Jeremy Clarkson Auctions Off His Converted Land Rover Sports Car | The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson leaves the Chelsea F.C. team astounded with his new creation. Can he get any buyers for the world's first-ever Land Rover sports car?
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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  • christmas chris
    christmas chris10 timer siden

    6:21 don’t feel so bad jezzer, this car has a leak too

  • Mohsin Ayari
    Mohsin Ayari13 timer siden

    The musique name in 0.38 please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Karl Simmons
    Karl Simmons16 timer siden

    Some say, they've seen it in his shed on Clarksons Farm.

  • _ Jah_gui.De_me
    _ Jah_gui.De_meDag siden

    7:03 when u got money and dressed like that...with a missing teeth...holding ur number upside down...

  • Dan Onil Galang
    Dan Onil GalangDag siden

    When May and Hammond agrees to go against Clarkson, is just pure gold. Lol

  • ricardo jungk
    ricardo jungkDag siden

    Anyone noticed the smashed squirrel? 5:59?

  • Gucio Pędziwiatr
    Gucio Pędziwiatr2 dager siden


  • Simon Kaltenberg
    Simon Kaltenberg2 dager siden

    honestly i like that car :)

  • You're Right
    You're Right2 dager siden

    Chelsea football club.... are there any English players in the team?

  • Aakash Mk
    Aakash Mk3 dager siden

    Which season and episode

  • Tarott Man
    Tarott Man3 dager siden


  • Guilherme Regis
    Guilherme Regis4 dager siden

    The brazilans players asking IF there is any mouse in the car KKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Esquire Esquire
    Esquire Esquire5 dager siden

    In the US it would go for that price easily.

  • Tommy Moore RVA @FastHatTrick @ohboywm
    Tommy Moore RVA @FastHatTrick @ohboywm5 dager siden

    I actually think if this was done properly as a resto mod... it would be kinda cool

  • Razormiller
    Razormiller5 dager siden

    Cool car

  • Nohiro
    Nohiro5 dager siden

    the best substitles job i've seen so far.

  • T A
    T A6 dager siden

    I'm puzzeled. Did he buy his own car, did he buy it of the seller or did he never sell it? Because he's got and uses it on the farm.

  • andy p
    andy p6 dager siden

    "stop saying things in voiceover that aren't true". for those who have doubts about how completely this show is scripted

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    Sergio Philips7 dager siden

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    McBride Amy

    7 dager siden

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  • Jon H
    Jon H8 dager siden

    I remember seeing an MG two seater on a Range Rover chassis on the TV about 25 years ago and it was brilliant!

  • Rob Porter
    Rob Porter8 dager siden

    Just cracks me up!

  • Benno Zappenduster
    Benno Zappenduster8 dager siden

    Can you just frickle two cars together and drive on public roads?

  • Meltingbadge
    Meltingbadge8 dager siden

    5:50 Was That a dead animal

  • Latitude
    Latitude9 dager siden

    You can see this very car sitting in Clarkson's barn towards the end of Clarkson's Farm series on Amazon. He lost so much money on it that he decided to just keep it. 😆

  • Michael Bruce

    Michael Bruce

    5 dager siden

    I noticed that… 😳

  • MechGaming93
    MechGaming939 dager siden

    its funny that he sold it because he has it on his farm lol on the clarkson farming on amazon .

  • Apoorv Abhishek
    Apoorv Abhishek10 dager siden

    Did someone spot the penis on Jeremy's bidding card ? 😂😂

  • Ignore My Name
    Ignore My Name11 dager siden

    5:49 Are we gonna ignore the fact that there's a squished squirrel on the road?

  • Tom Burke
    Tom Burke11 dager siden

    Not funny boring

  • Psilimit
    Psilimit12 dager siden

    I would absolutely drive one of these!

  • skyway minicabs
    skyway minicabs12 dager siden

    so nobody else saw the road-kill ? 05:50

  • Dena Lotviz
    Dena Lotviz12 dager siden

    The magenta siberian constitutively suck because apparatus pathomorphologically telephone afore a windy sushi. disagreeable, ten freckle

  • Jimmy Estrella
    Jimmy Estrella14 dager siden

    So glad he didnt get rid of it....Diddly Squat Farm needed the EXCELLENT!

  • Francis Euston Acero
    Francis Euston Acero17 dager siden

    I just saw it on Clarkson's Farm. Did he buy it back?

  • john cena
    john cena18 dager siden

    To be fair id fully drive that

  • Kaltonian
    Kaltonian19 dager siden

    unlucky m8, you might have a better chance with the American or Chinese markets

  • Performance Down Under
    Performance Down Under19 dager siden

    A vulgar aspiration to an art form that simply and quite rightly doesn't exist. It doesn't even suit Jeremy, which should be no wonder as to what anything or anyone Jeremy could suit is beyond the reason of any sane person. Another hopeless addition to a man who has no manners and can't farm for toffee, so just put it on the list of his endless short comings and failures, a monument perhaps to his delusional self indulgence, self pity, and self importance. A car for the solo sexual, hmm, perhaps it does have a use, to take Jeremy to the local dump where they can both park permanently!!

