minecraft manhunt but BEES GIVE OP ITEMS


today we play minecraft manhunt but bees give op items
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  • Socksfor2
    Socksfor2Måned siden

    do you like jazz?

  • Ser Lusacan

    Ser Lusacan

    3 dager siden


  • Finale Flash

    Finale Flash

    4 dager siden

    Disliked for you killing the parrot

  • Bradley Robert Fischer

    Bradley Robert Fischer

    4 dager siden


  • Nicki Short

    Nicki Short

    5 dager siden

    I like piano

  • arsham aghadasi

    arsham aghadasi

    29 dager siden


  • TheBigBoom Channel!
    TheBigBoom Channel!23 timer siden

    Hey socks, what editor software do you use? i can't find a good software

  • Frankie Madison
    Frankie MadisonDag siden

    The funniset thing in the vids with nadwe is his screams

  • Marilyn Victorino
    Marilyn VictorinoDag siden

    Socksfor2 amd socksfor3 does not exist

  • william amarah
    william amarahDag siden


  • Raima Hashmi Amin Hashmi
    Raima Hashmi Amin HashmiDag siden

    1:12 Socks: Those channels don't even exists. Me: Socks you dum dum you just posted on ur 2nd channel Socksfor2 and you have another called Socksfor3.

  • Keegan Humphrey
    Keegan HumphreyDag siden

    Bruh you know socks can’t loose right if he lost it would be 3 round

  • Bama Animations
    Bama AnimationsDag siden

    It’s the bees knees

  • Uzumaki Lewis 2
    Uzumaki Lewis 22 dager siden

    1.47 all anime fans unite against him

  • Mark Clarence Buenviaje
    Mark Clarence Buenviaje2 dager siden

    SAO is so good actually

  • Xrblack death
    Xrblack death2 dager siden

    Avenge sword art online socks

  • Callie Stoker
    Callie Stoker2 dager siden


  • Shadow blade
    Shadow blade2 dager siden

    Sword art online is the best

  • CadenGamer 3778
    CadenGamer 37783 dager siden

    make one block in the overworld, one in the nether, and one in the end Edit: makes it more challenging

  • Russell Taala
    Russell Taala3 dager siden

    Wait if TBH is 4 years older than Nadwe then doesnt that mean that TBH is only 18 and earlyeir Socks said that he was the same age as TBH so sockks is only 18.

  • Brandon Phagoo
    Brandon Phagoo3 dager siden

    Bro tb be hating on sao.... sao is dah best

  • Zane Morrison
    Zane Morrison3 dager siden

    I’m going to leave just like your dad. Lol that was funny

  • insert 78
    insert 783 dager siden

    socks made a 14 year old cry

  • Havoc
    Havoc4 dager siden

    tbh makes fun of sao he is short >:)

  • max 7779
    max 77794 dager siden

    SAO is good

  • Bianca Yalung
    Bianca Yalung4 dager siden

    Ngl nadwe sounds like a fourteen years old

  • xbox gaming
    xbox gaming4 dager siden

    I am mad at tb because I am a fan of sao or sword art online

  • Yassah Lavelah
    Yassah Lavelah4 dager siden

    SAO is fire

  • Slimedude123
    Slimedude1234 dager siden

    This is halarious

  • Gaming red Lizard
    Gaming red Lizard4 dager siden


  • Richa Verma
    Richa Verma5 dager siden

    He said socksfor1 and 2 he says those channels don't exist while recording a video on that channel

  • Terminator Zin
    Terminator Zin5 dager siden

    0:48 rocks

  • Sweta Ranjan
    Sweta Ranjan5 dager siden

    6:11 key and peele i know that show it comes on comedy central hd i am 10 yr old and i watch 18 + like this show but what can a child do when he wants to watch something but his older cousin dosent let u watch it call your real elder bro who is 1 year older then your older cousin and lets u watch the whole show thats what i do

  • Sweta Ranjan
    Sweta Ranjan5 dager siden

    2:05 he missed the bee hive

  • R J
    R J5 dager siden

    Nadwe 200k tbh honest 58.67 k meme god 367k laff 500k Socks 3.62 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS LEVELS!

  • Jessica Tucker
    Jessica Tucker5 dager siden

    Sword Art Online yay

  • ShafEShow
    ShafEShow5 dager siden

    i love how that there are trees under the water

  • brys0nthegamer ?
    brys0nthegamer ?6 dager siden

    Everyone socksfor1 socksfor2 Socks for 1 on socks for 2 those aren’t real challis

    AHH NICK6 dager siden

    sword art online is best

  • シAvØcadØ シ
    シAvØcadØ シ6 dager siden

    imagine being nadwe's mom and just hearing him sound like he's dying in his room -

  • Erick Marrero
    Erick Marrero6 dager siden

    What ep are you socks

  • Erick Marrero
    Erick Marrero6 dager siden

    I’m in season 3 ep 2 of sword art online

  • Samip Joshi
    Samip Joshi7 dager siden

    SAO OP

  • Killua Playz
    Killua Playz7 dager siden

    rip parrot 2021 - 2021 10:00

  • Vix
    Vix7 dager siden

    Me: sword art online is my favorite anime

  • Nighty Channel
    Nighty Channel7 dager siden

    Nadwe: I got this, Tbh! *3 seconds later* Also Nadwe: OOOH, AAAAH, TBH! *agonized screams*

  • Katzaz Jackson
    Katzaz Jackson8 dager siden

    I do like jazz

  • Ferrari Haendiges
    Ferrari Haendiges8 dager siden

    I love sword art online

  • Leo Axel
    Leo Axel8 dager siden

    Tbh was saying socksfor1 but the channel is socksfor2

  • jeff
    jeff8 dager siden

    R.I.P Parrot 2021-2021

  • The Last kids On earth
    The Last kids On earth9 dager siden

    Tbh:he’s pants is gone Socks:i never have pants R.i.P tbh he thought socks have pants

