Locked in a Room With Siblings for 24 Hours *NO PHONES*

Every hour we stay in the room together $100 gets donated to make a wish foundation!!

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I’m a 26 year old dude creating a show about my crazy family \u0026 friends:



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  • Adriana Ciolovan
    Adriana CiolovanDag siden

    I love Kennedy 😍❤❤

  • C S
    C SDag siden

    I'm crying

  • Yama Fanboy
    Yama FanboyDag siden

    that is a "sis loves me" title if I ever saw one. (ask devorah to explain it if you're lost lol)

  • Purnapriya Mandal
    Purnapriya MandalDag siden

    I wish I had sisters too.

  • unsweet creature
    unsweet creature2 dager siden

    10:21 what song is that?

  • Sam Mahato
    Sam Mahato2 dager siden

    Yes yes yes girl

  • Leo Morris
    Leo Morris3 dager siden

    yall are so provocative might as well just spend by doing it

  • Introvert For life
    Introvert For life4 dager siden

    3:43 I can relate.

  • olafelle
    olafelle4 dager siden

    "Dipsy get the fcuk up!" "I'm Po." i can't breathe

  • ItsMeSpikey
    ItsMeSpikey5 dager siden

    there is no way Kennedy really said, the lighting is horrible in here

  • gl00mybear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    gl00mybear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ5 dager siden


  • gl00mybear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    gl00mybear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ5 dager siden

    “OW BITCH” True representation of sibling “love”

  • JT addictive clips
    JT addictive clips6 dager siden

    I saw her with her phone bull shit click bait

  • heaven nicole
    heaven nicole7 dager siden

    hey tyygggdrw fu

  • heaven nicole
    heaven nicole7 dager siden

    hey fvc

  • Kayla Principe
    Kayla Principe8 dager siden

    The teletubbies scene was hilarious. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt hahaha 🤣

  • FavJam
    FavJam9 dager siden

    Is this what attractive people do in their free time?

  • Julius Rosen
    Julius Rosen10 dager siden


  • Rebecca Marbaniang
    Rebecca Marbaniang12 dager siden

    The run that Claudia did in the end🤣🤣😭

  • Beboo Lolo
    Beboo Lolo13 dager siden

    Claudia such a sporting person but not Kennedy. Kennedy needs some moods 😂

  • Ms. Partridge
    Ms. Partridge13 dager siden

    Kennedy sucs

  • Ms. Partridge

    Ms. Partridge

    5 dager siden

    Noice except I do what ever tf I want 😊

  • motchiQueen


    5 dager siden

    @Ms. Partridge how does that make any sense? Kennedy is in the video. Kennedy is his sister. You might as well get out. This constant complaining yall like to do is annoying. What would you like Brandon to do? Not include is his sister? Well guess again because that's not happening so strongly STFU.

  • Ms. Partridge

    Ms. Partridge

    5 dager siden

    @motchiQueen I watch for brandon and claudia

  • motchiQueen


    5 dager siden

    Yet you still watch. How ironic.

  • Katherine Kosh
    Katherine Kosh13 dager siden

    Claudia looks so much like shakira

  • Katherine Kosh
    Katherine Kosh13 dager siden

    The faces that they were making killed me Also i have a crush on keener she is so perfect

    SPORTS-HD13 dager siden

    I salute you the spirit of creative work and constant activity in this distinctive channel, which offers everything new and useful. Thank you very much, my dear friends 🇵🇸

  • angel lol
    angel lol15 dager siden

    title says no phones...6:37 rlly said sike

  • Pika
    Pika15 dager siden

    claudia funny af. shes funny without even tryingggg 🤣❤❤

  • Cecilia B
    Cecilia B15 dager siden

    This is the most wholesome shit ive ever seen

  • Jericho Pascual
    Jericho Pascual15 dager siden

    Claudia served humor and chaos

  • elle danika
    elle danika16 dager siden

    this hurt to watch and i love it

  • K D
    K D18 dager siden

    I'm liking this video because I want your sisters to be nicer to you. HAHAHAHA

  • ꧁PoCat꧂
    ꧁PoCat꧂20 dager siden

    sorry for you lol

  • Sarah Morales
    Sarah Morales20 dager siden

    The way that Claudia still gets the content while you’re unbuckling your belt😂

  • Mia
    Mia21 dag siden

    watch this be #1 on the TOP 10 most chaotic videos to exist 😀 16:15 LMAOOOO THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART OF THE WHOLE VIDEO

