Mr & Mr: Phil Foden & Raheem Sterling

Mr & Mr: Phil Foden & Raheem Sterling

Who's the best trainer? Who runs the most? Worst haircut? Best at FIFA? Some of the questions that were asked of Manchester City and England's Phil Foden in 'Mr & Mr'!

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  • Vanilla Nice
    Vanilla NiceMåned siden

    For those of you who don't know Lloyd Christmas is Jim Carrey's character in Dumb & Dumber and the comparison is on point.

  • SayZowi


    Måned siden

    I just googled it and they resemblance is mad🤣

  • Happy NK

    Happy NK

    Måned siden

    Hard to believe he managed so many goals with his shooting disrespect meant !!

  • Richard Fontaine

    Richard Fontaine

    Måned siden

    These two will play against Croatia

  • 3allz


    Måned siden

    so strange. ive just been talking to my fifa mates on discord about how he looks like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber then I come to YT and find this video lol.

  • KTZ Noah
    KTZ Noah9 dager siden

    Raheem said Phil don’t pass the ball 😂😂😂

  • Dollie
    Dollie9 dager siden

    5:14 the way he says Raheem 😩

  • pippo scar
    pippo scar13 dager siden

    It’s coming Rome

  • Lissy J
    Lissy J13 dager siden

    If only Phil was that confident to take a penalty in the euro final

  • Hereisa jakualin
    Hereisa jakualin14 dager siden

    1:49 and who was bloody injured?

  • Hye-Marie
    Hye-Marie14 dager siden

    “Whuuuw is the quickest?” Is just so funny to me

  • sienna rielle
    sienna rielle15 dager siden

    i love how humble they both are i have to much respect for both off them, real men

  • Is my banner black or red
    Is my banner black or red15 dager siden

    i’m american idk how i got here but why’s no one talking about how fine the guy on the left is

  • Mockingjay25


    12 dager siden

    The entire UK is

  • Orla McPherson

    Orla McPherson

    15 dager siden

    Trust, everyone does 😭

  • Rxshford YT
    Rxshford YT15 dager siden

    Watching this after the penalty misses and still don’t understand why sterling doesn’t want pens and would rather have foden take them

  • 2239jules


    13 dager siden

    Confidence. Foden is only young & hasn't learnt how scary life can be yet.

  • Andy Jepson
    Andy Jepson15 dager siden

    Phil is such a humble guy. Gonna be a legend by the time he is 28 and my money is on him being city’s most decorated player for a long time when he hangs his boots up

  • 2239jules


    13 dager siden

    Yeah, he's lives near me & everyone says, what u see is what u get. Big hearted & always has a football on him.

  • Nokubonga Ngcobo
    Nokubonga Ngcobo15 dager siden

    The thumbnail is soooo misleading

  • Neve ASMR
    Neve ASMR 16 dager siden

    Phil is actually gorgeous Edit: Omg 59 likes for this cmmt 😭

  • Neve ASMR

    Neve ASMR

    12 dager siden

    How he is beauty 😭

  • Olothando Nkonjane

    Olothando Nkonjane

    12 dager siden

    Very sus

  • Brandon Graham
    Brandon Graham16 dager siden

    Should’ve had FODEN take a PK today. He’s a problem innit

  • Saraa Mwah

    Saraa Mwah

    16 dager siden

    @Shaniah Lee fr he’s bare young and under so much pressure southgate did him dirty

  • Shaniah Lee

    Shaniah Lee

    16 dager siden

    It was a poor choice to let saka take the final most important one

  • Boughatii Lovren
    Boughatii Lovren17 dager siden

    What are they wearing ?

  • Brad the lad
    Brad the lad17 dager siden

    Even Sterling knows Foden is seriously talented But Sterling is faster still fam What about Rashford doe ehh Man is an baller

  • Natural Bby x
    Natural Bby x19 dager siden

    5:13 THAT WINK!!!

  • Saraa Mwah

    Saraa Mwah

    16 dager siden


  • Natural Bby x
    Natural Bby x19 dager siden

    Raz had so much energy in this interview. It was like he was sitting next to his lil bro!

