Motorcycle Airbags Exist - But No One Uses Them?


Airbags are a no-brainer in cars. But the case is not so cut-and-dry on motorcycles. Here’s why airbags haven’t reached mainstream adoption on motorcycles.
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Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket :
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  • Stephen Custance
    Stephen Custance3 timer siden

    Helite now do a new model called Helite e Turtle 2 will you be testing this.

  • Marcus Chute
    Marcus ChuteDag siden

    I was playing krunker while watching this and got very thrown off by the stick keys sfx hahha

  • Zool Helmi
    Zool Helmi2 dager siden

    I just watch few of your vid and subscribed... Good information though..

  • JuFo2707
    JuFo27072 dager siden

    Helite also offers full jackets with the airbag inside. I've been wearing one of those for close to 4 years now and it probably saved my life.

  • NonexistentCheese
    NonexistentCheese2 dager siden

    They need to make the helite turtle come in different colors because god knows people are gonna feel like idiots riding around in a bright yellow vest

  • joe jack
    joe jack2 dager siden

    Is Helite Turtle Airbag usable in a car during an accident?

  • Daddy Nv
    Daddy Nv2 dager siden

    At this point Its just the personality im here for great job

  • ImaCoward124
    ImaCoward1242 dager siden

    Theres a difference between requiring it in a car vs requiring it with a motorcycle. In the car doesnt really affect the drivers wallet. There are $15k cars brand new with airbags. A requirement on motorcyclists would impact the riders wallet. The bike manufacturer cant do anything since its two wheels and it wont matter since youll be off the bike in a second. These are not cheap. Plus, there would be no way to reliably enforce it. If i am wearing a jacket, there is no way a cop can tell i am not wearing an airbag jacket, or wearing one underneath. Plus, there are still multiple states that do not even require riders to wear helmets.

  • Iris Alm
    Iris Alm3 dager siden

    I LOVE your videos, and this. Was. Perfection. Exactly what I needed, the information was perfect, thank you! You recommend the Helite Turtle tethered vest, but I've been looking at the (tethered) Helite GP Air because my suit has a back hump. Any thoughts? I'm assuming that tethered vests can be used when horse riding too (for all us horse riding motorcyclists:) Thanks so much again for all this absolutely amazing content 🌸🤗

  • Howard Miller
    Howard Miller3 dager siden

    I checked them out but they cost so much I couldn’t afford them so I decided to wait until the price comes down.

  • Th3 GrandCOsmic
    Th3 GrandCOsmic3 dager siden

    Don’t know why this was in my recommended don’t have a bike but I good video

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M3 dager siden

    'Buy this crap now because our nanny overlords will force us to anyway.' How about just getting rid of the nanny overlords? Anyone?

  • Edward Yang
    Edward Yang4 dager siden

    Thanks Ryan and the production team at Fortnine. Just placed my order today for a Hit-air safety vest

  • Andy Bacon
    Andy Bacon4 dager siden

    They say best way to get car drivers to drive carefully would be to fit a 6" spike on the steering wheel! If we remove too much risk from motorcycles, we become immune and just ride them even faster? 😊

  • Hrbi
    Hrbi4 dager siden

    what if you get a airbag helmet that blows a bubble downwards and basicaly holds your neck in by pressing against your sholders

  • Igmantis
    Igmantis5 dager siden

    Youd look a lot cooler if you got it in black tho

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter6 dager siden

    Matthias Meindl crash...Airbag did not open.....hahahahahah but he live.....

  • PMitchell106
    PMitchell1066 dager siden

    8:59 Riders choose against airbags primarily because of cost, inconvenience, or lack of awareness. Where is this "motorcyclists love danger" trope coming from?

  • San Diego MTB
    San Diego MTB7 dager siden

    I may be a month late but lent held me back from watching this on time. time to get caught up.

  • James Esparza
    James Esparza7 dager siden

    Pretty much all motorcycle gear cost the s*** ton. that's why I've been wearing the same crap helmet for 3 years now.

