rebirthing : Dancing with the Devil


“I’ve had a lot of lives - like my cat, I’m on my ninth life.”
Demi Lovato’s explosive documentary series comes to a close with revelations about her broken engagement, her return to the studio, and exploration of moderation sobriety as she attempts to let go of her past and moves ahead living her truth.

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Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

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  • Kimberley
    Kimberley16 sekunder siden

    Everyone saying "moderation doesn't work" cutting everything out entirely didn't work and was what led to her overdose so maybe just keep your opinions to yourself next time

  • Ismael_2493
    Ismael_249315 minutter siden

    Te amaré siempre 💕😍🤩🤩

  • monjora aktar
    monjora aktar19 minutter siden

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  • Maria B
    Maria B21 minutt siden

    She's surrounded by enablers but you can't force sobriety on someone. If she wants to smoke weed and drink in moderation then she is fully within her rights to do so. She knows herself better than anybody else ever could.

  • Lisa B.
    Lisa B.22 minutter siden

    german subtitles..?:(

  • PaGus Music
    PaGus Music22 minutter siden

    “The hardest thing about breakup was mourning the person I thought he was” is jam, my quote of the day! ❤️

  • The Lily Show Channel 2
    The Lily Show Channel 239 minutter siden

    I love that she has a Selena shirt

  • Melanie Alain
    Melanie Alain41 minutt siden

    I don’t have bipolar I needed to grow up... who drilled that into her head

  • jogger lotsofcrime
    jogger lotsofcrime46 minutter siden

    This junkie is so problematic. Wish she'd go away. She's just extra and its always something with her.

    SHE AUDIO50 minutter siden

    Hey Can’t Watch You Rock girlllll!!!!!!🌻💌💣 Love you so much

  • Ru Rs
    Ru Rs54 minutter siden

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  • Helena Swan
    Helena SwanTime siden

    I don't want to be the person who points the finger and judges, but the path that Demi is taking is very dangerous. I hope she gets well.

  • Mehdi Grant
    Mehdi GrantTime siden

    we love junkies now !?

  • Rachael Ocondi
    Rachael OcondiTime siden

    I admire your raw truth and the eventuality of coming to terms of being okay living in your honesty about what you may need at different times of your journey. Whether that is alcohol, weed or other things. You are in control and are beginning to feel comfortable in your own skin. Only you know what is best for you. I do not know you or really anything about you. Godspeed and may you find your special place in this universe. Best wishes/health.

  • Cecilia C
    Cecilia CTime siden

    This girl is going to relapse horribly again... it’s so sad to see.

  • melodie smith
    melodie smithTime siden

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  • Anya Nordengren
    Anya NordengrenTime siden

    This has had an insane positive impact on me like you teaching people about such a serious topic is so amazing

  • Rohini Mukherjee
    Rohini MukherjeeTime siden

    I seriously hope that Demi finds her peace. Be it away from the spotlight or under it. I hope she finds the people that will treat her correctly as a human and not as a celebrity. I hope with everything in me that she stops dancing with the Devil. I hope she realises that moderation isn't a thing when it comes to a former addict. I am not going to lie but I feel like where she is now is not the best place she can be. She was an inch away from death and that is not something to be taken lightly, I hope she wakes up. I am scared for her. She is so brave to be sharing such a vulnerable part of herself, I truly admire her for this. I hope we dont loose this amazing person.

  • Dominica Deubler
    Dominica DeublerTime siden

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  • Jacqueline Hughes
    Jacqueline HughesTime siden

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  • Adrian Ioan
    Adrian IoanTime siden

    Xtina !

  • Melissa Taylor
    Melissa Taylor2 timer siden

    Wow. I can’t believe after everything she’s been through she’s drinking and smoking. She’s still searching for something, clearly as she said she wants some relief. I hope she keeps searching for real relief.

  • Ashley Clark
    Ashley Clark2 timer siden

    It took her almost dying for people to stop micromanaging every single aspect of her life. The lioness has been let out of her cage ❤️

  • Rachel Miller
    Rachel Miller2 timer siden

    What addicts go through is so impossible. You'll find your balance. Don't take responsibility for anyone else but yourself and your recovery! ❤

  • b Silva
    b Silva2 timer siden

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  • Jessica Roessler
    Jessica Roessler2 timer siden

  • Francisco Alfonso Flores Alberto
    Francisco Alfonso Flores Alberto3 timer siden

    i love u demi and thanks for all.

  • Mercy Lea
    Mercy Lea3 timer siden

    I’m all for getting healthy but I’m also for your body your choice. To have her on such a strict diet but then making the people around her tip toeing when it was about food created such an ugly environment. The presentation could’ve been better. It could’ve come from a much softer perspective where it was encouraging rather than restrictive.