  • Natural Bby x

    Natural Bby x

    13 dager siden

    @Shannon Paige aww heyyy

  • Shannon Paige

    Shannon Paige

    14 dager siden

    I keep seeing you on loads of football videos and I love it 😭 hey

  • azara _
    azara _20 dager siden

    They’re friendships golden

  • saejin’s sexy slut
    saejin’s sexy slut20 dager siden

    foden can literally stomp on me and ill still beg him to have my kids

  • moka


    10 dager siden

    RIGHT AND FODEN WITH HIS BLONDE HAIR??? hes so damn fine

  • user6960 _

    user6960 _

    11 dager siden


  • Riyad Clarke868
    Riyad Clarke86823 dager siden


  • Dwight Semple
    Dwight SempleMåned siden

    Lloyd Christmas from dumb and dumber 😂😂😂😂

  • Casaine ♪
    Casaine ♪Måned siden

    It’s actually Slowthai and Lil Tjay

  • Liam Burrow
    Liam BurrowMåned siden

    Sterling just dosent shoot tho

  • Jonas Asare
    Jonas AsareMåned siden

    Foden sounds like mason mount

  • rbd oconnor
    rbd oconnorMåned siden

    Raheem is modest

    Tumo KGOSIEMANGMåned siden

    What's with the thumbnail

  • Giorgio Ryan
    Giorgio RyanMåned siden

    This channel needs a proper editor if it wants to grow

  • Dragon 11

    Dragon 11

    9 dager siden

    Don’t forget, not all channels need editors. I respect your opinion, but I don’t personally agree with it

  • Dollie


    9 dager siden


  • Nokubonga Ngcobo

    Nokubonga Ngcobo

    15 dager siden


  • Husain Ahmed

    Husain Ahmed

    Måned siden


  • Cam Lehial
    Cam LehialMåned siden

    What’s with the awful camera on just the host. Nobody cares about the host

  • D _
    D _Måned siden


  • Jack Ward
    Jack WardMåned siden

    Raheem strikes me as one of those really quietly sensitive people aha. Seems like a proper nice guy.

  • LakersXWFT
    LakersXWFTMåned siden

    Wait does sterling actually speak French it was he waffling ?

  • jay_ferry


    15 dager siden

    He spoke French very well.

  • Cntrrl
    CntrrlMåned siden

    0:05 please don’t promote clips that have people saying God’s name in vain

    PSY-LIONMåned siden

    Whats up with that thumbnail? wtf

  • Bay Area Native
    Bay Area NativeMåned siden


  • William Tapping
    William TappingMåned siden

    Couldn't make out if it were mr & mr or mrs & mrs

  • Hey Stacy Look What You’re doing to me
    Hey Stacy Look What You’re doing to meMåned siden

    Raheem Sterling has a massive forehead it’s genetic he’s African

  • Lil Aze
    Lil AzeMåned siden

    Sterling, victim of his own standards 😔

  • 133
    133Måned siden

    Sterling ended up getting more goals and assist 🏆

  • Bob Ronaldo
    Bob RonaldoMåned siden

    The intro really made me think they were fighting 😂😂😂😂

  • Victor Eke
    Victor EkeMåned siden

    Sterlings voice is deeper than I thought

  • incog
    incogMåned siden

    I remember getting compared to lloyd christmas.. the crop cut doesnt do you justice for that..

  • Thebigrootfamily
    ThebigrootfamilyMåned siden

    What’s with the gay connection?

  • Berg10Kamp
    Berg10KampMåned siden

    I love how Raheem was hyping up Phil and encouraging him to be more confident especially since the media portrays him as this monster diva who only cares about himself

  • It’sjustchloe


    9 dager siden

    @Blk Barbie how

  • Gency Daudencia

    Gency Daudencia

    11 dager siden

    @Blk Barbie not that i am saying it's right but he us human and that his personal life whether it's wrong or right lets not pretend we are perfect by pointing other's personal flaws or mistakes. Know the difference between his personal life and public for no invasion of his privacy for bith raheem or Phil as that's the stupid media excuse when there should be a limit. It's for his girlfriend to be mad and point out and not for us to do so rather we should point when they have bad games without abusing or attacking them either but simply critising their performances. I hate the toxicity of the English media honestly and people still buy that nonsense especially the sun, express, daily mail (the English one) and mirror.

