Liam Gallagher OASIS Songs are NOT Noel’s. ALBUM interview 2019

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    DOM GRINDROD2 år siden

    Liam's on the ball with the situation in London with that joke Sadiq Khan. When you're a Northerner, your perception is vastly different to the insular bubble that is London.

  • MegaDave


    3 dager siden

    @Jason Bassett What does the government have to do with how much money your company decides to pay you??

  • MegaDave


    3 dager siden

    @Tom Hulme What on earth are you talking about?!?

  • MegaDave


    3 dager siden

    @Ecléctico Iconoclasta how is it complex?! It’s pretty straightforward. Tougher measures and harsher sentences will soon resolve the problem

  • davidian666


    3 dager siden

    @Jason Bassett I get paid fine, the reason wages are so low is because anybody will do a job. Study hard at school, get qualifications and work the way up the ladder and the money will come.

  • jjammmees


    3 dager siden

    Why do you ask that.

  • teme007
    teme007Dag siden

    IQ 85

  • paddy syron
    paddy syron2 dager siden

    Our Kid is the best. A true outspoken artist not like his Nancy brother Noel. Simon Cowell, Noel Gallagher, Ed Sheeran, Britney Spears are all cut from the same cloth. Noel was great but he has been turned out. Liam Our Kid Gallagher is the talent that is Oasis.

  • A H
    A H2 dager siden


  • jjammmees
    jjammmees3 dager siden

    Yes and Noel Gallagher.

  • Bob Heaney
    Bob Heaney4 dager siden

    It's Karl Pilkington with hair 😆

  • Monsieur Marques
    Monsieur Marques5 dager siden

    d'you know wot I mean? I'm manic ya?

  • Mr. Steve Jones
    Mr. Steve Jones5 dager siden

    Well said Liam. Can't wait to see you at Reading 21. You're doing it for us man.

  • Matt Woodhall
    Matt Woodhall7 dager siden

    He's like a cool version of Karl pilkington

  • Benew Gillian
    Benew Gillian7 dager siden

    He's a great funny character , always with those parkas on ... LoL

  • purplemascara99
    purplemascara9910 dager siden

    LOVE Liam!!!

  • Barti Slartfast
    Barti Slartfast10 dager siden

    No, Liam, I don't know what you mean. Could you please elaborate? Thanks.

  • Mack Fin
    Mack Fin12 dager siden

    Your a mug

  • L M
    L M15 dager siden

    I like to pretend that Liam and Noels feud is actually just a marketing technique to maintain relevancy and sell more music and tickets while they both kick back and half a pint and laugh :) Let me pretend dammit!

  • Ollie
    Ollie15 dager siden

    "that I slapped one of his kids" LOL

  • michael happy
    michael happy16 dager siden

    Lol love him our hate fella.

  • Man Of Beard
    Man Of Beard16 dager siden

    Liam. Get the Green Party in or whatever 🤣. If the Green Party ever got into power then we’re all f’cked. On his fallout with Noel, I fell out with my dad over thirty years ago now and if he dropped dead tomorrow, it would be business as usual for me. When you have gotten to the point that you’re finally done and over someone. It’s over period and I believe that how Noel probably feels about Liam.

  • A Dying Dream
    A Dying Dream17 dager siden

    Do you know what i meaaaaaaaaaan yea yea 🎵🎵

  • Ray El
    Ray El18 dager siden

    He's wild, he's smart, he's sharp like a razor. I like him!

  • everton1869
    everton186919 dager siden

    What a total bell end of a little boy

  • bjnwright
    bjnwright20 dager siden

    He seems like a pretty alright kinda fulla. But it wouldn't bother me if a politician had a puff, they might make some cooler decisions, and I'm sure he's had his fair share of reality alteror's over the why would he give them a serious slap? OR is he joking? I dunno...

  • Kevin Kellaghan
    Kevin Kellaghan21 dag siden

    Funny how they are fighting over the oasis songs Noel wrote, read the lyrics, like something from kids nursery rhyme only the nursery rhyme usually made some sense

  • Douglas Alexander
    Douglas Alexander21 dag siden

    No big deal, except allegedly running Noels family down and smashing his vintage guitar

  • Fartman
    Fartman21 dag siden

    Prove it by suing Noel for playing them.

