Key & Peele Adoption Skit


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  • Ghost Clan Maps
    Ghost Clan Maps2 dager siden

    Who’s still here after 7 years

  • B RR
    B RR3 dager siden

    Peeles gay act almost TOO good. Wonder what he’s hiding from us lol

  • M H
    M H4 dager siden

    Honestly, under the system of better names.. I might have actually tired

  • Xx暗Carter暗xX
    Xx暗Carter暗xX4 dager siden

    1k lol yay good job

  • Oliver Burke
    Oliver Burke4 dager siden

    perfect ending

  • Ilze Diaz
    Ilze Diaz8 dager siden


  • exoploring
    exoploring9 dager siden

    HAHAHAHAHKDJWOEJFKJSIWJFKCKSBR this is highkey one of my fave ship dynamics

  • swampThaang
    swampThaang11 dager siden

    Why is the flamboyant one always the one who is unreasonable? Maybe he pays most of the bills.

  • lyn girasol
    lyn girasol12 dager siden

    Or a kit in the wind💜💚🌼

  • Eben Wagner
    Eben Wagner15 dager siden

    i will forever use the word yesterdoodle

  • Jarielle Johnson
    Jarielle Johnson15 dager siden

    Isn't that lady Keegan's ex wife. 🙃

  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen17 dager siden

    That's actually the reality of today's way of thinking. Funny on here but sad in the real world.

  • Jane Lopez
    Jane Lopez17 dager siden

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  • T. Bailey
    T. Bailey17 dager siden


  • Peng Joon
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  • Mike Nikonsuk
    Mike Nikonsuk20 dager siden

    This is so know this has so much truth in it

  • Bilisan Tassissa
    Bilisan Tassissa22 dager siden


  • Charles McAllister
    Charles McAllister22 dager siden

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  • Pierre Makenson
    Pierre Makenson22 dager siden

    We can get a set!

  • Alex Lane
    Alex Lane25 dager siden

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  • wzero07
    wzero0725 dager siden

    When people treat kids like accessories

  • Samson
    Samson27 dager siden

    "If You do something Good u get a better name" LMAO I'm Done...

  • Immanuel Kahn
    Immanuel Kahn28 dager siden

    Popeye. It ruined Robin Williams or did Robin Williams ruin Popeye?

  • WhatAWorld
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  • Vini Kämpferherz Barros
    Vini Kämpferherz BarrosMåned siden

    That's every couple out there. One is the voice of reason and the other is a total nutcase. You can tell that's gonna work because they complete each other. Every couple in the world works perfectly when the combination is like that.

  • Natilie E. S.
    Natilie E. S.Måned siden

    1:51 Bran from Game of Thrones😆

  • Melany Camacho
    Melany CamachoMåned siden

    LaShawn and the Samson’s! Lmao

  • A R
    A RMåned siden

    "Dress them up like companion objects." 😂

  • Jacynda Minor
    Jacynda MinorMåned siden

    LaShawn is THE BEST character

  • Mali Phresh
    Mali PhreshMåned siden


  • Matt Spears
    Matt SpearsMåned siden

    LaShawn gives me real Roger Smith vibes💀💀

  • NATE
    NATEMåned siden

    I was thinking about how key and peele are different from comedy duos from like, the 50s like Abbot and Costello, and I realized how weird this skit would be for someone from the 50s, you have 2 successful black men portraying a married gay couple looking to adopt a baby from a woman in the workplace, wack

  • ToxicPhrog
    ToxicPhrogMåned siden

    Just blatantly stealing content 😐

  • Clara Claire
    Clara ClaireMåned siden

    i thought key ran away when gay marriage was legalized

  • Kovu Lion
    Kovu LionMåned siden

    Did they end up adopting Fallout Mama Murphy

  • Abhishek Soni
    Abhishek SoniMåned siden

    LaShawn might be obnoxious to talk to, but he's got the bigger heart.

  • One God One Christ
    One God One ChristMåned siden

    pure evil

  • Insolentish
    InsolentishMåned siden

    I appreciate what he did with the gremlins movie

  • Omar Sharif
    Omar SharifMåned siden

    Lol the way he slipped out really fast.🤣he has done before.

  • Frank The Rabbit
    Frank The RabbitMåned siden

    Lashawn and the Samsations lol that's genius

  • Josef V
    Josef VMåned siden

    I didn't want this skit to end.

  • A
    AMåned siden

    Why do they remind me of Mitch and Cam from Modern family? LOL

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe2 måneder siden

    We like LaShawn😄

  • Pamela Williams
    Pamela Williams2 måneder siden


  • Curiously Cinnamon
    Curiously Cinnamon2 måneder siden

    Say what you want about LeShaun he loves his Samwich, if you can find someone who loves you like that, you would be so lucky

  • Andromeda Lasso
    Andromeda Lasso2 måneder siden

    Lashawn & the Samsations. I’m dead.🤣

  • denali88
    denali882 måneder siden

    Ehh. Not that funny

  • MeiJah Mitchell
    MeiJah Mitchell2 måneder siden

    This skit reminds us all to have a serious talk with our potential spouse about children to know if they're anything like that LASHAWN character, and don't wait until we're married to learn.

  • Angela
    Angela2 måneder siden

    Employee: ”You must be LaShawn” LaShawn: ”You must be LaCorrect."

  • represintctc
    represintctc2 måneder siden

    COPYRIGHT much ?!?!?

