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  • Sakura
    Sakura10 minutter siden

    It’s so sad what he did too Justine! He needs to be charge for assault!!

  • Kevin Klein
    Kevin Klein32 minutter siden

    Ben just chillin.

  • Kyle Wright
    Kyle Wright50 minutter siden

    So Jake chose that outfit on purpose?!

  • Phantom YT
    Phantom YTTime siden

    None likes you anymore

  • Crazy Captain
    Crazy CaptainTime siden

    Would you rather listen to your least favourite rapper song or your least favourite song

  • UziCheese
    UziCheeseTime siden

    jake paul barks

  • UziCheese
    UziCheeseTime siden

    shut up

  • Tdonz
    TdonzTime siden

    Jakes gonna fuck everyone up. Dude is a beast. Keep putting in the work and go get that payday.

  • Natalie Zementbeisser
    Natalie Zementbeisser2 timer siden

    Jake Paul is like a young Donald Trump

  • Gregory McWaters
    Gregory McWaters2 timer siden

    Make a video on you now home

  • Alexius Brooks
    Alexius Brooks2 timer siden

    ben ben ben ben

  • Yoorav gamez
    Yoorav gamez3 timer siden

    Jake was in the tv show bizaardvark

  • Jenny Manipon
    Jenny Manipon3 timer siden

    Lol how jake talks COMEDYYYYY

  • Heavy
    Heavy3 timer siden

    if you ever feel useless,remember that Jake Paul exists

  • baxter208
    baxter2083 timer siden

    Jake Paul is garbage!!!

  • Liisa Krillo
    Liisa Krillo4 timer siden

    Jake is so childish like man grow up

  • Theonly Ken
    Theonly Ken4 timer siden

    I miss team 10😣 Edit: and the old jake paul

  • Wonka
    Wonka4 timer siden

    Logan’s lil buddy doesn’t stand a chance of knocking out Ben. He may win in points since he’s a try hard boxer fighting another non-boxer, however.

  • skinny pete gaming
    skinny pete gaming5 timer siden

    Jake Paul’s a 12 yr old in a 23 yr olds body

  • PatPlayz MoreGames
    PatPlayz MoreGames5 timer siden

    I miss the old videos Team 10 makes

  • Vir Patel
    Vir Patel5 timer siden

    I just miss the old jake Paul

  • Liam Gross
    Liam Gross6 timer siden

    Logan’s little brother - so true dude would be no one on his own.

  • JR
    JR6 timer siden

    Currently eating my pot noodle and every sentence he said thats cringe made me wanna throw it all back up

  • vivian barriga
    vivian barriga6 timer siden

    jake is so funny how he snores🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💤💤💤💤

  • vivian barriga
    vivian barriga6 timer siden

    jake is gonna put ben to sleep

  • Jaidan Madison
    Jaidan Madison7 timer siden


    JAFOOLEY SOCOOLEY7 timer siden

    Would you fight Connor Benn? @jakepaul

  • king boozo
    king boozo7 timer siden

    Im tired of seeing jake paul with his personality if only you can't get money off NOprojects

  • Tarynnn
    Tarynnn9 timer siden


  • Olivia Williams
    Olivia Williams9 timer siden

    POV you came from the tik tok saying he a$$ulted someone

  • Haris
    Haris9 timer siden

    "a LARGE MAJORITY think ben will win but the other HALF think Im gnna win' - The Brilliant Mind of Jake Paul

  • jesus bad227
    jesus bad2279 timer siden

    Who else gon watch cause doja cat finna be there

  • Mohamed Omran
    Mohamed Omran10 timer siden

    Bro ur lacking sooo much

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty10 timer siden

    Jakes literally like an anxious little kid that's gone from junior school to high school for the first time and tryna hold his ground lmao

  • Cheyenne Buchanan
    Cheyenne Buchanan11 timer siden

    Why isn't he fighting MMA fighters like Ben and Diaz IN THE CAGE...if it's boxing vs. MMA? This is boxing vs. boxing.... Period. If it was boxing vs. MMA...then Ben could do MMA moves. Laughable statements.