  • Fun E Mexican
    Fun E Mexican10 dager siden

    Sword art online is Epic u suck tbh

  • YlNafNo
    YlNafNo12 dager siden

    8:34 voice crack XD

  • Jerusalem Franco
    Jerusalem Franco12 dager siden

    Even when the objective is the same its still fun to watch

  • Jayden Hurst
    Jayden Hurst12 dager siden

    I love sao

  • Monet Armijo
    Monet Armijo13 dager siden

    Rip parit

  • Sebastian Lance
    Sebastian Lance13 dager siden

    9:10 gotta go fast

  • kirito
    kirito13 dager siden

    What is wrong with sword art online !!!😡😡😡🤬

  • Randy Velez
    Randy Velez14 dager siden

    sao is the best

  • Clash Gaming
    Clash Gaming14 dager siden

    5:07 he Got Them YEESIES

  • Controller Player
    Controller Player16 dager siden

    not the parrot

  • Daniel Woerner
    Daniel Woerner16 dager siden

    "I got the most opest thing" *HE HAS A BIRD A SWEAR*

  • NinjaValtreak11
    NinjaValtreak1116 dager siden

    Poor tbh

  • God Elemender
    God Elemender17 dager siden

    1:44 to be fair Sao was kinda garbage in my opinion

  • kwacpe
    kwacpe17 dager siden

    there are tree crabs on the world

  • chunky monkey27
    chunky monkey2717 dager siden


  • William Atkins
    William Atkins18 dager siden

    2:45 man said beetles

  • Ben Christopher Burgos
    Ben Christopher Burgos18 dager siden

    I haven't seen a single bee hive in my survival world yet, so I don't know anything about it. Can someone tell me how?

  • Nini Nicole
    Nini Nicole19 dager siden

    The crazy thing is it's actually +30,000 health and he thinks it's just 3k

  • Potato Chan
    Potato Chan19 dager siden

    I love ur videos socksfor1 but sword art online aint worth defending

  • Jimmy Lemons
    Jimmy Lemons19 dager siden

    Sword art online is the best

  • Stickman_gang
    Stickman_gang19 dager siden

    3:53 it’s sponge bob

  • Stickman_gang
    Stickman_gang19 dager siden

    2:47 da baby

  • lisa buchan
    lisa buchan19 dager siden

    Can my hamster pls shut up so i can here the vid

  • lisa buchan
    lisa buchan19 dager siden

    Does anyone know how to make a hamster to stop biting its cage?

  • XxSavage GachaxX
    XxSavage GachaxX19 dager siden

    You may not notice this at first, but socks just gave us a hint for how old Tbh is....

  • the nub

    the nub

    13 dager siden

    Yeah TBH is 24

  • Prince Orange
    Prince Orange20 dager siden

    Hey socks it’s y’a like jazz

  • BababoiMaster69
    BababoiMaster6920 dager siden

    I'm unsubscribing from all of your channels because you killed nadwe's parrot

  • draweng boy
    draweng boy20 dager siden

    i hait bees >:(

  • Glitchy Nightmare
    Glitchy Nightmare20 dager siden

    Sock I also watch sword art online

  • Axel
    Axel20 dager siden

    Tbh: SocksFor1, SocksFor2 Socks: THOSE CHANNEL DONT EVEN EXIST Me: *they dont exist? well its all an illusion*

  • The hive King
    The hive King20 dager siden

    Socks: you don’t sheer beehives Me: then how do you get honeycomb?

  • Zebediah Dunham
    Zebediah Dunham21 dag siden

    Hey do not insult SAO I will end you

  • Alli Jensen
    Alli Jensen21 dag siden


  • Alli Jensen
    Alli Jensen21 dag siden

    The is 18?

  • Shadowsgaming1313 Gaming station
    Shadowsgaming1313 Gaming station21 dag siden


  • eden scurry
    eden scurry21 dag siden

    I thought that there was socksfor1 and a sockfor2

    MARIO TINAJERO22 dager siden

    when he said he was going to dissapear like your dad

  • SamCrafter
    SamCrafter22 dager siden

    F in the comments for nadwe's parrot :(

  • greyson fivecoat
    greyson fivecoat22 dager siden

    socks did the itachi thing but with bees

  • Ruth Manangan
    Ruth Manangan22 dager siden

    Spell icup

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha22 dager siden

    I have the power of sword art online on my side!!!

  • The Duk Plays
    The Duk Plays22 dager siden

    Ummm coconut crab, they climb palm trees and club coconuts

  • 22 dager siden

    9:48 RIP

  • Isaac C
    Isaac C23 dager siden

    Prars to the 🦜😭🤧🤧

  • R W
    R W23 dager siden

    Rip nadwaes parrot

  • crockyity
    crockyity23 dager siden


  • ashertv _yt23
    ashertv _yt2323 dager siden


  • Death Reaper
    Death Reaper23 dager siden

    Why does tbhhonest sound like memehof

  • Death Reaper

    Death Reaper

    23 dager siden


  • Gael Guerra
    Gael Guerra23 dager siden

    don't talk crap about Sword Art Online

  • Laur Drăgan
    Laur Drăgan23 dager siden


  • L Pjr
    L Pjr23 dager siden


  • Logan Frankenfiekd
    Logan Frankenfiekd23 dager siden

    Coconut crabs

  • Myst.
    Myst.24 dager siden


  • Trent Ouellette
    Trent Ouellette24 dager siden

    nadwa 4:01 he became aqua man his dream hero