Out of pocket tik toks

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  • Vanessa Weerts
    Vanessa Weerts21 time siden

    Fuuuuuuuuuuu I lost it at that damn Blues Clues noise.🥲🥲🥲

  • Dova
    DovaDag siden

    the teacher took the shit

  • Datboi Pepe
    Datboi PepeDag siden

    Nice to know Noel watched the same kind of f’ud videos as I did, I haven’t even reached 20 yet.

  • Chogisad
    ChogisadDag siden

    The cooter chemo joke broke me

  • Samantha Gerbrandt
    Samantha Gerbrandt2 dager siden

    I’ve been in the position of having to witness my father grope his girlfriends ass in the kitchen many times. I’ve chewed them out for it many times, doesn’t stop.

  • Samantha Gerbrandt
    Samantha Gerbrandt2 dager siden

    Don’t remind me of 2 girls 1 cup. Scarred for life.

  • Jacob Forbes
    Jacob Forbes2 dager siden

    the reddit 50/50 days

  • thesearemyjeans
    thesearemyjeans2 dager siden

    lookin like a witness on law and order svu today

  • xXNova Nuke
    xXNova Nuke3 dager siden

    6:44 it was prolly the teacher, they just needed an excuse bruh

  • CO_10-96
    CO_10-963 dager siden

    broke your ankle they got you in a k hole and they just doing flips and shit

  • Co ol
    Co ol4 dager siden

    7:07 what was that?

  • Random Bubble
    Random Bubble4 dager siden

    He has my similar watch history??

  • Kai Baker
    Kai Baker4 dager siden

    I've heard some sick stories about the things some EMTs joke about when they're not in front of patients

  • Rachel K

    Rachel K

    21 time siden

    it's a coping mechanism

  • SnakEyBoyyy
    SnakEyBoyyy4 dager siden


  • Joshua Poznick
    Joshua Poznick5 dager siden

    What was the last one?

  • Brody Howerton
    Brody Howerton5 dager siden

    what? 7:08

  • Thomas Crown
    Thomas Crown5 dager siden

    that emt bit reminded me of Andrew Shultz roasting emts in a comedy club while they tended to a lady who had a seizure💀

  • Kiefer McGinty
    Kiefer McGinty5 dager siden

    I can't see this video title without thinking of out of pocket tik tockets

  • jaylecia davila
    jaylecia davila5 dager siden

    He drew the line at foot stuff. LOL

  • uponthisautumn
    uponthisautumn6 dager siden

    Yeah no I attribute at least 90% of my generation's eating disorders to wii fit I had friends that were on weight watchers in the 6th grade because of it

  • Ryan Gaiser
    Ryan Gaiser6 dager siden

    Noels head looks like when Carlos boozer drew his hair on with a sharpie

  • Rachelle Ellers
    Rachelle Ellers6 dager siden

    I for one, 100% feel this intro.

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez6 dager siden

    Rottendotcom gang 😆

  • Cliff Plays Games
    Cliff Plays Games6 dager siden

    The school dookie one had me saying what for 15m

  • Mitchell Bryant
    Mitchell Bryant6 dager siden

    It's so cool that you make videos outside of your fighting podcast

  • m4zzy fr
    m4zzy fr7 dager siden

    Two blues clues 😂😂😂😂

  • a q
    a q7 dager siden

    nick polom PogO

  • 2222tom
    2222tom7 dager siden


  • fazeela
    fazeela7 dager siden

    omg this just unlocked a memory for me: in kindergarten i shit my pants and was too embarrassed to say anything and it started smelling so bad so my teacher lined all of us up and made her way down the line and smelled each kid but at least i got to go home early

  • Olivia Birmingham
    Olivia Birmingham7 dager siden

    If you want to be shocked and revolted, just watch Your Mom's House podcast or live shows if you're brave enough. I'm pretty sure I've seen people die.

  • finn the other human

    finn the other human

    5 dager siden

    fuckin *what*

  • Jimmy Spencer
    Jimmy Spencer8 dager siden

    Noels shining harder than his bald ass head, great video man, send me ur mailing info ill send you some more of that Turtlewax for your forehead, I got an Autozone 15% discount card with your name on it

  • Freddy Ramsden
    Freddy Ramsden8 dager siden

    The emts at the trampoline park is not the first time I’ve seen that happen with my own eyes

  • Smiley
    Smiley9 dager siden

    guess i must be real fucked up bc i was barely phased by any of these

  • Tyson Peterson
    Tyson Peterson10 dager siden

    7:06 Noel just always has the words for the unspeakable

  • Maria
    Maria10 dager siden

    Oh you broke your leg? I didn't! Look at my flip!