  • Terje Amundsen
    Terje Amundsen8 dager siden

    Great stuff! Could you guys do a video on the e-turtle 2? Definitely buying an airbag vest after watching this.

  • Diving Falcon FPV
    Diving Falcon FPV9 dager siden

    I want one in a nicer color

  • I Like Rocks

    I Like Rocks

    7 dager siden

    Spray paint or get it redone

  • Panos1972
    Panos19729 dager siden

    This thing protects your neck but not your arms or legs were the vast majority of riders get hurt. So it is really a one trick pony for a rather unusual,mostly urban scenario,as motorcycles do not crash head on on the highway or even on back roads.Padded jackets are more than enough,thank you very much. Those insufferable safety maniacs should take their obsession somewhere else as far as i am concerned.I personally had enough with them this year,along with many others.

  • Steven Stephan
    Steven Stephan9 dager siden

    Buddy of mine bought one. Looks nice, bright af, and it's comfortable. Gonna get one too as soon as I can afford one.

  • Luca C.
    Luca C.9 dager siden

    That "Will I go from zero to Dana White in one forgetful step?" truly is the most unappreciated underrated sentence of the last decade. Do not even try to change my mind.

  • Black Hammer
    Black Hammer9 dager siden

    We don’t need the airbags, we are the airbags.

  • ih302
    ih3029 dager siden

    That Honda ATC, I want it!

  • Daniel Garton
    Daniel Garton10 dager siden

    Hmmmm. I had half turned myself off the idea of a motorbike because of the safety risk. But watching this I feel safer already. Better rethink my next major purchase

  • Joseph Daggett
    Joseph Daggett10 dager siden

    They don't work unless you stay on the machine

  • Motopolis Guatemala
    Motopolis Guatemala11 dager siden

    Totalmente en desacuerdo, es una lástima, pensé en tus demás videos que tenías suficiente experiencia. Recuerda, en las motos existen, en su mayoría 3 puntos de impacto, el 1er es al caerte de la moto, ese impacto con tu “Airbag Conectado” si no te liberas de la moto no funciona de nada... 2do. Abrasión en el asfalto, si lograste liberarte o separarte de tu motocicleta tendrás esa protección del Airbag y por último el impacto final 3ero (no todas las veces lo vas a sufrir pero en su mayoría de casos si) vuelvo a lo mismo, si TU NO TE LIBERAS O SUELTAS DE LA MOTOCICLETA no estarás protegido. Ahora bien, el mundo de las motocicletas no está diseñado para “Comprar Cosas Baratas” y más cuando se trata de tu seguridad y protección. Me retiro con esta pregunta ¿Cuesta más un Airbag Electrónico que unas cuantas costillas quebradas? Saludos!

  • Giga Azzahrawani
    Giga Azzahrawani11 dager siden

    I just watched an ad for motorcycle airbag, and i don't even know how to ride a motorcycle. Thats how good the video is...

  • gareth mayfield
    gareth mayfield11 dager siden

    Thank you, that was very informative. I was going to buy the Dianase airbag jacket. Helite here I come. perfect.

  • Not The weeknd • 25 years ago
    Not The weeknd • 25 years ago11 dager siden

    5:11-5:29 wrong site

  • GrooveSan
    GrooveSan11 dager siden

    good luck with remembering to detach that cord every time you get off the bike

  • Thomas Hairston
    Thomas Hairston12 dager siden

    I dont own a motorcycle yet but I want to get one soon and I want to be as safe as I can be. Will the airbags go off if I drop the bike? I feel like the airbag that is attached to the bike by a string would be more likely to go off vs the accelerometer but that one could still go off and I dont wanna have to pay or deal with the airbag everytime I drop the bike. Should I just wait until I drop my bike less to get the airbag?

  • Dodzilla D
    Dodzilla D12 dager siden

    Thank you but I'm not convinced enough to carry a highly pressurized CO2 tube on my chest. This thing will hit the bike and will be squeezed between me and the bike before I got launched and before the cable detachment. Moreover, I am really skeptical about the safety of the tube during hot summer days.