  • Lu Lawrence
    Lu Lawrence3 timer siden

    I love the more honest and mature Demi Lovato. I'm glad your doing things for you and not for everyone else now. Life is too short to be kept inside a little glass box. Telling someone they can never do something ever again is like telling someone not to press the big red button. They know something will happen but they aren't completely sure what and curiosity gets the better of them and they do it despite you telling them not to. And when your struggling with mental illness, that additional pressure just makes things 100 times worse which is why things escalate. And then those people telling you what you need to do and be etc, suddenly step back and are like, ok, so uh, why did you do that. They don't realise the pressure they put on that person.

  • Mercy Lea
    Mercy Lea3 timer siden

    I’m proud of her in the sense that this is almost like her writing in a diary. She’s sitting down and forcing herself to process things. I/We may not agree with some of the things she has decided or wants to do.....but I’m happy she’s trying to process the demons in her mind

  • Maddie Johnsons
    Maddie Johnsons3 timer siden

    I love Demi and love her for opening up but for someone who clearly has addictive dependencies, continuing to dabble in substances is very much "dancing with the devil". I hope that it works for her but honestly I think she could do with a better sober companion if your sober companion says "I don't know if she should be sober".

  • Miss VJ
    Miss VJ3 timer siden

    I will pray for you Demi

  • Lailauni
    Lailauni3 timer siden

    as someone with an addictive personality i genuinely understand why demi feels its hard to be 100% sober. i also understand everyone’s concerns and I will always support her & be worried for her but i don’t think we should be making comments such as “i see an OD happening again” and things like that. we shouldn’t manifest negative things on an artist/ person we love so much. we should just pray for her & her healing journey. 🤎

  • Eyvicel Blanco
    Eyvicel Blanco3 timer siden

    I love you , Demi .

  • Brandy Tzu
    Brandy Tzu3 timer siden

    The only thing I can think up that would help you on your spiritual journey is Ayahuasca. This is not for the faint hearted and I would certainly check this with your physician first. I wish you the breakthrough you need into your soul, Demi.

  • Laurene Dominguez
    Laurene Dominguez3 timer siden

    This is so sad, and given what I know from working with addicts moderation is a slippery slope. Its pretty clear that she is struggling with multiple addictions & is also coping with bi-polar. Sending her prayers. She has been blessed with a beautiful voice.

  • Vintage Disco
    Vintage Disco3 timer siden

    Her mother seems verrrry naive. I get it.

  • Carmel Abblitt
    Carmel Abblitt3 timer siden

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  • Tiara Z
    Tiara Z3 timer siden

    Take your time Demii. You've Got This. We trust you

  • Katlyn Anderberg
    Katlyn Anderberg4 timer siden

    I love how she says “sobriety is not one size fits all” not everyone is going to be able to 100% obstinate with drugs or alcohol. Everyone has to find a path that works for them. Not what other people feel like it should be.

  • koriethegiraffe
    koriethegiraffe4 timer siden

    elton john has been through alot and in the industry since forever he knows what hes talking about.

  • Nicole Figueroa
    Nicole Figueroa4 timer siden

    so boring

  • ARIANA amaya
    ARIANA amaya4 timer siden

    Is there an episode 5

  • Leticia Cornish
    Leticia Cornish4 timer siden

    This documentary is so powerful

  • mary jane. moore
    mary jane. moore4 timer siden

    If I wasn’t married and such a bum :( she would of been the one....

  • Laura
    Laura4 timer siden

    23:21 - 23:29 What happen with her beautiful face? I love her body and her powerful but what is she doing with her face?

  • Taelor Taelor
    Taelor Taelor5 timer siden

    People use weed all the time to quit doing drugs I see nothing wrong with that if it works for her. The alcohol is very scary (based on personal experience) however she knows her limits she just chooses to go past them in the past. We need to trust her and show support not doubt she already knows it’s literally dancing with the devil. But maybe that dance will give her control over her life again. You got this demi !!

  • Taelor Taelor

    Taelor Taelor

    5 timer siden

    Also the selena shirt 🥰🥰

  • M D
    M D5 timer siden

    There is only two masters we tend to choose to follow. One gives earthly fame, glamour, riches without contentment. The other, promises of simplicity, no fame, no fortune, but peace that passes understanding. Both masters claim to give love. There are many copy cats of the two masters. Which version we choose is up to us.