  • #1 skank
    #1 skank10 dager siden

    let’s take a second to appreciate the term “cooter chemo”

  • Snacks FS
    Snacks FS10 dager siden

    Mawgo wobee

  • tlou2 s'pretty good
    tlou2 s'pretty good10 dager siden

    More out of pocket shit

  • Nicholas Todd
    Nicholas Todd10 dager siden

    i have i high tolerance for shock stuff, just dont find that shit funny

  • iitsTre_
    iitsTre_10 dager siden

    “Imagine your EMTs are the Jabbawockeez”. Damn that one sent me. 😂😂

  • Chop Chop
    Chop Chop11 dager siden

    Bruh!! You said we’ve all taken a shit that we thought was alive...and I straight up woke up my wife! Thanks asshole!! Hahaha

  • Ethan Greenlee
    Ethan Greenlee11 dager siden

    Someone crapped on the floor in 3rd grade.. I don't remember what happened but the teacher was pretty mad. It also might of been dog crap from outside. Lol. I don't remember

  • shiva ♤
    shiva ♤11 dager siden

    Yk the tiktok right after the cancer one actually happened in my class when I was in second grade

  • Hansy
    Hansy12 dager siden

    Ihste People Who make these fake videos

  • Kyle Mescall
    Kyle Mescall12 dager siden

    I fuckn lost it on the EMT Jabawoke part 😂😂😂

  • Marine Yamaguchi
    Marine Yamaguchi13 dager siden

    I couldn't tell between the mic and his head

  • Xavier DeMi
    Xavier DeMi13 dager siden

    That empathy bit got me lmao

  • Cayla Bellamy
    Cayla Bellamy13 dager siden

    Noel the sock was just frozen it’s okay

  • tumu1tus
    tumu1tus13 dager siden

    When I see nmp, I gain shock immunity

  • Alexandria Reph
    Alexandria Reph14 dager siden

    the vag cancer joke sent me hahaha

  • Cam
    Cam14 dager siden

    6:06 aye yo whoever smelt it dealt it

  • Emmalee Mohan
    Emmalee Mohan14 dager siden

    The woman peeing while lifting is normal, it's like when guys pop boners lifting heavy, very common

  • Jasmine B
    Jasmine B14 dager siden

    I’m sorry but I thought that was Cody I’m the thumbnail and was very confused why he wasn’t in the video

  • Emma Turner
    Emma Turner15 dager siden

    Halloween is about to a bit to real with all those taxadermy people on the porch and stuff

  • UnderDog 427
    UnderDog 42715 dager siden

    Yoo finally someone else that remembers rotten! Lol that shit was wild as a teen

  • Troveion
    Troveion15 dager siden

    I heard the word empathy and decided it was appropriate to not smash the like button

  • Certified Lowlife
    Certified Lowlife15 dager siden

    I made three NOprojects accounts so I could sub to Noel even more. Keep chugging out great content homie.

  • Emmanuel Elkhoury
    Emmanuel Elkhoury15 dager siden

    idk my gamer tag is LilEman lol

  • Alexandria Schmitt
    Alexandria Schmitt16 dager siden

    Why is Noel being the Bob Ross of bad tiktoks

  • Jesse
    Jesse16 dager siden

    How tf he do a perfect bluesclues.mp3 with his mouth

  • HummusLord
    HummusLord16 dager siden


  • Uh Huh
    Uh Huh16 dager siden

    Yeah I gotta admit I seen a LOT of fucked up shit on the internet as such a young age that I’m so desensitized to most things. I honestly feel bad for this kids on tiktok nowadays. They can see people talking about having cancer in the hospital dying, a girl being beheaded, a mother talking about her baby dying and a goofy ass dance all within a 2 minute span. That can’t be good for their mental and emotional stability.

