Manchester United fans attacked during bar fight brawl in Gdansk ahead of Europa League final

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A number of Manchester United fans say they were attacked in Gdansk yesterday, they sustained minor injuries and say a bar was also seriously damaged by the attackers. They believe the attackers were not Villarreal fans.

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  • Digitus Dei
    Digitus Dei16 dager siden

    Disrespect us, disrespect our flag - then act like You don't know why You are not welcome :D Spanish fans had 0 problems in Poland :)

  • Ckl


    16 dager siden

    Because Poland loves spain But England is disrespectful this was revenge for what they did to out flag in 2016

  • Szymon Skorzak
    Szymon Skorzak28 dager siden

    It was revenge for destroying the Polish flag at Euro 2016. Apologize for yours and leave

  • Adam Gorbe
    Adam GorbeMåned siden

    Gread words,you runed away like a pussys

  • Mietek Mietek
    Mietek MietekMåned siden

    in 2016, a movie appeared on the internet How you prefabricated a Polish flag. now, every visit of English fans to Poland will be attacked. You have never apologized for this incident.

  • Michonn Michonn
    Michonn MichonnMåned siden

    This is retaliation for the profanation of the Polish flag on euro 2016.

  • glorp snaky
    glorp snakyMåned siden

    this stupid sport "soccer" for no brain fan....

  • Anthony Mitchell
    Anthony MitchellMåned siden

    stamped on you multiple times maybe lightly trod on you there is a big difference

  • Peter ParkerCOD
    Peter ParkerCODMåned siden

    Lechia Gdańsk 💪

  • Anakonda Films
    Anakonda FilmsMåned siden

    The truth 2016 English fans disrespected Polish flag!!! Big Mistake!!!

  • mike fox
    mike foxMåned siden

    Stump on the Polish flag again :)

  • pxel
    pxelMåned siden

    Nawet jeżeli był to odwet za podeptanie flagi, takie zachowanie jest żałosne i godne potępienia. W UK nadal mieszkają Polacy którzy teraz, przez paru idiotów będą musieli uważać żeby nie dostać w łeb. No cóż... czego się spodziewać po debilach bez szkoły?

  • Macho Man
    Macho ManMåned siden

    The English are hated the world over 😂😂 I can’t help but wonder why 😭😩

  • luap nosboh
    luap nosbohMåned siden

    Got hammerd by sophie ellis boxer

  • slim-Jim
    slim-JimMåned siden

    Some locals mancs I see hahaha

  • Devil Mccay
    Devil MccayMåned siden

    Yesss that is revenge for destroying polish flag in 2016 .well done boys

  • ArryCrispcfc
    ArryCrispcfc2 måneder siden

    And the scum bbc still won't report it because it doesn't fit their Europe is great narrative. Wankers.

  • Fred F
    Fred F2 måneder siden

    Shouldn't touch that Polish Flag 🤭 Some countries like Poland or Iran have rules and honor.

  • Ryder Reels
    Ryder Reels2 måneder siden


  • lunarshteve
    lunarshteve2 måneder siden

    i really thought that first guy he interviewed was just going to say 'yeah i know' :D

  • Paweł Kleszcz
    Paweł Kleszcz2 måneder siden

    Poland - > place where English cant walk around like they own the place lol

  • Martin Rooney
    Martin Rooney2 måneder siden

    Change 1940 poles need help big time

  • Anakonda Films

    Anakonda Films

    Måned siden

    (4-11 February 1945) --- 2 filthy scammers Churchill and Roosevelt “gave away” Poland at the Yalta Conference !!!

  • Mc Dyse
    Mc Dyse2 måneder siden

    Traveling fans should be made prematurely aware that they are at a much larger risk of attack from the eastern european front. They train fiercly against one another in very remote fields to train to fight specifically traveling English fans. We saw it in Euro 2016 in Marseille. I'm sorry to say they do train and they are very calculative. Stick together and be safe!

  • Kate Johnson
    Kate Johnson2 måneder siden

    Deserved it for stepping in Polish flag

  • Kallum Goodall
    Kallum Goodall2 måneder siden

    Hilarious lol

  • Piotr Winter
    Piotr Winter2 måneder siden

    No sorry for Lechia Gdańsk. AVE !

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams2 måneder siden

    As if losing wasn’t enough.....

