'It fell apart because he was Fergie's boy' | Gary Neville & Teddy Sheringham on David Beckham

Former Manchester United team-mates Teddy Sheringham and Gary Neville talk about the brilliance of David Beckham.

From his humble beginnings in East London to a global superstar, Neville and Sheringham give an incredible insight into why Beckham succeeded in football and more.

We discuss his technical ability, his fallout with 'parent' Sir Alex Ferguson, as well as his move from MUFC to Real Madrid, and why he went on to star at AC Milan, PSG and LA Galaxy. We also look at why his interest in Inter Miami is the continuation of a theme of boldness and brilliance.

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    TONY MVERAH19 dager siden

    Is Teddy even human??? He hasn't aged Abit! I will always remember that night at camp Nou....Oh Teddy absolute UNITED legend

  • pj tavares
    pj tavares22 dager siden

    a good player but not great . he didn't have many goals . i wished he had . but overall a great team . MAN U .Forever .

  • Norman Longstaff
    Norman LongstaffMåned siden

    The sound is so low I can not hear it

  • uchibenkei
    uchibenkeiMåned siden

    beckham's greatest accomplishment was posh spice. lol. then he married her.

  • B Hew
    B HewMåned siden

    Teddy got that 144p going on

  • abidamn


    13 timer siden

    He almost maxed out his monthly internet quota and didn't feel like paying extra.

  • Chilli Soup
    Chilli SoupMåned siden

    Worst thing about being 50 is being 50. The best thing is knowing what Garys talking about plus being in my 20s during the 90s

  • Kiat
    KiatMåned siden

    Gary always giving it straight. A very interesting guy. Improve the audio on future interviews please.

  • Darren Porter
    Darren PorterMåned siden

    We changing History a bit? Great goal kick vs Greece, but what about the 90 minutes before. United won the CL, but 2nd best team on the day. Beckham was good at free kicks and crosses, but he lacked other skills.

  • trefoilatelier
    trefoilatelierMåned siden

    Becks was extraordinary even gave his bro phil the managerial job at miami... 🤧

  • Rangga Saputra
    Rangga SaputraMåned siden

    Can't get enough about Gary talking about his old glory days. Always great!

  • Nicky Long
    Nicky LongMåned siden

    I still don’t think Beckham ever got the credit he deserved when he was playing. I think it’s only now he’s finished that we appreciate just how good he was

  • Peter Parker
    Peter ParkerMåned siden

    Neville makes it sound as if Beckham chose to leave United and play for other teams, but it was Ferguson who who pushed him out. Beckham said he didn't want to leave United, he might have ended his career with them if given the choice. Ferguson may have been a good manager but when you read what he's said about players like Becks you realise that he was a petty-minded man who had very little loyalty to the men that gave their all for the club.

  • danilo di emidio
    danilo di emidioMåned siden

    disciplined right back but that's all, like most fergie's players who he made overachieve...

  • Dean Jackson
    Dean JacksonMåned siden

    Oh teddy teddy U came to man united an you won the LOT

  • Raymond Random
    Raymond RandomMåned siden

    I feel like Gary Neville secretly always thinks he should've got to marry David Beckham, not Victoria

  • Michael Marks
    Michael MarksMåned siden

    Is Teddy running out of money? His connection is horrific 😂🤦‍♂️

  • jamie cunningham
    jamie cunninghamMåned siden

    Lifelong United fan here.......sometimes you forget just how good a player was!!!!!!💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • TheUglyTortoise
    TheUglyTortoiseMåned siden

    Anyone else think it was about Fallout the video game.

  • William Jones
    William JonesMåned siden

    Having all that money they can afford to be emaculate yet England did with all the stars they used to have or have this year

  • honestmcgyver
    honestmcgyverMåned siden


  • will hitchcock
    will hitchcockMåned siden

    Did Man United ever score apart from crossing it?

  • Moonis Usman

    Moonis Usman

    Måned siden

    yh usually when scholes dinked it forward or hit a long-range stunner. sometimes giggsy used to score a great solo effort.

