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  • Alex Quiroz
    Alex QuirozMåned siden

    They played in Barcelona fyi

  • Bshsb Hsbbs
    Bshsb Hsbbs2 måneder siden

    whats the song

  • Bruno Naletto
    Bruno Naletto3 måneder siden

    Can he play in the wings? I mean, stats-wise, he can play almost anywhere on the pitch, but I don't know if he will be good as a wide cam or rm on 4-4-2/4-2-3-1

  • Jack Tonge
    Jack Tonge3 måneder siden

    The song every time the Mexican players get the ball 🤣🤣

  • Chill Bru

    Chill Bru

    3 måneder siden

    What's the songs name I want to know 😂😂

  • ArsenalHD
    ArsenalHD3 måneder siden

    Whats the name of the song he used when Dos santos scored xD

  • Mr. Wilgent
    Mr. Wilgent3 måneder siden

    7:35 song???????????

  • Adzter 96
    Adzter 963 måneder siden

    Need the Jurgen Damm Freeze card for the links to Dos Santos and Vela

  • RodasaL23
    RodasaL233 måneder siden

    How can i do that turn over skill?

  • Luis Enrique Pairazamán Talavera
    Luis Enrique Pairazamán Talavera3 måneder siden

    Muy barato bro!!! Greetings from Peru, Zwe

  • Trap TrapBeforeRap
    Trap TrapBeforeRap3 måneder siden

    Show us your wl tean bro

  • roaches23
    roaches233 måneder siden

    Card is a beast. I have him off the bench and he is amazing.

  • fledesma ledesma
    fledesma ledesma3 måneder siden

    Chevere, 👍🏾

  • Birge Alne
    Birge Alne3 måneder siden

    Do goretzka👀

  • xBYRNEZx
    xBYRNEZx3 måneder siden

    the fucking music in the background LOL you're literally the goat fifa creator Zwe

  • Luis Cortez
    Luis Cortez3 måneder siden

    I have that Jurgen damn vela link

  • Ruben Nogueira
    Ruben Nogueira3 måneder siden

    Jajaja the topo chico, hi from monterrey

  • MannyFreshHD
    MannyFreshHD3 måneder siden

    Muy Barato! 😄

  • The N3bUlus
    The N3bUlus3 måneder siden

    what about an artist in him? or possibly a backbone

  • Jorge Horta
    Jorge Horta3 måneder siden

    Gio Dos Santos player moments to his goal against USA 4-2 in the Gold Cup Final???

  • yakov yakov
    yakov yakov3 måneder siden

    Lozano off Chemistry🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ashley Foulds
    Ashley Foulds3 måneder siden

    Why did he not use silver stars damm

  • Doncepo32
    Doncepo323 måneder siden

    It is muy barato. Mucho is for things you cant count as Dinero or Catarro muy is for adjectives as Barato, or Caro. Hope someone reads this...

  • santiago pizzuto
    santiago pizzuto3 måneder siden

    muy barato

  • Mob Fifa
    Mob Fifa3 måneder siden

    What language are his commentators, can anyone help pls?

  • BestSaves
    BestSaves3 måneder siden


  • Gael Castillo
    Gael Castillo3 måneder siden

    Muy barato wey

  • Mahdi S
    Mahdi S3 måneder siden

    Using him with as a CM with marksman, what do you guys think?

  • Down Like That
    Down Like That3 måneder siden

    Muy: Very Mucho: a lot 👍

  • Tee 1
    Tee 13 måneder siden

    Had wijinaldum next to 90 gillit but want to use this card next to him on 8 chem? 4231. Would he get destroyed?

  • Amado Marques
    Amado Marques3 måneder siden

    12:15 This is the celebration u do when y know You’ve won the game 🤣😅😅🤣

    WZRD MODs3 måneder siden


  • Oskar Franzen
    Oskar Franzen3 måneder siden

    You say "muy barato". "Mucho" is used when you talk about amounts like he has alot of money or he eats alot of food. "Muy" is more of an adjective. An example is: That house is high. (Esa casa es muy alto) He is very cheap. (Él es muy barato)

  • Isaac Martin
    Isaac Martin3 måneder siden

    Use Sergio Santos.

  • Carlos The boss man reviewer
    Carlos The boss man reviewer3 måneder siden

    Ea stepped up this year when making out of top 5 league cards, CSL have the midfield, eredevisie on that right side, MLS soon

  • Gamer Roky
    Gamer Roky3 måneder siden

    Please visit my fifa 21 game play channel

  • AlexMc13x
    AlexMc13x3 måneder siden

    Managed to get Vela record breaker for 76,000 ages ago before even herrera was out so will defo get this guy

  • Callum Wilson
    Callum Wilson3 måneder siden

    I still don’t know y he didn’t put a finisher on him and put him as a cam or cf instead a anchor with like 75 defending.