  • Twotommy
    Twotommy21 dag siden

    Blokes a div

  • Cestrian52
    Cestrian5222 dager siden

    No chance of Oasis getting back together.

  • Mike H
    Mike H22 dager siden

    An Incredible intellectual 😁

  • Hilbert Kuipers
    Hilbert Kuipers22 dager siden

    Didn’t catch a single word. Dumb as f#ck.

  • Ogabugabedj
    Ogabugabedj23 dager siden

    Let's play a game, guess how many times liam said "what i mean? "

  • Hissing Syd
    Hissing Syd23 dager siden

    Dude stuck in the 90's..... damn

  • Darrin Nunyah
    Darrin Nunyah25 dager siden

    Liam's rough around the edges as was Ginger Baker. He's brutually honest and you get what you see.

  • Loafer69 Keysndrums
    Loafer69 Keysndrums25 dager siden

    Put the subtitles on. They are gold. 😂

  • Penny Lane Rocker
    Penny Lane Rocker27 dager siden

    He sounds just like an uneducated inmate, not an onze of charisma or anything else.

  • dave h
    dave h28 dager siden

    Why's Noel far richer then?

  • Sean Kilburn
    Sean Kilburn29 dager siden

    I think the song credits may disagree

  • The Being Becoming
    The Being BecomingMåned siden

    Liam is the real deal. Love the guy. Still hate his band lol

  • Jayne Teale
    Jayne TealeMåned siden

    Luv him 😂😙

  • St3w4rt
    St3w4rtMåned siden

    A songwriter owns every song they write. Liam owns shit.

  • Mr Catman68
    Mr Catman68Måned siden


  • Colin Lynch
    Colin LynchMåned siden

    I know what you mean

  • Carrot face
    Carrot faceMåned siden

    Once a bell end always a bell end.

  • Liumrj
    LiumrjMåned siden

    There are 20 - do you know what I mean…. For those who are curious

  • Liumrj
    LiumrjMåned siden

    There are 20 Do you know what I mean

  • Emerald Celestial
    Emerald CelestialMåned siden

    Then who fucking wrote them. Even if they are all shit.

  • Lima
    LimaMåned siden

    What types of British accent do Liam and the interviewer have? Tell me please, if u know

  • Jamie Stewart
    Jamie StewartMåned siden

    London is open, what London is open to knife crime and dying and stoof

  • Henry Warbrick
    Henry WarbrickMåned siden

    Stabbed his cat😂

  • MindSet Sounds
    MindSet SoundsMåned siden

    Love this guy

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos RodriguezMåned siden

    Noel 💕

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos RodriguezMåned siden

    Oasis songs are Noel actually

  • Psyche Evolved
    Psyche EvolvedMåned siden

    The guy just never grew up. Still talks like a 14 year old chav on an estate.

  • Sleeping


    Måned siden

    What do you think "14 year old chavs" on estates sound like when they grow up? Do you think they suddenly overnight start talking like Stephen Fry?

  • cahillgreg
    cahillgregMåned siden

    Shush now Liam lol

  • The Librarian
    The LibrarianMåned siden

    Who's the Scottish John Malkovich?

  • Jack Thomas
    Jack ThomasMåned siden

    What exactly do you mean liam? Because we don't have a frigging clue mate!

  • Jason Gilmour
    Jason GilmourMåned siden

    Well we know he can't sing I didn't know he could write

  • Jacko
    JackoMåned siden

    "There not Noel's songs",,,,,,,,I think Noel's publisher would beg to differ.

  • Margaret Porter
    Margaret PorterMåned siden

    I think it would be great if Oasis got together for a charity concert could you imagine the money they would raise it would be the biggest concert this century even bigger than if the beatles ever got back

  • aidan gibbons
    aidan gibbonsMåned siden

    Prime minister Gallagher....i like it...couldn't be any worse...

  • Spencer Pearcey
    Spencer PearceyMåned siden

    I think he said " d'ya know whay I mean" about 834 times

  • Wesley Watson
    Wesley WatsonMåned siden

    Can somebody tell me why he hates noels missus do much ??