  • MrTop Hunter245
    MrTop Hunter24512 timer siden

    2:00:44 - the best thing said during this

  • MrTop Hunter245
    MrTop Hunter24512 timer siden

    1:56:44 - The moment Jake realized he messed up.

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    10 timer siden

    Jakes talking about laughs but I didn’t hear single laugh for Jake at all. So Ben’s “2 chuckles” was still more than jakes

  • Braden Macay
    Braden Macay12 timer siden

    Tbh Jake your stuck up go back to Disney

  • MrTop Hunter245
    MrTop Hunter24512 timer siden

    1:56:27 - Jake's last words.

  • MrTop Hunter245
    MrTop Hunter24512 timer siden

    1:52:33 - When Jake Came On

  • Jeffthewolf
    Jeffthewolf13 timer siden

    Its obvious that jake is gonna hear so much trash talk from more experienced fighters bc hes still a new guy to it.

  • Alexandre Garneau
    Alexandre Garneau13 timer siden

    I knew it Jake Paul is a beta

  • Jeffthewolf
    Jeffthewolf13 timer siden

    Hes trying to get in jakes head by calling him logans little brother to make him feel like hes still in logan's shadow to throw him off his game. But he over used it

  • erika aquino
    erika aquino13 timer siden


  • Shamalama Dingdong
    Shamalama Dingdong14 timer siden

    I'd be amazed and overjoyed if Ben's glizzy slips out and falls into Jake's mouth on the 17th

  • Hailey Peskoff
    Hailey Peskoff15 timer siden

    If you beat Ben you should think about fighting Amanda nunes. Just a thought

  • Top Shop
    Top Shop16 timer siden

    Someone needs to hush jake already

  • nathan
    nathan16 timer siden

    when you feel dumb just listen to jake paul, age 24, talk. it works every time

  • Reflex_killer YT
    Reflex_killer YT18 timer siden

    Dude imagine having less followers than fladd and nikki

  • Isaac
    Isaac19 timer siden

    *Jake: cmon then fight me!* *Also Jake: takes 1 step forward.*

  • Carter Hostetler
    Carter Hostetler19 timer siden

    Jake looks like the richest homeless man I know.

  • Mathias
    Mathias20 timer siden

    Jakes talking about laughs but I didn’t hear single laugh for Jake at all. So Ben’s “2 chuckles” was still more than jakes

  • Tigershark Gaming
    Tigershark Gaming20 timer siden

    1:59:35 this guy looking fly as fuck

  • Tigershark Gaming
    Tigershark Gaming20 timer siden

    Jake looking like a clown

  • Elias Vasquez
    Elias Vasquez20 timer siden

    If Jake Paul loses to Ben Askren he has to that Beard man

  • JenniferBaby K
    JenniferBaby K21 time siden

    Is this a joke? How does Triller feel sponsoring this clown after the SA allegations??

  • creamy
    creamy21 time siden

    Are you at long horn? In Marietta 😫

  • Nut
    Nut21 time siden

    This man is in FLIP FLOPS LOOOOL

  • Ray Willy
    Ray Willy21 time siden

    You have no right to live

  • Kurochan
    Kurochan21 time siden

    How can anyone support this narcissist? At least go with someone who respects the sport.

  • miketjeboss10
    miketjeboss1021 time siden

    There’s a reason why this isn’t an mma matchup, Jake has a chance because it’s boxing, Ben would put Jake to sleep if it’s mma

  • Mehfooz Bibi
    Mehfooz Bibi22 timer siden


  • kuna muta
    kuna muta22 timer siden

    24y old kid and delusional, seriously this is going to be hilarious

  • Joseph Juarez
    Joseph Juarez22 timer siden

    Jake Paul embarrassment to boxing no class

  • Harry is My life
    Harry is My life23 timer siden

    i thought it was everyday bro

  • Sneaks Lolll
    Sneaks Lolll23 timer siden

    1:57:27 did he just say mcgreggor lol wasn’t Jake the one who called him out

  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero23 timer siden

    Just like Conor, gay Jake’s career will end the same

  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero23 timer siden

    Gay Jake is a Conor McGregor wannabe

  • Welcome to the gulag
    Welcome to the gulagDag siden

    Jake paul thinks hes so good when the hardest fight he had was with deji😂

  • fatima Qureshi
    fatima QureshiDag siden

    ive been gone for 2 years, this is what i see..

