I went UNDERCOVER in Colorado to Buy my "FIRST" Motorcycle


I went back undercover posing as a first time motorcycle buyers with no experience to see how the salesman will treat me and the conclusion is something that I did not expect, but the catch is if they let me buy an awesome 1000 super sport bike then i will actually have to buy it.
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  • Mike Honcho
    Mike HonchoTime siden

    Are you aware crocks ? My good sir

  • Cory 2021
    Cory 20212 timer siden

    A salesman job is to sell the bike not to say your not trained enough to buy it

  • Harry Bottoms
    Harry Bottoms3 timer siden

    I hit that subscribe button as soon as I heard that Bible verse. Awesome job brother

  • Rob Reese
    Rob Reese7 timer siden

    I would’ve put you on a 300. The 6’s have a nasty throttle-power ratio. 40% throttle=65% power. R1 is 50%throttle=50%power. Very smooth and actually a better bike to learn than a 6. If you can mentally handle the power. I still haven’t got my R1 out of 4th gear! 😂 and I’ve been riding for 29 years!

  • Albert Batfinder
    Albert Batfinder10 timer siden

    Dennis would just rack it up as another day, another idiot, another anecdote for journal.

  • David Simons
    David Simons11 timer siden

    I'd subscribe to a channel from Dennis, but never, ever to this channel.

  • C-Klass
    C-Klass13 timer siden

    Truth is the BMW S1000rr is a pretty tame bike until you really rev it out. The Panagale twins on the other hand want you off, and I'm sure the V4 is no different (though I have no personal experience yet). A responsible rookie rider could be safe theoretically, but we all know adrenaline makes even the best of us do stupid things.

  • Samuel Jurgensen
    Samuel Jurgensen14 timer siden

    God bless you man

  • Samuel Jurgensen

    Samuel Jurgensen

    14 timer siden

    It is not the healthy that needs a doctor, but the sick, for the Son of Man did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis15 timer siden

    Never wrote a motorcycle but I'm kind of thinking about starting this is a good channel to look at

  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis15 timer siden

    Yeah with the Bible verses and honesty I think I subscribe to this channel

  • tristan white
    tristan white17 timer siden

    I live 20 minutes from springs lol 😂

  • Notknot
    Notknot17 timer siden

    That ol timer definitely has seen some nasty crashes and doesn't want to be responsible for the death of some new kid

  • bill goldberg
    bill goldberg19 timer siden

    Dennis was way more patient than i expected

  • João Pedro Mano Brito
    João Pedro Mano Brito20 timer siden

    Neck protector

  • scottie foertmeyer
    scottie foertmeyer21 time siden

    Ya know, bikes only go as fast as you make them go..

  • Xavier Ugalde
    Xavier Ugalde22 timer siden

    Can I start on a ZX-6R?

  • e sandstrom
    e sandstrom22 timer siden

    Nothing fraudulent here at all. The sales dude is there to make money it’s not his responsibility whatsoever can’t even watch this it’s just dumb

  • Marc G
    Marc GDag siden

    Amen on that Brother!🩸✝️👑

  • Tha Natikid
    Tha NatikidDag siden

    Dennis's reaction after you try to spin the clutch tho...🤦🏼‍♂️🤣🤣🤣this was a good video!we needed this,thanks ALOT man.im looking into getting my first bike but iv been around them.and have ridden dirt bikes and atvs all my life.im going for my first street bike and I'm looking into the Suzuki intruder.they are just so beautiful of a bike and I feel like it's a decent bike to get on for the next for season and ride and learn.i love the videos tho man.i just found your channel and subbed a few weeks ago and been binge watching them.lol

  • Anthony Beeler
    Anthony BeelerDag siden

    Thanks for sharing bible verse, bud

  • Saraserket
    SaraserketDag siden

    JESSE SOLD ME MY FIRST BIKE AHH its soo cool to see him in the video!!!!

  • Saraserket
    SaraserketDag siden

    I bought my bike from rocky mountain cycle plaza. I love those dudes and I trust them!!