  • Michael Lofstrand
    Michael Lofstrand5 timer siden

    This documentary is dangerous. I think this is more of a promotional doc for her brand and not to put out a helpful message to this suffering from addiction. I have seen many young women (between ages 20-28) relapse in the last two months whether it is weed, alcohol, or harder substances and I am not 100% sure if it is because of this documentary but I have a genuine gut feeling to of the women who have relapsed there is a correlation with this docuseries and the ones who relapsed. If this his her path then she should keep it to herself and with her close family, therapist and friends, and if she was actually 100% sober, then maybe this documentary would be uplifting to those still suffering from addiction.

  • Elizabeth Cassell
    Elizabeth Cassell5 timer siden

    Demi, you you be my interior designer? Pretty please?

  • john angeloni
    john angeloni5 timer siden

    Sir Elton pulling no punches when it comes to moderation. Nobody knows better than him. I salute his honesty.

  • Sally Rose Thomas
    Sally Rose Thomas6 timer siden

    Demi, are you okay? Your recent interviews/performances, the ones from the past few weeks or so, I just see and feel something under your surface... I hope youre on a path that makes you happy but if youre hurting please talk to someone... You are beautiful, a sincere kind empathetic and loving person, with an absolutely amazing voice. Youre so loved, let the people youre closest to love yoy when youre hurting the most. I love you so much Demi. I have been thru similar situations in sooo many aspects, and idk you irl but i feel like weve grown up together in a way. I wanna hear your peace in your voice, in your music, wanna see it in your eyes. Thats all we really want for you. Youre happiness

  • gd gd
    gd gd6 timer siden

    Dear youtube STOP suggesting this hollyweirdo to me. No one cares about gated community all surface robotic walking zombies who make up stories just to try to stay relevant. F. D dr mi

  • Amber Bates
    Amber Bates6 timer siden

    “If I had a Demi Lovato, I’d lock her down too!” YAAAAASSSS! 🥰😍

  • LT
    LT6 timer siden

    Drinking in moderation is what started everything last time.

  • Bridget McConnochie
    Bridget McConnochie6 timer siden

    Balance is key!!

  • Patrick van der Hoek
    Patrick van der Hoek6 timer siden

    Demi's laugh at the end of the doc is f*cking hilarious!

  • Vintage Disco
    Vintage Disco7 timer siden

    I wish the documentary would have given her assistant a little more time to talk about how much she was affected by the whole overdose.

  • bloggergirl online2
    bloggergirl online27 timer siden

    Wow that’s so true about giving your heart to someone after being your best self. Even if being your best comes before or after you stop talking to that person.

  • huntressvideos
    huntressvideos7 timer siden

    In the middle of this is a comment by Elton John about moderation that pretty much sums it up why Demi is heading straight into disaster. Moderation does NOT work for an addict and she is an addict. Not even a recovering one because she is still using. Not Heroin and crack but she drinks and uses drugs. She never got clean. Demi is a tragedy waiting to happen.

  • Manasvi Jamwal

    Manasvi Jamwal

    6 timer siden

    Hopefully that never happens ... hope she realises this

  • JaciandNathan0215
    JaciandNathan02157 timer siden

    Moderation doesn’t work. Take it from a recovering alcoholic. I’ve been around plenty of other alcoholics and every one of us have tried moderation and it didn’t end well.

  • Cla Tayag
    Cla Tayag8 timer siden

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  • serdy ximi

    serdy ximi

    7 timer siden

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  • Sandra G.
    Sandra G.8 timer siden

    Warum kein deutscher Untertitel? 😔😭😭

  • Gunsel Shaly
    Gunsel Shaly8 timer siden

    Her friends calling her a liar just rubs me the wrong way. Some things don't need to be said aloud.

  • Tessa
    Tessa8 timer siden

    I see a lot of comments on here judging Demi for choosing moderation and blaming everyone around her for enabling her. But like she said: You can only get sober for yourself. It just doesn't work if you do because you are told. Her last management controlled everything and she was not happy and still ended up overdosing. Maybe she'll end up being completely sober one day, maybe moderation works for her. But complete abstinence isn't working for her - at least not at this time of her life. If some weed and alcohol helps her stay away from the hard drugs in difficult times in her life - like it did when she broke off her engagement - then I am glad. She is working through her trauma and at least she is in a place in her life where she actually feels safe enough to tell people when she's not doing well.

  • Mrs. Christina
    Mrs. Christina9 timer siden

    You compensate one addiction for can be a bandaid for the previous addiction...I hope she keeps control on her moderation...

    TNOT LJ9 timer siden

    That hair style is sexy

  • JaeAllDay
    JaeAllDay9 timer siden

    very nice documentary 100%

  • Jessica Trujillo
    Jessica Trujillo9 timer siden

    I love her, I do. But I feel more concerned for her after watching this documentary than before 😔

  • KK Koo
    KK Koo10 timer siden

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  • alice tongbram
    alice tongbram10 timer siden

    We want to see you bare skin more. It is beautiful ❤️

  • T
    T10 timer siden

    I'm worried we won't have her around for years to come. Her career has become relapse and recovery story, and its wearing thin.

