Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Surprise NYC Subway Performance 06/13/17

Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Surprise NYC Subway Performance 06/13/17


  • Deirdre Metzger
    Deirdre MetzgerTime siden

    It saddens me that these pop ups probably won't happen anymore in NYC due to the unbelievable skyrocket in crime!!😣

  • asdasda
    asdasda5 timer siden

    Pog champ

  • asdasda
    asdasda5 timer siden

    No masks

  • druwk
    druwk12 timer siden

    Love these Pop ups! Brings a tear to my eye...LOVE NYC!

  • Joyce Mauricio
    Joyce Mauricio20 timer siden

    What a lucky day for those who where there 😭 i mean thats a freee concerttt

  • Roberto Degasperi
    Roberto Degasperi21 time siden

    What's this music name?

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan LeeDag siden

    I Love how Miley, Jimmy and the Crowd are Having fun it makes me smile

  • Enat P
    Enat P2 dager siden

    What an awesome way to start the day 🌞

  • Jason Hansen
    Jason Hansen2 dager siden

    Miley looks stupid as fuck to

  • Jason Hansen
    Jason Hansen2 dager siden

    Jimmy is a fucking tool

  • Paul R
    Paul R2 dager siden

    They knew she was going to pass by. It was obviously planned.

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy2 dager siden

    Nobody tipped them.

  • Eve
    Eve2 dager siden

    best drum kit bucket!

  • pianomushroom PGO
    pianomushroom PGO3 dager siden

    The kid at 6:46 is the next meme 😂😂😂

  • Troy Mosher
    Troy Mosher3 dager siden

    seriously love her voice, and these subways shows are the coolest.

  • Per Gustaffsson
    Per Gustaffsson4 dager siden

    I liked it up until the Chinese girl took off her disguise ... ugggh🤦🏻‍♂️

    MJAZZTV4 dager siden

    "How 'cool' is this" ...

  • Hayley Lewis
    Hayley Lewis5 dager siden

    I came here because Miley rocks!....jimmy is such a sellout, A Propaganda pushing C U Next Tuesday!

  • Kevin Zarate
    Kevin Zarate5 dager siden

    The tangible deficit resultantly spare because sardine plausibly screw plus a ratty cellar. purring, perpetual sale

  • Sachs Gs250
    Sachs Gs2506 dager siden

    I wouldn't even care if i miss my ride🤣

  • DANA 🍒
    DANA 🍒6 dager siden

    Love this so much

  • manic hairdo
    manic hairdo6 dager siden

    Miley, Jimmy and the sensational subway choir. Thanks, guys.

  • Calejado igual rocha
    Calejado igual rocha7 dager siden

    Canta de mais essa Miley mds

  • Gab510 YT Channel
    Gab510 YT Channel7 dager siden

    Hahahahah party party on the subway😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • natejo82
    natejo827 dager siden

    No way. That's true talent.

  • Monica L
    Monica L9 dager siden

    Nobody notice the two bodyguards back there....

  • Rhonda Hitchcock
    Rhonda Hitchcock11 dager siden

    I would love to meet you not Miley I would love to meet this girl she is just so full of life

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones11 dager siden

    Her chemistry with Jimmy Fallon is undeniable. They are just fun to watch. Kudos to the pair of them.

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones11 dager siden

    Miley has finally come into her own as she matured. She could sing any genre with ease. She finally stopped the silly antics and concentrated on singing which she has a god-giving gift. I'm calling it now she will eventually end up in the Hall of Fame.

  • ko thet
    ko thet11 dager siden

    am so happy now. thanks!

  • Amanda Van Wyk
    Amanda Van Wyk12 dager siden

    God why does nothing like this happen at my train station?!!

  • Frank O'Brien
    Frank O'Brien12 dager siden

    Why can’t good entertainers just entertain?

  • Ree in Texas
    Ree in Texas13 dager siden


  • Karl Hill
    Karl Hill13 dager siden

    She's so charismatic it's unreal

  • Lime Juice
    Lime Juice13 dager siden

    this is rehearsed... everybody knows the song//// lol 😜

  • Lime Juice
    Lime Juice13 dager siden

    ... they wanted some more...😁

  • mc_mileyray
    mc_mileyray13 dager siden

    Did Jimmy helped Miley to get unrecognized when he's acting like her dad?Anyone?

  • Nyles Productions
    Nyles Productions15 dager siden

    Miley's voice was made for this song 💯

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw15 dager siden

    Just ignore the two dudes playing in the subway. Fekkers!

  • Juan Chavez
    Juan Chavez16 dager siden

    That was totally awesome jimmy your da man

  • nickacelvn
    nickacelvn16 dager siden

    Say what you like but that girl can sing.

  • Murillo Volpato
    Murillo Volpato17 dager siden

    Eu caia duro alí mesmo

  • Christin Daniela
    Christin Daniela17 dager siden

    The dude at 6:46 is KILLING ME😂😂😂😂

  • Lee Fithian
    Lee Fithian17 dager siden

    Who cannot deny even spontaneous Miley Is a friend

  • Kevin Choon
    Kevin Choon17 dager siden

    2017, beatbox, oh yeah 2021,beatbox, woah woah woah, stay away from me

  • Matthew genyas
    Matthew genyas17 dager siden

    It's a fun moment but a clueless song. Seriously miley helped fuck us in the usa

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith18 dager siden

    I think Miley Cyrus is a natural beauty with a lot of talent. It is a shame she sings all that other rubbish and goes around sticking her tongue out everywhere after seeing her sing Jolene in this clip.