  • Blk Barbie

    Blk Barbie

    13 dager siden

    What Phil? He cheated on his baby mother

  • Natural Bby x

    Natural Bby x

    19 dager siden

    @Devin which Raz is not!!

  • Devin


    Måned siden

    @Super saiyan duck drama queen/poor attitude

  • Nick Newman
    Nick NewmanMåned siden

    Lloyd Christmas

  • New Guardz
    New GuardzMåned siden

    Lloyd Christmas!!😭🤣😭🤣🤣😭

  • Nasheeth Abdul Majeed
    Nasheeth Abdul MajeedMåned siden

    The thumbnail makes them look like a gay couple.

  • Shevon Edwards

    Shevon Edwards

    15 dager siden

    Yeah and that pisses me off.

  • Natural Bby x
    Natural Bby xMåned siden


  • CJK
    CJKMåned siden

    What kind of guy title is this?

  • M
    MMåned siden

    Dreadful sound quality

  • Zxenon Nemrod
    Zxenon NemrodMåned siden

    Sterling, "je parle français", " Angleterre" 😂

  • Ayaa


    28 dager siden


  • John Stevens
    John StevensMåned siden

    Foden is better than Sterling not just with football but with attitude!

  • John Stevens

    John Stevens

    Måned siden

    @Oronde White yep, still better!

  • Oronde White

    Oronde White

    Måned siden

    not even close pipe down

  • Binura Damayantha

    Binura Damayantha

    Måned siden


  • John Musk
    John MuskMåned siden

    Great banter lads😎

  • ClipZz
    ClipZzMåned siden

    Lloyd Christmas 🤣🤣

  • John Murphy
    John MurphyMåned siden

    I cant believe raheem says he passes the ball more than foden. Raheem is clearly a manchild.

  • John Murphy

    John Murphy

    20 dager siden

    @Sweetermansdan as shankly said: some people think football is a matter of life and death, but i can assure you, its much more serious than that.

  • Sweetermansdan


    20 dager siden

    Your taking this way to seriously dude

  • James


    23 dager siden

    He did nothing but big up foden the whole video, just a bit of banter

  • John Murphy

    John Murphy

    Måned siden

    Its just aswell i dont throw adjectives around as good as i apparently do oxymorons.

  • John Murphy

    John Murphy

    Måned siden

    @Dequan M Sealey i did today man, finally, still cant believe what raheem said tho. Mayb its the fact he has multiple kids with multiple women, or he abuses women, shit, im obviously still not calm.

  • Andy O'tam
    Andy O'tamMåned siden

    To be honest Raheem just need a very loving coach. He is a v good player.

  • Ace


    Måned siden

    @J. A. Exactly

  • J. A.

    J. A.

    Måned siden

    Pep played him even in a Champions League final although he was not in a good form, you can't trust someone more than Pep did since 2016 after the Euros

  • Alex Hindes
    Alex HindesMåned siden


  • Bupe Prosper Simfukwe
    Bupe Prosper SimfukweMåned siden

    Mason Greenwood???

  • Malachi Francis
    Malachi FrancisMåned siden

    For every question it was just Phil Phil Phil 😂😂

  • Callum Senior
    Callum SeniorMåned siden

    My money's on Phil Foden to beat Raheem Sterling on FIFA

  • Mani


    Måned siden

    Nah Raheem

  • Kish Patel
    Kish PatelMåned siden

    Sterling seems sour man

  • linds


    18 dager siden

    how he was the complete opposite💀💀💀

  • Simon
    SimonMåned siden

    pair of clowns!

    SMOKEYMåned siden

    Sterling: You don't pass the ball I mean after that miss against Lyon I don't think anyone would wanna pass you the ball 😂

  • Marshal


    Måned siden

    Still talking about that miss that happened nearly a year ago 😂😂

  • JoelExpertPes JoelProFootballer

    JoelExpertPes JoelProFootballer

    Måned siden

    😂😂🤣ikr Sterling out!!!!!!!

