• Master Noodle
    Master Noodle42 minutter siden

    I don’t know why people are hating on them ( I mean I get it, they posted series of getting married but didn’t show the marriage video) but still they can decide if they can post it or not, they have their own responsibilities and atleast their saying sorry

  • Antonio Bazaldua
    Antonio Bazaldua3 timer siden


  • Karlee J
    Karlee J5 timer siden

    Dude they just wanted to get married leave them alone 😂 it wasn’t selfish. Stop telling people how to live. Everyone that went to that wedding had a choice to go or not and they chose to. Get over it and worry about your own decisions not someone else’s.

  • Backyard Bret
    Backyard Bret13 timer siden

    How is it there fault on Hiding a MARRIAGE sorry for everyone that couldn’t know there entire live, just imagine you would have millions of people knowing what you were Doing just because they wanted to know and know it’s THERE FAULT I do t understand🙄🙄😯

  • Backyard Bret
    Backyard Bret13 timer siden

    Don’t blame yourself you are both are hilarious and the best you tubers sorry about all of the mean comments

  • su padiyar
    su padiyar15 timer siden

    i remember being a huge fan of both of them for so long and SO MANY people were saying before the wedding that you guys weren’t as mature as you thought you were/are. and yet you BOASTED, about being mature for your age and now you say i’m sorry we were immature? no. you were selfish. markipliar couldn’t go to his dads funeral. i couldn’t leave my house for months because i’m immune compromised. as much as i used to love you even though you did sort of shove the christian ideals down everyone’s throats, you have lost all of my respect for this because no matter how you look at this, you guys aren’t kids. you guys are grown “mature for your age” adults. and this was absolutely pre meditated. you wouldn’t have hidden it if it wasn’t. this wasn’t just some impulse shit. you spent months planning and all of a sudden hide the actual event because you KNEW it was wrong. i truly hope you better yourselves because the amount of people that have passed because of people like you is disgusting.

  • Caislee Erica
    Caislee Erica17 timer siden

    I don’t see the problem. You are aloud to get married. You can’t wait around forever to get on with your lives. Congratulations 💓

  • Birdy Silverflint
    Birdy Silverflint17 timer siden

    still love y'all!

  • alex
    alex20 timer siden

    i’m not at all surprised that they did this. i stopped following them a year ago because they had never followed guidelines to keep others safe.

  • Jello Jello
    Jello Jello22 timer siden

    I’m sorry that this is the people you turned into, you guys use to be my role models but like you’ve done so many immature things at this point and you are using your immaturity as an excuse for the things you do

  • Jada 1234
    Jada 1234Dag siden

    Omg guys reading these comments is getting me heated my godddddd who caresss like if y’all were in love with someone and wanted to get married you would and it’s not fair to them that u guys are tying to control them

  • Jada 1234
    Jada 1234Dag siden

    Guys who tf cares it’s there choice they shouldn’t have to come on here and apologize for something that doesn’t even effect y’all

  • Gamer_Edd_Gaming
    Gamer_Edd_GamingDag siden

    I don't know why your apologizing its your life not Ares. you can do what you want with it.

  • Abigail AR
    Abigail ARDag siden

    You don’t owe anyone an apology. It is not selfish to get married, and it’s not selfish to have the wedding that you want.

  • gdaelee
    gdaeleeDag siden

    If I say accountability, that means Im taking accountability, right?? Cool cool

  • Berry Berry
    Berry BerryDag siden

    they dont care. just another self absorbed youtube couple

  • gdaelee
    gdaeleeDag siden


  • Margaret’s crazy, crafty, *life*
    Margaret’s crazy, crafty, *life*Dag siden

    Honestly idc the guests likely knew the risks and came anyways 🤷‍♀️ I’m just sad I didn’t see the vlog footage! Congrats to the new couple! 💕

  • Gamerren
    GamerrenDag siden

    I genuinely don't understand what they're apologising for. They're allowed to get married lmao they don't have to show it on camera. Can someone explain?