  • Ali H
    Ali H13 dager siden

    I don’t know a thing about motorcycles but I really enjoyed the confident, knowledgeable way this guy spoke as he compared the airbags at the end and the effortless way he presents.

  • Sven Høgdahl
    Sven Høgdahl13 dager siden

    Cudos to presenter for clear, concise and honest talk 🙌 I've used a Helite Turtle 2 the last three seasons here in Norway. Luckily I have yet to know if it works when I actually need it, but I can say that the tether thing is a nobrainer after a few rides. I was also immediately attracted to this simple and low-tech release mechanism - at least for now; I can inspect and verify very quickly that it's in good shape and "active". I admit that I don't use the vest when I do short rides around town, and on those occasions I just tuck away the tether under the seat. I use it on all highway or longer trips, and I even bought the Hi-Vis version. The point is that I almost never meet other bikers with one around here. I get that those dollars can be difficult for young riders to spend, but I highly recommend it. Be yourself and ride safely. PS: the low-vis version is just a safe ;)

  • SoCal Golf
    SoCal Golf13 dager siden

    Guys don’t even want to wear helmets or gear

  • SoCal Golf
    SoCal Golf13 dager siden

    May work well to protect your organs but your legs and arms are still going to get mangled , I think I rather be dead .

  • Average Ro
    Average Ro13 dager siden

    9:13 can someone tell me where this music is from please? i want the full soundtrack

  • Werwolf2k11
    Werwolf2k1113 dager siden

    They are just too expensive tbh

  • David Espy
    David Espy13 dager siden

    Exactly what I was thinking: "Will he go from Zero to Dana White?"

  • Christopher Wright
    Christopher Wright13 dager siden

    What about the Hit-Air airbag vest made in B.C, anyone uses one, and what are your thoughts

  • OldMysticFantasist
    OldMysticFantasist13 dager siden

    Haven't ridden in 35 years, but just put a down payment on a used midlife crisis reverse trike. Love your content, analysis, and humorous/nerdy delivery.

  • Daniel Staggers
    Daniel Staggers14 dager siden

    I wouldn't knock airbags in cars. Despite the prior race to the bottom on price, they have been a HUGE success. My car has no less than 9 of them, figure 500 dollars a piece and that's almost 5,000 dollars just in airbags alone; and if they all deploy at the same time the car is totaled just from the airbag damage. Imagine being the tester at the factory who crossed the wrong 2 wires. LOL All that money does make a difference however. Serious injuries in cars have become so rare, people feel free to drive like manics and still rarely get hurt in them. We've seen police chases that end in spectacular crashes and the perp just walks away. From an old school motorhead standpoint, that's just impossible but there it is. It seems the only way to really get hurt in a car is to completely destroy the car and you and your airbags with it. Seriously. Just recently, if you look at Tiger Woods car, you can easily see how destroyed it was and it was obvious someone got hurt in it. Not so many years ago, it would have been just as obvious that someone got killed in it. That's not the case today, even in our perception of it. That's one of the reasons speed limits are up. Cars are much safer by degrees of magnitude and airbags are a very large part of that. And don't forget, the airbag systems are coupled with the seatbelts that are deployed with shotgun shells, you're not going anywhere. Sorry, even my 10 year old 2011 Jeep has 7 of them, and shotgun shell seatbelts, and weight monitoring seats. Really folks, 9 airbags. Steering wheel airbag, passenger side dash airbag, 2 front headrest airbags, 2 front seat bolster airbags, 2 front window curtain airbags, 1 full curtain airbag separating the front and back seats = 9. Anyone with a simple Dodge Charger or Challenger has that many. I'll bet many of you do too, no matter what you drive. And they're all variable power bags depending on how heavy each person is. The car monitors the weight in each seat. Like I said; the old school motorhead in me says this is impossible, but there it is and they obviously work very well.

  • Dan B
    Dan B14 dager siden

    60lbs is nearly half my body weight... That thing would shit whip before it went off xD

    MTG ONE14 dager siden

    As of right now Helite is not selling bags to the usa so if you check their site from the USA all sizes are out of stock. Probably because of fear of our tort system. Oh your client did not hook up the tether? The manufacturer should have made this automatic, judgment to the plaintiff for 30 million dollars.

