Playing FIFA 21 till I see a Creative Team


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Playing FIFA 21 till I see a Creative Team
Playing FIFA 21 till I see a Creative Team
Playing FIFA 21 till I see a Creative Team


  • Sean Aagesen
    Sean Aagesen20 dager siden

    Cards doesn't matter in fifa just need the scrip in ur side and it's gg

  • Garrett
    Garrett27 dager siden

    lol I have a full Bundesliga team, well until the Neres sbc. Luckily I can link him with Wendell

  • Exterminate, EXTERMINATE!!!!!!!
    Exterminate, EXTERMINATE!!!!!!!Måned siden

    This is in my opinion the least creative team: Pope, Mendy, Varane, Gomez, Tavernier, Neymar, Mbappe, Kante, Pogba, Walker, Rashford. 4-5-1

  • GamerJoe2010
    GamerJoe2010Måned siden

    Ronald o cm??????????

  • Ezra Veenemans
    Ezra VeenemansMåned siden

    Only non meta players can like this comment

  • Jack Townsend
    Jack TownsendMåned siden

    Tbf I only play mbappe neymar and Ronaldo because I have packed them all untradeable

  • Tcherry THOREST
    Tcherry THORESTMåned siden

    This man is willingly losing points for our entertainment. We do not deserve you.

  • xavier santos
    xavier santosMåned siden

    creative video bro


    Out of the 11 I only have gomez

  • Ian deCastro
    Ian deCastroMåned siden

    I'm super creative I only use Yaya sanogo and no one else. Yaya sanogo is a GOD

  • MeNamesMarcll
    MeNamesMarcllMåned siden

    3:57 That team is by no means creative. I don't even know how he is so high ranked.

  • awuun
    awuunMåned siden

    The players you don’t want to see are the only good players people who don’t spend money can afford

  • John Plummer
    John PlummerMåned siden

    I've been running a full Korean team on Ultimate Team since FIFA 14, anyone else with a 'non-meta' high rated team is boring in my eyes.

    ADAM FIFAMåned siden

    My team is a Liga nos because i am portuguese

  • mattyy101
    mattyy101Måned siden

    I only have neymar from that team lol

  • Spencer Adams
    Spencer AdamsMåned siden

    How'd you get that france jersey you're wearing?

  • Sean McDonagh
    Sean McDonaghMåned siden

    Bruno should’ve been in this over Sanches

  • datboi elvis
    datboi elvisMåned siden

    I packed prime Fernando Torres today

  • Memes though
    Memes thoughMåned siden

    I have only kanté out of the meta players I’m sorry vizeh

  • venturino07
    venturino07Måned siden

    Salty comments = Uses at least 3 of these players 🤣🤣🤣

  • How you Doing
    How you DoingMåned siden

    Moaning at not having creative team how about a creative video

  • Laurence Whittingham
    Laurence WhittinghamMåned siden

    I only use walker on my team from that 11 and I’m like 30k off buying prime zanetti

  • Mtamandeni Kalonga
    Mtamandeni KalongaMåned siden

    I don't have any of these players and my team is still really sweaty 😂😂 VDS; Adama, Maldini, Bellerin; Son, Firmino, Bruno, Cancelo, Kaka; Ribery, Felix (3-5-2)

  • Arka Roy
    Arka RoyMåned siden

    The thing is it's hard to make a creative team in this game especially in defence because it doesn't matter whether you have Prime Cannavaro or Gold Varane. I personally use Pope and Walker as my only two non-creative players and that's mostly because there are no good English LBs in the PL apart from SIF Luke Shaw and he's too expensive for me atm. In terms of goalie I can use a different one, but I packed inform Pope a while back so there's no point wasting coins to get Ederson or getting Joe Hart from SBCs either. It's like why should I bother spending 200k on a defender when Varane can do the trick. I don't use Varane because I have packed better players but still

  • Vasco Praça
    Vasco PraçaMåned siden

    I came faster than phill bardsley with hunter

  • Riddy Haz
    Riddy HazMåned siden

    Try doing this for WL. That's a default 0-30 record 😂😂

    ALVIN'S TV2 måneder siden

    Looks i understand but dude seriously stop complaining of people having meta players. It just a game for goodness sake. No wonder fifa communities is just toxic. People complain about the game, people complain having meta this and this.