  • Clement Oghosa
    Clement Oghosa2 måneder siden

    Let's just say it Sir Alex Ferguson was David Beckham

  • wastedo
    wastedo2 måneder siden

    Teddy Sheringham still using the same phone he was given when he joined man utd

  • Pete Lowson
    Pete Lowson2 måneder siden

    People forget that Teddy’s first season at Old Trafford was a bit of a failure and he got a bit of grief from the fans as Arsenal went and did the double. Boy did he turn that around the next season 😀 Nev’s analysis of Fergie and Beckham’s relationship is spot on.

  • conish64
    conish642 måneder siden

    You’re a better man than me for doing another interview with this toe rag. I definitely wouldn’t give him the time of day ever again

  • David Doherty

    David Doherty

    Måned siden


  • Mark Walsh
    Mark Walsh2 måneder siden

    Beckhams not anywhere near de bruynes standard

  • law wegner
    law wegner2 måneder siden

    His celebrity sadly near the end became unhealthily and a distraction . But peak beckham from 97-2002 was some player

  • Cooper
    Cooper2 måneder siden

    Sound quality is a 144p

  • yash kadam
    yash kadam2 måneder siden

    Hearing the football part of Beckham really reminds me of trent

  • Dont deny the truth
    Dont deny the truth2 måneder siden

    Teddy just looks like that uncle that played sunday league and would be having a laugh in the boozer after 😂

  • Big Blaze
    Big Blaze2 måneder siden

    Beckham is from Leytonstone not chingford 😂

  • Big Smokeweiler
    Big Smokeweiler2 måneder siden

    Beckham was the best free kick taker we ever had at United! Guy was and absolutely legend

  • NoNamer 0o01

    NoNamer 0o01

    2 måneder siden

    Highest free kicker goal scorer in PL

  • Yute Hube
    Yute Hube2 måneder siden

    Beckham was an incredible right winger, simply irreplaceable.

  • Arlo
    Arlo2 måneder siden

    "Surreal" indeed.... "Yes, suddenly I saw David Beckham with three legs and a Salvador Dali moustache kicking a pig's head at me."

  • 53 Yitzak Moshe-Goldblatt 53
    53 Yitzak Moshe-Goldblatt 532 måneder siden


  • rael1999
    rael19994 måneder siden

    He left and travelled you stayed Gary and had a crack with your mates and won more trophies. I know who I think made the right move !

  • trxp tub
    trxp tub4 måneder siden

    The erratic building endosonographically soak because bucket spectroscopically wash anenst a macabre jumper. thirsty, solid lyre

  • Roger Braintree
    Roger Braintree4 måneder siden

    It's good to see they are being responsible about covid.

  • Paul Fitzpatrick

    Paul Fitzpatrick

    2 måneder siden

    Bore off

  • paul darn
    paul darn5 måneder siden

    Beckham don't make me laugh not in top 5 premier League midfielders ever

  • Cherno Ceesay
    Cherno Ceesay5 måneder siden

    Neville was a passenger in that team! 😂 Kidding

  • Dong Luc
    Dong Luc5 måneder siden

    Remember after teddy left utd the next time he played at ot he sat in the home dugout after being subbed

  • Dong Luc

    Dong Luc

    2 dager siden

    @Gee no it was hilarious, im sure theres a video on youtube of it

  • Gee


    2 dager siden

    Really are you joking me

  • Izzat Ilmin
    Izzat Ilmin5 måneder siden

    Really wanted to ask Gary, was Ronaldo a perfect replacement for Becks, And if Becks never left, would we still signed Ronnie?

  • Mike Ox-Smelts

    Mike Ox-Smelts

    5 måneder siden

    Becks would have been moved to centre midfield or possibly Ronaldo would have been a striker

  • Robin Hood Community
    Robin Hood Community5 måneder siden

    Had Ferguson, Becks managed work things out including Keano Nistelrooy etc then they would’ve been the greatest team in the Nougties and Ronaldo wouldn’t wana exchange Utd for Madrid, it would’ve been the other way round, Madrid players would be the ones that want to experience Utd. Experience ventures is nonsense, if it means leaving the club with the greatest prospect of winning titles.