  • Silly Little boy
    Silly Little boy17 dager siden

    Oh yeah same with the fetish shock vids, bestgore, /b/ on 4chan and r/spaced*cks on reddit. I think unlimited internet access was a mistake for kids

  • Derikimi
    Derikimi17 dager siden


  • smelly jack
    smelly jack17 dager siden

    "I guess it's an easy joke to make when your dad's not around" SHEEEEESH

  • Sage Stewart
    Sage Stewart18 dager siden

    does he purposely arrange the lighting every time he films so the shiny head comments keep coming

  • TTShady141
    TTShady14118 dager siden

    good vjd, outtro too loud doe. ily noel

  • johann real
    johann real18 dager siden

    PogO POLOM

  • Your Fan
    Your Fan19 dager siden

    Out of pocket? Out of mind?

  • xameliax
    xameliax19 dager siden

    noel deadass sounds like Pete Davidson

  • DietCocaine
    DietCocaine20 dager siden

    he reacted to nick polom

  • Rollin with the homies
    Rollin with the homies20 dager siden

    How long has it been since you’ve been to the elderly home and seen your good friend Cody

  • S4vitar _
    S4vitar _20 dager siden

    This guy always appears on my recommended every time pass 12 am

  • WeiljiQ
    WeiljiQ20 dager siden

    Bro two girls one cup don’t remind me😔

  • RAZE
    RAZE20 dager siden

    Live leak raised me and it’s fucked empathy hitting me so hard sometimes and I’m like wow i used to be fucked up fr

  • Lorenzo Hope
    Lorenzo Hope21 dag siden

    Goddamn you have great camera quality

  • Bryan J. Suárez González
    Bryan J. Suárez González22 dager siden

    bro the blues clue sound caught me off guard and now I have coffee stains on my white shirt 💀

  • Isabella N
    Isabella N22 dager siden

    none of these are funny and none of them got me. do better noel

  • Sleepy_Sam
    Sleepy_Sam22 dager siden

    It’s wii fit

  • josukepark
    josukepark22 dager siden

    yeah. I'm good without this app :) it's weird that this is what people consume all day. why

  • Hollis Crane
    Hollis Crane23 dager siden

    Bro you funny af too youre not just a react channel

  • ZuZu
    ZuZu23 dager siden

    Bro does Noel not know what Wii fit is?

  • WindterrorBW
    WindterrorBW24 dager siden

    4:34 I live I South Africa and I thought that worms were just a normal yearly occurrence lmao

  • Comically Large
    Comically Large24 dager siden

    that blue impression is impeccable

  • Sydney dlC.
    Sydney dlC.24 dager siden

    what is his necklace what does it say

  • hey hey hey
    hey hey hey25 dager siden


  • Jake Campbell
    Jake Campbell25 dager siden

    Was that Cody's "oh brother"? 😳😳😍😍

  • Connor D
    Connor D26 dager siden

    Thank you man you just made my day, like really it was shit but you made it better so thank you

  • Sebastian Alegrett
    Sebastian Alegrett26 dager siden

    Smelling asses manually is a hobby of mine

  • Amanda Kohler
    Amanda Kohler26 dager siden

    I'm so glad that even in 2021 we're still all a lil fucked up from 2 girls 1 cup

  • Just Your Average AJ
    Just Your Average AJ26 dager siden

    That blue’s clues joke made me laugh harder than it should have

  • Joel
    Joel27 dager siden

    I didn’t know what the sock one was until he said and that one got me the most Ngl

  • Urbancat
    Urbancat27 dager siden

    With the crunchy one I was like tf is weird this? Its just something crunchy and it was at this point I saw it was a sock, fucking revolting

  • E. hrdz
    E. hrdz27 dager siden

    I grew up on Rotten and cartel videos...

  • D F.B
    D F.B27 dager siden

    5:45 bruhhh 💀

  • Fyurex
    Fyurex27 dager siden

    the rekt threads on 4chan have made me so numb to any of this. I need a detox

  • KapuTone
    KapuTone27 dager siden

    What’s the mic

  • stillcold
    stillcold27 dager siden

    9:54 Actual proof that *everyone* on the internet will have an opportunity or moment for their time to shine. 🤣🤣🤣

  • stillcold
    stillcold27 dager siden

    2:50 Yooo, shawty be living in Massachusetts... she'll be getting a DM from ya boi who lives in East Boston fo sho! 🤣😜

  • stillcold
    stillcold27 dager siden

    Bro, Noel having empathy (especially after watching all his roasts) would be like if Jeffrey Dahmer said that he regretted killing people and eating his victims after a few long talks with members of their families lol.