I Should Have Waited....

i knew that i should have waited..


  • Rhonda Peterson
    Rhonda Peterson20 timer siden

    Reveal your girlfriend already

  • jude jude
    jude judeDag siden

    He act like a girl he just eat one small sandwich and then full

  • Samuel Leong   SCSS
    Samuel Leong SCSSDag siden

    why they like food so much


    Dyed pink

  • Borgir
    BorgirDag siden


  • Koen kleijnen
    Koen kleijnenDag siden

    Who is playing fortnite until now?

  • Shadow X Gaming
    Shadow X Gaming2 dager siden

    I can eat that all i want all this for free

  • Power
    Power2 dager siden

    Zhong's girlfriend is so funny lol

  • Colleen Mudangwe
    Colleen Mudangwe2 dager siden


  • Christopher_williams
    Christopher_williams2 dager siden

    Poor zhong xd

  • Jisoo Turtle rabbit kim
    Jisoo Turtle rabbit kim3 dager siden

    This channel is growing faster than my internet

  • Prabhavathi Myageri
    Prabhavathi Myageri3 dager siden

    Who would have Zhong as ther brother

  • Youtoube says my name has to be over 10 characters
    Youtoube says my name has to be over 10 characters3 dager siden

    Zhong Girlfriend: I’ll make you food , proceeds to order food

  • jude jude

    jude jude

    Dag siden

    Her instagram is katanaviva

  • Cute Sumire
    Cute Sumire3 dager siden

    Her:”why is he always playing this game” Me:it’s called fortnite my guy

  • Suzette Anne Garcia
    Suzette Anne Garcia4 dager siden

    Wait a sec the plate is sus i saw its made of glass and the plate can cumple what weird???

  • Mujtaba Ahmed
    Mujtaba Ahmed4 dager siden

    Fake fake fake

  • Mujtaba Ahmed
    Mujtaba Ahmed4 dager siden

    You have no limits of fakeness

  • Mujtaba Ahmed
    Mujtaba Ahmed4 dager siden

    You are so fake

  • Mujtaba Ahmed
    Mujtaba Ahmed4 dager siden

    Pls stop

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez4 dager siden

    I has same tv

  • Milana Asmr!
    Milana Asmr!4 dager siden

    They really be getting canes!!!

  • pratap Mohapatra
    pratap Mohapatra4 dager siden

    Why your girlfriend always disturbs you and why she broke your things

  • Pro gamer bd
    Pro gamer bd5 dager siden

    Fun fact:He was not even playing.he was watching😂😂😂

  • puncon fish
    puncon fish6 dager siden

    M a G I c t

  • Rena Guillergan
    Rena Guillergan6 dager siden

    Gray po na bohok

  • Jason Lin
    Jason Lin6 dager siden

    You already have 4 million subscribers

  • Aldodragon7326
    Aldodragon73266 dager siden

    Nutella with... popcorn????? Bruh that sounds soooooooo go-DISGUSTING lol I would never try that

  • Vanlaldiki Diki
    Vanlaldiki Diki7 dager siden


  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker7 dager siden

    Why would he clean HER room in the first place…

  • Norliana Shamsudin
    Norliana Shamsudin7 dager siden

    eyyy I have that same tv bro

  • Dillan Franklin
    Dillan Franklin7 dager siden

    He’s at for mill

  • Matt 🥊 🎾
    Matt 🥊 🎾8 dager siden

    Zhong on camera: this is good Zhong off camera: this is Disgusting

  • Amaylor Torres
    Amaylor Torres8 dager siden

    Why is he always playing this game ?????? Because is the BEST

  • Ahmad Hafy
    Ahmad Hafy8 dager siden


  • CyborgMetro
    CyborgMetro8 dager siden

    I bet he was just watching Fortnite videos and he didn’t actually play it

  • Austin Godwin
    Austin Godwin8 dager siden

    You can clean it your self my guy

  • GarcelloYT
    GarcelloYT8 dager siden

    Haha dye hair time ;)