  • Joseph C
    Joseph CDag siden

    Bruh that’s means they u know

  • Vrock Vevo
    Vrock VevoDag siden

    ryan and haley i love u both, dont get to worried people are very sensitive like forget that focus on the good things

  • Amy Arce
    Amy ArceDag siden


  • Daboizz Vlogz
    Daboizz VlogzDag siden

    Hey no one got hurt 😉

  • Terran Preston
    Terran PrestonDag siden

    sounds good , but there’s a pattern

  • Philip mccartney
    Philip mccartneyDag siden

    I know i am late but can people,e give them a break like its in the past they made a apology and now they r gonna look back and possibly hate and regret their wedding

  • Christopher Workman
    Christopher WorkmanDag siden

    Why do people care if they got married? People aren't allowed to be happy during 2020?

  • Charlotte Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson2 dager siden

    yeah thats selfish and youre obviously not sorry and dont think anything is wrong with what you did so i really dont care for this apology lmao. obvious that youre trying to save your asses to make sure you still have a form of income to live your privileged lives.

  • Ariel Wilson
    Ariel Wilson2 dager siden

    LMFAO why is this in my 'recommended' ????

  • Κωνσταντινα Διαμαντη
    Κωνσταντινα Διαμαντη2 dager siden

    bruh stop the toxicity its just a wedding yall.let them be happy.

  • Skye Lee
    Skye Lee2 dager siden

    Yall don’t need to apologize

  • Gage Hebert
    Gage Hebert2 dager siden

    I don't think you guys should feel gultiy.

    TXG CRYPTX2 dager siden

    I think everyone in the comments need to stop acting like they’re the only ones doing stuff like this when they’re obviously not and at least some of you have done similar stuff

  • Mad Typer
    Mad Typer2 dager siden

    Yall need to chill out cause if they weren't famous then you wouldn't have been going insane about how they got MARRIED?!?! Like what! It's their life and that's like being mad that someone had a wedding and a lot of people had the flu. You wouldn't flip out then would you? I feel do bad for them and people in the comments are even saying this isn't an apology and they said multiple times that they were sorry and I'm not the smartest person ever but I'm pretty sure that's an apology. Anyways I love yall Ryan and Hailey

  • I do stuff
    I do stuff2 dager siden

    No one cares, don't let others make you feel sad or get you down

  • Erika C
    Erika C2 dager siden

    there were/are HUNDREDS of people who had weddings, parties. etc ... you can’t expect people to stay home and isolate when y’all don’t do it yourselves !! these are people with a platform and this is why y’all give them a hard time . if you’re going to demand something then do it yourself too. y’all just ruined a special memory for the sake of your wokeness. Congrats haley and ryan !!

  • Danilo III Pasicaran
    Danilo III Pasicaran2 dager siden

    daghana mga oa diri oy mga boang hahahahahahahahaha

  • Annaleigh
    Annaleigh2 dager siden

    you guys are beautiful people. Live your life, don't be sorry for your life.

  • Jessie McDonald
    Jessie McDonald2 dager siden

    Ok y'all if you are sill gonna hate then find something better to do just block their channel from your feed of something

  • jkareli 19
    jkareli 192 dager siden

    You were NEVER mature enough. Stop boasting like you were mature enough to get married when you do stuff like this

  • Andromeda14100
    Andromeda141002 dager siden

    Just in case you needed to hear this: Live your lives, make the choices you feel are right for you. Screw anyone who tries to make you feel guilty bc they wish they had your circumstances. I think it's so sad that y'all had to make an apology video for something that didn't even impact any of your viewers. Don't let bitter people ruin the memory of your guys' special day.

  • Katie Navarro
    Katie Navarro2 dager siden

    i mean ok they messed up... but its their life, they can make mistakes and we dont have the right to judge them. Forgive and forget mi amigos. Congrats on the wedding love y'all!

  • Josilyn C
    Josilyn C3 dager siden

    idk why you’re apologizing like you’ve changed or something. like you hid it knowing you did something wrong.