  • Crunchy Peanut Butter Babe
    Crunchy Peanut Butter Babe22 dager siden

    life sized tamogachi

  • Hanna W
    Hanna W23 dager siden

    Lmao they really abuse u Brandon... I kinda feel sorry, but I also can't help to laugh

  • Brianna D
    Brianna D23 dager siden

    I love Claudia

  • R.A.M
    R.A.M23 dager siden

    Once Again... Claudia is amazing!

  • Victorya Shulga 418-1
    Victorya Shulga 418-124 dager siden

    “ no phones” written in the title of the video 6:38

    INDO KAZAN24 dager siden

    It looks like it was just an excuse for Brandon to spend time with his family

  • Josh Pol
    Josh Pol25 dager siden

    Why do I get sweet home Alabama vibes from this video 😑😑

  • YouTube Is a Bitch

    YouTube Is a Bitch

    15 dager siden

    You gotta do Shit Then SHIT

  • Emily Proctor
    Emily Proctor26 dager siden

    i literally can’t fcking breathe this entire video is so funny. love when it’s just the three of you it’s GOLD

  • Arda
    Arda26 dager siden

    How tf and why tf can kennedy twerk like a lebanese belly dancer

  • Lior Kkk
    Lior Kkk26 dager siden

    Dum Dum Dum dom dam* XD Step sisters are getting crazy LOL

  • Miranda Watson
    Miranda Watson26 dager siden

    I lost it when they started singing Crazy

  • Siberian_Psycho
    Siberian_Psycho26 dager siden

    I don't have siblings, but it looks like fun. 😆😆

  • Jules Mariani
    Jules Mariani27 dager siden

    * anything happens * Kennedy: i'm leaving

  • Jules Mariani
    Jules Mariani27 dager siden

    "I don't burb... I fart, HARD"

  • Nadine K
    Nadine K28 dager siden

    Does anyone know where Kennedy’s dress is from? It’s beautiful!

  • J Hollingsworth, III
    J Hollingsworth, III28 dager siden

    *NO PHONES* 6:42

  • jenni pattinson
    jenni pattinson28 dager siden

    claudia is literally so naturally beautiful . like whatttt

  • Jerad Hidalgo
    Jerad Hidalgo28 dager siden

    How did Kennedy perfectly recreate Michael Jackson at 2:57 in the beginning of the Don't stop til' you get enough music video?????

  • thomas martin
    thomas martin28 dager siden

    They do talk now btw guys and they have little babies too as my 1 year old loves watching it they ruined our childhood 😂

  • barbarina
    barbarina29 dager siden

    WHY are they wearing shoes in such a small space? it bothered me so much lol

  • Mariam
    Mariam29 dager siden

    Claudia is hilarious and has such an amazing spirit. Kennedy on the other hand......... whiny, does the bare minimum, complains a lot.. literally kills the spirit in every fucking video.

  • Sam Todd
    Sam ToddMåned siden

    the sneezing from the feathers HAHAHAHA

  • Jeremy
    JeremyMåned siden

    They’re honestly so annoying, but they remind me of my siblings.

  • Cami Jones
    Cami JonesMåned siden

    ***anybody does anything*** Kennedy: “If you do that I’m leaving.”

  • Benjamin Lowery
    Benjamin LoweryMåned siden

    Literally the definition of what it's like being stuck with ur siblings in a car or some small space for hours

  • O Ok
    O OkMåned siden

    Kennedy is so dramatic Jesus Christ

  • O Ok
    O OkMåned siden

    Kennedy making that song up made me lose it

  • Sophia Doumanov
    Sophia DoumanovMåned siden

    “I’m panicking!” Pulls Kennedy away from the button “NO YOU’RE NOT!!” 💀 💀

  • lilith f
    lilith fMåned siden

    this is the KENNEDY LOOKS GORGEOUS comment!!!!!