  • Rohith Raman

    Rohith Raman

    Måned siden

    Well after his miss against Lyon I think we all wrote Harry Kane apology letters for slating him after not passing against Croatia 😂😂

  • Ronaldo Eugene

    Ronaldo Eugene

    Måned siden


  • Zxenon Nemrod

    Zxenon Nemrod

    Måned siden


  • SamCH 2001
    SamCH 2001Måned siden

    The both are very boring not like when Jamie Vardy does this and it’s like a comedy show

  • Star Wonder
    Star WonderMåned siden


  • Star Wonder
    Star WonderMåned siden


  • Robot Buddy
    Robot BuddyMåned siden

    Camera work is shit

  • Tim Ser
    Tim SerMåned siden

    Phil is so full of himself

  • _citynight_


    20 dager siden

    he’s literally not

  • Ave Jaly

    Ave Jaly

    22 dager siden

    Far from it

  • Natural Bby x

    Natural Bby x

    Måned siden

    Not at all...he’s so humble

  • Herson Nuvunga
    Herson NuvungaMåned siden

    wait what? FOden is faster than Sterling?

  • Ollie W

    Ollie W

    Måned siden


  • ALTT7


    Måned siden


  • ssaamira liban

    ssaamira liban

    Måned siden

    Yeah wtf

  • s.c95
    s.c95Måned siden

    2 fools

  • Mega Quinn
    Mega QuinnMåned siden

    4:33 “I’m not riyad” 😂

  • Riyad Clarke868

    Riyad Clarke868

    23 dager siden

    My name is Riyad and Foden did not lie lmfaooo

  • Toro


    Måned siden

    wonder how mahrez would feel watching this🤣🤣

  • Jake Paul is a pu55y

    Jake Paul is a pu55y

    Måned siden

    Id just like you guys to confirm for me, you guys losr your parents early?

  • Selloane Khumalo

    Selloane Khumalo

    Måned siden

    @jegzz underrated reply to a reply to a reply to a reply to a reply to this comment

  • Jegzz


    Måned siden

    @Bubba 17 underrated reply to a reply to a reply to a reply to a comment

  • jack gunn
    jack gunnMåned siden

    camera and audio is shocking here

  • Zakariah Borenyi
    Zakariah BorenyiMåned siden

    I’ve been trying to tell my friends City players are gay now they have no choice but to listen to me

  • Stewart Wilson
    Stewart WilsonMåned siden

    Foden will be player of tournament. Best young talent in Europe

  • James


    23 dager siden

    It’s been Sterling so far

  • Jason Velasquez

    Jason Velasquez

    Måned siden

    @Fahim Ahmed only Kane the rest are meh in reality

  • Stewart Wilson

    Stewart Wilson

    Måned siden

    The kid is just exciting on the ball.. always looks dangerous. Absolute pleasure to watch him play. And buzzing hes English 🥳🥳

  • Raheemy42


    Måned siden

    @Fahim Ahmed foden is a talent as he has fulfilled his pott

  • Fahim Ahmed

    Fahim Ahmed

    Måned siden

    Sancho, Grealish Kane are average?

  • Sean 1997
    Sean 1997Måned siden

    Jesus why would you record this in October Nd not post it till now!

  • Dave Uche

    Dave Uche

    Måned siden

    This is a repost it was posted donkeys ago

  • Jasper Hopkins
    Jasper HopkinsMåned siden

    what a shit interview

  • Antonia Prince
    Antonia PrinceMåned siden

    Did Raheem say Phil doesn't pass the ball... well I guess he'd know about that. Lol

  • Frankie Morrissette

    Frankie Morrissette

    Måned siden

    sterling does pass the ball what are you on about

  • Mancmac
    MancmacMåned siden

    Raz has some issues. Needs to chill out. All of these interviews by him he come across like a dick

  • Terrell Mitchel
    Terrell MitchelMåned siden

    Quality content.