  • naam Nichols
    naam Nichols14 dager siden

    Funny i searched water airbags. And now u sell me this. Why dont u but a mask on it.

  • Robert raugh
    Robert raugh14 dager siden

    I should use this

  • The1stHomosapien
    The1stHomosapien14 dager siden

    quentin tarrantino

  • Ryan McMurray
    Ryan McMurray14 dager siden

    HA! "Mr. McMurray"!

  • Connemara biker
    Connemara biker15 dager siden

    I own an ixon electronic airvest. One issue you missed was how an electronic vest will deploy if you are hit from behind and the side before you are impacted. The helite will not do that. You need to be talking from tbe bike for it to deploy. It certainly does offer excellent protection though. Good review, I think more people need to get into airbags, but I wouldn't discount the electronic ones.

  • Victor
    Victor15 dager siden

    Man, I don't even own a bike, and think I should get one, just in case I get on a motorcycle.

  • Dindo Ducay
    Dindo Ducay15 dager siden

    New subs from Philippines..👍👍

  • That Canadian Guy
    That Canadian Guy15 dager siden

    I have the Helite Free-Air jacket. It has the turtle vest inside it, with CE level 2 back, shoulder, and elbow armor. Worth every penny, and well ventilated for the hotter rides. Never had a crash, but the neck protection alone makes me more confident knowing it's there.

  • Gus Kelty
    Gus Kelty15 dager siden

    Why did you totally ignore that the main downside of the teather is that it fires based on distance alone? All those electronic ones fired way sooner than the teather would have because the bike and the rider were generally moving together, so smaller change in distance. And what do you mean by 'argon is proprietary', its an elemental gas?

  • kuladeeluxe
    kuladeeluxe16 dager siden

    Glad I went for the Turtle, did not like the fact that you have to send the others back for service and checks.. It is heavy when off the bike, but OK when riding it.

  • Clem's little friend
    Clem's little friend16 dager siden

    Is that Gibby from iCarly?

  • Lavagreat The great
    Lavagreat The great16 dager siden

    i don't own a bike, neither do i plan on buying one. But my man put it so well

  • BARS113113
    BARS11311316 dager siden

    4:25 Will disagree with that statement. Airbag works only when you are flying to the moon or sliding under the truck, but I had a whiplash neck injury on 40km/h 9 years ago when I hit the car and stayed on the bike after that. An airbag wouldn’t work if it’s not reeeeealy that clever to read the road situation faster than me) Because of that I bought stx brace yesterday) less comfort more protection

  • sotiris gennatos
    sotiris gennatos16 dager siden

    Hey FortNie, like many people here apparently, I'm not fascinated by motorcycles and won't ride one in the foreseeable future, but your host is very talented so good job to him and the production.

  • Azraf Khan
    Azraf Khan16 dager siden

    He legit said dana white

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R16 dager siden

    This reminds me of a bicycle air-bag helmet.

  • Pratyush Mandal
    Pratyush Mandal16 dager siden

    Just say "wow" for one more time....😂

  • K K
    K K16 dager siden

    Damn, just ordered helite turtle.. After this video, they are severely backlogged! Thanks Ryan.. 😀

  • Matteo p
    Matteo p16 dager siden

    Can you get it on different colours?

  • Matthew
    Matthew16 dager siden

    This was an amazing video, covered five topics in under 10 minutes and you still felt like you got all the information you needed. History of MC ABs; check, how they work; check, different types; check, why MC riders don't wear them; check, consumer review of available models; check. It was well scripted, edited, and had some jokes for entertainment. Great video 5 stars.

  • Lael Grant
    Lael Grant16 dager siden

    Can the tether result in a pivot point in a crash that would result in a rider's body going down eg: into the front of a car rather than up over it?

  • Marc Schrewe
    Marc Schrewe16 dager siden

    Thanks to this video I have just bought the Helite. Now waiting for the snow to melt.....