  • daisy deutsch
    daisy deutschMåned siden

    me and my siblings do not act like this

  • Margo
    MargoMåned siden

    This got increasingly funnier

  • Smokey
    SmokeyMåned siden

    Omg the way she ran with the cake

  • Kate Nguyen
    Kate NguyenMåned siden

    Kennedy suits the fringe so well 😫 she looks gorgeous!! 💛

  • Oops It’s me
    Oops It’s meMåned siden

    This is quite literally the funniest video I’ve seen in a while.

  • Gibby H
    Gibby HMåned siden

    The run at the end 😭🤚🏻

  • spit0flip
    spit0flipMåned siden

    12:56 She needs help

  • The MeTvShow
    The MeTvShowMåned siden

    I am the button now...!!

  • Lauren Davis
    Lauren DavisMåned siden

    The tea kettle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅

  • Invicta Films
    Invicta FilmsMåned siden

    11:52 when’s the full mix dropping?

  • Clari
    ClariMåned siden

    This is peak sibling dynamic

  • valeria quispe
    valeria quispeMåned siden

    Stop this was so funny

  • V
    VMåned siden


  • Anonemi
    AnonemiMåned siden

    Where is ur dress from kennedy? Love it

  • Kim Hongsuk
    Kim HongsukMåned siden

    Claudia and Kennedy would be a blast to hang out with😂

  • germaniums2
    germaniums2Måned siden

    ‘Let’s harmonise 🙂’

    GCOREMåned siden


  • Asif Munir
    Asif MunirMåned siden

    Do need 1000, volt shocke by me

  • Pre Malone
    Pre MaloneMåned siden

    Why are you all blonde?

  • Pre Malone
    Pre MaloneMåned siden

    I also have a sister and her name is also Claudia, just sayin'.

  • Sharknado
    SharknadoMåned siden

    Kennedy managing to look like a Goddess in every single frame

  • Sharknado
    SharknadoMåned siden

    I love how Claudia is 24/7 ready for gym time

  • Sharknado
    SharknadoMåned siden

    Brandon getting beat up by his sisters for 16 minutes

  • Gabrianna bass
    Gabrianna bassMåned siden

    Lol this is 16 minutes of Brandon getting bullied and harassed by his sisters😂

  • Peachpit 15
    Peachpit 15Måned siden

    Kennedy Is so mean-

  • Kira WaZefook
    Kira WaZefookMåned siden

    Brandon : *Exist* His sisters: *Ew*

  • Miyuki
    MiyukiMåned siden

    Kennedy is just so prettyyyyyyy

  • M Ivan
    M IvanMåned siden

    This is classic......more like this

  • wilover
    wiloverMåned siden

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    Meena kMåned siden

    Kennedy is so dramatic 💀

  • Myisha
    MyishaMåned siden

    Claudia is hilarious

  • Kalli X
    Kalli XMåned siden

    Why can Kennedy actually shake it tho lmao I love her 😅💕🥰

  • Sofia Engström
    Sofia EngströmMåned siden

    do this with brandon and dev but see how long time they can keep from each other :))

  • Arya Kelkar
    Arya KelkarMåned siden

    Send kennedy and claudia to united states marine corp bootcamp. They'll come back with a nicer attitude This message was strictly for Brandons and Brandons eyes only.

  • Mr. Devil
    Mr. DevilMåned siden

    “I have a lot of moles in my back.” That’s...nice Brandon

  • Richard Paz
    Richard PazMåned siden

    Where did Brandon get his jeans 2:35

  • Matheo Anr
    Matheo AnrMåned siden

    6:36 the no phones was kinda weird

  • Zulfikran Zulmos
    Zulfikran ZulmosMåned siden

    They look like crazy siblings but attractive at the same time 😆😆