  • MayaanQueen
    MayaanQueen2 måneder siden

    I kinda wanna do that weekly theme idea Lashawn said if I have kids, except I wanna do it on the weekends, like Gamer Friday, Anime Saturday, and Cosplay Sunday 😂😂😂😂

  • binod yumnam
    binod yumnam2 måneder siden

    He just turn a baby to a whole new level of toy story

  • Maeve
    Maeve2 måneder siden

    He straight up ninja'd outta there lol!

  • Bacon and Cabbage
    Bacon and Cabbage2 måneder siden


  • You're Breaking My Balls
    You're Breaking My Balls2 måneder siden

    1:36 that transition lmao

  • poop in my pants
    poop in my pants2 måneder siden

    kinda reminds me of mitch and cam from mf

  • B W
    B W2 måneder siden


  • VON Heart
    VON Heart2 måneder siden

    Yea know they remind me of that that one couple.

  • JuanChito
    JuanChito2 måneder siden


  • Suzanne Shrestha
    Suzanne Shrestha2 måneder siden

    Mitch and cam 😂

  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod2 måneder siden

    I have challenge for both of you if you guys can imitate president duterte

  • Moutarde Aunez
    Moutarde Aunez2 måneder siden

    "it can speed things up if you're willing to adopt siblings together"...Samuel "whyyyyyyyyy?!!! (why are you doing that to me ! lol !)"

  • Anesu Pasipanodya
    Anesu Pasipanodya2 måneder siden

  • Nikita Kellermann
    Nikita Kellermann2 måneder siden

    They're so good in so many different characters..

  • HangOut WithMe
    HangOut WithMe2 måneder siden

    Adopt me please. I love the themed dress up days and better names rewards system. I’m 38.

  • Rapper The_realest_struggle
    Rapper The_realest_struggle2 måneder siden

    I want to adopt.. but not they the government!

  • Ari Goodfriend
    Ari Goodfriend2 måneder siden

    What happened to eteny sequen Abercrombie and phantom

  • novie ellisa
    novie ellisa3 måneder siden

    Absolutely totallyyy 😂

  • momof2
    momof23 måneder siden

    this is what teenagers of teen movies look like in reality.hyped up and hyper

  • Logan Smash
    Logan Smash3 måneder siden

    me when I want something like yesterdoodle

  • Lex Lands
    Lex Lands3 måneder siden

    Whenever they do a gay couple sketch, Peele is always the one that's out there hahaahaah....

  • Welks
    Welks3 måneder siden

    I'm going to start using the word "yesterdoodle".

  • Fountain bled
    Fountain bled3 måneder siden

    "You can tell them baby people"

  • Leto Lethe
    Leto Lethe3 måneder siden

    LaShawn would be the funnest dad EVAR.

  • Arichi
    Arichi3 måneder siden

    You do good name can be papai

  • Cassidy Clay
    Cassidy Clay3 måneder siden

    Everyone knows that whatever LaShawn wants is going to happen

  • Shianne Riley
    Shianne Riley3 måneder siden

    Why make adoption so damn difficult and a long process.. Especially for adults that are willing to take care of someone else’s child; already ready? Maybe it should be a longer process for people GIVING UP the OBLIGATIONS to their offspring. Yes, I know tragic situations given with parent also vary and should help those children be located a family ASAP

  • Eve Dallas
    Eve Dallas4 måneder siden

    Who wants a skit where they're picking up their adopted kid from the airport?

  • Shannon J. Brooks
    Shannon J. Brooks4 måneder siden

    I hate to be one of these people but it's 'sketch' not skit.

  • Harry
    Harry4 måneder siden

    Lashawn and the Samsations. Ded

  • Andrew Chavez
    Andrew Chavez4 måneder siden


  • jordass2 J
    jordass2 J4 måneder siden

    “We wanted this baby like yesterdoodle”

  • Scott D
    Scott D4 måneder siden

    Adopt my baby ??? WTF !

  • SRX Super Mecha
    SRX Super Mecha4 måneder siden

    by this time i would be called Amadheus

  • Noho Foos
    Noho Foos4 måneder siden

    1:15 he sings what he’s doing which is singing what he’s doing 🤯

  • valentino1000
    valentino10004 måneder siden

    LaCorrect seems to like him.

  • Ashmyka Ferns
    Ashmyka Ferns4 måneder siden

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  • ASIA Jones
    ASIA Jones4 måneder siden

    This planet need more lashawns lol 😂

    ME SAGA4 måneder siden

    They've came a long wayyy now

  • Melodie
    Melodie4 måneder siden


  • Kirapop
    Kirapop4 måneder siden

    thursday’s gna be sing what you’re doiiiiin dayy - took me out

  • Kyle Alejandro
    Kyle Alejandro4 måneder siden

    LeShawn channeling his inner sequel doctor

  • Coach
    Coach4 måneder siden

    Reminds me of when my wife and I go to buy her a car and the salesman just throws more expensive options into the mix and I just look at them like....why? Until I just slip away without signing a damn thing.

  • Christa Guariglia
    Christa Guariglia4 måneder siden

    They are so damn good together no matter what they do😂 like damn

  • MrHotBagel
    MrHotBagel4 måneder siden

    So the Cameraman was right about Jordan Peele being gay

  • joe ligma
    joe ligma4 måneder siden

    Modern Family but better.

  • Rebekkah Yisrael
    Rebekkah Yisrael5 måneder siden

    What. An. Entrance!

  • AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza
    AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza5 måneder siden

    As an adopted girl this was extra funny 😆

  • Santiago Cortez
    Santiago Cortez5 måneder siden

    White eyes and can see the future 🤣🤣🤣