  • phyllis yeo
    phyllis yeo3 dager siden

    Honestly, dont feel bad for wanting to get married!!! Its ok to want to get married asap💖💖 dont get affected by the public, the critisicm were all coming from due to the fact that your lifes were shown to public‼️ love you still

  • Marcie Smith
    Marcie Smith3 dager siden

    “Since it happened” - Ryan, Now y’all are going to forever have a negative association with your marriage. A day that is only supposed to be remembered as happy.

  • D Mars
    D Mars3 dager siden

    Jesus loves you ❤️

  • t_xic CLAN
    t_xic CLAN3 dager siden

    Honestly I can understand where you guys are coming but y’all are good together and we all make mistakes and I know that my word isn’t gonna say much but as long as y’all and everyone there are safe that’s all that matter

  • Not_GŁX
    Not_GŁX3 dager siden

    people are so soft lol

  • Zoedoran2006
    Zoedoran20063 dager siden

    So they finally banged?

  • Joseph C

    Joseph C

    Dag siden

    Yeah 😏

  • Benjamin Lukas
    Benjamin Lukas3 dager siden

    There’s nothing to apologize as long as nobody got sick at the wedding

  • Maya El-Chami

    Maya El-Chami

    3 dager siden

    No they’re encouraging people to be going out so it’s not okay

  • Eric Giron
    Eric Giron3 dager siden

    look im sorry but why people being karens god dam

  • Kaitlin Wenke

    Kaitlin Wenke

    3 dager siden


  • It’s Me
    It’s Me3 dager siden

    don’t apologize for living your lives. don’t let people dictate what you do.

  • Devastator
    Devastator3 dager siden

    whats wrong with having a wedding i dont understand why everyone is so mad

  • Allison Callstrom
    Allison Callstrom4 dager siden

    Obviously there is a lot of hate in this comment section but if you’re reading this, plenty of us know that you two are still very very young and you’re going to make mistakes. Being on the internet makes it almost impossible for you to do so even though you need to to grow as people. It’s not okay, but it happened and now you just try and learn like people your age who aren’t public figures get to do.

  • Floralgamez
    Floralgamez4 dager siden

    *November 8th should I say..

    MORTEN JENSEN4 dager siden

    i dont think that is a problem. the cancel culture is so wrong

  • L XH
    L XH4 dager siden


  • Kakau
    Kakau4 dager siden

    I feel like they’re both super immature to take on such a responsibility of being married and devoting parts of their channel to each other, their engagement, their wedding plans etc they still have a lot of growing to do

  • Mr Tech
    Mr Tech4 dager siden

    I don't understand what exactly you're apologizing for? Getting married? Is it a crime? What exactly have you done wrong?

  • maddie white
    maddie white4 dager siden

    you guys are always mad because someone isn’t apologizing but then when they do you sit there and say “it’s fake, they’re only sorry they got caught” like yes they were in the wrong. but come on. of course someone wouldn’t wanna get torn down for apologizing for their actions.

  • ashley
    ashley4 dager siden

    the internet’s brutal

  • Catrina Garcia
    Catrina Garcia4 dager siden

    haley, ryan, its ok. as long as you learn from it, its ok. God knows your heart, and you guys must continue to seek His. may your platform be used for His glory. God is doing something so huge with you two. continue to trust in Him and have a reverence for God. im praying for you both, love you guys

  • Wittle Kitten
    Wittle Kitten5 dager siden

    Y'all really just wanted to get freaky fast huh? Haley isn't even that pretty lmfao Ryan could've found better.

  • Miss Caseys Show
    Miss Caseys Show5 dager siden

    Was everyone there tested or no

  • Ariana Marin
    Ariana Marin5 dager siden

    Have no need to apologize marriage is a beautiful thing and none of people’s business. I was honestly disappointed to see you caving to other’s perceptions. Wishing you a blessed and successful marriage ❤️.

