I bought back my 2013 Tesla Model S P85


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  • Clif Russo
    Clif RussoDag siden

    This video gave me a deja vu

  • T. W.
    T. W.7 dager siden

    Good to see Millennium Falcon back. I bought a 2014 P85 because of your videos back in 2013 to 2015.

  • Acentre
    Acentre22 dager siden

    MF has propelled me into M3 and MY Thank you Bjorn it has been a long strange trip!

  • C3B0
    C3B024 dager siden

    22:39 The first videos I watched on this channel were about Optimus Prime.

  • cherub jennar
    cherub jennar28 dager siden

    Welcome Back!!! Millennium Falcon :) we love that car :)

  • Tashfin Wahid
    Tashfin Wahid29 dager siden

    Did you lose your free unlimited supercharging or did that carry back to you with the car? In the US I heard they stopped allowing it to be transferred with a sale (a change in policy from original.)

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    29 dager siden

    Follows the car forever.

  • Yasin A
    Yasin AMåned siden

    great ideas with the car.

  • Sivakrishna T
    Sivakrishna TMåned siden

    How bad is the battery now

  • Leto Idaho
    Leto IdahoMåned siden

    Bjorn are you Chinese Brother??

  • oli3
    oli3Måned siden

    Wiper blades arms can be replaced. I'm sure you can find non rusty ones on the used market as Tesla won't sell you parts.

  • riccccccardo
    riccccccardoMåned siden

    You should get a head cam so you have two free hands.

  • Jack Lappa
    Jack LappaMåned siden

    Much love man, been here since the beginning of the channel, super awesome to see Millenium Falcon again! Brings back memories!

  • Hirav Parekh
    Hirav ParekhMåned siden

    Free car, great!!

  • Abraxas Tulammo
    Abraxas TulammoMåned siden

    This is great to see how those EV hold up and mrgreen will repair it forever, double win!

  • Brd Dukaty
    Brd DukatyMåned siden


  • Brd Dukaty
    Brd DukatyMåned siden

    I remember your office job and Nimbers

  • Brd Dukaty
    Brd DukatyMåned siden

    Yes I do remember ,,it is a reason I purchased my ETm3” 👏👏👏

  • Steve Bannell
    Steve BannellMåned siden

    Only 260k. lol

  • Act3Life
    Act3LifeMåned siden

    A great idea for a project! So interesting. I also remember Millennium Falcon . . . where did the time go?

  • fredrik tengskog
    fredrik tengskogMåned siden

    I ordered my model S in November 2013 after looking at your videos driving with the millenium falcon. I still have mine

  • Bashi88
    Bashi88Måned siden

    Now this is something a regular guy can relate to, meaning someone who does not want to buy a new ev ;)

  • Allen Shaw
    Allen ShawMåned siden

    I bought my 2013 P85 (2 years ago) because of Millennium Falcon and was considering selling it to get a M3 performance but now you’re making me feel bad. Lol. Welcome back!

  • Allen Shaw

    Allen Shaw

    Måned siden

    PS - the hissing noise from the AC is likely just low charge level, get it checked out :)

  • Seger Giesbers
    Seger GiesbersMåned siden

    I have been following since the first Nimber Tasks with this same car!

  • Jim
    JimMåned siden

    Model 3 starts with 3.5 kWh Energy buffer.

  • AUFR
    AUFRMåned siden

    Its just a 7yo car man.....! You are telling about things like it’s 30yo. My 35yo accord still have original headlights with original bulbs and in perfect condition with over 1million kms.

  • h b 53
    h b 53Måned siden

    Don't buy German or French cars . Till EU accepts all goods from UK Hassle free

  • Polo4413
    Polo4413Måned siden

    So old that even the plate holder says testamotors.com , now is tesla.com

  • BOB
    BOBMåned siden

    Is it me or does it look like the instrument cluster is on an older software version than the MCU?

  • Chris Kwai
    Chris KwaiMåned siden

    absolutely remember the falcon; your falcon vids convinced me to research Tesla more and eventually buy; now I'm a lifelong fanboi; congrats on her return to home !!

  • hiloruslan
    hiloruslanMåned siden

    What a wonderful way you step in, Bjorn. Let the force be with you.