  • Damiant Delatour
    Damiant Delatour18 dager siden

    Ooh my god i don't save 🤣🤣🤭

  • M D A M A D
    M D A M A D19 dager siden

    Jimmy was so quiet then started loosen up

  • En Yel
    En Yel20 dager siden

    Buenísimo, BRAVO!!!!!!

  • frank shkreli
    frank shkreli20 dager siden

    I'm in love with Miley...

  • EnzoJayden GAMING
    EnzoJayden GAMING21 dag siden

    Hannah Montana irl LOL

  • Serena del Mar
    Serena del Mar21 dag siden

    Where are the bodies Garth

  • Maria Jocena
    Maria Jocena22 dager siden

    This is why we love music


    Muy buenos

  • Gareth Kinghorn
    Gareth Kinghorn23 dager siden

    Remember how fun life used to be :(

  • Michael Settle
    Michael Settle23 dager siden

    Your a badass girl!

  • Siti Sundari
    Siti Sundari24 dager siden

    Amazing miley i love it love it love it

  • mccauleyprop
    mccauleyprop25 dager siden

    Too much tambourine..err..should I say..Cow Bell!

  • bobymalony
    bobymalony25 dager siden

    She is not Miley she is Hanna u can't see the difference 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Patrick C. McEvoy
    Patrick C. McEvoy25 dager siden

    Hmmm... the NYC subway stations are basically identical to the MUNI/BART stn. in San Francisco....including the buskers...we don't have Miley though...sniff 😢 ..✌️😆

  • 2011yourlife
    2011yourlife26 dager siden

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  • Dan Holdcroft
    Dan Holdcroft26 dager siden

    Great time no doubt

  • Gilmar de oliveira
    Gilmar de oliveira28 dager siden


  • Emigdia López
    Emigdia López28 dager siden

    Es grandiosa, Miley Cyrus.

  • Jeeper
    Jeeper29 dager siden


  • Wesley Patmore
    Wesley Patmore29 dager siden

    publicity stunt..

  • annie91
    annie9129 dager siden

    Random people at the subway knowing the entire lyrics of Party in the USA. Queen shit

  • Thaiellen Yane
    Thaiellen YaneMåned siden

    I loved the show 🎶😍🤭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Evelyn Cameros
    Evelyn CamerosMåned siden

    All talented. As much as i dislike Miley Cyrus, this is a great collaboration

  • Andrea Lynn
    Andrea LynnMåned siden

    Whoo hoo! Jimmy was getting down! 🤣

  • URJA
    URJAMåned siden


  • Andy Andy
    Andy AndyMåned siden

    The security guys in the suits did a good job staying low key, but the people behaved.

  • dgutierrez35
    dgutierrez35Måned siden

    She's singing the wrong kind of music

  • Vaciniti
    VacinitiMåned siden

    I come back to this once a while just for Miley’s Voice 😍

  • DK Carter
    DK CarterMåned siden

    You both suck. You sound like fake hicks who can’t sing, at all

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew BrownMåned siden

    Does Miley ever sing anything badly?

  • Malee Britos
    Malee BritosMåned siden


  • Daisy York
    Daisy YorkMåned siden

    Deep state

  • Thomas Dougherty
    Thomas DoughertyMåned siden

    Would have been so much better without Jimmy Fallon

  • Michelle Wiecezak Cohen
    Michelle Wiecezak CohenMåned siden

    NYC BABY!!!!

  • marcia huerta pazos
    marcia huerta pazosMåned siden


  • MyWatcher23
    MyWatcher23Måned siden

    Omg 😱

  • Lazarus
    LazarusMåned siden

    I'm cry what a chance people I love her so much

  • Mehmet Özen
    Mehmet ÖzenMåned siden

    Miley Cyrus ❤️ great performans Jimmy comic man😂😂😂

  • Nora Mena
    Nora MenaMåned siden

    Canta hermoso

  • Yemi D
    Yemi DMåned siden

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  • Sheldon Weingust
    Sheldon WeingustMåned siden

    An incredible performance from Miley.....

  • Benjamin Rama
    Benjamin RamaMåned siden

    Beautiful Miley

  • C Smith
    C SmithMåned siden

    Ahh life before COVID

  • Richard Molano
    Richard MolanoMåned siden

    I love this song more than anything I loved the first song. She really is best as a country girl. It really was a good performance IMO

  • vinay kumar
    vinay kumarMåned siden

    What's the name of the song ??

  • MNTribeFan
    MNTribeFanMåned siden

    It's awesome to have a moment.

  • veggiesforlife
    veggiesforlifeMåned siden

    Who just does the intro to Jolene for like 3 yrs???

  • driko sousa
    driko sousaMåned siden

    lindo!!! Beautiful making!!

  • The Dog Tutor
    The Dog TutorMåned siden

    fallon just mumbling

  • jane noviello
    jane novielloMåned siden

    11k people that down voted must be a lot of fun to hang out with.

  • Sylvia Van Uden
    Sylvia Van UdenMåned siden


  • arnibah vanst
    arnibah vanstMåned siden

    Only in NY.

  • Forrest Cain
    Forrest CainMåned siden

    She has come so far. 2021