  • Þórir Ingólfsson
    Þórir Ingólfsson2 måneder siden

    The fact that the vid ends😳

  • Hruni 12

    Hruni 12

    Måned siden

    Omg vá Íslendingur!

    NRBCAFC542 måneder siden

    Liam when he realizes he has done this video and dosent have a creative team 2:27

  • George
    George2 måneder siden

    If you played against me, you would instantly stop, because I have a full eredivisie team😅😂

  • HPR Gaming
    HPR Gaming2 måneder siden

    Fake division 2....😅😅😅😅 The opponent looks like div 5 squad.

  • Levi Leitner
    Levi Leitner2 måneder siden

    Vizeh actually just called a full prem squad „creative“😂

  • Ethan Witham

    Ethan Witham

    2 måneder siden

    For this fifa it is 😂

  • nate hodson
    nate hodson2 måneder siden

    Its like this guy wants to end his videos quickly

  • Eno Bln
    Eno Bln2 måneder siden

    @vizeh play Pes dude i think on of these players date your dream crush. 🤣

  • da banana Lord99
    da banana Lord992 måneder siden

    you look live a clapped marcos llorente in this video

  • Elliot Cringe
    Elliot Cringe2 måneder siden

    I honestly think the meta is so boring. I’ve switched over to my two favourite players up front, drogba and van basten, and the game is so much more enjoyable. Got nobe of the meta players above, proud lad.

  • W JW
    W JW2 måneder siden

    proud to not use any of those players 😎

  • إسماعيل السيابي
    إسماعيل السيابي2 måneder siden

    Well I only have Mendy and he is just for chem 😬😬😬

  • Franek Litwinski
    Franek Litwinski2 måneder siden

    Truth is theres is even more players that aren't creative

  • Johnny Van Santen
    Johnny Van Santen2 måneder siden

    I only use Dutch players 🤣🤣🤣, Feel like I have an original team in Division 6..

  • Zoojie •
    Zoojie •2 måneder siden

    I have none of these :)))))))

  • Sakhile Makama
    Sakhile Makama2 måneder siden

    Is u7buy actually any good?

  • Tyler Collins
    Tyler Collins2 måneder siden

    Danny Aaron’s much aha

  • Lochdog
    Lochdog2 måneder siden

    If you verse me this video would be done very quickly

  • Lou Forcier
    Lou Forcier2 måneder siden

    It shows exactly why I stop playing the game... always the same team always the same goal... wow so fun and creative TY ea

  • Olajide Omotoso
    Olajide Omotoso2 måneder siden

    Nice shirt lol

  • B. O
    B. O2 måneder siden

    Fifa is seriously the most trash game outthere and who plays it is mental.

  • Jompyy11
    Jompyy112 måneder siden

    pretty shit videos now wtf man what happen to you ?

  • Pie Guy 69

    Pie Guy 69

    2 måneder siden

    @Jompyy11 you said it was a bad video last time aswell

  • Jompyy11


    2 måneder siden

    @Pie Guy 69 yo fck face im not a hater at all , i probably watch all of his videos im just speaking my mind and its truth what i said

  • Pie Guy 69

    Pie Guy 69

    2 måneder siden

    Why you such a hater

  • Graham Lee
    Graham Lee2 måneder siden

    All the people with creative teams play Squad Battles

  • Purple Pen
    Purple Pen2 måneder siden

    i only have kante

    DJ JACOBz2 måneder siden

    So does he just hate on fifa for a living?

  • Marc


    2 måneder siden


  • Fredsta126
    Fredsta1262 måneder siden

    I’ve got mbappe and Kante cuz their pack pulled untradeable but mbappe highkey a fraud

  • Dinos Polykan
    Dinos Polykan2 måneder siden

    My team in Fifa21 is: (in 4-1-2-3) Goalkeeper Buffon with shield, LB Theo Hernandez (gold) with shadow, CB Diogo Dalot (Future Star) with anchor and Manolas with shadow, RB Mæle (gold) with sentinel, CDM Dunkan (carrer moment) with shadow (from Fiorentina), CM Gomèz (from Argentina) with anchor and Cristian Eriksen (gold) with backbone, LW Calchanoglou (roulebraker) with catalyst, RW Aschraf Hakimi (totw) with hunter, ST Gervinho (totw) with finisher. In the bench i have Szczęsny, Nelson Semedo, Nandez, Beckham (Beckham card), Reinier (future star with the low stats), Daniel James, Zaha (gold).