  • Gloria Tucker
    Gloria Tucker5 dager siden


  • Shekinah Elliot
    Shekinah Elliot5 dager siden

    Hey Haley and Ryan, there’s a lot of comments showing that some people are upset about you getting married without showing it. Guys, your marriage isn’t for your audience. Your marriage is for you! for God! It’s your choice how and when you make this choice out of love for each other :)) This is a tough time in the world, there’s a lot of pressure on you from your fans that they should feel like they get to dictate your life choices . Remember, it’s God you serve, not the world. This was a very mature apology, and honest, which I admire. But seriously, rejoice! You’re married! God bless you 💕💕💕

  • tristan brann
    tristan brann5 dager siden

    lol glad i unsubscribed months ago

  • Kimble Mori

    Kimble Mori

    4 dager siden


  • Amogelang Lebeko
    Amogelang Lebeko5 dager siden

    The worst thing you can do to someone when you are trying to get them to see their mistakes, is to keep throwing insults and blame on them when they have shown remorse and are willing to keep working on growing further. In the video they talk about how sweet it was that people were persistent on not letting them stay prideful and not letting them get away with something that was obviously so wrong. I hope that people can be proud that their hard work and persistence has led to two more pairs of open eyes. I hope that we can continue in this, but most importantly recognise when the agenda turns not so helpful anymore. I personally feel extremely saddened at the fact that the beginning of their journey as husband and wife started out like this, and that that day is going to forever be seen as the day they disappointed a lot of people. I just hope they can have at least a few good memories of that day and still thank God for blessing them with the gift of marriage, and the privilege of celebrating it with their loved ones (however questionable they decided to go about it). I hope I don't sound like an apologist. I really am not impressed with what they did and feel a little let down because I followed this series in excitement and anticipation. I really hope they do take away something from this experience and learning curve. I also hope they'll do better with he platform that they are given and blessed with.

  • Maria Ramirez
    Maria Ramirez5 dager siden

    Here after watching the 2 hour video about how you guys need to press pause just to say you two are immature as hell and only setting bad examples for your young audience. I'm your age and I would never act this way and then distance myself from my actions and refuse to take responsibility. Embarrassing

  • Kimble Mori

    Kimble Mori

    4 dager siden

    And who are you?

  • Mariajose Santana
    Mariajose Santana5 dager siden

    y'all they don't have an obligation to film their wedding. They can do whatever they want.....idk

  • Shaliek
    Shaliek6 dager siden

    Are you kidding me?

  • Kimble Mori

    Kimble Mori

    4 dager siden

    With what

  • Kristin McCallum
    Kristin McCallum6 dager siden

    Honestly don’t care when u do your wedding I just can’t believe I didn’t film it I really wanted to see it 😢

  • Madison Shelley
    Madison Shelley6 dager siden

    I’m glad I unsubscribed from you years ago

  • lilia
    lilia6 dager siden

    y’all chil. what about josh and katie’s wedding? it’s a wedding. they can’t just hide the rest of their lives and not have fun. if people were concerned, they wouldn’t have gone to the celebration. life goes on and they can do what they want

  • Kelly Dupon-Jordan
    Kelly Dupon-Jordan6 dager siden

    You don't owe an anybody anything.

  • Abigail Rodriguez
    Abigail Rodriguez6 dager siden

    Look- I’m so sorry you’re getting all this hate. I’m happy for you two and wish you the best!

  • Victoria
    Victoria6 dager siden

    There’s so many people getting married right now. Why do they need to apologize for doing so? Or feel like they needed to hide the fact that they were going through with a wedding?

  • Ella Neal
    Ella Neal7 dager siden

    can we at least see the wedding video..

    CLEAR7 dager siden


  • ale Harito
    ale Harito7 dager siden

    I was waiting for the pictures and stuff 😡

  • Yasmin Hernandez
    Yasmin Hernandez7 dager siden

    Ngl I randomly stopped watching her videos almost a year a year ago and am absolutely lost what happened to the joint channel?😂😂

  • Francesca Penati
    Francesca Penati7 dager siden

    My sister literally got married around that time and had an online zoom wedding... you could've done that or just waited. No excuses. This video is just a video of excuses.

