Making transparent wood

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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.

I finally decided to try it again though!

Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:

Nile talks about lab safety:



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    Sorry about all the ads. NOprojects automatically adds a million and I forgot to manually take them out. Refresh the page and you should get fewer ads!

  • Caitlyn Taylor

    Caitlyn Taylor

    Dag siden

    I have a few questions: 1. Do you wright scientific papers when you discover new things from your experiments? 2. Would you still have to write a paper if you made a video to satisfy the scientific community? 3. If you don't write scientific papers about your experiments, would you ever consider writing one?

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    Make Ice 9

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    we blocking the ads dont worry

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    16 dager siden

    Hey Nile, was wondering if its possible to extract copper or other minerals from blood? Just curious

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    Jacinee Pertuset

    24 dager siden

    Hiiii, thank you for helping me make Ferro fluid!!! Also, not to fangirl, but your smile is so so cute and falling asleep to your videos is so easy with that relaxing voice!! 😚😇

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    Ah yes, carefully smashed to pieces

  • Jake Webber
    Jake WebberTime siden

    This guy: *is capable of making wood transparent and can turn toilet paper and latex gloves Into consumable beverages* Me, who passed chemistry by relying on extra credit vocab tests and has a small stroke whenever electron theory is mentioned: hmm yems, kemistree

  • Sky Raze
    Sky RazeTime siden

    I applaud you! You did a very good job and made me actually pay attention, witch is pretty hard for me.

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    Tech NerdTime siden

    Holy water ❌ *d i s t i l l e d w a t e r* ✅

  • Surturfenrir
    Surturfenrir2 timer siden

    nice video man, i get that it basically is plastic but i like the idea that it may still hold the structure and integrity of a wood plate, it was interesting to watch!

  • Lukas Saez
    Lukas Saez3 timer siden

    Hey man, I think a good project could be to extract capsaicin from chillis. What do you think?

  • Daniel Bellian
    Daniel Bellian6 timer siden

    Do you think sanding the wood before starting the plasticizing process would help with clarity?

  • Itzam
    Itzam6 timer siden

    I wood like for Nile to reply this comment :)

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    what's with the raep in a field going on @40:05 ???


    Its good for green house

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    Does anyone know if there are youtubers that are like NileRed but biology or microbiology ?

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    he really said ''instructions inclear''

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    Next video: Making math in breaking bad

  • Viktor Potter
    Viktor Potter12 timer siden

    Outside perspective... if you take out core elements that make an item "wood" and replace those elements with non-wood elements (i.e. plastic) is it still wood? Also, instead of separating the glass panes with wooden separators, would something like EVA foam help maintain the needed pressure for the shrinkage of the wood?

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    CIA...prosexte auto to paidi, exei vgalei vizia exei allaxei h domi tou dermatos tou apo otan htan mikrotero, potizoun kato apo tin miti tou kai kato apo tin miti sas...ade xipniste eukairia yia scoops. akoma kai masonoi na to potizoun, ...yiati? me pio dikeoma? Ego nomizo oti pane na to poustepsoun to kakomiro siga siga....einai lipiro auto pou simvenei giro mas...h alli agenda alla kati niotho oti paei strava edw.

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    John Coxtolstoy17 timer siden

    What is the best way to smoke the methacrylite?

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    Nile Red, can I get a reply?

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    Don't feel bad for "supporting" the MMS stuff. Around 6 million people now know about the problem thanks to your video.

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    Dr. Arun Mondal22 timer siden

    This is ovious but did you hear the news on a scientist dying because of chemical explosion or radiation?

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    I should share your channel to my Chemistry teacher, I hope she understands most of the English.

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    Is this a Dream? A video in English using Celsius? I love you mate!

  • Stoney Stones
    Stoney Stones23 timer siden

    How hard is it when completely dry? Hard enough to use for wood inlay? It would be cool to have clear portions of inlay, but still have it be wood

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    I love the 1:35 "what was nice" *slap*

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    25:22 I jokingly said out loud "Oh, he should get one of those fancy tungsten cubes" - imagine my surprise! Haha!

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    Do a video on making dicyanin goggles.

  • Uncle Musty

    Uncle Musty

    Dag siden

    I don't know if this is accurate, but it sounds interesting. Some chemistry nerd can smack me with facts and logic if it's wildly incorrect. "Paracetamol is extracted from OTC pain killer tablets. This is ethylated under gentle conditions using ethyl iodide, as to only attack the ring oxygen and avoid attack on the nitrogen. The resulting product is hydrolysed to obtain 4-ethoxyaniline. Ethyl iodide is made from ethyl bromide by Finkelstein swap with sodium iodide. Ethyl bromide is distilled from an ethanol/sulfuric acid/sodium bromide mixture. Acetaldehyde is made either using the classic route from ethanol with sodium dichromate. But since dichromate is a listed carcinogen banned in some countries, alternative processes can be considered. Paraldehyde is obtained by polymerisation of acetaldehyde. The acidic aldol condensation product from acetaldehyde and acetone is added to the previously prepared 4-ethoxyaniline under conditions that will close the ring, forming 2,4-dimethyl-6-ethoxyquinoline which is the direct precursor to dicyanin A. The final step to dicyanin A involves adding some of the previously prepared ethyl iodide set aside for this purpose and silver nitrate."

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    Weird way to spell Ligma

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    What if you made a kind of box to help hold the acrylic or what you put In the wood in place while it's in the oven

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    Lol this dude is crazy smart. I don’t have the mental capacity for chemistry class; so thank you for making these videos! 👍

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    Thank you for your ethics. I appreciate that very much.

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    Everytime you are just about to unveil the results of each test, I try as hard as I can to avoid looking at the time left so that I can keep my hopes up and be surprised. Very interesting experiments and very informative, thank you.

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    I'm curious how clear 2x4 would turn out. I'd use them to build unique aquarium stands.

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    I bought Woodglut once and now I have lifetime access to thousands of woodworking projects.

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    imagine getting a splinter!

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    How did you learn all of this chemistry? I took many chemistry courses in undergrad but just wondering if you self study for these videos??

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  • Bernie Schmitt
    Bernie Schmitt2 dager siden

    Have you tried this with thinner wood? A Japanese handplane called a Kanna can make full width and length shavings thinner than a human hair! Or maybe a wood laminate manufacturer could provide an ideal thickness.

  • Benjamin Joseph Bruner
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    *clearly* this wasn't the best method Get it?

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    The way how it's much clearer once you put it against a surface looks like quantum skipping effect. I forgot it's actual name, but basically photons skip extremely thin layers when going between different materials. An example of this is if you look at glass with an angle of about 5 degrees and you squish your finger hard it will be visible.

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    great job! I think the main reason that the polymerization process was not reproducible is because of water vapor that could terminalize radicals. try to use oil bath and N2 protection.

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  • Valaquesse


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    Personally I think this is lovely as an art/decorative piece. I like the idea of making a door or window from it. Its like frosted glass but with the wood grain. Let's light through but obscures the view. Its nice.

  • Valaquesse


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    Or just add a bit more resin to the rough side once its cured. It really fills in any gaps to leave it clear and flat.

  • Valaquesse


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    Yeah. Not sure if it works with MMA but it does with epoxy and UV and I can't imagine it not being the case for MMA. A silicon mould probably fix all the issues you have with the finish.

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