  • Lisa Sa
    Lisa Sa10 timer siden

    Wieso gibt es bei allen Teilen einen deutschen Untertitel, nur bei E4 nicht?! Das ist doch scheiße..

  • Ellie M
    Ellie M10 timer siden

    This was very eye opening.

  • Rate35
    Rate3511 timer siden

    You can't be real when you're fake and these are about as fake as they come

  • Larisse Teixeira
    Larisse Teixeira11 timer siden

    Se vocês chorarem, garotas, não sequem suas lágrimas. Senão borra!

  • Charlie Shamps
    Charlie Shamps11 timer siden

    If youre not an addict yourself idk, like as someone who still struggles with addiction, I completely understand her use of moderation, rather than cold turkey

  • Dennis Simons
    Dennis Simons11 timer siden

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  • broashley o
    broashley o11 timer siden

    I don't trust her. But I don't need to, and she doesn't need me to. She needs to trust herself.

  • Love Lissa
    Love Lissa11 timer siden

    She overdosed, and she nearly died. That is not knowing your limits.

  • Markia Kelly
    Markia Kelly11 timer siden

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  • Charlie Shamps
    Charlie Shamps11 timer siden


  • Kendra I.
    Kendra I.11 timer siden

    Like so many are saying moderation doesn't work. She hopefully like she said, will quit everything when she's ready. Some people recover differently than others. I did. Positive vibes and thoughts her way always

  • #JustAna TV
    #JustAna TV12 timer siden

    Cannabinoid therapy as a harm reduction approach to addiction is an avenue to recovery. I was a meth addict for 6 years....and now I speak on cannabinoid therapies for addiction recovery. Congrats Demi. Keep being strong and surviving. You are worth it.

  • Tina
    Tina12 timer siden

    Some of y'all clearly haven't been around addicts before. You can't control other people, end of story. If they want to get better they will/have to for themselves. If you try to keep them completely away from their choice of substance some will lie and find a way to get it which could make it worse. Moderation may work, it may not, at least give her a chance, damn.

  • C Eh
    C Eh12 timer siden

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  • asam 7
    asam 712 timer siden

    Awesome love this.

  • Born 4 Dance Antwerpen
    Born 4 Dance Antwerpen12 timer siden

    You’re so beautiful 😻

  • wanderlust
    wanderlust12 timer siden

    I don't agree with the moderation thing. I wish her all the best.

  • Eva Wertz
    Eva Wertz13 timer siden

    I think a brain can try to unlearn an addiction but the habit is written into your brain. So people with addictive personalities and habits should really not have things in moderation. It will take a lot of willpower from her to not relapse.

  • Fabiola Ching
    Fabiola Ching13 timer siden

    Girl...Demi....this was kinda scary to watch. I’m really not buying it and I’m suspect of the ppl on ur team, as they should know better than to do ur brand like this. We didn’t even get to hear much abt the album, doll! I hope u find ur chosen family and I hope u find a space where u don’t always have to pretend. Rooting for u, grateful for ur grace and perseverance.

  • easter_ eggx
    easter_ eggx13 timer siden

    I just wish she get, hear, and see what she deserves and live her life peacefully with no toxic and fake people around her. But i also hope shes not lying to herself.

  • Gabriela De Castellón
    Gabriela De Castellón13 timer siden

    This is so hard to watch 🥺 we just loss a family member from a OD from the drug 😭I’m so proud of you Demi keep you recovering journey with love 💕

  • Nicholas Defrias
    Nicholas Defrias13 timer siden

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  • Timothy Tarzan Clarkson
    Timothy Tarzan Clarkson13 timer siden

    Scooter Braun? Really? What the f$c$

  • Jess
    Jess13 timer siden

    Using in moderation. Okay, ma’am. Maybe there will be a third documentary about how that didn’t work. Hopefully the third documentary isn’t about her life before an OD death.

  • Katherine Velasquez
    Katherine Velasquez13 timer siden

    Im afraid she’s gonna be gone in 3

  • Allison Luke
    Allison Luke13 timer siden

    Demi I love you ❤❤.

  • Oello👽
    Oello👽13 timer siden

    Wowwww Demi and Christina Aguilera both look so gorgeous. 😍

  • Devyn None-ya
    Devyn None-ya13 timer siden

    “It’s just a little red win, I’ll be fine..... “ Then goes on to saying she wants to drink in moderation. I pray she can