New FARA 83 Rifle is Insane in Warzone | Basic Weapon Stats & Details w/Class Setup & Loadout


Discussing the Basic Weapon stats of the New FARA 83 Assault Rifle in Season 2 of Warzone.
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New FARA 83 Rifle is Insane in Warzone | Basic Weapon Stats & Details w/Class Setup & Loadout
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  • Julio Mora
    Julio MoraMåned siden

    Jgod commits to warzone more than the actual developers

  • Abdullah Bhatti

    Abdullah Bhatti

    2 dager siden

    Jgod agrees with you

  • dynamite pro

    dynamite pro

    Måned siden

    Sorry for the self promotion but I really think that my videos could use some more views. I spend a lot of time editing them, for them to get only 40 views so if you could check them out and tell me what I could do better i would love it, thx!



    Måned siden

    Definitely.....they should pay him but they can't get there game fixed nevermind paying someone

  • packman67ny


    Måned siden


  • saleh musaed

    saleh musaed

    Måned siden


  • Matias Goncalves
    Matias Goncalves11 timer siden

    Fusil Automatico Republica Argentina, orgullo nacional FARA 83

  • lgmaster5
    lgmaster54 dager siden

    Update this class setup please 🙏

  • Max Ie
    Max Ie4 dager siden

    Fara 83 is insane! Translation: Fara 83 has mediocre damage and bad recoil pattern. Making it worse than FFAR in all situations.

  • Play With Me
    Play With Me5 dager siden

    Thanks, 400 dislike number count. This gun is actually very bad, it has an insane recoil. It's an Ak47 with a new skin. Thanks but no thanks ☹️

  • A Hobos Legacy
    A Hobos Legacy6 dager siden

    My attachments are completely different from yours new clip of this set up?

  • Ben Petrakis
    Ben Petrakis6 dager siden

    is this setup still best after udates?

  • Matei N
    Matei N6 dager siden

    I'm looking at this and I cannot find the 16.5 ultrabarrel and 60 mags. This gun has changed?

  • Pedro Casado
    Pedro Casado8 dager siden

    Could you talk about every piece of equipment that is advisable for her?

  • Sean Choudhary
    Sean Choudhary13 dager siden

    at 7:10 -ish you find your answer

  • Erick Bille
    Erick Bille15 dager siden

    You reay need to test the ttk for the contour barrel as now it gives more damage

  • Yair
    Yair19 dager siden

    FARA 83 refresh video ?

  • Brandon Br
    Brandon Br25 dager siden

    Now that the agency is fixed what would you run on this?

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey29 dager siden

    Has this been updated since the suppressors were fixed?

  • The King Of Games
    The King Of Games29 dager siden

    Make a long range build please

  • Shawn Lee
    Shawn LeeMåned siden

    This gun trash

  • ohfz_Aggro
    ohfz_AggroMåned siden

    Hey Jgod can we have a updated video about the Fara and the new smg pretty plx?

  • silver chrome
    silver chromeMåned siden

    What about lc10

  • Mat PLJ
    Mat PLJMåned siden

    30 bullets only . Thanks but no thanks.

  • Samer Hasan
    Samer HasanMåned siden

    Fara83 belong to trash its unplayable

  • O 8A
    O 8AMåned siden

    Can you try the Bruiser Grip, it was given a really good almost not recoil for me.!

  • Cristobal Ortiz
    Cristobal OrtizMåned siden

    NOprojects need to do better and stop recommending these videos so late. 5 days later im just watching this thinking j God just didn't wanna help me out lmao

  • myfriendjustin Plays
    myfriendjustin PlaysMåned siden

    Vrishab 73 copied your nutshell!!!

    TOOTIEEXPERT508Måned siden

    Do you think the attachments are inaccurate in multiplayer also?

  • Samuel Salazar
    Samuel SalazarMåned siden

    in my opinion i use it as an smg great vids man

  • Josey Wales
    Josey WalesMåned siden

    There’s no mention about muzzles. What’s the best muzzle for recoil control?