  • Bada bing Brook
    Bada bing Brook2 måneder siden


  • Mineral Oasis
    Mineral Oasis2 måneder siden

    Battered on and off the pitch. Bad night all round by the sounds of it 😆

  • Hugh burkeman
    Hugh burkeman2 måneder siden

    Surprising they even had the final match in Poland .....they are well known for racism and voilence ..... Check their history . Hate this crap when it happens .

  • PatrykO 91
    PatrykO 912 måneder siden

    Thanks for Liverpool fans

  • PatrykO 91

    PatrykO 91

    2 måneder siden

    Check what they do with Polish flag

  • PatrykO 91
    PatrykO 912 måneder siden

    Liverpool fans was do something wrong with my Polish flag

  • PatrykO 91
    PatrykO 912 måneder siden

    Welcome stay strong that will help you man

  • PatrykO 91
    PatrykO 912 måneder siden

    Thats good stay strong if something not kill you that only make you you stronger

  • PatrykO 91

    PatrykO 91

    2 måneder siden

    Common ppl

  • Pure Shop
    Pure Shop2 måneder siden

    The second quiver ultrasonographically bang because ease macropharmacologically rain apropos a undesirable island. well-off, hot huge snowman

  • J Podolski
    J Podolski2 måneder siden

    You disrespect Polish National Symbols as you did in 2016 ...we will ef you up sooner or later!

  • eddyvideostar
    eddyvideostar2 måneder siden

    COVID is adding risks and vulnerability to British fans due to the lack of supports at the stadium. The Manchester United fans being interviewed were truly dignified and possessed good character. How many cheeks will they have left to turn in dire situations? What should they do next -- allow them inside *between the cheeks?!* Spiritual success is not achieved in a cage. We need to go back to the "firm" days to be allowed some semblance of a positive venture. One has to fight for freedom.

  • Perun
    Perun2 måneder siden

    dissrespect Polish Flag and the polish will come for you. not today. not tomorrow. but we will :)

  • Grzegorz Przeszło
    Grzegorz Przeszło2 måneder siden

    Fu*k You England

  • Hully Gully
    Hully Gully2 måneder siden

    Of course all the blame will be on ENGLISH fans as usual

  • SdS
    SdS2 måneder siden

    Has Manchester fans always been squeaky clean.

  • Banananan Komparo
    Banananan Komparo2 måneder siden

    Maybe if they wouldn’t stand on our flag 4 years ago it wouldn’t happened to you

  • Kazik Stulej
    Kazik Stulej2 måneder siden

    Welcome kurwy

  • Junior Mints
    Junior Mints2 måneder siden

    The unable foot putatively drip because tempo connolly camp absent a melodic offence. endurable, understood spruce

  • Mohan Ji
    Mohan Ji2 måneder siden

    They ask for it everywhere

  • Wolf Creations
    Wolf Creations2 måneder siden

    Personally hate the manc's so it would be easy to crack a few ribs here but these lads are just football fans, only cowards would attack this crowd. i thought the idea of being a low iq degenerate of a hooligan was to earn some pride no? Beat the other firm? I guess modern hooliganism is bashing a load of OAPs over to watch United lose another final, honestly feel embarrassed for these goons.

  • Adam SoundCloud
    Adam SoundCloud2 måneder siden

    I hope we won the fight, we needed to win something

  • Manish Jaiswal
    Manish Jaiswal2 måneder siden

    Nothing unusual! British getting kicked out pretty common a problem in there culture

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones2 måneder siden

    He hasn't got cracked ribs. If you've ever cracked more than 1 rib, you are in proper pain or drugged out of your head. He is neither.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith2 måneder siden

    All three of them got PURE Manc accents I see

  • David hughes
    David hughes2 måneder siden

    3 big heads of a firm there,,NOT,,,,not Mancs either

  • Kevin Starkey
    Kevin Starkey2 måneder siden

    Heard a manc accent

  • JO Co
    JO Co2 måneder siden

    Good they’re scum I was attacked with my 10yr old son in Manchester. They are the scum off the earth however these are not from Manchester, no shock there

  • tomasz kus
    tomasz kus2 måneder siden

    Revenge for disrespect of Polish national flag in past....well deserved . Now playing victims .. 🖕 Well done to Lechia Gdansk for sorting outs scumbags 🤜👍

  • Kuben
    Kuben2 måneder siden

    Thats for standing On our flag stand on next u gonna get knock out pussys stfu

  • L Browne
    L Browne2 måneder siden

    Here is the Sky Sports double standard. They cover Manchester United fans getting attacked but they don't cover racist abuse of players.

