Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On...


This is Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On... this was messy.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • Skys The Limit
    Skys The Limit24 minutter siden

    E X T R A C T I O N -TapL 2021

  • Maxwell Guido
    Maxwell GuidoTime siden

    Make bedrock amor and tools

  • Deepansh Kaul
    Deepansh Kaul3 timer siden

    Can you please give the modpack

  • Brooklynn Sullivan
    Brooklynn Sullivan3 timer siden

    🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 lol great idea

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  • Squishy Blob
    Squishy Blob5 timer siden

    Find the Diamond hoe that TapL makes during when he’s in the nether.

  • Inga Prado
    Inga Prado6 timer siden

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  • Chris Crapo
    Chris Crapo6 timer siden

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  • Logicdemon 12
    Logicdemon 127 timer siden

    What is the mod you were using called?

  • Dolly Gupta
    Dolly Gupta12 timer siden

    How to download this mod I also want to play

  • FlixHD_
    FlixHD_13 timer siden

    At 13:23 it’s the faze logo

  • Master Gaming
    Master Gaming13 timer siden

    Midas in fortnite

  • The Twingo Lord
    The Twingo Lord13 timer siden

    i would hate to be your neighbor

  • XxJudaDevilgirlxX
    XxJudaDevilgirlxX16 timer siden

    TapL:Go go go Me:My hands feel so sore! 😢 (I’m playing minecraft to while watching you)

  • Abbie Grant
    Abbie Grant17 timer siden

    Ha Imagine NOT being subbed to Tapl

  • Carson
    Carson18 timer siden

    You know your rich when you have 5 stacks of netherite blocks.

  • RobloxKidGaming
    RobloxKidGaming19 timer siden

    best youtuber in existence

  • hypingbts
    hypingbts20 timer siden

    That would be so cool if you just step on this dragon egg and then have 64 of it loool

  • Samantha Gardner
    Samantha Gardner21 time siden

    Im blue da ba de da bo die

  • Roodney Felix Borges
    Roodney Felix Borges22 timer siden

    "I don't think this mod is cheaty at all, what are you talking about?"

  • n3ctaris
    n3ctaris22 timer siden

    Bed rock bed rock bed rock

  • Gaming X
    Gaming X23 timer siden

    7:30 haaaaaaayyyy

  • Brody Leonard
    Brody Leonard23 timer siden

    How did you get this mod

  • Daniel Da Rosa
    Daniel Da RosaDag siden

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  • Dream's Number 1 Fan
    Dream's Number 1 FanDag siden

    this was on my bday its like u said happy birthday ❤️😭😭

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    Lucy MauricDag siden

    mmmmm stoooonne donutsssss

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    jay dogDag siden

    No I didnt read the title cause I click as soon as I see your skin on a videp🤣

  • Paul05
    Paul05Dag siden

    Funfact: you can just bridge forever with one cobbleslab

  • Nicolas Restrepo
    Nicolas RestrepoDag siden

    jump on it

  • Lindsay Turner
    Lindsay TurnerDag siden

    I just realized he never makes a house when he plays mincraft

  • Mahmood Khattab
    Mahmood KhattabDag siden

    What she name of ths mod

  • eWos MrV
    eWos MrVDag siden

    me know you can use afk pool to get it when you afk

  • István Danyi
    István DanyiDag siden

    Why is he screaming always????

  • Tapader Md. Khalilur Rahman
    Tapader Md. Khalilur RahmanDag siden

    Do you try to walk on watee plase make a short video on it

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    pk litDag siden


  • 日本人じゃない
    日本人じゃないDag siden


  • Iam DAturtles
    Iam DAturtlesDag siden

    It’s tradition that he always has 2 eyes of ender left

  • Ethan Peng
    Ethan PengDag siden

    Normal people: Builds with dirt and stone. TapL: Builds with netherite blocks.