  • Mad_Intalect


    Måned siden

    Nah, Ronaldo was Beckham's replacement, probably wouldn't have bought him if he never left, and if Ruud stayed, United wouldn't have changed to a more fluid, interchangeable and dynamic forward line/attacking style.

  • alan mctavish
    alan mctavish5 måneder siden

    Tavy@ ye just knew england and beckam and co. Werent going to win anything against the best players in the world at that level. Beckam was a good player but he wasnt a great player wich puts you up there with the c,ronaldos and ziddane and the top players who were there at that time. I dont even rate gazza as a greatest world player. They had a huge weakness and its the hardest thing a player can or must be able to do, and that is dribble round a player. I dont mean just run past a player and beat him that way becouse alot of that is just luck becouse if there lucky they will hit a shot and maybe score or if theres 2 more players to beat they cant do it and have to pass it or run into trouble. And beckham and gazza didnt have pace either. By dribbling i mean a player that can take the ball up to another player and show him it then go past him in so many diffrent ways then the same again with the next player beating player after player as they come to you. Not a mad angry run with arms and legs pushing out all over the place. Like gazza in italy 1990. He just couldnt reach that top level that the legends and greats have got and the germans could beat players thats the reason they won the world cup that year. Gazza couldnt even tackle rightly. He was to slow as i said he didnt have the pace and wouldv missesd the final after trying one of the latest tackles in history by about a minute late and he didnt mean to bring the player down that i know. He just couldnt catch him so slid into him and cought hes legs. I thought he didnt deserve to get booked. Tbh. He was just too slow. The legends and greats have got everything in there game. Pace, tackle, heading, dribbling, brave, timeing, tenacity, flair, remarkable speed of thought, two footed, great balance, and only two players in the world had all of that and that was george best and pele. Best had the most Pure natural ability ever seen in a player. George was better on 1 leg than the average player on two legs.

  • Ronnie MacDonald
    Ronnie MacDonald5 måneder siden

    "This little lad from the largest city in Western Europe..."

  • Ronnie MacDonald

    Ronnie MacDonald

    5 måneder siden

    @Glenn O'Connor "This little lad from just outside the largest city in Western Europe..."

  • Glenn O'Connor

    Glenn O'Connor

    5 måneder siden

    Chingford at the time was considered Essex lol, so no not really

  • MuhammadAli_GOAT
    MuhammadAli_GOAT6 måneder siden

    5:17 because he has OCD.. come on Gaz, I thought you were his mate

  • MuhammadAli_GOAT
    MuhammadAli_GOAT6 måneder siden

    Patterns - The Man Utd Culture - Something they don't have right now

  • MrAlwaysBlue
    MrAlwaysBlue6 måneder siden

    “You can’t outgrow United. But you can go onto to bigger and better things” 😂

  • Trishen Naidoo
    Trishen Naidoo6 måneder siden

    Ferguson wanted Becks to be the best player in the world

  • dedlos
    dedlos6 måneder siden

    Volume far too low!

  • Baz Smith
    Baz Smith6 måneder siden

    James Ward Prowse > David Beckham

  • KeepYourHandsUp
    KeepYourHandsUp6 måneder siden

    Love Teddy

  • Chukwu Gozie
    Chukwu Gozie6 måneder siden

    With due respect to KDB, Becks has the best right foot in EPL history. It's that simple.

  • MarkOne
    MarkOne6 måneder siden

    i always thought becks was overrated. everyone said Madrid bought him for shirt sales at the time. more interested in his clothes and celebrity than footy. Gaz has a hard on for him, though

  • Fruit Gums
    Fruit Gums6 måneder siden

    You need to get your volumes correct, I gotta turn it up to hear the interviews and then the adds hit 100db louder, You woke me wife up mate!

