Ever wondered how to fly on a private jet for cheap? Or how these instagram influencers are all taking photos flying on private jets? In this video we take a look at the real cost to charter a private jet and it's not as expensive as you might think!

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  • David Reed
    David ReedDag siden

    Way off on original costs and maintenance costs … 600 without crew is perhaps 200k w/o crew. Original cost < 18 mil.

  • V G
    V G3 dager siden

    I was too busy last months to watch your videos, but i'm so happy and hyped that TF1 is making a video with you (i'm french) !

  • Emm Kay
    Emm Kay3 dager siden

    Oh my God, this dude is amazing. I think he is my real father

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie3 dager siden

    I didn’t know you had to pay for crew as well

  • buzzbatra3
    buzzbatra34 dager siden

    Shirt is full techno

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes8 dager siden

    Will the plane wait until I want to come back?

  • Scott Morris
    Scott Morris10 dager siden

    hahahaha, THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT. I contacted them to fly from David, Panama to San Antonio, one way, and this is the offer they sent. "We recommend for this FLGHIT medium jet -(hawker 800xp,or Lear-60) cost will be $42000,if you wish one of our team member will sent you official quote.thank you v-stream aviation team." So, they will put me in an old jalopy of a jet to fly a couple hours for $42,000. TOTAL BULLSHIT.

  • Israel Kozlik
    Israel Kozlik12 dager siden

    If I had a dollar for every number Michael estimated accurately I couldn't buy an Americano at Starbucks.... His shoes are cool though!

    BEING HUMAN KHAN15 dager siden

    I Wish To Fly In Private Always.... Please Let Me Know 👍

  • M Smith
    M Smith16 dager siden

    Like Thorton melon said in the movie…back to school” you left at a lot of things”

  • Rafael Lima
    Rafael Lima16 dager siden

    Trumps brother

  • Robert Koenke
    Robert Koenke16 dager siden

    I had the opportunity to fly on a Dassault Falcon 50 for work. We arrived and when we walked out to the Aircraft, last person was asked “all on board”, yes… and they closed the door. started the engines and taxied. They had things to eat on board. When we landed, they asked about how long our meeting was going to be and what we wanted to eat on the return flight. The rental cars pulled up next to the Aircraft. We Walked off to our cars. Its something very special

  • Serge Durivage
    Serge Durivage16 dager siden

    Your not just a pretty face 😆😆😆

  • frank mastromauro
    frank mastromauro17 dager siden

    Great video

  • Eric Kramer
    Eric Kramer19 dager siden

    let me share, just because you have 8 seats does not always mean you can fill all seats. your math does not take into account that some of the passengers do not pay and that makes the guy who is paying, his seat costs more...... love your show, although you look better on a boat.......

  • PAUL P
    PAUL P22 dager siden

    I think this dude has flown allot.

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf23 dager siden

    this guy is actually Donald trumps brother

  • TinyDancer
    TinyDancer23 dager siden

    LOL, $600 a piece each way?!! That's not inexpensive.

  • Aero Gamer
    Aero Gamer23 dager siden

    Static wicks is not for that purpose.

  • 01001101 01010111
    01001101 0101011124 dager siden

    That's one ugly ass outfit.

  • citationbob
    citationbob24 dager siden

    That challenger was $ 6 million new. Jeez

  • citationbob
    citationbob24 dager siden

    Not $16 million new. $2 million new.

  • BigBeautifulPeople Inc.
    BigBeautifulPeople Inc.24 dager siden

    Cheap for who??

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  • Melik on Travel, Experiences, Cars, Fun
    Melik on Travel, Experiences, Cars, Fun25 dager siden

    Michael thank you for opening new minds new ideas and making life reachable.

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff25 dager siden

    Michael, how do you know so much about planes? This is more than Wikipedia knowledge.

  • Harvey Weizmann
    Harvey Weizmann25 dager siden

    To say that the plane is like new is a fallacy. Many airplanes have something called metal fatigue. Many structural parts/components of many airplanes are life-limited. It basically means that if it has reached a certain amount of hours/years then it can’t be used and that’s what makes many airplanes worthless/depreciate and with the amount of money that it would take to replace those parts one would be able to buy a newer airplane. If one did replace all those parts with new ones that don’t have a life-limit under an STC than it would increase the value of the plane. New and more efficient engines also increase the value So does a complete flight deck overhaul and avionics upgrade like . If you put a pair of FJ-44s into a LearJet 23, replace all life limited components, and install a g5000 Garmin system and get an stc to make it single pilot certified then it would not only increase the range, (nearly double) but would make it really valuable. Big plus… it would be the ultimate private jet to fly..(show me another private jet other then Lear 23, 24, & 25 that can vertical takeoff) I don’t know about you, but on more then one occasion, I’ve flown first-class nonstop lie flat seating, from NYC to LAX for under $1k I had a dedicated checkin and separate security checkpoint as well as a golf cart to take me to the lounge and then A Cadillac Escalade to take me from the lounge to the airplane. It’s always best to board last. Enjoy your time in the lounge. Take a shower… There is no way in hell that it will cost anything close to that to fly private. Oh.. by the way food is included in first class.. Luggage: a total of 3 @ 32kg are included complimentary. One couldn’t do that on a private jet there are more weight and balance limitations. Especially if one is traveling in a group of 8 just imagine 768 kg that’s almost 1 ton of weight to be exact it is 1693.15 LBS. and that’s not including carryons…

  • backaholic
    backaholic26 dager siden

    How great that you teach people how to destroy our planet even faster...