  • Saraserket
    SaraserketDag siden

    I live in Colorado springs so its weird to see the shops I looked at in this video.

  • chris81983
    chris81983Dag siden

    Take a few hrs and drive to New York they will sell you anything. I literally walk in the door and say I want and R1, and 20 min later it's yours. Not once did anyone ever ask me a question.

  • Firelord360
    Firelord360Dag siden

    I’d take that Road Glide though!!

  • Gaius Baltar
    Gaius BaltarDag siden

    So you'd rather the salesmen rip you off by trying to sell you a 250?

  • Josh Bascii
    Josh BasciiDag siden

    Ah man no video of the cash and reveal?

  • Syphious
    SyphiousDag siden

    I'm glad they reacted how they did, I see this whole "Bro complex" saying to "Just start with a 1000 I did it and I'm fine it's ok bro u want something you can grow into bruh anything under a 1000 is for pussies" I'm sick of hearing people say that shit so much lol it's completely idiotic, Even if you "do fine", your refinement on riding, your skill, and cornering capability along with your capability to react to bad situations, Will not be as good vs if you started on a smaller bike.

  • Alex
    AlexDag siden

    I know both these shops. RMCP is legit. Apex parts and sales deparment. Legit. Called to buy a bike today. Iam not a rookie. But yeah. Good video. O shit. I talked to Jesse today !

  • Euphoria 69
    Euphoria 69Dag siden

    Wonderful day and time

  • Darcy Lea
    Darcy LeaDag siden

    I subbed to your channels because of the Bible verses :)

  • Let's Build It!
    Let's Build It!Dag siden

    Bro that guy at Apex sold me my FJ09!

  • Round Peg
    Round Peg2 dager siden

    I'd be passed if I went into a store, any store, and wasn't allowed to purchase what I wanted. I'd actually sue if they did not allow me to purchase

  • John Roff
    John Roff2 dager siden

    It's a cunty idea. Jesus wouldn't appreciate the deceit.

  • delbomb3131
    delbomb31312 dager siden

    Here i am looking for a supercub for my first "bike" 🤣🤣

  • Kate F
    Kate F2 dager siden

    Just to play devils advocate here: we could take this a step further and end up like Europe where you are restricted like crazy on bike size. Their endorsements are tiered.

  • Chris Ehhh
    Chris Ehhh2 dager siden

    Thank you for the passages... I could use a great friendship, if I lived closer, we would be friends.

  • ambarish pandhare
    ambarish pandhare2 dager siden


  • ColdIn Wisconsin
    ColdIn Wisconsin2 dager siden

    WI is also single part consent state, film here and take a ride with me!! You inspired me to get my first bike last year (Bolt R spec). We can bread bread together as brothers in Christ after tearing up the streets. Cheers!

  • Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams2 dager siden

    I like Dennis. Honest and straight forward.

  • Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams2 dager siden

    LMAO Aren't you Sean from bikes and beards? BUSTED!!!!

  • Mike B.
    Mike B.2 dager siden

    Well there is job is to sell you motorcycles per your preferences. They would be under even more scrutiny if they denied you the sale because they “think” you are unskilled. They can really only give you recommendations.

  • James Esparza
    James Esparza2 dager siden

    I wish all biker community's were like that. I usually get the occasional wave but if you are on a scooter like me you dont exist in this neck of the woods. Someone passes away everyones at the top of the hill ready for a memorial ride, except the scooter guys dont matter if its a Honda Helix even though half of them wanna buy it off me.