  • Peter Kim
    Peter KimMåned siden

    I think it’s a great idea. Many of us keep cars for at least 10 years at a time, and being able to see everything involved in long term ownership is pretty interesting.

  • Kar LA
    Kar LAMåned siden

    you just sold this car, when I first stumbled over you. Man time is flying.

  • Jeff.
    Jeff.Måned siden

    Great idea. Mr Green has big plans.

  • abu rahat
    abu rahatMåned siden

    Imagine in a few years he buys back mc hammer maybe even optimus

  • z kiss
    z kissMåned siden

    Great videos! Has this Tesla free supercharging for life? How much wear the driver side door hinges have? Is the front driver side seat interchangeable with the front passanger seat?

  • Wrecked Rectum
    Wrecked RectumMåned siden

    Better give those leather seats a good clean with a proper leather cleaning kit. They are so shiny and must be full of oils and other gunk.

  • Don Little
    Don LittleMåned siden

    I remember from way back.

  • Valentin Brard
    Valentin BrardMåned siden

    I remember watching your first road trip videos. I have not watched your videos in the last 12 months. Watching this I could feel your emotions as you were walking us through the car and and remembering the little stories... I think this is awesome that you now have the Millennium Falcon back. Looking forward to following your new adventures.

  • Mumbling E
    Mumbling EMåned siden

    Imo you've come up with a brilliant plan Bjorn. Lots of topics and they should be interesting to Tesla owners/fans/observers.

  • Kevin Davidson
    Kevin DavidsonMåned siden

    So you know that Tesla has fixed the phantom braking problem in the US. Instead of phantom braking, we now have phantom forward collision alert messages and warning beeps. Not great, but an improvement.

  • Forest Passineau
    Forest PassineauMåned siden

    Simply can't wait!! Have been one of your followers from way back in the old days and remember Millennium falcon from watching your videos years and years ago!! So happy you got him back!! Sooo excited for your upcoming videos!!

  • Daniel Madera
    Daniel MaderaMåned siden

    Did tesla unthrottle it's supercharging speed?

  • rodneyrchicago
    rodneyrchicagoMåned siden

    that's my car! Sill drive it. 67k miles, March 2013. Just went in for my last warranty annual service.

  • B Kooyman
    B KooymanMåned siden

    How many people still remember MF? Well, that is easy. Of course, I do. For me, the videos you posted with and about MF are the inspiration to buy my own 2015 MS 85 Base in 2019. And I have to tell you. It is sooo nice to see him back again and in such a good condition!

  • Logan
    LoganMåned siden

    Get it to 1,000,000KM!!!

  • nakfan100
    nakfan100Måned siden

    Bjørn: Remarkably well for such an old car... (8 years) Me: Old? Then my Toyota Avensis (21 years) is prehistoric -besides being petro(l)fied 😂

  • Abraxas Tulammo

    Abraxas Tulammo

    Måned siden

    21 is still young. ;-)

  • NEWS-on-Tour
    NEWS-on-TourMåned siden

    Great Idea. In started following U with Model S Videos. And now U are back. yeahhhh. In still drive a Black Retro Tesla Model S P85 (12/2013) named Dark Angel with 230.000 km. my one looks still superB. Most people think my car is 2 years old ;) have lots of repairs at tesla but now tryed to repair things at different locations. happy to see your old tesla p85 back... #DerSasse

  • Bert Hogendoorn
    Bert HogendoornMåned siden

    Crazy to see Millennium Falcon again!

  • John Macpherson
    John MacphersonMåned siden

    Super cool that you got MF back! I'm really interested to see the repairs and upgrades to the car. Also, saw the tease regarding the Plaid+ car - no P+??? WTH? I was excited to see some massive acceleration tests. Oh well. Keep the videos coming.

  • Craig ONeill
    Craig ONeillMåned siden

    what an awesome idea! A 1000Km challenge would be awesome just to show how it's still ahead of many newer cars. I think having a long-term car like the Millenium Falcon will be incredibly helpful & insightful going forward. I'm really pleased you've done this ;-)

  • Girth Quake
    Girth QuakeMåned siden

    I'd love to hear it's reliability. There's a local who has a Founder's edition 2012 S for sale and they seem far more "hackable" than the current Teslas, especially since better capacity and charge rates are just newer packs away.