  • BobbyBigTimes
    BobbyBigTimes26 dager siden

    Great Video!

  • Dean Koch
    Dean Koch26 dager siden

    Badass. Thanks bro.

  • Dean Koch
    Dean Koch26 dager siden

    Thanks guys. Fuken incredible.

  • bobbyseeta1
    bobbyseeta126 dager siden

    Thank you dear Producer!!! You are the best.

  • Frank Peck
    Frank Peck26 dager siden

    When the Cessna Citation was first introduced in the 70s, it was billed as the 'Least Expensive' business jet, with a price tag of $695,000, at the time! Some people just love to grossly exaggerate prices, which are already expensive enough!

  • PA
    PA26 dager siden

    $1, 200 round-trip LA to Vegas - Ridiculous! Plus car rental, taxis & Time - drive to airport, get thru airport, get on plane, wait for air strip, taxi, take-off, flight, land, taxi, unload, go thru airport, rent car - 4 hrs. min. Priv. Flight - $1400 4 hrs. Drive - $100, 5 hrs.

  • Syed Azzam
    Syed Azzam26 dager siden

    Wait what a large get for under a million. You can't even get a vision jet for under a million

  • Ernie H
    Ernie H26 dager siden

    that first one is scary, small, like a box or coffin

  • sdm101869
    sdm10186927 dager siden

    Is this trumps stunt double...

  • Sergio Copfer
    Sergio Copfer27 dager siden

    What about just getting people to stay there and then if it cracks hire professionals to when you land insanity getting a bulletproof window and they can instantly do it instead of paying msrp window price

  • SiggyMe
    SiggyMe27 dager siden

    This is an eye opener what a fun experience. If you help them out with getting a flight out for them with another group home free and another group in you might just cut that cost down. Just saying......

  • Joseph Robi
    Joseph Robi27 dager siden

    Wow great video just what I needed for info. Thanks 🙏

  • Edwin Gomez
    Edwin Gomez28 dager siden

    Good video 👍👍

  • Gregory Burridge
    Gregory Burridge28 dager siden

    I don’t think I would want to fly in a Challenger 601 jet that was purchased for 800K. Maybe 2.5 million??

  • Gregory Burridge

    Gregory Burridge

    26 dager siden

    Yes, but no challenger jet for 800k Is airworthy enough to put my butt on the line!

  • pfcwar5150


    26 dager siden

    when a design is that good… years don’t matter much..

  • Dave Crupel
    Dave Crupel28 dager siden

    Now let's see the Mighty Global Express 6000!

  • cinema104
    cinema10428 dager siden

    Where is here?

  • Dave Crupel
    Dave Crupel28 dager siden

    You want to find out the age and condition of an airplane? Look no further than the maintenance records and the flight logs. Write-ups, work done, reference material TO that work performed. Proper hardware used, proper tools used, Government/EASA certified technicians or certified repair stations. If ANY of that looks sketchy or off, *walk away.* Find another airplane.

  • machdave1
    machdave129 dager siden

    There's no fucking way you could buy that for $400,000.

  • soulrayy
    soulrayy29 dager siden

    glad to see President Trump starting NOprojects job after leaving the office

  • T M
    T M29 dager siden

    Cool ideals and intertaining

  • Bencredible_Jeep_Adventure
    Bencredible_Jeep_Adventure29 dager siden

    You can fly commercial from LA to Vegas for under $100 and save that extra money for coke and girls with daddy issues 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • The SW Family
    The SW Family29 dager siden

    Who do we contact to charter a private plane at an airport?

  • A M L
    A M L29 dager siden

    The shoes are Noice! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥

  • 305Miami MiamiDevlop
    305Miami MiamiDevlop29 dager siden

    This is not true if it's 4000 and hour per person

  • Bill Cowdin
    Bill CowdinMåned siden

    Don’t forget you have to pay to shuttle the plane to your departure airport and then pay the return trip (unattended by you), then pay the shuttle back (again unattended by you), to finally pay to fly you and your buddies back…unless this trip is just a single day. So take these numbers and multiply by 4. Still not awful, but I have never seen these rates quotes when I’ve explored this option…

  • John Doe
    John DoeMåned siden

    Great video...

