mum song and I love her so much and I love her so much and I wouldn't have any other grandmother in her

  • Gillmsr. ridfelt huisden
    Gillmsr. ridfelt huisden13 dager siden

    Grama skailer

  • Anneiie!
    Anneiie!13 dager siden

    The poor grandma is making her granddaughter happy But the rich grandma is making her so sad

  • stinky miu kinnie

    stinky miu kinnie

    3 dager siden

    girl your pfp 😭

  • Khizranoor Hakeem
    Khizranoor Hakeem13 dager siden

    Rich grandma good👌✌👍😇

  • Siva Divya
    Siva Divya13 dager siden

    The poor grandma for work eat own work the rich grandma for just dress and beauty

  • Polarbear666 91
    Polarbear666 9113 dager siden

    The rich grandma doesn't look like it but looks like a 18 year old teenager

  • lenard masvingwe
    lenard masvingwe13 dager siden

    did anyone realise that grandma Sophie(rich grandma)was always shaking 🤯

  • Little Sisters

    Little Sisters

    7 dager siden


  • Vishaka Ramlakhan

    Vishaka Ramlakhan

    8 dager siden


  • Andrea Shank

    Andrea Shank

    9 dager siden

    and the other don't shake as much



    13 dager siden


  • Rao Sidra
    Rao Sidra13 dager siden

    I love rich grandma

  • Kumar Rai
    Kumar Rai13 dager siden

    Proo grandma

  • Freddie Yazzie
    Freddie Yazzie14 dager siden

    My grandma is the best ❤️ She is funny 🤣 And she makes me happy 😁 Also she is cool and she cook for are family 🍉🍕

  • Entity_slayer
    Entity_slayer14 dager siden

    My grandmother is already the best I would rather spend my life with my grammy

  • Pavithra Jayapalan Nair
    Pavithra Jayapalan Nair14 dager siden

    Why is the rich grandma like a goat? : D

  • michael lantz
    michael lantz14 dager siden


  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar14 dager siden

    Rich grandma is bad😡and poor grandma is best 😍🥰😇

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar14 dager siden

    Broke grandmother is bast

  • Ontonda Khorombi
    Ontonda Khorombi14 dager siden

    , 😅😢👍🏿😢😜😢😜☺️😍😍😍😍

  • Diandra sofi syakira dani irsyat
    Diandra sofi syakira dani irsyat15 dager siden


  • BTS Fan Girl
    BTS Fan Girl15 dager siden

    Poor grandma is the best ,Rich grandma is spoiling her

  • Debnarayan Banerjee
    Debnarayan Banerjee15 dager siden

    Wow amazing stunning fantastic

    JONAS TAN YI ZHENG Moe15 dager siden

    my own grandmather

  • Jasmitha dairies 🥳🥰🤩
    Jasmitha dairies 🥳🥰🤩16 dager siden

    My grandmother is the best in wole wide world for me

  • Sunny
    Sunny16 dager siden

    Nice vid

  • Maria Luis
    Maria Luis16 dager siden