  • Marc


    2 måneder siden


  • Dinos Polykan

    Dinos Polykan

    2 måneder siden

    @Marc, Rat ?

  • Marc


    2 måneder siden


  • oliver chivers
    oliver chivers2 måneder siden

    these vids are just jarring now..

  • MegaPoyser
    MegaPoyser2 måneder siden

    I’ve created Dean Marney on career mode. He’s 99 rated

  • Adam Brough
    Adam Brough2 måneder siden

    Just curious, does anybody here use the 94 Headliner Benzema in their team? I hardly see anyone using him but I think hes insane.

  • Leon


    Måned siden

    I love him so much, he actually feels very good on the ball somehow

  • Matthew Barreira Chong
    Matthew Barreira Chong2 måneder siden

    Used to have Varane, Mendy, Kante and Neymar all in my team. Glad to say I replaced them all with 90 Boateng, Davies, 93 Kroos and Hazard

  • studmike311
    studmike3112 måneder siden

    I have 1/11, not too bad

  • The BK
    The BK2 måneder siden

    Just wondering how your still keeping the fresh fade in lockdown😶

  • Chris McClenaghan
    Chris McClenaghan2 måneder siden

    Mendy van dijk Gomez and walker you love to see it oh and mane and Salah🤣

  • klashnacovak47
    klashnacovak472 måneder siden

    I have none of them players in my squad. And my teacher said I’ll amount to nothing. Look at me now I’m creative.

  • Youssef Ouassine
    Youssef Ouassine2 måneder siden


  • Tyler M
    Tyler M2 måneder siden

    You hypocrite 😆

  • Ndiripo Simbi
    Ndiripo Simbi2 måneder siden

    I have a full bundesliga if you have the right guys it’ll work

    GTIN GAMING2 måneder siden

    I have Varane, but I packed him untradeable, I have him along side Todibo, Emerson Storyline at RB, Roberto Carlos baby at LB, untradeable. Lloris in goal. I have Bruno Guemeraes and What If Lees-Melou at CDM, Fekir Honourable Mention at CAM, Ribery Flashback LW, Neymar RW and Mbappe up top. I'd say bar a couple, that's quite an original team.



    2 måneder siden

    @MrSolomon21368 I did say "bar a couple"

  • MrSolomon21368


    2 måneder siden

    Its really not lol mbappe neymar varane

  • its Martinez
    its Martinez2 måneder siden

    the no look

  • money over bitches
    money over bitches2 måneder siden

    If you ever see my team you will be happiest person ever, closest to meta I got is rulebreaker Douglas Costa

  • Martín Diego Young
    Martín Diego Young2 måneder siden

    Is the fact that i memorized the intro a health sign?

  • Aaron Piper
    Aaron Piper2 måneder siden

    Got gold 3 this weekend and didn’t come across 1 varane mendy combo, no jokes. Came a cross varane alone like 8-9 times and mendy solo at cb... but not both. Thank you EA xxx

  • Konstantinos Nakas
    Konstantinos Nakas2 måneder siden

    Miss your Burnley Realistic RTG man, was always class videos and your passion is unmatched 🙌🏼

  • Tom Neal
    Tom Neal2 måneder siden

    I have rttf varane and I feel bad for the people I play

  • Samuel Miherete
    Samuel Miherete2 måneder siden

    I packed Gomez, Walker, and Mendy from my 83x 25 pack. I dsicarded them because i have dignity

  • henry collins
    henry collins2 måneder siden

    At this point if they dont have varane and mendy i call that original

  • Guy Ravenscroft
    Guy Ravenscroft2 måneder siden

    That France top is quite fit

  • Precious Arugu
    Precious Arugu2 måneder siden

    I have 3 of the 11, i packed 2 (untradable) and bought 1 Am I safe?

  • Nathan
    Nathan2 måneder siden

    Vizeh when he's on FUT champions Varane and Mendy:so your still thinking of me

  • Big Bhoyzone
    Big Bhoyzone2 måneder siden

    Yaaay I have a creative team

    MF DUMILE2 måneder siden

    I don’t get how people with Klaiber and Robben don’t get called out for being unoriginal I swear I face them more than Mendy and Varane



    2 måneder siden

    @Naim F.M yeah that's fair enough. I don't think there's anything wrong with people who have Mbappe, Neymar, Mendy, Varane, Robben, Gomez, Klaiber, Kante, etc. I mean it's boring to face the same players over and over again but that's EA's fault really.