  • david rock
    david rock6 måneder siden

    Gary has had wet dreams about goldenballs I swear

  • J Lingz
    J Lingz6 måneder siden

    Is that Gary Neville or T-Bone from Prison Break?

  • David Marcer

    David Marcer

    6 måneder siden


  • Dom Rod
    Dom Rod6 måneder siden

    When he said them plays were still there at treble reunion lol. Madness

  • Tony M
    Tony M6 måneder siden

    Why they got 2 legends together to talk about Beckham? If you wanna talk about Beckham, do an interview with him. 😒

  • George Cameroon
    George Cameroon6 måneder siden

    Teddy recording on a 3310.If you know you know.

  • wolverine
    wolverine6 måneder siden

    Teddy must be using a Web Cam or Laptop from the Year 2010.

  • Mark G
    Mark G6 måneder siden

    PSG, Real Madrid, la galaxy. Preston North End

  • Mark G
    Mark G6 måneder siden

    Gary have 3 kids at 18? Swapped his prelude coupe for a Honda Accord?

  • Nassar Ahmmad
    Nassar Ahmmad6 måneder siden

    He was a very good player but not worth talking this much about it .

  • 14 inch Andy
    14 inch Andy6 måneder siden

    So he was a selfish players okay don’t feel bad that they got rid of him 🙏🏼

  • Dan Sharpe95
    Dan Sharpe956 måneder siden

    Nevs lost abit of timber 😁 lol Teddy is a Legend 🙌

  • Alan James
    Alan James6 måneder siden

    I thought it was hilarious when Gary Neville talked about Teddy Sheringham with a Ferrari.

  • James Robert Ryan
    James Robert Ryan7 måneder siden

    Remember the Greek game well.. And remember at the time, what's wrong with Beckham. He missed a load.. Maybe teddy saying to him what he did at the time was the focus he needed... He certainly pinged that one in, and was probably one of his best

  • Maria Malik
    Maria Malik7 måneder siden

    Neville in the room Lennon's Imagine was recorded...

  • mm carts33
    mm carts337 måneder siden

    The ultra trouble immunocytochemically nest because editorial functionally plan as a obnoxious theater. motionless, vagabond man

  • Martin Hyde
    Martin Hyde7 måneder siden

    These guys live in the past

  • Mav
    Mav7 måneder siden

    I remember being so sad when Becks left, at the time we signed this kid from Sporting to replace him and I was livid! Who is this guy? Never heard of him.... turned out pretty good.

  • Mav


    2 måneder siden

    @Andy Allan time makes me appreciate his genius more and more.

  • Andy Allan

    Andy Allan

    2 måneder siden

    "I remember being so sad when Becks left, at the time we signed this kid from Sporting to replace him ..." Yep! Timing! Fergie knew what he was doing.

  • Mav


    7 måneder siden

    @Ajs 1988 Irrelevant... who wins more games and trophies for their team? End of discussion... on that note neither can tackle like Maldini, it is a facile argument.

  • Ajs 1988

    Ajs 1988

    7 måneder siden

    @Mav Of course he is! But I think you understand my point now

  • Mav


    7 måneder siden

    @Ajs 1988 who would you rather have in your team? Ronaldo is far better. Sure he can't curl a ball, cross or pass like becks but he scores for fun...

  • Sebastian Quarterman
    Sebastian Quarterman7 måneder siden

    Most over-rated sportsman, of any sport, in the history of sport.

  • Robin McEwen
    Robin McEwen7 måneder siden

    Beckham is an enigma. He's possibly the richest footballer ever, but wouldn't get into the best 100 players in English history. Never mind the world's best 100/200. He maximised his talent but got too big for his boots. His goal against Greece was terrific. But everyone forgets that England would have gone to a play-off and won it easily had they not qualified that day. Unfortunately, he was only fit at his first WC. All the others he was struggling. Like Rooney, he pretty much failed when it mattered. But that's nothing unique for England's best players.