  • Th3_Watchman
    Th3_WatchmanMåned siden

    Imma spread the word out on this class setup. It almost makes the Fara 83 a laser. I'm still testing it out, but let me know what you guys think: Contour Barrel, Field agent grip, stanag 60 round (or 60 speed mag), airborne rear grip, and the Susat Multizoom. The recoil stabilizers are the field agent, airborne rear grip, and Susat Multizoom. It almost deletes that weird horizontal jump and keeps the recoil more vertical. Then the contour barrel gives you better damage and bullet velocity. The good substitute would be the ultralight. I hope this helps people to gain better kills at longer ranges.

  • Th3_Watchman


    Måned siden

    @Cyrus Her oh... And forgot to add that this is a solid setup until the agency/gru suppressor is fixed. At that point, you can probably swap more things out

  • Th3_Watchman


    Måned siden

    @Cyrus Her Yeah that's what you're sacrificing. But, it is not abysmal. You can change the field agent grip for SFOD Speedgrip that gives you an extra boost in mobility. Or if you do not like the Susat, you can opt that out for the KGB pad for a bigger boost. But, the Susat eliminates most of the vertical recoil. So, you can work around that platform of stability and put something else on it. But, that's what I've found that really works to control the recoil at longer ranges.

  • Cyrus Her

    Cyrus Her

    Måned siden

    Kinda slow for ads tbh but it’s good

  • aye brosiah
    aye brosiahMåned siden

    Sad the devs had to do the galil like this... its such an iconic gun in cod

  • John Paul Smithdeal
    John Paul SmithdealMåned siden

    Long story short: keep using the FFAR

  • shrmp boy
    shrmp boyMåned siden

    Kind of weird how the 19.5 liberator barrel isn’t available in Warzone without the Vulture Exo blueprint. Isn’t that pay to play because it makes a world of difference

  • hunnter45
    hunnter45Måned siden

    agency suppress? its gru

  • Just A Bad Gamer
    Just A Bad GamerMåned siden

    Didn't your last video basically say it was trash?

  • BenboFoSho
    BenboFoShoMåned siden

    LMFAO I was streaming and using this for the first time trying to rank the gun up, and I kept shooting EVERYWHERE but the target, I looked like a right noob, no wonder why. That H recoil is AAAAWFUL! I was like 'I'm not this bad honest' HAHAHA

  • A MC
    A MCMåned siden

    Like goal 7k? [laughs in 21k] *at the time* JGOD you're the best, we'd be lost without you.

  • José Correa
    José CorreaMåned siden

    no no, is trash. Come on!

  • Averell Berlin
    Averell BerlinMåned siden

    So by insane you mean worst than the FFAR by all means?

  • DarkFire_Gaming
    DarkFire_GamingMåned siden

    Stop saying it meta they might nerf it

  • Kent Wong
    Kent WongMåned siden

    Wanna know which barrel has the longest effect damage range

  • Kent Wong
    Kent WongMåned siden

    Waiting for the range of FARA

  • MONSTA 23
    MONSTA 23Måned siden

    mine as well use the bullfrog

  • flashback5391
    flashback5391Måned siden

    This gun is really good in cold war. The lc-10 is 100% broken op in Cold War. Would love to see your take.

  • Conor Condon
    Conor CondonMåned siden

    u lose all credibility when u have oden ahead of the kilo

  • JGOD


    Måned siden

    What are you talking about? The chart is just ttk. Maybe you missed that part 🤣🤣🤣. Its not a personally ranking, that's just solely on data without any other factors. Kilo is obviously more practical. ☠☠☠

  • Kyle Kelsoe
    Kyle KelsoeMåned siden

    Does the list say the AS VAL is number 1?

  • LunkvanTrunk
    LunkvanTrunkMåned siden

    You don't need these sensational headlines, the gun is mediocre.

  • Crown Gemini
    Crown GeminiMåned siden

    So Groza can probably be a good secondary for the TTK mid to close range? If so I would definitely run it for a change of scenery

  • Dijon
    DijonMåned siden

    The liberator barrel helps bullet velocity not the ultralight. There is no ranger barrel bro.

  • Pedro
    PedroMåned siden

    What’s a good secondary to run with this ?

