Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon


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  • Richard Kusemererwa
    Richard Kusemererwa4 timer siden

    Giveon's voice is the best.....

  • Keisha Mejias alicea
    Keisha Mejias alicea4 timer siden

    Love this song ❤

  • Survival Team Series
    Survival Team Series4 timer siden

    3weeks and 94million 😶😮 one more weeks away to cross 100million can't wait for it

  • Marko Pro Bro
    Marko Pro Bro5 timer siden

    WHO is going here from tiktok? 😂

  • Pur Sashi
    Pur Sashi5 timer siden

    🎶Wow❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍Justin Bieber.🇮🇳✋🏻🎧

  • Lucy Louise
    Lucy Louise5 timer siden

    1:42 harry styles reference?

  • Luo Buo

    Luo Buo

    4 timer siden


  • Rosslyn girl
    Rosslyn girl5 timer siden

    Why everyone like Justin Bieber...guys give me a reason???

  • Vallo


    4 timer siden

    @Luo Buo hah, is that kpop?

  • Luo Buo

    Luo Buo

    4 timer siden

    Why everyone like kpopie? Guyss give me a reason??

  • 0nlineTears
    0nlineTears5 timer siden

    as soon i saw daniel caesar and giveon i have nvr clicked so fast

  • Chawakarn Chanchaimathakul
    Chawakarn Chanchaimathakul5 timer siden

    แด๊ม ติง

  • being hxrsh
    being hxrsh5 timer siden

    1:30 i see him copying harry styles😶😶😶😂

  • being hxrsh

    being hxrsh

    4 timer siden

    @Luo Buo Justin's clothes*

  • Luo Buo

    Luo Buo

    4 timer siden


  • Ojong Ashu
    Ojong Ashu5 timer siden


  • Rama01
    Rama015 timer siden

    the kid laroi broke it with this song

  • Kamaldeep Singh
    Kamaldeep Singh5 timer siden


  • Bradher Jimenez
    Bradher Jimenez5 timer siden


  • 스우드
    스우드5 timer siden

    노래 너무 좋네요~ 반복해서 듣고 있어요.^^乃

  • Santorini Job
    Santorini Job5 timer siden

    To all who see my words remember someday you will die and no one gonna be held accountable with you read about islam to have peace

  • Barbara Belliveau
    Barbara Belliveau5 timer siden

    I love this song!!!

  • howard luther
    howard luther5 timer siden

    Good music is back yeeeesssss

  • yirendy hernandez brand
    yirendy hernandez brand5 timer siden

    Si Justin Bieber fuera más un mide con todos nosotros fuera más querido por nosotros y más famoso ono pero ay aguno Qué lo odiamos por perro Qué es.

  • Xander Leerkes
    Xander Leerkes5 timer siden

    Baby was better

  • Haiden Dave Mamon
    Haiden Dave Mamon5 timer siden

    giveon rlly snap

  • Dalene's Motivation
    Dalene's Motivation5 timer siden

    Ohh so this what everyone is talking about

  • Renata Oktaviani
    Renata Oktaviani5 timer siden


  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover5 timer siden

    A song Justin Bieber makes I actually like

  • Panda
    Panda5 timer siden

    i want someone to put the lyrics here

  • Darck Levins
    Darck Levins5 timer siden

    Que temazo. 1000000000/10

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover5 timer siden

    This song makes it feel like 2014-19

  • vijay vijay
    vijay vijay5 timer siden

    *at least make this song 500million before the year*

  • yirendy hernandez brand
    yirendy hernandez brand5 timer siden

    Ati debería del sacarte del la música? ? ?

  • tesha clark
    tesha clark5 timer siden

    Justin bieber has such really good music love all of his songs

  • MM BB
    MM BB5 timer siden

    i got my weed from california :D

  • serene low
    serene low5 timer siden

    Justin look so much peaceful in hearts... So much like his earliest days...

  • Jenny Sarmiento
    Jenny Sarmiento5 timer siden


  • Marufa Mim
    Marufa Mim5 timer siden

    Man it's so vibe full damn

  • LH Zanatta
    LH Zanatta5 timer siden

    i love jutin bieber

  • tesha clark
    tesha clark5 timer siden

    I like this song by justin bieber peaches very nice song will be listening to it a whole

  • malu
    malu5 timer siden

    let’s bring this guy at 1B

  • khine hsu
    khine hsu5 timer siden

    Some army are here cos jk ve been mentioned a lot abt Bieber XD and started interest him ;)

  • Vallo


    4 timer siden


  • Garfield
    Garfield5 timer siden

    Por# eu só gostei da musica por que esses dois participaram.

  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    I love 2

  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    California is my favorite place

  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden


  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    New song means hapyy

  • Carlos Vinicius
    Carlos Vinicius5 timer siden


  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    Justin Bieber updates

  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    Love you bieber

  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden


  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    Love this song alwa

  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    I love this song.... Very music

  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    My most favorite song 2021

  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    Love this song

  • Raj999
    Raj9995 timer siden

    Justin bieber is the best singer in the world

  • M 165
    M 1655 timer siden

    Can we return to number 1 in the NOprojects trends ???