  • 50 Shades of Skittles
    50 Shades of Skittles7 måneder siden

    Looks like you could use some donations for better quality audio! lol

  • VenusInFurs2100
    VenusInFurs21007 måneder siden

    Im argentinian,know nothing about english football but I remember 98 WC & that Sheringham was a good player, very dangerous along with Owen.

  • Gee


    2 dager siden

    Maradona best player ever

  • James Bailand

    James Bailand

    3 måneder siden

    Sheringham and Batastuta would have been a quality combination up front.

  • The 12th Player Academy
    The 12th Player Academy8 måneder siden

    Typical. Nobody outside of England rates Becks as world class. Because he wasn't. Very good for sure, but that's about it

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor8 måneder siden

    Stop moaning about the sound, it's absolutely fine! 🤣🤣

  • Unwashed & Somewhat Slightly Dazed
    Unwashed & Somewhat Slightly Dazed8 måneder siden

    He didn't have a standard when picking women, Posh Spice WTF

  • stephen cohen
    stephen cohen8 måneder siden

    I still think that David Beckham never wanted to leave United and certainly not when he had a lot to offer he was a brilliant player and that's from a die hard LIVERPOOL fan.

  • Razor Rabone
    Razor Rabone8 måneder siden

    He was class, but fergie was spot on when he said ‘you don’t leave Real Madrid for LA Galaxy

  • Theo Wedge

    Theo Wedge

    6 måneder siden

    Noventa Sport it’s hard to think he hadn’t planned his life since 23

  • RL7
    RL78 måneder siden

    One thing always assured with Beckham is that he always gave his all and delivered on the pitch. Perhaps the modern day comparison would be Pogba, who’s life off the field often hits the headlines but the big difference here is Pogba isn’t doing on the pitch.

  • BIG FRED 09
    BIG FRED 098 måneder siden

    Thiago alcantera about to take over from KDB as the best passer of a ball in the Premier league

  • BIG FRED 09

    BIG FRED 09

    2 måneder siden

    @WOOOPdoctorFROGhere true lol maybe next season lol

  • WOOOPdoctorFROGhere


    2 måneder siden

    this comment hasn't aged well has it

  • Andy Birch

    Andy Birch

    8 måneder siden


  • e
    e8 måneder siden

    Well spotted! Project big picture tells me the Glazers are desperate. I'd pay £14.95 a game to get the glazers out.

  • daniel weaver
    daniel weaver8 måneder siden

    beckham was average, we have been subjected to his media crap but the guys average looking along with his kids

  • Mandar Desai
    Mandar Desai8 måneder siden

    One of the reasons we are Struggling nowadays is Because We Just Don't have players who can Cross a Ball and Strikers who can Get on the End of those Crosses. It's one of the Most Simple Ways of Scroring a Goal and we Just don't do it Enough these days.

  • Mandar Desai

    Mandar Desai

    6 måneder siden

    @Theo Wedge It has Moved on but You Still Can't Defend a Good Cross in the Box Attacked by a Center Forward.

  • Theo Wedge

    Theo Wedge

    6 måneder siden

    Footballs moved on mate

  • brendan larsen
    brendan larsen8 måneder siden

    Always thought the best weapon this united had was Beckham and Giggs switching the ball from one wing to the other. A defence would align for a Giggs cross and five to ten seconds later they would be in disarray facing a cross from Beckham. Never seen a side doing this as efficiently before nor since. Beckham also developed other parts of his game when he moved on. His defensive game was almost nonexistent at Utd but really came on in Spain.

  • abidamn


    13 timer siden

    Is this a burner account?

  • rigsby
    rigsby9 måneder siden

    It was a huge pivilege to have watched Beck the nevs, scholsy, nicky Butt, Giggsy all of that team from the start to finish. Dont think they would get the same chance today though because of the toxicity in the game, would SAF have been given 4 years to win the FA cup or 6 years to win the league in todays premiership when united fans call for the sacking of a manager within 15 games if we are not winning 6-0 every week. And without him they would not have gotten the same chance.

  • William Wallace De Bruce
    William Wallace De Bruce9 måneder siden

    Sheringham the most under rated player in the game..