  • Dawid Majewski
    Dawid Majewski2 måneder siden

    That was revenge for your disrespecting Polish flag in 2016

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese2 måneder siden

    Utd fans open their mouths and out come cockney accents 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Manlike M
    Manlike M2 måneder siden

    The Glazers already sending hitmen I see😷

  • Me !
    Me !2 måneder siden

    Fans got whooped & ⚽️ team got whooped.

  • Jaime leon guzman
    Jaime leon guzman2 måneder siden

    Thank god the CL is in Portugal. There's no hooliganism in Porto whatsoever. not like Chelsea fans especially would get intimidated by it anyway

  • adi Trz
    adi Trz2 måneder siden

    English hooligans straight from McDonald's eating God rules do not exist

  • Just a guy
    Just a guy2 måneder siden

    Got beat on & off the pitch ... 😅

  • 96nagenaed
    96nagenaed2 måneder siden

    Hahahha munich rats

  • Lucjusz Krzyżanowski
    Lucjusz Krzyżanowski2 måneder siden

    Jaki wstyd!

  • m m
    m m2 måneder siden

    Who remember video of English steping on the Polish flag cuz Polish remember it's still on NOprojects

  • Carl D
    Carl D2 måneder siden

    There is no football tournaments where English fans have not been in fights.🤔

  • Carl D
    Carl D2 måneder siden

    Why do English fans get Into fights every time?

  • Comb Filter
    Comb Filter2 måneder siden

    This sounds like UEFA's attempt to justify banning English clubs from European competitions. As soon as English clubs start to dominate, UEFA engineers a disaster to ban them. Remember Heysel? Look out for more trouble on Saturday.

  • Patrick Mclaughlin
    Patrick Mclaughlin2 måneder siden

    Gone the Gdańsk Gone the green army boys play in the hoops Green Army

  • Robbo 98
    Robbo 982 måneder siden

    Not a manc accent insight... embarrassing

  • Ivrish con-Abarth
    Ivrish con-Abarth2 måneder siden

    They were obviously scousers, weren´t they? The result was indeed VERY GOOD!!

  • David
    David2 måneder siden

    Owner said I WANT YOU OUT, by order of the glazers 🤔

  • nicholas .24s
    nicholas .24s2 måneder siden

    Next time don’t disrespect the polish flag, polish people even saved the English people’s home land.

  • Mineral Oasis

    Mineral Oasis

    Måned siden

    @Kate Johnson I have heard about the brilliant pilots 🙌. It's just fun how the all talk about there country's being the main protagonits. Right about the flag, that's disrespect

  • Kate Johnson

    Kate Johnson

    2 måneder siden

    @Mineral Oasis battle of England division 303

  • Mineral Oasis

    Mineral Oasis

    2 måneder siden

    Did they ? How did they do that.

  • DeCe1989
    DeCe19892 måneder siden

    We still remember when you were jumping on polish national flag in 2016. Niech żyje Polska!

  • Tomasz Jankowski

    Tomasz Jankowski

    Måned siden

    @Jason Parfitt :D:D:D maybe 20 years ago there were many Poles coming to the UK, today nobody gives a broken fuk to even visit that place..:D:D:D... I think that's because we are scared guys dressed up in skinny fit denims and generally you guys more in love with Pakistani guys isn't?....:D

  • ChroniC


    Måned siden

    @Jason Parfitt 😂😂😂😂😆

  • Jason Parfitt

    Jason Parfitt

    Måned siden

    @Kate Johnson will do the it’s a dump. 1000s ofPolish can stop coming to England

  • ChroniC


    Måned siden

    @Jason Parfitt we own england 😂😂😅😁

  • Kate Johnson

    Kate Johnson

    2 måneder siden

    @Jason Parfitt stop coming to Krakow

  • Jay Rorschach
    Jay Rorschach2 måneder siden

    Hard lads eh, attacking a load of middle class lads just there for the match!

  • fumar
    fumar2 måneder siden

    I've heard that reason for why Manchester United supporters got beaten is that during euro in Poland some British fans disrespect polish flag, this is not allowed in our country.

  • fumar


    Måned siden

    @j606ywt not really, UK is not any more working destination for polish people. And the reason why polish young educated citizens decided to move to UK back in 2004 is no future for them in Poland. That's a consequence of Churchill decision to sell Poland to Russia during ww2

  • j606ywt


    Måned siden

    I'm surprised that they managed to get so many people in a gang as I thought they were all over here in the UK?