  • Sofia Ramos de Almeida
    Sofia Ramos de Almeida7 dager siden

    So mature that they cant wait or just have a simple wedding... happy i unsubscribed!!

  • Gabby scott
    Gabby scott7 dager siden

    can yall chill out?literally yall are only upset cause they are ig you would say famous.i bet if your friends or family had a wedding rn you wouldnt make them apologize for wanting to make what they have with who they love offical.did they make a mistake?yes.but we all make mistakes.its life.MOVE ALONG and deal with your own problems instead of judging others.

  • Pastel Roblox

    Pastel Roblox

    7 dager siden


  • MJ Flickinger
    MJ Flickinger7 dager siden

    I’m confused

  • The Kristin Hope
    The Kristin Hope7 dager siden

    People are human. Being Christian absolutely does not make you perfect. They were humble enough to finally come forward with truth and apologize. Personally, having your wedding is a personal, intimate things anyways, so the fact that they didn’t share it is honestly their business. Then being Internet personalities does not negate that. Just because you are or were a fan of theirs does not mean your entitled to every part of their lives. You are given what they choose to share. I will say, hiding the fact that your married out of the circumstances they were is a different issue but some people can’t accept an apology purely because they don’t want to. It doesn’t matter how long it took them, the fact they did it. It was an apology. Be kind.

  • Riley Sheriff
    Riley Sheriff7 dager siden

    Makes me sad that a couple has to feel bad about getting married and not having people masked at their wedding. It’s ridiculous at this point. They shouldn’t have to explain themselves or feel guiltily.

  • Ellie Turner
    Ellie Turner7 dager siden

    way long overdue, nice job being kids trying to be adults

  • destiney cheyenne
    destiney cheyenne8 dager siden

    donating isn’t gonna do anything. ur both so immature it’s actually really sad

  • Marina Toto
    Marina Toto8 dager siden

    Wait what did they do

  • kiara williams
    kiara williams8 dager siden

    honestly i find it kind of funny how people can hate on people who are out in the public eye, even when they apologize or realize what they did but there are many people having weddings without precautions that aren’t in the public eye and don’t get any hate at all. it’s really really funny to me

  • Bénédicte Ngayi
    Bénédicte Ngayi9 dager siden

    this comment section is gross. Stop attacking people because you are unhappy, idk why that’s become so normal

  • Bénédicte Ngayi
    Bénédicte Ngayi9 dager siden

    you didn’t do anything wrong

  • Scarlett Murphy
    Scarlett Murphy9 dager siden

    congrats!! still happy for you & your marriage!!!

  • Catalina Garcia
    Catalina Garcia9 dager siden

    It’s their wedding they have a right to hide it or not, the viewers are not entitled to see it...

  • Pastel Roblox

    Pastel Roblox

    7 dager siden

    True that

  • Courtney Rose
    Courtney Rose9 dager siden

    They got married, big f ing deal. It’s their lives and their decision and if it was okay in their state at the time then screw it. People are so entitled to NOprojectsrs lives, just dumb. Watch or don’t is my opinion.

  • Pastel Roblox

    Pastel Roblox

    7 dager siden


  • Mackenna Williamson
    Mackenna Williamson9 dager siden

    uhhhh you don’t regret it cause you literally hid it??

  • Lindsay McMahan
    Lindsay McMahan9 dager siden

    This is ridiculous! You did NOT OWE ANYONE AN APOLOGY! You should not have to feel this ashamed about your wedding day.

  • Pastel Roblox

    Pastel Roblox

    7 dager siden

    That is so true

  • Audrey Morgenegg
    Audrey Morgenegg9 dager siden

    Well it’s y’alls life so I say do what you want

  • arrabelle Sherrer
    arrabelle Sherrer9 dager siden

    I don't accept the apology but do appreciate that you finally acknowledged it