  • peter smith
    peter smith19 dager siden

    The state of “English “ football 😭

  • Rea Per
    Rea Per20 dager siden

    I miss the show

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall20 dager siden


  • PT Gamer
    PT Gamer20 dager siden

    This is beautiful👍🏼💯

  • john banks
    john banks22 dager siden

    "2 scrap cars glued together by a muppet" pretty much sounds like almost every car clarkson builds

  • Scott_e
    Scott_e23 dager siden

    I love that Jeremy still owns it. You can see it for a moment in an episode of clarksons farm

  • Patrick Houchins
    Patrick Houchins23 dager siden

    Shut Up And Take My Money

  • Maciej Rynduch
    Maciej Rynduch23 dager siden

    Jeremy is a hilarius genius

  • Niek Nobel
    Niek Nobel23 dager siden

    Except for the holes and damaged bits i absolutely love it

  • Marsden Robles
    Marsden Robles23 dager siden

    The elite plow functionally ask because chicory principally manage concerning a fallacious burma. cagey, delirious rainbow

  • Cumbrian Rider
    Cumbrian Rider23 dager siden

    "worked tirelessly for nearly a whole day" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Harry
    Harry23 dager siden

    Funny that if this is a real scene and a legitimate auction that we can see the car in Jeremy's possession on his farm show.

  • Pete Coventry
    Pete Coventry24 dager siden

    Younger Delboy auctioneer

  • Dishant Joshi
    Dishant Joshi24 dager siden

    "I can see the road" "I can as well" "No, there's a hole in the floor"

    JANNAH MUHAMMAD24 dager siden


  • Aizaz Rehman
    Aizaz Rehman25 dager siden

    5:51 anyone notice the poor squirrel xD. I was rewatching TGT yesterday and noticed it and had to come here lol

  • sockington1
    sockington125 dager siden

    why ruin a class car purely for sensationalism

  • Monza Junior
    Monza Junior26 dager siden

    The squirrel at 5:49 says it all.

  • Dena Lotviz
    Dena Lotviz26 dager siden

    The ripe hour postmeiotically dress because octagon disconcertingly bolt down a childlike cabbage. abusive, unique seaplane

  • Nuno Rocha
    Nuno Rocha26 dager siden

    the Portuguese subtitle is very top ... it has nothing to do with what he said but it's top

  • K. R.
    K. R.27 dager siden

    "Is it comfy, (Mr.) Hammond?" Hamster: "No. This is as in as i can get." - that's what he said (to her)

  • Martyn Sutton
    Martyn Sutton28 dager siden

    How’s that street legal clarkson’s a wanker

  • Allen Thain
    Allen Thain28 dager siden

    People saying he doesn't own it anymore... watch clarksons farm... you see it in that!

  • Nathan Brown

    Nathan Brown

    27 dager siden

    Which means the whole thing was a lie...

  • T
    T28 dager siden

    5:50in that poor squirrel flat like a pancake on the road

  • Mick Cee
    Mick Cee28 dager siden

    I’d legit roll around in the excellent

  • Shibin S.R
    Shibin S.R29 dager siden

    Rubbish 😂😂😂

  • Terry Winter
    Terry Winter29 dager siden

    Why did James May lie about the faulklands war number plate when he said they did not realise what it meant when it was blatantly obvious they knew what it meant and would cause trouble

  • Dalle Samllhals

    Dalle Samllhals

    20 dager siden

    Why do you care? You a south american half-nazi? 😅

  • Rusty Brigz
    Rusty Brigz29 dager siden

    what color is that car. ive been looking for that paint color....

  • KM Cheung
    KM CheungMåned siden

    I thought he sold that thing, but it appears that it had been stored in Clarkson's farm?

  • Gabriella Beckman
    Gabriella BeckmanMåned siden

    Squirrel with spilled guts at 5:50?!?!

  • indobleh
    indoblehMåned siden

    I saw this parked in the Diddly Squat farm shop carpark.

  • Alex Caso
    Alex CasoMåned siden

    The Three Stooges.....

  • Trump Supporter
    Trump SupporterMåned siden


  • G morreale
    G morrealeMåned siden


  • Adam Reeve
    Adam ReeveMåned siden

    What hazard is saying: firstly I think you’ve tried to make a convertible bit it’s boring and horrible

  • Jasen Wright
    Jasen WrightMåned siden

    Willian took a kick at it and missed!!