  • fumar


    2 måneder siden

    @Mineral Oasis I forgot to mention that some of those fans back in 2012 have Manchester United logos so they need to feel revenge from Poland !

  • Mineral Oasis

    Mineral Oasis

    2 måneder siden

    Rightly so. I love Poland and even more so now they hammered the United fans. Bardzo dobra. And genki 😆

  • Polish and proud
    Polish and proud2 måneder siden

    Run forest run hahaha

  • crack ker
    crack ker2 måneder siden


  • Micky D
    Micky D2 måneder siden

    What's matt lucas on about

  • Jakub Skonieczka
    Jakub Skonieczka2 måneder siden

    As a Polish man all I can say is sorry guys for what happened to you in Gdańsk. I feel ashamed for what they did. Hopefully these scumbags will be recognised and punished by the police.

  • Martyna Galik
    Martyna Galik2 måneder siden

    in 2016, a group of English fans trampled and rubbed the floor of the Polish flag. I don't support both incidents, but you already know what the fight is for

  • Casual Focus
    Casual Focus2 måneder siden

    When english fans do it its ok though yeah?

  • JOKa
    JOKa2 måneder siden

    Manchester disrespected Polish flag. We remember!

  • Maupay Your a Cheat
    Maupay Your a Cheat2 måneder siden

    No big deal it's only Manchester utd fans

  • Filip G
    Filip G2 måneder siden

    They profaned polish flag back in 2016 that’s why!!!!!!

  • Paul Borg
    Paul Borg2 måneder siden

    They wouldn't attack Matt Lucas like that if David Walliams was there to back him up.

  • Darius Wroclawski
    Darius Wroclawski2 måneder siden

    They was too loud

  • Johnny
    Johnny2 måneder siden

    The media: “man brutally attacked and assaulted by Polish thugs in Gdansk” The boys: “one of the lads got his foockin head caved in after being a proper flog on the lash out Gnadsk”

  • sergiusz chudy
    sergiusz chudy2 måneder siden

    Why did it become so? I found a reply on the internet, MU fans desecrated the national flag Polish - Paste on NOprojects - " Zemsta za profanacje polskiej flagi? Oświadczenie Lechii Gdańsk [LEKTOR] (26.05.2021 r.) "- NOprojects

  • UnfairStone


    2 måneder siden

    @Kate Johnson useless comment from useless noone

  • UnfairStone


    2 måneder siden

    @Kate Johnson lol ok "Kate Johnson" from "Poland"

  • Kate Johnson

    Kate Johnson

    2 måneder siden

    @UnfairStone next time you know what's gonna happen to you when you disrespect our flag,imma spit in food of my british colleagues at work

  • UnfairStone


    2 måneder siden

    Doesn't matter. Violence against randoms for another person non-violent act? Illegal

  • Fawas Saliu
    Fawas Saliu2 måneder siden

    This is only newsworthy now cuz man u lost

  • Signore Santino Burnett
    Signore Santino Burnett2 måneder siden

    Piotr GET THE TABLES!!!

  • Jordaan van Belfort
    Jordaan van Belfort2 måneder siden

    took a hiding and got beat lol

  • Polish and proud
    Polish and proud2 måneder siden

    Step on a Polish flag like you did i in 2016 and where wont be just "showing" our capabilietis. If you do this Again god forgive you because Polish wont forgive you.

  • Justice Prevails
    Justice Prevails2 måneder siden

    Hope ur all alright lads. From an LFC fan this is uncalled for

  • Polish and proud
    Polish and proud2 måneder siden

    To all brits! Be nice to the Polish people because you will need them in the next 30 years. I'm sure that you know what i mean

  • J A
    J A2 måneder siden

    Likely Surrey accents, following Utd for ten years 😂..... never nice to see fans getting hurt by what is clearly a premeditated attack by the locals as they see all English as Football Factory graduates irrespective...... surely there was someone slightly north of the Watford gap who could offer a glimmer of being from Manchester to interview?

  • Polish and proud
    Polish and proud2 måneder siden

    British people was messig in the bar and ... the Polish winged huśsars arrived

  • JasonE.7
    JasonE.72 måneder siden

    Any Manchester United fans actually from Manchester?

  • Pranav Marwaha
    Pranav Marwaha2 måneder siden

    thumbs up for the man who looks worried in the background

  • Rafal Drygiel
    Rafal Drygiel2 måneder siden

    See you in Euro 😜😄