  • Syam Krishna
    Syam KrishnaDag siden

    Joke paul is a total waste of space . i think 20 mil subscribers are parents who wants to show their kids how a filthy bully looks like .

  • Solar Atlas
    Solar AtlasDag siden

    Askren had the balls to step into the cage with trained killers and Jake thinks he can be intimidated by a Disney channel star.

  • shiraz aharoni
    shiraz aharoniDag siden

    Who want to see jake paul against bryce hall ?

  • Lubricated Donut
    Lubricated DonutDag siden

    At this point I feel like jake has a death wish

  • Clive Wilcox
    Clive WilcoxDag siden

    Hopefully in this fights contract, There is a clause, that states, When Jake Paul losers, he has too delete his youtube Account and Never Boxing Ever Again. The world has a headache because of you.

  • newmoment
    newmomentDag siden

    Jake too scared to fight Ben in a real mma fight. In a streetfight, Ben really would kill Jake. Jake knows it so the only way to keep it competitive was to make it a boxing match.

  • Bordtennis Gutta
    Bordtennis GuttaDag siden

    Jakes looking like a homeless guy

  • Bordtennis Gutta
    Bordtennis GuttaDag siden

    Can we get Jonieboi vs Jake Paul

  • Dawood Cheychi
    Dawood CheychiDag siden


  • bob thebuilder
    bob thebuilderDag siden

    Jake deserves to get KO'D for that crusty rhyme 🤣 1:50:15

  • Rock N Roll
    Rock N RollDag siden

    Ben is trying to control his laughter through out the video

  • Medium Stekt
    Medium StektDag siden

    Hope jake gets knocked out cold first round

  • Joris essen
    Joris essenDag siden

    I love that the entire comment section is just people ripping into jake

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew SmithDag siden

    Jake's a millionaire but dresses like a drifter going from town to town begging for cash and food

  • Jared Barker
    Jared BarkerDag siden

    Little brother jack scared

  • K L D
    K L DDag siden

    Logan’s little brother is so scared and anxious about EVERY fight he has, he knows there is security everywhere around them so for him to say “I was right in front of your face” no lil bro you were on the other side of a 5 metre stage.

  • William Whitebirch
    William WhitebirchDag siden

    I wish he fights McGregor nexts, then he will finally shut the fuck up.

  • michael triplett28
    michael triplett28Dag siden

    Jake gonna win

  • Arthur Kerr Williams
    Arthur Kerr WilliamsDag siden

    Jake is so dumb

  • hagdf adsdf
    hagdf adsdfDag siden

    Jake arguing with himself in this interview

  • htbl
    htblDag siden

    "You studering on your sentence" 36:05 **studers saying you**

  • htbl
    htblDag siden

    Ben looks like such a chill guy I want to be friends with him

  • devonmck
    devonmckDag siden

    You all came for 2:11:18

  • htbl


    Dag siden

    I love you you legend

  • Sophia Scalise
    Sophia ScaliseDag siden

    How dare jake ever put himself on that girl honestly I hope Ben send you to the hospital

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Dag siden

    Glad to see Bully Beatdown making a comeback

  • Grim Squad
    Grim SquadDag siden

    Bro Ben has a strategy Jake on the other hand he just likes to talk smack and get all full of himself like he’s all that when actually he’s a noob at this to ben

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Dag siden

    Jake is nervous

  • Andrew Cerny
    Andrew CernyDag siden

    Jake is the kind of kid who purposely would hit other kids in the face while playing dodgeball

  • Oscarin Ole
    Oscarin OleDag siden

    Idk if its just me but i could understand Ben way more then jake. 💀

  • Andrew Cerny
    Andrew CernyDag siden

    Seeing how he uploaded this in full, and unedited, shows how little self awareness Jake has.

  • Bang Sukay
    Bang SukayDag siden

    I am a NOprojectsr from Indonesia

  • htbl


    Dag siden


  • Bang Sukay

    Bang Sukay

    Dag siden

    @HowBoutNo no problem for me 😊

  • HowBoutNo


    Dag siden

    No one cares