  • simon shotter

    simon shotter

    Måned siden

    @Scott Littlefair really? Matt’s distinct lack of England caps would say different

  • Scott Littlefair

    Scott Littlefair

    Måned siden

    Both were highly rated as players

  • simon shotter

    simon shotter

    Måned siden

    Matt Le Tissier beats that

  • High Lander
    High Lander9 måneder siden

    That's why England never win anything to Many Big heads.

  • dlowheim
    dlowheim9 måneder siden

    Gaz is so right about Becks ocd..

  • steve Brown
    steve Brown9 måneder siden

    Neville massively over rating his pal Beckham here.....yeah he was top class for a few short years late ninties but his form was all down hill from there.....laughable to put him in the same conversation as De Bruyne lol he was nowhere near that level at all.

  • cbillon


    8 måneder siden

    HA! imagine the delusion

  • rael1999


    9 måneder siden

    Lol....whose this mystery French player De Buerne ??.....finally got there then lol !!

  • just marty
    just marty9 måneder siden

    Having money does not make one an icon....he is a human that momentarily had an influence on one sport....wind your necks in lads...just saying.

  • AdamB86
    AdamB869 måneder siden

    Why did gray not have this set up on sky sports lol

  • Channel Wanderer
    Channel Wanderer9 måneder siden

    Always thought the best weapon this united had was Beckham and Giggs switching the ball from one wing to the other. A defence would align for a Giggs cross and five to ten seconds later they would be in disarray facing a cross from Beckham. Never seen a side doing this as efficiently before nor since. Beckham also developed other parts of his game when he moved on. His defensive game was almost nonexistent at Utd but really came on in Spain.

  • Darren Cahill

    Darren Cahill

    2 måneder siden

    Probably the best 4-4-2 team in recent history and a big part of is was down to Giggs and Becks

  • Gavin


    6 måneder siden

    @Lasse Reden 😂😂

  • Lasse Reden

    Lasse Reden

    6 måneder siden

    @Channel Wanderer fair play mate!

  • Channel Wanderer

    Channel Wanderer

    6 måneder siden

    @Lasse Reden lol ronaldo that season was the most dominant midfield performance over a season i ever seen. Keane, Carrick, Viera and THE SEASON leicester won Kante were the best DMs i witnessed. Giggs, Beckham, Hazard, De Bruyne, Robson, Fabregas, Scholes, Lampard, Gerrard all among the AM but that one season by Ronaldo Oh boy what a joy to watch ( and I am a gooner that split from united when they stole our manager from Aberdeen). Scotland had some good ones Souness, Bett, Collins, Lambert but south of the border were so priviledged to see that CR7 masterclass.

  • Lasse Reden

    Lasse Reden

    6 måneder siden

    @Channel Wanderer Giggs Scholes Keane CR7 The ultimative end

  • Stuart Biddle
    Stuart Biddle9 måneder siden

    Neville is more popular then Beckham now. 😂

  • Try It sometime

    Try It sometime

    8 måneder siden

    hardly!! ea sports just paid Beckham 40 million just for his likeness over three year period. they wouldn't even give neville 40 thousand 🤣

  • Jamie fowles
    Jamie fowles9 måneder siden

    Beckham should of played his last game in football for united at Old Trafford not at psg! United should of got him back for his last season

  • WOOOPdoctorFROGhere


    2 måneder siden

    He said he wanted to. Uniteds marketing team probably wanted it to happen too. But Fergie didn't manage with sentiment. He wouldn't have added anything to Fergie's team and therefore he didn't want him back.

  • Arnav Sengupta
    Arnav Sengupta9 måneder siden

    Beckham was one of the most underrated midfielders ever. In 99, he deserved the Ballon D'Or.

  • Diboy Mashesha
    Diboy Mashesha9 måneder siden

    The sound is whack real talk either than that lovely interview

  • Richard Pinkham
    Richard Pinkham9 måneder siden

    ‘Butty’ 🥪 Lol