  • Omar Abdallah
    Omar AbdallahMåned siden

    Wow sterling talking about passing the ball

  • mrlegkick666
    mrlegkick666Måned siden

    Lloyd Christmas 🤣🤣🤣 sterling maybe a bottler but that insult was a critical blow. Hopefully he'll change his hair style after this

  • Rob W
    Rob WMåned siden

    Scotlands coming to get ye 👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • @CFCMoi11
    @CFCMoi11Måned siden

    Sterling can frustrate you as a player but he deserves respect for scoring 20 goals for three consecutive seasons

  • linds


    18 dager siden

    @Julian Banks 💯

  • Jess P

    Jess P

    18 dager siden

    @mykz agree 👍

  • Julian Banks

    Julian Banks

    19 dager siden

    @Seyam Rahman Still hiding loser?

  • saejin’s sexy slut

    saejin’s sexy slut

    20 dager siden

    @Gouboi gaming he’s not bad do u even watch football

  • saejin’s sexy slut

    saejin’s sexy slut

    20 dager siden

    @Gouboi gaming he’s not bad do u even watch football

  • Tarik Mahri
    Tarik MahriMåned siden

    lol I'm not Riyad. Now i know why they don't pass to Mahrez

  • Paul Cris

    Paul Cris

    20 dager siden


  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy CoolMåned siden

    Remember this video everyone because in 5 years time Foden will be world class but Sterling won't even be playing at the top level.

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy CoolMåned siden

    Sterling is probably on the decline like a lot of players like him. When the pace goes it's over.

  • Sweetermansdan


    20 dager siden

    @Daddy Cool how bout now

  • Daddy Cool

    Daddy Cool

    23 dager siden

    @James Yeh I was wrong. I love him now.

  • James


    23 dager siden

    Here after he’s been England’s stand out player in the euros

  • The black Unicorn

    The black Unicorn

    Måned siden

    @Daddy Cool I can see why Southgate played Sterling tbh. He’s not consistent but I feel it was the pace they needed on the wing as Grealish doesn’t give that aspect. Hopefully he starts Grealish and my thinking is he will play him in Fodens role on the right. But I think it’s safe to say England have a nice bench for discussion.

  • ot


    Måned siden

    @Daddy Cool stop hating .lol he scored support him. Just cuz ur on minimum wage watching him on bbc sports hating😂😂🤭

  • DomTheOmnic
    DomTheOmnicMåned siden

    the presenter is horrific... sterling don't rate him

  • Max Hampson
    Max HampsonMåned siden

    People need to know that this must have been filmed like 6/7 months ago

  • Esther koduah

    Esther koduah

    Måned siden

    @John Musk samw

  • John Musk

    John Musk

    Måned siden

    Oh me thinking was in the england camp

  • Fahim


    Måned siden

    @KrabbyPattyEater You missed the joke

  • Fahim


    Måned siden

    @Roman Watson What year in 2021?

  • KrabbyPattyEater


    Måned siden

    @Roman Watson nah it was filmed in 2020

  • G4L Videos
    G4L VideosMåned siden

    Early gang love the vid 💙💙💙💙



    Måned siden


  • Katerina Petrova
    Katerina PetrovaMåned siden

    “You don’t pass the ball” how ironic......

  • Ryan Cummins

    Ryan Cummins

    Måned siden

    Shut up!!!!!

  • EthAgamer
    EthAgamerMåned siden

    One of the must underrated players in the league and Phil Foden

  • Andy Jepson

    Andy Jepson

    15 dager siden

    @Johnny Ola nonsense

  • Andy Jepson

    Andy Jepson

    15 dager siden

    Raheem is marmite - he splits opinion

  • DragonRiders


    Måned siden

    @EthAgamer he was overrated by English media, who were valuating him at 200 mln or something. Like more than neymar lol. Now he's underrated, as everyone hates him for no reason. Truth is he's always been in-between, but football fans will always exaggerate, good or bad

  • EthAgamer


    Måned siden

    @Katerina Petrova you calling him overrated is proving my point

  • Katerina Petrova

    Katerina Petrova

    Måned siden


  • Tahmid Ahmed
    Tahmid AhmedMåned siden

    *Sterling is JEALOUS of What Foden is doing*

  • Koloviv48i


    17 dager siden

    Naaaaaaaaah, that's false Raheem just trying to be modest that's all.