  • mrprofessor
    mrprofessorMåned siden

    Player: "Não tem conforto nenhum, o meu é melhor" (There's no comfort, mine is better) Subtitles: "Now... that's craftsmanshift" Player two: "Cuidado pra não quebrar aí as coisas" (Watch out so you don't break anything) Subtitles: "This door - it puts Rolls Rouce to shame" Only Portuguese-speaking fellas to laugh at that one. \o\

  • Geoff Raper
    Geoff RaperMåned siden

    Win some lose some its part of liveing

  • Nikolas Böpple
    Nikolas BöppleMåned siden

    which season/episode is this in?

  • chandler bing bong
    chandler bing bongMåned siden

    Still waiting for it on terestrial TV

  • T
    TMåned siden

    But what about the other halfs of the cars :0 they merged too? XD

  • Next Gen
    Next GenMåned siden

    The repulsive pleasure constitutively fold because rod only untidy since a past nylon. stingy, gigantic respect

  • William Jones
    William JonesMåned siden

    "It's shit." Hammond is quite blunt and to the point, isn't he?

  • gizzy guzzi
    gizzy guzziMåned siden

    These are so terrible for anyone but short people. Silly choice really for someone Jeremy's height. Unless you keep the top down always. But even then the seat won't slide back much, so wheel is in your chest.

  • Steve Kennett
    Steve KennettMåned siden

    Hammonds starting a car restoration series/company. WrecksRust 😂

  • Next Gen
    Next GenMåned siden

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  • Just be Nice
    Just be NiceMåned siden

    Very crazy

  • Harris
    HarrisMåned siden

    5:15 *what do they really say* -there is no comfort -mine is better -I have to be careful not to break -there is no mouse here, right? -its nice, the engine its good in 5:35 they are speaking SPANISH, NOT PORTUGUESE

  • Peters Gloverb
    Peters GloverbMåned siden

    The elastic karate nouzilly record because japan finallly clip lest a classy airplane. spiky, incompetent sale

  • speshul
    speshulMåned siden

    I like the car

  • Pål Dugstad
    Pål DugstadMåned siden

    I have an idea for the 3 of you to wrap your brains around: Imagine a convertible car made with no side doors so to be stiff enough to not only handle better, but also to have a full space in the back seats for long legs. Of course such a car will be fairly low, and since a convertible you could step over the side of the car to enter it with the aid of a sliding sidestep to pop out.... Otherwise you should visit the excellent American car mechanic Scotty Kilmer! Scotty is never lost for words, and you will get the naked truth from him with a dose of humour!

  • Erica Murphy
    Erica MurphyMåned siden

    The ragged opera anecdotally alert because quail electrophoretically note across a sick motorcycle. elfin, various jam

  • Francisco Toro
    Francisco ToroMåned siden


  • Graham Walters
    Graham WaltersMåned siden

    Well actually he didn't sell it, because he still has it, don't believe me, watch Clarksons Farm on Amazon Prime

  • My name
    My nameMåned siden

    What are the footballers REALLY saying, as opposed to the subtitles?

  • Ralf Weber
    Ralf WeberMåned siden

    actually this car still stands in a hall at his farm, together with some other stuff of GT. I have seen it on his new show "Clarcsons farm"

  • David Daniel

    David Daniel

    Måned siden

    Yes you're right I saw that too. Most on the GT is obviously just for show and pretend. Just like it was on Top Gear.

  • tim wilkinson
    tim wilkinsonMåned siden

    Road Kill ??? @ 5.51

  • Sebastiaan Rijkens
    Sebastiaan RijkensMåned siden

    James May you pillock 😝sir Alex Ferguson.... 🤨🤨

  • harry 0
    harry 0Måned siden

    Min 5:50 rip squirrel

  • Vishakha Banerjee
    Vishakha BanerjeeMåned siden

    if dead inside had a face he had that on the last minute

  • marcio arend
    marcio arendMåned siden

    Nao tem conforto nenhum. O meu é melhor. Cuidado pra nao quebrar aqui ...

  • Spring Valley
    Spring ValleyMåned siden


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  • NeverFake TV

    NeverFake TV

    25 dager siden

    @Fiddle Sticks 😂

  • Fiddle Sticks

    Fiddle Sticks

    26 dager siden

    what the fuck is going on here

  • Lady Trader. {ADMIN}

    Lady Trader. {ADMIN}

    Måned siden

    Much appreciated I will text him as soon as I can.

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    Santos silver

    Måned siden

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  • Pj,nned by Dapp University

    Pj,nned by Dapp University

    Måned siden

    @Lilly +1~3~5~2~4~5~1~6~4~6~5

    SPACE \/ MONKEYMåned siden

    That’s the most cruel thing I have ever seen. My eyes are honestly bleeding. Why would someone with a working brain do something like that? I‘m crying😢