  • brad webster
    brad webster3 måneder siden

    Been watching since fifa 17 maybe before,twosync used to be my favourite fifa videos to watch but you’ve surpassed them now love the player reviews and the music you add just makes the videos well played mate keep it up

  • Victor Ensaztiga Pérez
    Victor Ensaztiga Pérez3 måneder siden

    It´s muy barato Zwe, Love you brooo

  • de gamer 72
    de gamer 723 måneder siden

    Damn as rb

  • Robert Verwijs
    Robert Verwijs3 måneder siden

    U said i will show u u can get him in a com team. This is rly not u have 2 silvers lol

  • Chkoun'Adek
    Chkoun'Adek3 måneder siden

    Let's go we need a silver star objective for Giovanni !

  • Jordan
    Jordan3 måneder siden

    Zwe loses to the guy with the crap squad but absolutely destroys the guy with the class team lmao

  • The_young_ ispy
    The_young_ ispy3 måneder siden

    Should have had dam fut freeze

  • Ties Bekel
    Ties Bekel3 måneder siden

    Is there a sbc he hasn't done?

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode3 måneder siden

    Does anyone remember that Asian “you suck” song zwe used to play when he conceded? What’s it called lads?

  • z_KXZYY
    z_KXZYY3 måneder siden

    Give his brother a moments card cause he was "in the moment". Ok i know that was terrible...

  • Binck van der Sluijs

    Binck van der Sluijs

    3 måneder siden

    it was shit yes

  • Miguel Uribe
    Miguel Uribe3 måneder siden

    Great episode 👏 👌

  • Peter Gustafsson
    Peter Gustafsson3 måneder siden

    Both of the brothers have played in Barcelona.

  • Mans 0161
    Mans 01613 måneder siden

    Can someone tell me what website I can go to to get a list of players to complete these please?

  • Pascal Kahl
    Pascal Kahl3 måneder siden

    All I need is a good mls keeper with foottrait and I would actually play him with headliner chucky, Damm and long

  • CesarBJ
    CesarBJ3 måneder siden

    Chingón tu vídeo 🤘🏻

  • Football Tingz
    Football Tingz3 måneder siden

    Ok zwe I see u with the new inter Miami jacket and without the zipper fully zipped up 👏🔥🔥🔥

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan3 måneder siden

    The topochico 😂

  • ty pickering
    ty pickering3 måneder siden


  • Andofour
    Andofour3 måneder siden

    Didn’t giovani play in Barcelona?

  • Andofour
    Andofour3 måneder siden

    A huevo

  • Brad Prince
    Brad Prince3 måneder siden

    The music edits while attacking is gold 🤣🤣🤣

  • IK SS
    IK SS3 måneder siden

    I was drinking topo chico i can't believe it

  • Charlie Neace
    Charlie Neace3 måneder siden

    I pulled 91 kimmich from the prime pack also so two for one for me

  • Julio Fernandes
    Julio Fernandes3 måneder siden

    Why no Damm at RB

  • Mike
    Mike3 måneder siden

    Got the headliner chucky in my 84+ player pick, hell ya Dos Santos.

  • Adrian R
    Adrian R3 måneder siden

    Where’s Damm?😭

  • Fifa Meastro
    Fifa Meastro3 måneder siden

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  • Adrian R
    Adrian R3 måneder siden


  • The Juicy Mop
    The Juicy Mop3 måneder siden

    I would do him if I didn’t chuck all my fodder in robben malen klaiber 84+ totw upgrade

  • Fred E
    Fred E3 måneder siden

    These EPIS are way better if do mushrooms...I can’t stop laughing at Robins bent hand, did they do that on purpose?

  • Connor Kenneally
    Connor Kenneally3 måneder siden

    I havent heard zwe say "vamos" before a review in weeks and I say it every time even though we havent had a spanish speaking player review in a while.

  • Matin
    Matin3 måneder siden

    Put him CAM u won’t regret it

  • ismael medina
    ismael medina3 måneder siden

    Topo chico! Refreshing AF

  • Victor Lezama
    Victor Lezama3 måneder siden

    Any Spanish speakers dislike the Spanish commentary on fifa? They’re mad annoying, they criticize every missed pass and over hype some of the goals they score on you lol

  • Steve R
    Steve R3 måneder siden

    Is it just me or has there not been a single mls player of the month card?

  • Hachi Riko
    Hachi Riko3 måneder siden

    cant bring up distance shot taker without mentioning scholes

  • Ghost
    Ghost3 måneder siden

    What happened to jarritos sponsoship?

  • Jay
    Jay3 måneder siden

    This card is absolutely great plays Cam for me behind Felix and feels pretty solid there. Also can play on the wing or as a box to box. I haven’t played with any other card on fifa that do all of that. And for how cheap that sbc is it’s a no brainer.