  • Shweta
    Shweta5 timer siden

    I want to see this song to reach 1 Billion views . Let's do it

  • Sanjeev johari
    Sanjeev johari5 timer siden

    Fun fact:- There is no such thing as a good or a bad song, it just depends on your taste of music.... And I found one😉

  • Tosin Kuti
    Tosin Kuti5 timer siden

    I'm literally obsessed with this song. I come back to it everyday it's starting to become unhealthy 😭

  • Princesa Anônima
    Princesa Anônima5 timer siden

    *Algum brasileiro aqui vendo esse hit?* 🇧🇷

  • Nayara Costa
    Nayara Costa5 timer siden

    o bieber é vesgo?

  • Ankita
    Ankita5 timer siden

    𝓘 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓙𝓾𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷 𝓑𝓲𝓮𝓫𝓮𝓻 ❤❤

  • M 165
    M 1655 timer siden


  • ariana grande
    ariana grande5 timer siden

    Keep streaming until 100M views?

  • M 165
    M 1655 timer siden

    I would never expected that this combination will be so good

  • 화이띵
    화이띵5 timer siden


  • Rajeev N Mandal
    Rajeev N Mandal5 timer siden

    I am loving this song. Especially it vibes 🎵🎵🍑

  • Everything Makeup
    Everything Makeup5 timer siden

    These lyrics are for hailey🥰🥰🥰

  • Bad Spidey
    Bad Spidey5 timer siden

    I like this kind of music. Very nice song 👏

  • tabcs
    tabcs5 timer siden

    damn justin bieber changed since the years it was girls only

  • Viktoria S.
    Viktoria S.5 timer siden

    I CAN'T take him seriously when he says "bad ass bi+ch" lmao, always makes me smile

  • Isa
    Isa5 timer siden

    Bom dia

  • Truth Shockwave
    Truth Shockwave5 timer siden

    This really pisses me off. Bieber seems like he really is a Christian now he even just dropped a Christian album but right before he does he makes this stupid song that unnecessary cusses every 10 seconds. The dude didn't even cuss all his career and now when the Christian spot light in in him he makes this. The song itself isn't terrible but the swearing doesn't even add anything to the song.

  • Naely kim
    Naely kim5 timer siden


  • sara jb
    sara jb5 timer siden


  • Gm Ripon
    Gm Ripon5 timer siden

    View and subscriber dakhe ame fit 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Keven Goulart
    Keven Goulart5 timer siden

    i come here to listen the song and then got an ad about the song...

  • Mariadna Araújo Vieira
    Mariadna Araújo Vieira5 timer siden

    Cadê a tropa do Brasil aê???💚💛💙

  • K Kh
    K Kh5 timer siden

    Bieber ,weeknd, drake... Canadians dominated 2010s

  • imagination
    imagination5 timer siden

    let’s get it to 100M as quickly as possible!! keep watching

    GOMATHY Y5 timer siden

    I love you justin bieber

  • Zvi Rab
    Zvi Rab5 timer siden

    Not one chick in this vid wow

  • Linda Surita
    Linda Surita5 timer siden


  • Phong Thai
    Phong Thai5 timer siden

    When everyone's in danger, Every one should remember: Falun Dafa is Good. Truthfulness, compassion and forbearance is Good! Pray for the world!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Khush Wadhwa
    Khush Wadhwa5 timer siden

    something that was unbelivably awesome

  • KaiSy Kim
    KaiSy Kim5 timer siden


  • cloudy_aesthetic
    cloudy_aesthetic5 timer siden

    Why many people think that Justin Is copying Harry Styles style? Like Harry doesn't *OWN a style*

  • habitual love
    habitual love5 timer siden

    So good

  • habitual love
    habitual love5 timer siden

    A hit

  • Elle Shelmy
    Elle Shelmy6 timer siden

    What a hit good luck

  • MDS cosmetic World
    MDS cosmetic World6 timer siden

    If Swea lee song this will be more crazy ....

  • Konstantin Chugreev
    Konstantin Chugreev6 timer siden

    ща бы это дерьмо слушать.... нет)

  • Aziza Salahdine
    Aziza Salahdine6 timer siden

    Goods ❤️❤️❤️

  • I'm not Billie Eilish
    I'm not Billie Eilish6 timer siden

    Op ❤️

  • Thuva Thuvi
    Thuva Thuvi6 timer siden

    Anyone 2022👍

  • IFA shawty
    IFA shawty6 timer siden

    Candu bgt lagunya syg:*

  • Ülvi Mehmet
    Ülvi Mehmet6 timer siden

    OMG 👍

  • Katherine Parkes
    Katherine Parkes6 timer siden

    Justin orange outfit is so adorable

  • BTS Have one brain cell left
    BTS Have one brain cell left6 timer siden

    He did fake love 💔to selena so she did savage love to him by moving on * hats off selena *

  • iiambrii
    iiambrii6 timer siden

    y’all sleepin on justin fr 😖🖤

  • Ιωαννα Σαραντιδου
    Ιωαννα Σαραντιδου6 timer siden


  • Hery Anggara
    Hery Anggara6 timer siden

    Yeahh hits that billboard babyyy🌈✨✨

  • Dezi boy
    Dezi boy6 timer siden

    I love this vibes 💓 godd