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  • Demi Adewuyi
    Demi Adewuyi2 måneder siden

    Could he work as a box to box in a 41212(2)

  • tomas bachiller
    tomas bachiller2 måneder siden

    ill keep him with a hunter until i get Jovic next week, then ill move him down to cam and might give him an engine

  • Junior L
    Junior L2 måneder siden

    Will he get an upgrade if he gets a winter upgrade?

  • Kilian Vb
    Kilian Vb2 måneder siden

    Him kroos or neuhaus as cm in a 4132

  • Casheew
    Casheew2 måneder siden

    5:23 is what you are here for. Thank god

  • Hugo Freitas
    Hugo Freitas2 måneder siden

    is he good at ST?

  • johnjambo1
    johnjambo12 måneder siden

    Is he an upgrade on 86 Reus?

  • Ray Finkel
    Ray Finkel2 måneder siden

    Did him last night and used him in weekend league and he’s been brilliant. Brilliant composure. Also packed what if smalling. There were none on the market so got the full 800k for him. Did the icon pack with some of the coins and got Campbell cb so replaced varane.

  • Ray Finkel

    Ray Finkel

    2 måneder siden

    @David Martin yeah makes up for all the bad ones

  • David Martin

    David Martin

    2 måneder siden

    Thats a pretty good day mate

  • Matthew Chau
    Matthew Chau2 måneder siden

    Can you do a review for the 94 Benzema? I really want to use him as a striker as I have Neymar playing my CAM. But I don’t know which chemistry works best for Benzema as a striker. Thanks.

  • Musteh
    Musteh2 måneder siden

    Dont understand how he has high and average. He is lean irl

  • Valentín Gamboa
    Valentín Gamboa2 måneder siden

    how it's the name of the song that is first played in the background? it's always on the videos and I wanna listen to it. great review!

  • Noel Naumann
    Noel Naumann2 måneder siden

    As a German I really want him or kroos in my team but I can’t decide who to pick. Any suggestions guys?

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez

    2 måneder siden

    @Noel Naumann i would do kroos and grind WL squad battles and rivals, muller is here for 26 more days more than enough time to get 300k coins

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez

    2 måneder siden

    @Noel Naumann which Messi?

  • Noel Naumann

    Noel Naumann

    2 måneder siden

    Jonathan Hernandez only tradable I’ve got rn is messi and even tho people don’t consider him „meta“ I really don’t want to get rid of him as he’s an absolute monster for me and I can finally live my dream to play messi and cr7 in one squad 😕

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez

    2 måneder siden

    Sell your team do both, sbcs aren’t here forever , if your team is tradeable they will always be on the market

  • Leo Crbn
    Leo Crbn2 måneder siden

    Do you have a life? You reviewed every player in whole fifa. Crazy!🔥🤝

  • Japanese Mamba
    Japanese Mamba2 måneder siden

    He’s rly good I did him for 10k and his card is amazing

  • Kuok Liang Chin
    Kuok Liang Chin2 måneder siden

    Can you do Mbabu? Potentially end game

  • ahmed Qasim
    ahmed Qasim2 måneder siden

    So , I just wanna ask , which card is better , is it Neuhaus or Kimmich team of the group stage)?

  • Craig Whelan

    Craig Whelan

    Måned siden

    Neuhaus is so good for me

  • jay haych
    jay haych2 måneder siden

    SHoULD bE hIS BaSe CaRd

  • Raul Ferreira
    Raul Ferreira2 måneder siden

    Could you do a Pereyra What If review pls?

  • chaleur
    chaleur2 måneder siden

    Backbone at Cm, beast!!

  • Benni Stingl
    Benni Stingl2 måneder siden

    Bro can you do Sancho What If Card please?

  • Amar Mann
    Amar Mann2 måneder siden

    Why did that guys Kyle walker get a yellow card wtf 😂😂😂

  • Pascal S
    Pascal S2 måneder siden

    Great video! I'm german so i know how to pronounce neuhaus corretly. "Neu" would be "noi" or "noy" pronounced in englisch. "Haus" means house and sounds the same in german actually. Much love, keep up the great work.