  • Andrew Ramírez
    Andrew Ramírez3 måneder siden

    was at the game the card flashbacks to

  • Nathan Barron
    Nathan Barron3 måneder siden

    I have him and Marquinhos as my cm s he is insane

  • Juan Pablo Lucero
    Juan Pablo Lucero3 måneder siden

    Its muy barato

  • NickOso 20
    NickOso 203 måneder siden

    It’s “muy barrato”

  • Juan Carlos Osorio
    Juan Carlos Osorio3 måneder siden


  • Larry Meza
    Larry Meza3 måneder siden

    13:25 Gio and Jonathan Dos Santos are brothers but they aren’t twins gio is older. But great video I like this card best one ea has came out with from my point of view. Hopefully they do a Gio one too in the future 🤞🏽

  • Trishula Dragon

    Trishula Dragon

    3 måneder siden


  • gabriel lopez
    gabriel lopez3 måneder siden

    zwe never gives 5/5

  • David Olivares
    David Olivares3 måneder siden

    your spanish is just fine zwe great effort 🇲🇽 órale güey

  • jxiro666
    jxiro6663 måneder siden

    I love when you review liga Mx MLS or US / Mexico players

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale3 måneder siden

    Looks like a good card for good value BUT I just don't need anymore midfielders and wingers that just go on my bench.

  • Evan Dipasquale

    Evan Dipasquale

    3 måneder siden

    @Blessed Iraduhaye yeah same here

  • Prythen


    3 måneder siden

    @Blessed Iraduhaye hes the best rb in game though and easy to link

  • Blessed Iraduhaye

    Blessed Iraduhaye

    3 måneder siden

    Stg bro, that’s why I didn’t do that rb from the Netherlands, I got like 4 rb already

  • Itz Manny
    Itz Manny3 måneder siden

    Did you know that gio used to play for Barca

  • David Alan
    David Alan3 måneder siden

    I have a full Serie A team with Lozano and still did Dos Santos because he is CRACKED

  • Brendog
    Brendog3 måneder siden

    The way he starts "hoy en el dia despues" is hilarious because of how little sense it makes 😂

  • Brendog


    3 måneder siden

    @Kim Possible bro ur watching a video of this game?

  • Kim Possible

    Kim Possible

    3 måneder siden

    Who the hell still actually plays this dead game? LOL if you do rethink your life because it must be garbage. Quit the game forever it's pointless. The game is toxic and so is the community. Just boycott the dead game get a life and let EA go bust. Then maybe 1 day someone will make a good game LOL

  • Michael Garnica

    Michael Garnica

    3 måneder siden

    "El día después" is a Spanish show that shows you what football players say to each other on the pitch. You can find videos on NOprojects they're pretty good

  • Pablo


    3 måneder siden

    Zwe el rey

  • Lorcan Byrne

    Lorcan Byrne

    3 måneder siden

    @5k Subs With No Videos that was good

  • jim647 -
    jim647 -3 måneder siden

    0:21 I like how he still uses this sound " pinche fifa " 😂

  • Gareth Bennett
    Gareth Bennett3 måneder siden

    They both have injury prone. Must be a family thing. 😳

  • Andres Tamayo
    Andres Tamayo3 måneder siden

    With an artist he’s an insane CM

  • Aresh Singh
    Aresh Singh3 måneder siden

    It’s muy barato Zwe

  • Kada Sárközi
    Kada Sárközi3 måneder siden

    Mucho - a lot Muy - very ... Therefore it is muy barato. I also learned Spanish as my 3rd language, and this is pretty hard and sometimes I do mess it up as well.

  • pedro campos aravena
    pedro campos aravena3 måneder siden

    se dice muy barato

  • Jesus Yerena
    Jesus Yerena3 måneder siden

    Zwe really drinking Topo Chico and added "¡Pinche FIFA!" and "¡No era penal!" in there. RESPECT.

  • yuyufool117
    yuyufool1173 måneder siden

    zwe dont forget to buy a new xbox x controller.

  • Yeahnm _
    Yeahnm _3 måneder siden

    I have him on 8 chem, he is incredible

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith3 måneder siden

    Even Zwe is trolling Juju Smith Schuster with the Corvette Corvette background music 😂

  • Chris Casserley
    Chris Casserley3 måneder siden

    Any advice for anyone going into their first WL of fifa 21?



    3 måneder siden

    I would say that get 2 or 3 wins in ur first 5 games so u can face easier opponents



    3 måneder siden

    Yess get ready to face mendy varane mbappe neymar

  • Kobe Vb
    Kobe Vb3 måneder siden

    Is no one wondering why he ran out of stamina that fast in game 1 haha