  • Stuart Damien
    Stuart DamienMåned siden

    Growing up I always thought Liam was the hot headed loud mouth of the group, turns out it was Noel who was a dlck. Liam actually seems like a decent guy

  • music man

    music man

    Måned siden

    I mean the shit noel went through should make him like that getting beaten by his dad, Liam being the one who was loved by everyone when he put practically no hard work in and then there's noel sat there for hours writing songs while liams at the pub

  • Cookie-_-
    Cookie-_-Måned siden

    1 year on can anybody guess how mamy do you know what i mean line...

  • Bailey
    BaileyMåned siden

    So much prefer his brother

  • GORTON1987 GORTON1987
    GORTON1987 GORTON1987Måned siden

    He better stop saying you know what I mean lol ffs 🤣

  • Jason
    JasonMåned siden

    I can't understand what he is saying and neither does CC.

  • Alistair Maclean
    Alistair MacleanMåned siden

    I like how down to earth this man is. He’s bang on about the clown sadiq and love island rubbish

  • SampTube
    SampTubeMåned siden

    But Noel wrote them, so they are Noels.

  • Alex Koefman
    Alex KoefmanMåned siden

    When they réunite, I’m taking the year off and going to every gig

  • hangableauto
    hangableautoMåned siden

    Liam says he knows bugger all about poilitics & then proves the point by slating the London Mayor Khan for the levels of knife crime (which have gone up nation wide) Someone needs to remind him (& others here) that the Tories cut officer numbers by 19% & closed 600 stations & that Johnson as Mayor absolutely devastated the Met Police on top of those cuts. The Conservatives then do the usual trick of starving oppostion lead councils of funding so as to get a Tory elected. 'Red wall' anyone? The English need to wise up. The country is a car wreck & a billionaires wet dream. Council estate lads like Liam slating Labour. Jog on & get educated (& Blair was just a Tory dressed in red before you start that crap but he at least provided a Police force!)There was a time when Rock icons lead the way politically. I wonder how it feels to realise Lennon would think the Gallaghers were prize c**ts.

  • Carmen
    Carmen2 måneder siden

    0:49 lmaoo I wish I was. I just sit In my room listening to music cause I have no friends

  • Rory Sims
    Rory Sims2 måneder siden

    He hasn't changed classic Liam😂😂😂😂 still as naughty as ever

  • Junkhead817
    Junkhead8172 måneder siden

    I honestly had no idea kids got knifed that much over

  • AmazinglyGayPhil
    AmazinglyGayPhil2 måneder siden

    1:08 is called Trained freindship. So what i mean is journalists lure you into a false sense of secruity to get the next big thing, Journalists are like scientists who ever gets the next big scoop is like a scientist who discovers a new element. But Liam from an old school 90s background great managers etc had non of it. If you norice he instantly tries to avoid the question his body language is looking away which mean yes but he aint saying %&^$

  • Starreacher
    Starreacher2 måneder siden

    Прикол в том, что у нас в стране такие гопники как он слушают шансон, а у них - рок-н-ролл))

  • St. O'Ned
    St. O'Ned2 måneder siden

    Always have dug the Gallaghers!!!

  • Adam Brazil
    Adam Brazil2 måneder siden

    I know what he means

  • Silver Wing
    Silver Wing2 måneder siden

    Liam is an interviewers nightmare. Don't ask Liam questions , just give him the Mike and talk about what he talks about , nothing else . Liam points of view. Politics and politicians, priceless 👌 We should all have these pov. So if anyone sees a politician doing drugs 💉 🤔 smack em. London We are open too all , what all the knife crime ... Nothing gets past Liam. Oasis We never broke up. He is man still hanging on to his first love and holds a candle for her in the window . I never liked Liam years ago when I was a young man. But the guy is a fucking legend , everyone could learn from ... Fucking live it Liam . Legend 🙌

  • DCI Gene Hunt
    DCI Gene Hunt2 måneder siden

    imagine oasis reforming, and liam is writing the songs.. its very possible.

  • Finlay McLaren

    Finlay McLaren

    12 dager siden

    No it isn't

  • inphanta
    inphanta2 måneder siden

    He's definitely grown on me with age. His brother's still a prick though.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones2 måneder siden

    Love liam. He's as honest as they come. Legend. Always will listen to anything liam does.