  • HexiiYT
    HexiiYTDag siden

    wait...what if you fill a shulker with god apples... and you step on it... do you get more shulkers with god apples??

  • Charlie Games
    Charlie GamesDag siden


  • Kim Bedingfield
    Kim BedingfieldDag siden

    These videos have such good and unique content and i love every second of them. Plus the End fights always cheer me up *360 YEEEEEEESSSSSS YYYYYYEEEES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH WEEEEE DIIIIDDDD IIIIIT!* TapL: March of 2021 *KAAAAATSUKIIIII* c'mon do we have any *MHA* fans in the comment section?

  • Kim Bedingfield

    Kim Bedingfield

    Dag siden

    Sorry if this comment was too long 👁👅👁

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  • Shark puppet fan
    Shark puppet fanDag siden

    Imagine finding diamonds and you step on them you get a full stack of diamond ores

  • Cameron Privette
    Cameron Privette2 dager siden

    4:06 wow furni is a word now

  • sup
    sup2 dager siden

    16:49 someone said Elon musk lol

  • Rainny
    Rainny2 dager siden

    Silk touch boots pog

  • Oliver Bon
    Oliver Bon2 dager siden

    The end fight was so epic

  • Balkanero Gamer
    Balkanero Gamer2 dager siden

    hay TapL can you in next video put mod in discription?

  • Courtney Doyle
    Courtney Doyle2 dager siden

    Do minecraft but villagers are op PLZ PLZ PLZ

  • Alex 11 Cortez
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  • Amika Tat
    Amika Tat2 dager siden

    Eat him

  • Andrew Zhao
    Andrew Zhao2 dager siden

    a machine gun but with arrows not bullets

  • Norlorn
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  • Jeke Schwinn
    Jeke Schwinn2 dager siden

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  • Robbie Aguilar
    Robbie Aguilar2 dager siden

    I bet his parents are telling TapL why is he screaming

  • ·Crystal Shadow·
    ·Crystal Shadow·2 dager siden

    TapL: I'm going to find a underground mine Me: Aren't all mines some what underground..?

  • Happy PawZ
    Happy PawZ2 dager siden

    (also villager prime ofc)

  • unUnique YT
    unUnique YT2 dager siden

    *steps on creeper*

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  • Claire Readett
    Claire Readett3 dager siden

    Okay how did he come across bone meal that says the faze logo

  • ahmet korkmaz
    ahmet korkmaz3 dager siden

    The first human got bedrock in survival

  • Zalin FN
    Zalin FN3 dager siden

    What mod is that

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    Thank you for being alive

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    I meant for golden apple

  • Adrian Egli
    Adrian Egli3 dager siden

    Gold is useless but not golden apple

  • LMN8_YT
    LMN8_YT3 dager siden

    2:48 = he says he will lay down a peice of "bedrock" instead of stone. lol

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    Kahfi Wandi3 dager siden

    4:32 lmao🤣😂😂😂

  • Harry Martin
    Harry Martin3 dager siden

    Wow so cool I

  • Dale Offer
    Dale Offer3 dager siden

    What if there was a pearl block or a blaze rod block

  • adrianamiranda103
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    I love you

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    Hi tapl

  • henry gilmore
    henry gilmore3 dager siden

    when you said thank u to villager he nodded lol

  • XxcloudyxX
    XxcloudyxX4 dager siden

    And thats what i call speedrunning bois!

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    Xevric Hallford4 dager siden

    i don't know what just happed

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    When he said small precentage he was right: 6,600,000 veiws and only 2,000,000 subs very cool

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    wow it's magic of these

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    Gaming channel4 dager siden

    Walk on obsidian

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    Awesome Challenges4 dager siden

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  • Andy Zhou
    Andy Zhou4 dager siden

    3:42 the stone blocks indicate a lava pool

    CC EFFECTS4 dager siden

    Legend has that the piglins are still bargaining

  • AARAV Shah
    AARAV Shah4 dager siden

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