  • Jordan Vernon
    Jordan VernonMåned siden

    no muzzle?

  • Careless
    CarelessMåned siden

    Will we replace the ember for the agency once its fixed?

  • Chris CY
    Chris CYMåned siden

    What is best barrel for mac now?

  • Mr Brizzol
    Mr BrizzolMåned siden

    I don’t understand videos like this, the gun is woeful

  • SevaLux
    SevaLuxMåned siden

    So anyone else notice that in warzone, the fara uses the nato stuff like agency suppressor, socom eliminator, field agent etc. But in cold war the fara uses GRU, spetznaz, KGB, etc. Ah call of duty, where nothing makes any sense.

  • Darren Wolf
    Darren WolfMåned siden

    So no agency suppressor?

  • rybobuno
    rybobunoMåned siden

    The gun feels so much different in black ops

  • EarnestSeeker
    EarnestSeekerMåned siden

    CW snipers got murdered too, maybe no glint but the Tundra and the Pellington pretty much became useless...

  • Mr. Pomato
    Mr. PomatoMåned siden

    I'm looking for attachment guide and here I see numbers and numbers and number.... Blah blah blah! Just show us your attachment guide ffs!

  • Tyonic mAge
    Tyonic mAgeMåned siden

    Lc 10

  • TypicalExGaming
    TypicalExGamingMåned siden

    Subscribed. 🤙🏻

  • Cedar
    CedarMåned siden

    Why did JGOD not put a muzzle on the FARA?

  • Chris Sharples
    Chris SharplesMåned siden

    Interesting to see how different jgod and true game data’s test results are

  • hoffybeefe
    hoffybeefeMåned siden

    You say they messed up with the Agency Suppressor but i think thats better. Its more balanced instead of everyone being able to just whack on everything thats a positive with no negatives. Thats what i liked about the original COD4:MW. If you wanted to be stealthy you had to accept the tradeoffs and then be able to play to their strengths. In MW2019 everyone just jumps around like a rabbit with zero negatives in every gun attachment. So i say its a good thing.

  • Greedy ASS K3V
    Greedy ASS K3VMåned siden

    Give this man his likes n subs the work he does for us warzone players deserves more support

  • Richard Payne
    Richard PayneMåned siden

    If you can control the recoil its a peach of a gun. Subbed for factual review

  • Seenalot
    SeenalotMåned siden

    JGOD, if you would use that s.rap, you would know that the iron sight is a nightmare when you aiming to head. After the 2nd bullet you lose the target. When you put any kind of acog on it you lose the third part of bottom because the iron sight cover it. The gun has an unmanageable recoil and fcking slow fire rate. Better option to use the Krig or AK.

  • Matias Torres
    Matias TorresMåned siden

    Fara 83 Vs Ffar?

  • Rodrigo Ferreira
    Rodrigo FerreiraMåned siden

    you cant use that gun in MW? can you

  • Globz Gaming
    Globz GamingMåned siden

    FFAR is still the play

  • Globz Gaming
    Globz GamingMåned siden

    Agency suppresser is GARBAGE i refuse to use it. Lol

  • DJ Rodgers
    DJ RodgersMåned siden

    so what's the best secondary weapon for this weapon?

  • Zakhariya
    ZakhariyaMåned siden

    J , you rush that one? Or are u hiding something????

  • Zach Thielbar
    Zach ThielbarMåned siden

    I’m not using an unsilenced gun it WZ lol

  • Nikson Thomas
    Nikson ThomasMåned siden

    How do you level up guns quick?

  • andreskill 16
    andreskill 16Måned siden

    6:25 wtf was that XD

  • H apellon
    H apellonMåned siden


  • Mat_Trev1
    Mat_Trev1Måned siden

    This gun is good in cold war but plays poor in warzone

  • MATLOCO 900
    MATLOCO 900Måned siden

    🇦🇷The FARA 83 is an original Argentine weapon that was created in 1983 to replace the FN FAL, which is also in warzone.🇦🇷

  • Matias Goncalves

    Matias Goncalves

    11 timer siden

    El fal es belga, esta si es Nacional

  • Drink Some

    Drink Some

    13 dager siden

    @FM true

  • FM


    13 dager siden

    @Drink Some Honestly it's not really a Galil on the inside, it's a mishmash of AR-15, FAL and Galil inspirations. Only the early prototypes used Beretta magazines, apparently. The ones that have made their way to the Middle East do not accept AR-70 mags.