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs2 dager siden

    Absolute beginner here. Last week I went into dealership to get a Rebel as a first bike. Bought it, wanted it delivered. He said fine. Next day turns out the delivery guy walked and there was no one to deliver it. They would not get another guy hired for at least 3 weeks (drug test and all that). I asked if a salesman would drive it to my house and I would drive them back in my car? Nope ... couldn't spare a salesman for even a short 20 min period. So I had to ride it home myself. Sounds simple ... yeh, I can do it ... ride around the neighborhood by the dealer for an hour, then ride it to my house. Didn't turn out that way. I rode around for 3 hours in the neighborhood and still didn't feel confident I could ride it home without dropping it. After 3 hours I was tired, muscles were shaking and I was near exhaustion. I had missed a right turn and ended up bouncing through someone's front yard. Amazingly, I didn't drop the bike. Luckily there was no curb. I decided to just go for it anyway -- live or die. I made it home no problem. Got off the bike and kissed the driveway. Now I have promised myself I will not get out on the road until I can do 5 circles in my driveway without putting my foot down. So far can't even do one. But at least I'm alive and still practicing. If I had bought a bigger bike than that Rebel, I am certain I would not only have dropped it but would have injured myself in the process. There should be a law against letting people ride a bike home if they are clearly a beginner. BTW, I have a license. No road test necessary in my state; just a written exam. Surprisingly, our fatality rate is no different than in neighboring states that require a MSF course or road test. Worst state by far is Mississippi. I have no idea why.

  • Ryz | Let The Fun Begin!
    Ryz | Let The Fun Begin!3 dager siden

    Fun Fact: 10:42 The coffin belongs to a gang "leader" in Australia who was killed spectating a race. The bike never killed him.

  • hansdegebruiker
    hansdegebruiker3 dager siden

    Don't put your own responsibility in a salesman hand. Did you not learn from your own covernment?

  • Bilal Zoubek
    Bilal Zoubek3 dager siden

    Aren’t they just doing their job? Selling the bike the customer wants is their job or am i wrong

  • radek79


    14 timer siden

    You're wrong, they have a responsibility to their customer to warn them of the heap of trouble they're getting themselves in. It's also a good business practice, sell them an appropriate bike. When they get bored of it, chances are they'll come back for their 2nd bike

  • Tommy Wooten
    Tommy Wooten3 dager siden

    You’re a awesome guy... thanks for your videos buddy...

  • haitzy
    haitzy3 dager siden

    1st street bike - a 2008 Honda cbr1000rr 2nd bike - 2011 bmw s1000rr Novice rider. Never dumped either. Learn how to apply brakes. Learn how to gently roll on power. Learn what counter steering is. Learn trail braking. Go learn on a track. After you experience that 1 close call on your motorcycle that could have taken you out..: you might find yourself selling anyway. Too crazy on the streets with young drivers and all age texters, facetimers, tic-toc’ers, social media posters

  • haitzy
    haitzy3 dager siden

    My first road bike was a 2008 cbr1000rr Not my first motorcycle by any means. I grew up riding 2 stroke motocross bikes which have a lot of vibration and torque and then later big 4 strokes. It wasn’t a big deal for me. Dennis said it all right there. Its all about you have a supreme understanding of your Right Wrist. If you’re mindful and gentle on how you apply throttle - and know how/when to brake, and how to steer a motorcycle (counter-steering) anddddd you’re confident and not scared of the machine... you will be able to learn on the bike just as any other. But Dennis younger associate also isn’t wrong in the sense that you aren’t really going to be able to use all the power or even a 600. It’s true. Even on a track you won’t use that power as a novice rider. Oh and I always wore a helmet, even if my state of Rhode Island has No Helmet laws.

  • Simon Thiboutot
    Simon Thiboutot3 dager siden

    i mean i got a pretty fast turbo celica hahahaha

  • HW2800
    HW28003 dager siden

    Honda equals beginner’s bike, Harley equals expert’s bike.

  • Success4TheBest
    Success4TheBest3 dager siden

    This shits fake

  • Brandon Mendoza
    Brandon Mendoza3 dager siden

    Where'd you buy the glasses from?

  • Jetlife
    Jetlife3 dager siden

    My first bike was a 2013 BMW s1000rr best decision ever made. self control is key the bike is just a tool.

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long3 dager siden

    Right on man

  • zekerduzzz
    zekerduzzz4 dager siden

    Went to a bike shop for my first bike, I asked for a gsxr 1000. Sales man laughs and says no I won't sale you a 1000cc, I got a 600 for you. I am glad I took the 600.

  • Titan Faxx
    Titan Faxx4 dager siden

    You can ride any motorcycle as long as your hand is not too heavy on the accelerator. -My Dad .