  • linds


    18 dager siden

    LMAO u ppl are delusional

  • Joe Sheridan

    Joe Sheridan

    22 dager siden

    @Oronde White Completely agree

  • Oronde White

    Oronde White

    Måned siden

    how did you get jealousy from this?! I got a big brother tryna boost his little brother vibe from this. Yall try to create a negative narrative with everything ffs.

  • Natural Bby x

    Natural Bby x

    Måned siden

    Nahhhh he keeps shouting him out for things he does good😭😅😅

    NOOR AHMEDMåned siden

    Sterling if cant Finish Sterling is Finished

  • yemmydboss


    Måned siden

    Sterling is still a better finisher than Mahrez

  • Viking Myoozik

    Viking Myoozik

    Måned siden

    Every player go throught a bad time dont say that....worst if you r a city fan....

  • bukho Qwase
    bukho QwaseMåned siden

    Sterling doesn't pass

  • kun mwas
    kun mwasMåned siden

    Phil is better than Raheem this season....He should continue keeping eyes on's his golden chance

  • Zahra Jaffer
    Zahra JafferMåned siden

    love these two 🤩

  • Richard Juukovsky
    Richard JuukovskyMåned siden

    Great to see the players getting on, but it's concerning that the racially motivated energy of the press is reaching the England camp so much that a junior player that has only just entered his club team and national team talked of Henderson and Kane who share one league title, one champions league title and two or three other cups between them as the players of experience in the England squad, and left out a player in the team who has won young 'world' player of the year, 3 Premier League Championships, 5 league cups, 1 FA Cup and 2 charity shields. Of course the young player isn't racist, but he does not realise he is believing or being influenced by the racially motivated influences and path of thinking of a racist press to make such a glaring error of judgment that can only be motivated by racism, much as other black reporters who make the same mistake of falling into the same trap subconsciously encouraged by the pay packets they fear they may lose if they do not. Only a black player in an England team can win so many honours as one of the main forces in a consecutively successful club team of the highest quality of players year after year and then find himself disregarded by the press as insignificant and still having to prove his worth in the squad let alone in the team or be seen as one of the experienced players of importance. Seems to me that deep down the English press or important elements of them would rather lose with no black players in the England team than win a competition with a black player in it. Most of all, it is clear national tournament after national tournament that they will use every ounce of their power to ensure that if there is an England success they will be damned if a black player will be seen as a player whose great contribution helped achieve that success preferring England won nothing at all than see a black player succeed to such a great level for England. It is here with the press and how they contaminate the minds of the players that the England manager faces his greatest battle in trying to nurture a successful England team. Can you imagine a white English player winning young 'world' player of the year, 3 Premier League Championships, 5 league cups, 1 FA Cup and 2 charity shields, probably as many trophies as the rest of the national team put together, and then finding himself in the middle of a debate by the media, and then fans unknowingly influenced by the media, on whether he should be in the national team or one of the first players on the team sheet. It is shocking!

  • mrlegkick666


    Måned siden

    @K 98 no.. I dont think I will

  • K 98

    K 98

    Måned siden

    @mrlegkick666 shut up man

  • mrlegkick666


    Måned siden

    @K 98 he's just not that great u need to get over it

  • K 98

    K 98

    Måned siden

    When he was on form he was still getting shat on regularly. This Idea that he has to perform well to avoid scrutiny is bs. He's had to play with so much pressure on him since he was 17.

  • K 98

    K 98

    Måned siden

    You don't think the hate and harassment sterling gets affects his form?

  • we Snooker
    we SnookerMåned siden

    I’m not Riyad HAHAHAHAH 😂

  • we Snooker
    we SnookerMåned siden

    Sterling’s won a cup with a penalty

  • we Snooker

    we Snooker

    Måned siden

    @Neymar the golden boy but he’s 1/1 on penalties to win a cup

  • Neymar the golden boy

    Neymar the golden boy

    Måned siden

    So what? He’s missed loads so you’d never be confident with him taking it.

  • Samir


    Måned siden

    I was just gonna say 💀

  • Phú Trần
    Phú TrầnMåned siden