  • Drink Some

    Drink Some

    Måned siden

    Yeah but it's basically a ripoff Galil with beretta magazines.

  • FAZE 200

    FAZE 200

    Måned siden

    🇦🇷Argentinaaaaaaaa🇦🇷💪, Best gun

  • Sebastien L.
    Sebastien L.Måned siden in short, it sucks 😕

  • Jon Glenn
    Jon GlennMåned siden


  • Jon Glenn

    Jon Glenn

    Måned siden

    Cold War multiplayer attachments are different

  • Jon Glenn
    Jon GlennMåned siden

    The attachments are different on Cold War multiple

  • tristan like man
    tristan like manMåned siden

    gotta respect this man

  • Graham Knode
    Graham KnodeMåned siden

    The only reason I don’t sub is cause I hate when he tells us the percentage of those who haven’t subbed to him.

  • Mirel Cristian
    Mirel CristianMåned siden

    I don‘t understand why we have the cold war weapons in warzone...since the implementation the game it‘s so trash....they buff them then they nerf them ,i wtf its going on

  • M27 ZERO
    M27 ZEROMåned siden

    The new smg is sadly kinda disappointing. It is a *burst*

  • Cyrus Her

    Cyrus Her

    Måned siden

    No it’s not

  • Matthias Wally
    Matthias WallyMåned siden


  • SvM EvilStoner
    SvM EvilStonerMåned siden

    If 50% of us aren't subscribed that means 80% of your subscribers aren't watching your video.

  • Gijs Jager
    Gijs JagerMåned siden

    Could you by any change share that sheet with me? I tried to find it online but it doesn't match the awesomeness of yours or is totally out dated 😕

  • Adan Accinelli
    Adan AccinelliMåned siden

    does anyone know that website that tells you the stats of every gun and you can compare it to other guns

  • Zane777
    Zane777Måned siden

    What if you ran compensator?

  • Pete Walton
    Pete WaltonMåned siden

    The guns recoil ruined it for me

  • Dripped_Bullzeye
    Dripped_BullzeyeMåned siden

    Jgod I am just wondering does the multi zoom scope help recoil because when using it it feels like it has less

  • coolbeans
    coolbeansMåned siden

    TGD have testen them and They actually only have cons. Acording to his data.

  • Agazy Abraham
    Agazy AbrahamMåned siden

    we are nothing without jgod

  • Daniel O'reilly
    Daniel O'reillyMåned siden

    I have this gun leveled up to the mid 30s so far and it shreds anything within that 60 meters range over that range you can’t hit the side of a barn. I had so pretty good games with it in CW multiplayer. I use it in short bursts. Had good luck with it that way. Don’t know if I wanna try it in WZ just yet.

  • DR R
    DR RMåned siden

    Quick question so does the agency suppressor affect all guns in Warzone is it giving them all a 40% minus to the Bulova last year or is it just this con specifically? Thanks for the videos Jay great job

  • Scootaloo 2.0
    Scootaloo 2.0Måned siden


  • skyhawk311
    skyhawk311Måned siden

    His recoil is off and bad because he didn’t use a muzzle! With a muzzle, barrel, optic, ammo and grip tape, the recoil is as good as ffar.. This gun is just slower and heavier. Land upper body shots though and guess what.... Edit yes don’t use the last two options for muzzles... when ranked up or is it last three or four...

  • A Holla
    A HollaMåned siden

    Where can I find that document stat sheet? Thanks for all your hard work.

  • JOE B
    JOE BMåned siden

    I hit the like button right when the video starts because I know all of his videos are informative, fun, entertaining, and USEFUL! Keep it up JGOD, I truly love your videos.

    GANGLAND STEPPAMåned siden

    This gun has a really weird recoil pattern

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter GamingMåned siden

    *Jgods NOprojects channel may as well be a resumè for call of duty delvelopment*