  • Dr. Lex Winter
    Dr. Lex Winter4 dager siden

    I would be utterly enraged if they refused to sell me a bike I wanted. I live in a country that forbids ownership of different bikes, and it sucks.

  • DavSquaredo
    DavSquaredo4 dager siden

    Me who doesn’t know shit about bikes is finding out these bikes have the same amount of power as my Honda Civic 🤣🤣😅 that’s crazy!

  • Frank From Upstate NY
    Frank From Upstate NY4 dager siden

    Of course....our politicians don't abide by Mathew 7:12/ "So in Everything, Do onto others as you would have then do unto you". Obviously, they are ungodly, unfeeling for all those exceptf for their' own pocketbooks or families. I mean...look at the Clinton's. Worth over 100 million, just on book and speaking engagements! What?! Look at the "Inventor of the Internet; Al Gore, made his millions by becoming famous for the Green Movement...and never did anything but line his pockets with his TV station. More and more and more nonsense. No one buys a 1000cc motorcycle today as a "first bike"...it's purely nonsense. Anything over (obviously an arbitrary number) ~75 horsepower in a road bike...is a waste of engineering, time, money and expense for Anyone...including "Roger DeCoster". (Look up the name youngins'). Go home,...read your Bibles daily....get some humility. Perhaps, you'll make in into the Kingdom of Heaven...and not as "road kill".

  • Bustah2016
    Bustah20164 dager siden

    Full of shit. Just watched his hayabusa 1400 and compared it to a 600 or a 1000. Not even close in comparison.

  • Michael Eckert
    Michael Eckert4 dager siden

    Apex got a paint job since I bought my last bike in there. RMCP is about the same as always. 'Dennis' is a great guy.

  • Ka Gg
    Ka Gg4 dager siden

    I think you should mention the names of the business and give them free advertising for being so cool.

  • Nick Reyes

    Nick Reyes

    2 dager siden

    Theirs literally a banner in the showroom that says the businesses name. Lol

  • brett byrum
    brett byrum4 dager siden

    I've gone into rocky mountain cycle plaza a few times and I've only ever dealt with Jesse

  • Victor Hettinger
    Victor Hettinger4 dager siden

    I would love too go undercover ...in Montana

  • Striped Lighting
    Striped Lighting4 dager siden

    I wish youd visit Southaven Thunder lol

  • Benjamin Burlinson
    Benjamin Burlinson4 dager siden

    Wow, I live here in Colorado Springs (where both of these dealerships are located) and just had great conversations with Chris and Dennis. Both upstanding great salesmen, in fact Chris just sold me two bikes this last weekend, one being for my son. I would give my business to these dealerships any day of the week over the Denver shops. I have purchased many bikes from Apex sports over the years and hands down both of these stores are top notch! But in the end, this is a free country, if you have a death wish, no one is going to stop you. Thanks Chris! my son is now hooked, we’ll be back for the 110 in a few years.

  • happyfamily7 0
    happyfamily7 04 dager siden

    All the cringy questions like what the fastest bike you have.

  • Jacob Ryan
    Jacob Ryan4 dager siden

    Honestly? As an adult capable of making my own decisions I wouldn't expect a salesmen to not sell me a bike based on his morals. My money my morals.

  • Luis Romero
    Luis Romero4 dager siden

    I bought a 2020 low rider s as my first time bike. Learned and been riding for 5 months now. At the end of the day, I can recommend something to a buyer but at the end of the day I’m not gonna pay for it. If a person wants something it’s up to them

  • Ben88
    Ben884 dager siden

    Is this the clutch ? Me.. if i was the saleman"ok punk, gtfo of here, not selling you shit" !

  • Ben88
    Ben884 dager siden

    Dennis knows is because of punks first riders dying on supersports putting prices up on insurances.. he despises them.

  • midias12
    midias124 dager siden

    Nice VFR1200

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy4 dager siden

    two idiots with masks around their neck

  • Aiden Krebs
    Aiden Krebs5 dager siden

    “i’ve been ridin mountain bikes for a long time...” HAHAHA🤣

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan5 dager siden

    Thumbs up for the Bible verse. Thank you I needed that.