  • H Miah
    H Miah2 måneder siden

    Knife crime nothing to do with Mayor! It's the police mate.

  • Freddies Adventures For Kids
    Freddies Adventures For Kids2 måneder siden

    I don’t even make toast........I’ve banned it 😂😂😂😂😂😂 brilliant

  • ross fraser
    ross fraser2 måneder siden

    You used to hang around with loads you liar ?

  • Owen Butcher
    Owen Butcher2 måneder siden

    Well said Liam, Sadiq Khan is a Sham of a Mayor

  • EtcEtcAndEtc
    EtcEtcAndEtc2 måneder siden

    no I don't know what you mean, you're incredibly inarticulate mate. I have no idea what you mean. Oasis has split up, definitely. what?

  • Brandon DebRoy
    Brandon DebRoy2 måneder siden

    It’s not even about the band getting back together. It’s about getting his brother back together. You only get one life man. I get Noel is upset but Liam was a drunk and hurt a lot of people. He seems different now and these guys need each other. It’s really sad they are so stubborn and can’t reconcile.

  • Kitten Koma
    Kitten Koma2 måneder siden

    He's honest. Theres not much of that about

  • Ching Ching
    Ching Ching2 måneder siden

    D'ya nar mean?

  • Snatch 2012
    Snatch 20122 måneder siden

    If noel wrote the songs: they are his songs, end off.

  • cyboard
    cyboard2 måneder siden

    I dont know what he means

  • Alberto Fernandez
    Alberto Fernandez2 måneder siden

    Liam is supposedly the ruder of the two, but Liam is usually more tolerant when asked about Oasis and a possible return for the band. Instead Noel is really rude when that happens.

  • starchar x
    starchar x2 måneder siden

    the Gallagher brothers always remind me of Simon & Garfunkel music relationship Simon writes the songs and Art sings them

  • Mds Chamod
    Mds Chamod2 måneder siden

    You know what I mean

  • ukdirector85
    ukdirector852 måneder siden

    I know what you mean

  • BenaLLi LK HsSnAMN
    BenaLLi LK HsSnAMN2 måneder siden

    We’re on LIAM G TEAM🤙🏻

  • Gary r
    Gary r2 måneder siden

    Liam should do a “you know what I mean” harmony with frank bruno

  • sanni
    sanni2 måneder siden

    Another day in the ghetto

  • The Rusty Wizard
    The Rusty Wizard2 måneder siden

    Liam is a rare kind. One of the last living legends along with Ozzy Osbourne,Elton ,Mcartney Etc..

  • Stu Mccoo

    Stu Mccoo

    9 dager siden

    @The Rusty Wizard Birmingham isn't the North of England and I don't hate Liam. He just isn't comparable to Ozzy. My opinion, oasis music is garbage compared to ozzy catalogue.

  • The Rusty Wizard

    The Rusty Wizard

    9 dager siden

    @Stu Mccoo and What? Ozzy is a rare kind too. They have similar upbringings to each other, they are both from the north of england. You probably just hate liam gallagher.. in which case why are you watching/commenting on a Liam Gallagher video? You have chosen to watch it. I like both singers because they both have unique voices and have both put great music out shaping britain. I know alot about both bands. I do prefer early sabbath to Oasis but its nothing to get annoyed about

  • Stu Mccoo

    Stu Mccoo

    9 dager siden

    @The Rusty Wizard I'm well aware who ozzy is I have seen sabbath multiple times. Liam doesn't come close to any of their achievements and is no where near legendary status

  • The Rusty Wizard

    The Rusty Wizard

    9 dager siden

    @Stu Mccoo chill out. Dont spit your dummy out! Ozzy along with black sabbath invented heavy metal in the eary 70s. So yes he is a legend. Prove me wrong...

  • Stu Mccoo

    Stu Mccoo

    10 dager siden

    Comparing him to ozzy stfu man

  • Fadge
    Fadge2 måneder siden

    I know what you mean man....

  • The BAD Gamer
    The BAD Gamer3 måneder siden

    i do know what you mean! u know what i mean?