  • Naim F.M

    Naim F.M

    2 måneder siden

    Thing is many people at the time did it bc it was a new link so it isnt considered unoriginal, I've been using that link the moment klaiber dropped

  • Martin Lautern
    Martin Lautern2 måneder siden

    I only use Ronaldo and Mbappe because i have them untradeable

  • Ray Finkel
    Ray Finkel2 måneder siden

    Finally took varane out my team. I packed what if smalling and sold him for 800k and did an icon sbc and got sol Campbell. I’ll use him next to my rttf Alaba.

  • Howit was
    Howit was2 måneder siden

    I quit playing fifa one day after toty and I’m a happen man

  • Yonis irad
    Yonis irad2 måneder siden

    Why do you promote coins sellers you hypocrite

  • Fade Away
    Fade Away2 måneder siden

    swap ron with werner

  • Mat Paul
    Mat Paul2 måneder siden

    we gonna ignore the second game, the dude had 0 skill rating

  • Oscar Berggaard
    Oscar Berggaard2 måneder siden

    This video is so stupid. You play to win, not our foul that ea has made a certain meta. You go around using revolver in COD because it’s "cReAtiVe"?? Go visit div 5 and below if you want to be creative tf man.

  • CT83


    2 måneder siden

    I don’t play to win mate I play for fun. I don’t have fun using varane and mendy

  • Bags
    Bags2 måneder siden

    Nice trim ✅

  • Eduardo Vega
    Eduardo Vega2 måneder siden

    Noobs and sweats use meta teams and meta formations, people who like to have fun use a fun team with no varane, mendy, and Joe gomez

  • Callum Law
    Callum Law2 måneder siden

    I only have Neymar out of those unoriginal players looking to find someone more original

  • Danny Fong
    Danny Fong2 måneder siden

    The players I always see in fut champs is Neymar, Mbappe, Mendy, Varane, van dijk, robben, klaiber, Ronaldo, dybala. I always see one of the players in a team.

  • Logan SEROCHI
    Logan SEROCHI2 måneder siden

    Vizeh do be looking fresh doe

  • johnjambo1
    johnjambo12 måneder siden

    I had that Konate, Klosterman pairing for so long haha. I also have none of those 'boring XI', bundesliga team with prime Schweinsteiger and mid Figo

  • Ben Andrews
    Ben Andrews2 måneder siden

    Liam, u mind if I tell you my ultimate team? I’m happy with mine and I love it. It’s creative I promise

  • Jack Mc Grath

    Jack Mc Grath

    2 måneder siden

    What is it

  • Ryan Marron
    Ryan Marron2 måneder siden

    I like ya cut g

  • Rodney Meijering
    Rodney Meijering2 måneder siden

    You just have to make it fun, just use some other players once in a while. I play champions with a full Ajax squad and every goal or win is so much better then a goal with Mbappe for example. You face people with prime R9 and they are toxic as hell if they can't win easily, it's sad how serious people take Fifa xD

  • Godswill Edegbe

    Godswill Edegbe

    2 måneder siden

    Fam, try playing pes, it has more tactics and literally u have to be careful because u can't use CR7 has a ST and even Muller can break kante defense with cooperation. just think it.

  • TygerSE
    TygerSE2 måneder siden

    Try playing against my team, no Varane, No mbappe, no Mendy, no Neymar, no gomez no bullshit!

  • TygerSE


    2 måneder siden

    Vizeh if you wanna see my team i could DM it to you

  • Frosty
    Frosty2 måneder siden

    Be in Div 7 and every team is creative

  • Aidan Batson
    Aidan Batson2 måneder siden

    Rate the fact that you drink sneak

  • Aaron Horner
    Aaron Horner2 måneder siden

    I have one of those 11

  • MR T
    MR T2 måneder siden

    Why is vizeh bothered about getting enuff points for WL he plays like 3 games lol, plus the last guy he gifted a win to, bit of a toxic rat celebrating, shud be immediate restart

  • IZ PC Shop
    IZ PC Shop2 måneder siden

    Finally fixed the intro man