  • Ace
    Ace2 måneder siden

    i need an mbabu review brooo, just packed the beast and his 87 will be maaad.

  • El Beatle
    El Beatle2 måneder siden

    I am thinking of doing either Kroos or Muller, I have Boateng. Thinking of a CAM or CM, who would you choose if you were only doing 1?

  • eesa majiet
    eesa majiet2 måneder siden

    Do you think he would be good in a 3 man midfield with curtis jones as cdm, rooney as rcm and muller at lcm with get forward tactic?

  • eesa majiet

    eesa majiet

    2 måneder siden

    @krishv 07 thanks

  • krishv 07

    krishv 07

    2 måneder siden

    You need to replace one of them with someone more defensive

  • Lucas Bott
    Lucas Bott2 måneder siden

    Better than Freeze CAM Gnabry?

  • Kane Cass

    Kane Cass

    2 måneder siden


  • Simon KG
    Simon KG2 måneder siden

    Can you do Lees Millou or however he is called? He looks like a decent affordable option

  • Henrik 999

    Henrik 999

    2 måneder siden

    His what if card didnt fit in my team so i think i put him in an sbc

  • David Martin

    David Martin

    2 måneder siden

    @Be True lol are you in drugs

  • Be True

    Be True

    2 måneder siden

    Seems like Nice scores 2 goals already after the card is released , hope the cards gets upgraded , 4 goals in the next 4 games

  • Alex Guzman

    Alex Guzman

    2 måneder siden

    He is really good at the CM position for me

  • Hyderabad Hawks FC
    Hyderabad Hawks FC2 måneder siden

    Mbabu review😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alex Gallo
    Alex Gallo2 måneder siden

    Him or moments dybala on 8 chem as a striker in 442 (false nine instruction)

  • ZastinHuynh93


    2 måneder siden

    Such a tough call, do you use finesse shot from outside the box a lot?

  • Telamon999
    Telamon9992 måneder siden

    Still waiting for the storyline dembele review

  • Telamon999


    2 måneder siden

    Probably gonna choose senesi because he said that Waldschmidt wasn’t good and he wasn’t gonna pick him from the three

  • TheAshenOne


    2 måneder siden

    Probably because noone is picking him 😂👍

  • TheAshenOne


    2 måneder siden


  • Mark Whyte
    Mark Whyte2 måneder siden

    Better than 86 Hazard?

  • Natsko78
    Natsko782 måneder siden

    Review sancho please

  • Theo Ph
    Theo Ph2 måneder siden

    Is he gonna be a good box to box ?

  • Dee Sanders
    Dee Sanders2 måneder siden

    NEUHAUS (Noi-House) has been a stud for me, thank you for acknowledging him.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name2 måneder siden

    Is he better then fut freeze gnabry

  • The Cracker
    The Cracker2 måneder siden

    can u use him in a 4-2-2-2 cdm next to Tonali?

  • TechGuru


    2 måneder siden

    You could do, but would advise not too.

  • noah • 12 years ago
    noah • 12 years ago2 måneder siden

    I’m gonna do him. He’ll be perfect next to my freeze gnabry potm lewa totw kimmich goreztka

  • Henrik 999

    Henrik 999

    2 måneder siden

    Nice bro. I have toty lewandovski im doing muller but what rm should i use from the bundesliga except gnarby

  • Berro Aktas
    Berro Aktas2 måneder siden

    Make a pereyra Review next please! He Looks so underrated!!!

  • NemesiZ


    2 måneder siden

    I'm playing him as a RM in my 532 formation and he is really good. Stamina is a let down with 85 but he's fast and has great passing

  • Berro Aktas

    Berro Aktas

    2 måneder siden

    The difference between Them is the defending i guess... He can Play as a cm

  • Bruno4Ballondor


    2 måneder siden

    There is so many better options like el shawary and that delefeou objective

  • Shatenz
    Shatenz2 måneder siden

    Can you review PIM Rui Costa?