  • Popescu George Bogdan
    Popescu George BogdanMåned siden

    Original battery?

  • Chaz Smith
    Chaz SmithMåned siden

    Congrats Bjorn and welcome back Millennium Falcon. I believe I started watching your videos at the tail end of your Falcon days and transitioned to Optimus Prime. I understand the attachment that we have with our first electric vehicles. And this one really helped to launch your career. They will be cool to see the videos that you make with the new old car. I also think it makes a great and appropriate studio. And FWIW, your camera equipment is good enough that it really didn't matter if your garage light was working so no need to worry about it.

  • Nathan Wolf
    Nathan WolfMåned siden

    I think it is a great move. It’s a green use of an EV too. I didn’t think the “Think” would be enough for you as a family after your previous cars.

  • Rob Wanless
    Rob WanlessMåned siden

    What a cool idea Bjorn Looking forward to watching your adventures. Will bring back memories of my S

  • barry
    barryMåned siden

    are you planning to recall your car ? Maybe it in name 😊 Just call it weving Bjorn 😉

  • Greenlight
    GreenlightMåned siden

    So cool. Best wishes from Switzerland. 😊👍

  • Charles Jacobus
    Charles JacobusMåned siden

    Great job! I too am happy that you were able to re-acquire your original Tesla. I am curious as to why the battery was changed and I look forward to your experience with the old battery in this car. Will you be careful to keep it between 25-75% for longevity?

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter JensenMåned siden

    Bjørn - you have to ask "His Muskness" to make a 100Kwh battery upgrade for these older cars!

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter JensenMåned siden

    Bjørn - you have to replace the wiper module to fix the wiper arm rubbing against the hood. It is not "miss aligned" it is worn out :)

  • manzarek74
    manzarek74Måned siden

    How the door opening works in cold weather do the door handles not freezes solid or you preheat the car?

  • Tamas Muhari
    Tamas MuhariMåned siden

    You made a good decision! I follow your channel, since you bought Millenium Falcon, and bought my LEAF almost the same time. I still have the LEAF, tough odometer shows some 95.000 km... I'll keep this car in the family till it rust. Keep up the good work !

  • Geass Sogeki
    Geass SogekiMåned siden

    Bjørn one favor. Can you ask the Tesla technical center how much would cost to charge the battery pack of this early Model S with the latest long range Model S ( I think the paid pack will have a different architecture and won't be swappable). Maybe is possible to time up the car to have substantially more range and more charging speed...

  • Arthur Blake
    Arthur BlakeMåned siden

    Nice! Still driving my original 2013 MS P85 as well. Do you think this will end up being a classic car?

  • Der Reisende
    Der ReisendeMåned siden

    Congratulations to your NEW OLD car. It would be very interesting to measure the 0-100 values and compare it with 2013.

  • e-nthusiast
    e-nthusiastMåned siden

    Björn, by chance I saw your very first Model S video back in 2013, some crazy Asian driving through snowy Norway! :-) Since then I am following your journey, I learned a lot, and I am a lucky M3 owner since 2019. Now I am very happy and interested to see how Millennium Falcon will be doing, because this content is often missing, to see how old EVs are doing.

  • Giorgio Papallo
    Giorgio PapalloMåned siden

    Perfectly identical to my car. Tesla Model S 85P December 2013 ... RED. I'm curious to find out what can be done to update it.

  • Time lapse
    Time lapseMåned siden

    Wow wow wow so happy to see it back ❤️....☺️

  • Doug Palmer
    Doug PalmerMåned siden

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned. My first thoughts were: given that model S seats have improved a lot over the years, could you swap in a full set of seats from a later model S write off? And matching late interior door trim? Maybe some charging upgrades.

  • bulat Davlet
    bulat DavletMåned siden

    New sentimental romance episodes started

  • urtyp
    urtypMåned siden

    Cool project! Keep it up!

  • jovada
    jovadaMåned siden

    Amazing what you have accomplished on NOprojects, congratulations. What a wonderful project!