  • Wasif Shadman
    Wasif Shadman5 dager siden

    I am a car guy and kind of scared of bikes, I live and breathe cars. But honestly I have to admit the biker community all over the world is so amazing, everyone is so humble and honest. I mean go to a car dealer, they will probably sell you a Bugatti if they could. This was the first video I watched in this channel. P.S. I am probably scared of riding because I have had many bicycle accidents in my childhood maybe that has had an effect on my brain.

  • JustForFun77077
    JustForFun770775 dager siden

    Oh who gives a crap. My first bike was a 954rr. Buy the bike you want, that's what I say.

  • MyName DoesntMatter
    MyName DoesntMatter5 dager siden

    This honestly reminds me when I went to Indian Orange County. I wanted to get a scout 60 as a first bike. Rep tried upselling me a chief. Fully dressed. And no ABS. Her reasoning was “you’re a tall guy, you can easily grow into it without it feeling underwhelming.” 😒

  • Aj Roth
    Aj Roth5 dager siden

    Why is it a problem selling someone what they want. Get real

  • gdaddyfunky


    Dag siden

    Because in doing so, you could get them killed.

  • skylerTheDefiler
    skylerTheDefiler5 dager siden

    Bought my first bike from Jesse I'm local in the springs I was the same way driven a fast mr2! 3sgte! I was this way wanted to go fast he set me straight and I walked out with a fz8, to a gsxr 750 to a 15 s1000rr! What a great watch

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith5 dager siden

    How's a cb750 for a beginner rider? I've never ridden before but was thinking about getting one.

  • Joseph Dobbs
    Joseph Dobbs5 dager siden

    grown ass adult can buy whatever they can afford as far as im concerned.

  • Music Nature
    Music Nature5 dager siden

    Who t fook is this guy?

  • DSN 1
    DSN 15 dager siden

    What kind of moterbike test's do yall go through in the states?! Seems very easy to walk in and buy a 1000cc without even a licence

  • Troy loc
    Troy loc5 dager siden

    It is their job to sell motorcycles and make their self a living. So if a rich old man buys a Lamborghini.. the sales person is doing something bad?

  • Troy loc
    Troy loc5 dager siden

    I really think it's up to the person to have a enough common sense to know what they're buying

  • Joshua Ruffels
    Joshua Ruffels6 dager siden

    Nice use of funeral footage of Australian 1%club president who was publicly executed with his money covered casket in your video.

  • Rick Peterson
    Rick Peterson6 dager siden

    We used to say 60% of the 1000’s go down and 100% of the 600’s go down.

  • stockit101
    stockit1016 dager siden

    that old man sure wears a face mask properly lmao wtf :>) they called him chin strap.

  • Paul Manaluz
    Paul Manaluz6 dager siden

    sir, do you export second hand motorbike, to philippines for personal bikes only?

  • eero luukkonen
    eero luukkonen6 dager siden

    That bmw clutch got me so good 🤣

  • Pike Bobstar
    Pike Bobstar6 dager siden

    Come to the UK. I think you'd be surprised lol

  • lakshmisai Enterprise
    lakshmisai Enterprise6 dager siden

    Good cars and bikes

  • Z32 TwinTurbo
    Z32 TwinTurbo6 dager siden

    Turbo Celica. GTFO what a waist

  • Jeff Chase
    Jeff Chase6 dager siden

    Go Dennis! The way every motorcycle salesman SHOULD be!

  • Smokey Yunick
    Smokey Yunick6 dager siden

    I’ve seen a Harley dealership sell a V-Rod to an 18 year old

  • huricane threeonesix
    huricane threeonesix7 dager siden

    In the UK you HAVE to start on a 125cc, which IMO is a bit too low- a 250cc would be more appropriate I think but I'd rather have it that way than have a bunch of beginners putting everyone in danger on an r1.

    POET CERA7 dager siden

    Great job BikesandBeards. What you did there at the end was so KOOL.