    ZESTY J2 måneder siden

    You are my most trusted youtuber when it comes to player reviews. Thanks for the content and more power to your channel.

  • Mous
    Mous2 måneder siden

    Jesus christ that thumbnail is giving a me nightmare

  • gareth gareth
    gareth gareth2 måneder siden

    pls review what if pererya i love u so much

  • r n
    r n2 måneder siden

    Faster than a speeding bullet. Is it superman? No it's inception's review!

  • George G
    George G2 måneder siden

    Inception needs to find himself a girl that is Portuguese, with a lean body type, and good attacking AI.

  • Ojo Joshua

    Ojo Joshua

    Måned siden

    Inceptions attacking AI is definitely not generic...

  • Demi Adewuyi

    Demi Adewuyi

    2 måneder siden

    Need to be able to do that ball roll touch there

  • Karan Gadjradj

    Karan Gadjradj

    2 måneder siden

    And don't forget the high ball control and agility. Also the agression, jumping and stamina

  • FantomOfFate


    2 måneder siden

    Depending on their....hobbies... maybe some agility... mhm mhm

  • kylian_LFC K

    kylian_LFC K

    2 måneder siden

    @incognito96 99 composure for those stressful moments

  • Michaels Chav Shop
    Michaels Chav Shop2 måneder siden

    Could he play cm with thorgan hazard and freeze sane in a 5-3-2?

  • Vito Maggiore
    Vito Maggiore2 måneder siden

    Will You review Roberto Pereyra? You’re the best

  • Miguel Correia
    Miguel Correia2 måneder siden

    MareGod review please

  • hectorkharek
    hectorkharek2 måneder siden

    You are superfast reviewing. Amazing! Many thanks for that, i really appreciate your opinion

  • Bersain Cordoba
    Bersain Cordoba2 måneder siden

    No pace he will get catch varane. Or mendy

  • Jordy Van Den Broek
    Jordy Van Den Broek2 måneder siden

    I knew he was going to upload this review fast. I was waiting for inception's review on him before completing him

  • David Hardin

    David Hardin

    2 måneder siden

    I saw this video before I logged into FIFA today, so I'm literally just pumping my fist and yelling "YES!" over it. Gotta restart, log in, and unlock him!

  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi2 måneder siden

    How do you dribble like that at 3:36 ?

  • Leo Messi

    Leo Messi

    2 måneder siden

    @Inception FC I’d love to know how you move the stick in order to get them to move like that. I’ll have to practice more

  • Inception FC

    Inception FC

    2 måneder siden

    just the LS bro.

    SEAMUS MULLIN2 måneder siden

    Can you review What If Pereyra

  • Hunter v2
    Hunter v22 måneder siden

    Thumbnail is sus

  • Hunter v2

    Hunter v2

    2 måneder siden

    @Elias Sjöhlom amogus

  • Elias Sjöhlom

    Elias Sjöhlom

    2 måneder siden


  • Imad
    Imad2 måneder siden

    can he play cm in 442

  • Manos Tzanetakis
    Manos Tzanetakis2 måneder siden

    review What If Pereyra

  • unanimous legend
    unanimous legend2 måneder siden

    It’s been an hour since he came out 😂

  • Luka_plays
    Luka_plays2 måneder siden

    Im going to do him🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Ball 5d
    Ball 5d2 måneder siden

    What if what if sancho doesnt get a review?

  • אריאל ישראלסון A
    אריאל ישראלסון A2 måneder siden

    No do hem is bad

  • Gruffydd JONES
    Gruffydd JONES2 måneder siden

    Link him to Lewangoalski

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown2 måneder siden

    Wow that's fast

  • Thomas
    Thomas2 måneder siden


  • Tanzeel Saeed
    Tanzeel Saeed2 måneder siden

    Inception stays grinding