  • Rose gaming
    Rose gaming8 dager siden

    Nutella I don't like it

  • Narimann Elahmad
    Narimann Elahmad9 dager siden

    Zhong go away I’m busy girlfriend I ll make you food Zhong 👁👅👁

  • liluziplayz
    liluziplayz9 dager siden

    Ur so close zhong hope u get ur 40000 subs

    ADWAITH C9 dager siden

    Which game is this🤔

    CEE GOW9 dager siden


  • Shayla Biggers
    Shayla Biggers9 dager siden

    Anna sure died

  • Shayla Biggers
    Shayla Biggers9 dager siden

    I want to see his girlfriend

  • Juice WRLD
    Juice WRLD9 dager siden

    Yo whats Tour username😂😂

    IHAVEYE9 dager siden

    So how much of an asshole do you want this channel to be Him:yes

  • xShr_d
    xShr_d9 dager siden

    this is so cringe

  • SuperLiteYT
    SuperLiteYT10 dager siden

    why does her voice sound so satisfying

  • Manvendra Negi
    Manvendra Negi10 dager siden

    Samsung TV

  • I dont know
    I dont know10 dager siden

    Why fortnite

  • HUNTERJR2018
    HUNTERJR201810 dager siden

    That sandwich isn't enough for me

  • Zeina the gamer
    Zeina the gamer10 dager siden

    Yes playing Fortnite

  • Cam Bro
    Cam Bro10 dager siden

    When he’s already at 4 million

  • Mitzi Gay Ferrariz
    Mitzi Gay Ferrariz10 dager siden

    Zhongs girlfriend:I'll give you food Zhong:I will do anything for food

  • CDO_ viper
    CDO_ viper10 dager siden

    Not like he was doing good anyway

  • Ustain
    Ustain10 dager siden

    Gf: how fake do u want this to be Zhong:yes

  • Rigoberto Galindo
    Rigoberto Galindo11 dager siden

    Fortnite gay

  • Not Capatin\Tankman
    Not Capatin\Tankman11 dager siden

    I wish i can play fortnite on the Nintendo switch lol

  • entertainer raja
    entertainer raja12 dager siden

    Finally he is not watching hello kitty and tom and Jerry and who absorbed they edited when offing tv

  • Noah Gamer
    Noah Gamer12 dager siden

    Dog turd color

  • Blessie G.
    Blessie G.12 dager siden

    Reveal your gf on 5m subs

  • Mir Aqeed Daym Rahman
    Mir Aqeed Daym Rahman12 dager siden

    Her name is katviva

  • Nishta Mittal
    Nishta Mittal12 dager siden

  • obez yag
    obez yag12 dager siden

    we have the same TV 😁

  • Darryl Paton
    Darryl Paton12 dager siden

    Hello from Scotland xx is 42 up 3 the 4 and the family and I have brown eyes babies xxxx 33 and the wee one is the best one so I will have a good one night with a few friends who will

  • Atg G
    Atg G12 dager siden

    Ok guys to be fair they're target audience is like 7.

  • Vanlaldiki Diki
    Vanlaldiki Diki13 dager siden

    you already upload that video

  • King Crane Fan!😄
    King Crane Fan!😄13 dager siden

    Always Dye Hair HOW ABOUT SHOW UR FACE WoMaN!

  • Ravikumar Srirangarayan
    Ravikumar Srirangarayan13 dager siden


  • Mridula Ghosh
    Mridula Ghosh13 dager siden


  • Mridula Ghosh
    Mridula Ghosh13 dager siden


  • Mridula Ghosh
    Mridula Ghosh13 dager siden


  • Mridula Ghosh
    Mridula Ghosh13 dager siden

    10 / 10

  • Mridula Ghosh
    Mridula Ghosh13 dager siden


  • amrit gaming
    amrit gaming13 dager siden

    O nise funne

  • Pooja Ramlall
    Pooja Ramlall13 dager siden

    Your video is soo awesome

  • Norma Hernandez
    Norma Hernandez13 dager siden


  • Zyn Vad3r
    Zyn Vad3r13 dager siden

    The way that tv turned off was clean

  • cheng hao
    cheng hao13 dager siden

    My cousin plays fortnight

  • Just_Astro YT
    Just_Astro YT13 dager siden

    Mom Be Like : “ why is he always playing this game “ Kid: shUT uP mOm iM tRyInG tO wIn

  • Fiona Furyan
    Fiona Furyan13 dager siden

    😂 This is so funny 😂

  • ElfAye
    ElfAye13 dager siden

    They are very good at acting

  • DRAGON BOY 231
    DRAGON BOY 23114 dager siden

    it a game or a tv how the girl turn off the tv with the remote you got rickroll

  • BlueFade
    BlueFade14 dager siden

    Bro I swear this dude stole someone gf I swear

  • Tamika Johnson
    Tamika Johnson14 dager siden

    He should save it for later that dunmy

  • JohansdumbYT
    JohansdumbYT14 dager siden


    THAT RACOON14 dager siden

    I am surprised that she didn't think that he is cheating on her cuz he wearing an female skin

  • Bean
    Bean14 dager siden


  • Painter boiz 98
    Painter boiz 9815 dager siden

    Zong's girlfriend is Zoe....

  • The Gaming Hamster
    The Gaming Hamster15 dager siden

    His channel is all bout food

  • GamingZane09 2468
    GamingZane09 246815 dager siden

    Funny how usually zhong loves food

  • Ben D Beast
    Ben D Beast15 dager siden

    Cheers I'll give you food turn around like what did you say

  • cream of ice
    cream of ice15 dager siden

    He gets full from some pathetic pieces of bread?

  • junior gonzalez
    junior gonzalez15 dager siden


  • ava_playz
    ava_playz16 dager siden

    Zhong girlfriend:why he is always playing this game Me:GURL YOU DON'T KNOW FORTNITE BRUH

  • Jitendar Singh
    Jitendar Singh16 dager siden

    legends play pubg

  • Afiqa Alias99
    Afiqa Alias9916 dager siden

    i love the off the Tv

  • Something to see here
    Something to see here16 dager siden

    If your gonna watch then subscribe 😒

    THE FEARLESS WEIRDO :D16 dager siden

    Do lime when you dye

  • Dillon Phillips
    Dillon Phillips16 dager siden

    @ mrtop5