  • Mike Smith
    Mike SmithMåned siden

    i wonder whats going to happens with the old teslas in usa with 3G. phone companies are getting rid of 3G network.

  • 345turk
    345turkMåned siden

    Super happy that Millenium Falcon is back! :) If I buy my first Tesla that will be a used old one becuse of short budget. So I'm looking forward to see reviews, 1k km test, Geilo test, upgrades, etc. :D

  • Florin Oswald
    Florin OswaldMåned siden

    Any chance to upgrade to CCS for Supercharber V3?

  • Joe
    JoeMåned siden

    Win-Win. Early watcher check-in here.

  • Ola Bergvall
    Ola BergvallMåned siden

    I remember the Millennium Falcon, and the time when you worked your office job 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  • RMP1
    RMP1Måned siden

    You are a legend. Thank you for all the great content! :)

  • Johan Smith
    Johan SmithMåned siden

    Never thought I would hear the words Tesla and old school in the same sentence.

  • a1an
    a1anMåned siden

    It looks realy good with those black wheels.

  • Logun Casiano
    Logun CasianoMåned siden

    So Happy to see you were able to get Millenium Falcon back

  • Lifestyle4Dividends
    Lifestyle4DividendsMåned siden

    True OG!!!

  • Lifestyle4Dividends
    Lifestyle4DividendsMåned siden

    JUST WOW!! Thanks for brining him back. True NOprojects OG moment! 👍🏽🚀

  • Kornmanist
    KornmanistMåned siden

    I remember you strugling with ac-charging in the northmost of Norway, and i also remember you huging the first supercharger on your way returning to the south.....

  • pvman2
    pvman2Måned siden

    Wow! MF looks great. It's in great hands with you. I remember.

  • Mark Nolan
    Mark NolanMåned siden

    Yes, keep Millennium Falcon forever!

  • Sascha Bender
    Sascha BenderMåned siden

    Hello Bjön 4:13 wiper arm is not clicked in

  • Nick Atlas
    Nick AtlasMåned siden

    Husker ham helt fint! Takke være din kanal har turde købe en el bil. Startede med en model 3 SR+ i 2019, har lige bestilt en ny model 3 LR 2021. Tak for hjælpen!

  • Emmanuel Plata
    Emmanuel PlataMåned siden

    I arrived at this channel in the times of Optimus Prime, but I have seen videos from the old days, and it makes me so happy to see again the Tesla that started it all. Congratulations

  • reynold ichi
    reynold ichiMåned siden

    Back to the old school.

  • Elvin Gonzalez
    Elvin GonzalezMåned siden

    Ohhh man!!!! That's great!!! So nostalgic!!!.. let's go back to the roots!!

  • Michael Smith
    Michael SmithMåned siden

    Wow Bjorn, I subscribed to your channel when you won Optimus Prime and you sold the Falcon, to have it back will be great. Can you answer this question how long will 2013 ModelS’s last ?

  • ElonTusk
    ElonTuskMåned siden

    I have the same car just with 21" wheels and gray int. When Tesla fixed the MCU memory issue I was upgraded to LTE. Also I replaced the backup camera with a newer one and the image is much sharper.

  • P8ntballa(paintballa)
    P8ntballa(paintballa)Måned siden

    Glad to see it's return. Tesla reminds me of Apple as far as support for older products.

  • John Hall
    John HallMåned siden

    I remember ! I must be getting older, still love my Model 3 +

    DAVID BRYANTMåned siden

    I remember Millennium Falcon so well, and watched many of your early videos before I ordered my Model S in 2015. Glad to see it again, and curious why you bought it back and what kind of shape it is in. Did you get or can you get the repair records to see what has been done to it while others owned it?

  • sujeesh thomas
    sujeesh thomasMåned siden

    Excellent decision in getting this car back for comparison n reference to the new ones...ur a smart guy bjorn...and cool vlogger to keep us hooked so I'm excited...following you since 2015 randomly but now more often

  • sujeesh thomas
    sujeesh thomasMåned siden

    The light game is real lol with the wavy cat wave lol

  • Jon André Berg
    Jon André BergMåned siden

    Tommy Sharif does not approve your jacket

  • Si Raff
    Si RaffMåned siden