  • John Quarter
    John Quarter17 dager siden

    If they were worried about safety...they wouldn't be riding a motorcycle. Duh...

  • Pierre Bergeron
    Pierre Bergeron17 dager siden

    This channel has produced top notch content for more than 2 years. Why has this particular video garnered so much views so rapidly? Somebody, please explain to me why this has seemingly wound up on so many walls?

  • Gustav Sand
    Gustav Sand17 dager siden

    Spend 1000 on safety equipment so u will survive the breaking failure on your 1000 bike

  • Nat Britt
    Nat Britt17 dager siden

    I had no idea they made those.

  • Aaryan Bhardwaj
    Aaryan Bhardwaj17 dager siden

    0 to Dana White real quick Hahahaha

  • anfeild8
    anfeild817 dager siden

    I think in time the bike will have a sensor or wrist sensor like in that film if you go away from the bike it will deploy as well as the string

  • Buster G
    Buster G17 dager siden

    Shorts, sandals and a tank top is all I need! 🏍💨

  • Parker Donnelly
    Parker Donnelly17 dager siden

    Every bit of extra protection helps. I’ve wrecked on the track with one on. Seems it did the job.

  • xLordMarshallx
    xLordMarshallx17 dager siden

    dont use this airbags we need this organ donators on 2 wheels 🤣🤣

  • Grant Perkins
    Grant Perkins18 dager siden

    I'd forget I was hooked up and inflate the thing every time I got off the bike, no bullshit. There's enough to worry about already

  • jeeroylenkins
    jeeroylenkins18 dager siden

    He sounds and presents like a much calmer Linus from LTT. Same vibes.

  • Wankel Motor
    Wankel Motor18 dager siden

    Looks like a nice option for downhill montainbiking.

  • Chris Shockley
    Chris Shockley18 dager siden

    Heck, who needs an airbag when you already have a beer gut?

  • Ryan McGowan
    Ryan McGowan18 dager siden

    Risk is a sliding scale and it is to be managed on a minute-by-minute basis. The question is not if you should use an airbag, but rather in what cases would it be beneficial? Do you wear a seatbelt to pull your car out of the garage to wash it? No. Do you wear it on 2-lane highways? Probably yes. Do you need an airbag for a 5-minute hop within your neighborhood? Probably not. Do you need one for a 5-hour ride in weekend traffic during spring break? The answer varies, and it's not always a definitive.

  • Angel22Black
    Angel22Black18 dager siden

    I don't have driver's license or any interest in driving but this thing is very cool imo. Get the black one and you're rocking it

  • Mallard
    Mallard18 dager siden

    Can't you just plug an electronic vest into a charger on your bike....?

  • B Pace
    B Pace18 dager siden

    Even harley couldn't sell this apparel .

  • B Pace
    B Pace18 dager siden

    I refuse to buy anything with proprietary parts/ cables etc...FU.

  • trevor connolly
    trevor connolly18 dager siden

    Just purchased one Ryan, thanks as usual for excellent advice

  • 20 21
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  • Alan Kennedy
    Alan Kennedy18 dager siden

    Great video Fart9

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    Zoey Carey18 dager siden

    I bought the dainese

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    mark walburg19 dager siden

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  • MrTnbopp123
    MrTnbopp12319 dager siden

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  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing19 dager siden

    8:27 This sounds like something Apple would do, Samsung would criticize and then themselves follow suit.

  • G.G.
    G.G.19 dager siden

    If the Helite turtle wasn't so damn ugly, this would resonate better.

  • wozal
    wozal19 dager siden

    Interesting , i didn't even know they existed , thanks man well put together.

  • Sourav Ray
    Sourav Ray19 dager siden

    Take a Train or Get a Car instead 😅 I apologise in advance 🙏

  • Aprion
    Aprion19 dager siden

    And here i was wondering why noone invented these. turns out they did, but you just never ever see them.

  • DuhDuh
    DuhDuh19 dager siden

    aaahh I just wish the Helite covered the shoulders like the Tech Air 5