  • Zack Byers
    Zack ByersMåned siden

    Love seeing you guys doing great work! Cheers!

  • Howard Sambol: Life Crafting
    Howard Sambol: Life CraftingMåned siden

    This is great but what if I want to fly from SFO to Ft. Lauderdale and I don't have 6-8 friends to fly with me? Is there some way I might be able to get matched up with others who want to make a particular trip so we can create a group to make the trip workable? There has to be something like this. I'm unwilling to wear a mask on a plane for 5 hours so this becomes very attractive. Anyone here, if you have any connections please post a comment with info!

  • Mind Over Matter
    Mind Over MatterMåned siden

    Bs this is over priced

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    Why ? don’t

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    PM really is an Excellent presenter. Thanks for the great info.

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    Just found you! I like the way you think of us, the little guy and give advice on how to live large! ( If only for a small while.) Still, so cool!

  • Scott Franco
    Scott FrancoMåned siden

    Just FYI, no, the static wicks don't discharge lightning. The dissipate residual static charge picked up by the airframe as it travels through the air. The purpose of it is to reduce radio interference from those static charges. Airplanes do get struck by lightning, but with a metal frame aircraft it tends to have lots of ways to pass through the aircraft. Its only really a problem with very modern composite (plastic) airplanes that are non-conductive, and they embed wires in the airframe as necessary to give the lightning a path to enter and exit the aircraft.

  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'NealMåned siden

    WTF1 would have been better...

  • Monster Monstersson
    Monster MonsterssonMåned siden

    Amazing. And i really likes Michaels clothes

  • CB
    CBMåned siden

    Michael is also an expert in this because he started a jet charter business that was bought buy a larger jet charter firm and he made a nice profit from that...Adam got very lucky bumping into michael and having him become his manager, would be great to have a mentor lile Michael because he has done it all

  • CB
    CBMåned siden

    Charter it for half the year and make at minimum 15 grand a week and you will have made enough to cover the maintenance and another 7 to 800 grand profit on top of that...much better investment than buying a 500k dollar ferrari...even if you take another 200k off the profit for incidentals and you are still making 500k a year...not a bad job..btw 600k maint. Is a bit on the high side as well

  • Chase Starr
    Chase StarrMåned siden

    Hi Michael mate i hope life is treating you well. Keep up the good work with your NOprojects Channel. Question Michael do you wanna shoot some cool new content in Maldives this summer? if interested i can email you. No pressure. I have maldives resort partners.

  • ZCD 696
    ZCD 696Måned siden

    Sicario flew in this plane.😎

  • Jim Law
    Jim LawMåned siden

    16 million for a C560 ? doubt that

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  • Stu Ramos
    Stu RamosMåned siden

    The cost never works like that... 2 hours of light jet rental will run you 10-12k

  • ProducerMicheal


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    I like this guy more and more each time I watch his videos

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  • Mr. Ginnation Fun&Lifestyle
    Mr. Ginnation Fun&LifestyleMåned siden

    Great video, enjoyed it much. Interesting point of view. I think the Challenger 601 from the late eighties will be around 1,2M up to 1.5M to afford one in good shape. The Cessna Citation 501 goes for 300K to 500K and the 560 rather 600K to 850K I would think. But like Michael said, the price is not the deal, the operation and maintenance costs speaking on the deal, that only still makes it affordable with big bucket of bugs. Here in Germany they charge more to charter these planes. A 3 hour flight back anf forth all in is easily by 15-20K in a small Citation. There is the US more in an advantage, I guess. The Embraer is like Michael said, the ultimate choice of private flying, if money is there to afford this one. Amazing plane. Thanks for the great update and video on this. Really interesting.

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    Måned siden

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    who ru chartering with to get a chgr300 for 4k/hr lol ive paid 15k

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    Its good and all but I feel claustrophobic by just looking at the video

  • James Christiansen
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    Good ole bombardier Chode 601 lol . Good thing about the Challenger's is they are so efficient, very rarely break down.

  • Shajid Basha
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    I called vstream and they said they don’t have this kind of cheap flights at all. 😀

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    It was great we want another part of this for more bigger planes ❤️

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    Bruh the challenger is atleast 1.5- 2 million even with those years

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    And If I buy this plane and maintain in a very cheap Country and not to much crew! Will be a lot cheap to maintain! Will cost 1M per year to maintain in LA not in cheap countries and small hangars

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    Can we buy used Corporate Jet Miles at a Bulk Discount like 100 hours for 20 grand or something?

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    I loved Adam’s input of “so your telling me all these instafamous millionaires actually arnt, they are getting a bargain...... that’s amazing!......”. I hear ya pal. The delicate touch.

    NATURE SOUNDMåned siden

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    Wow 400k for a private jet!!! I’ve been looking for one that could hold my family and this would be perfect! All of the ones I’ve seen have been upwards of 10 million so this is wonderful

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    Your pre-owned prices are WAY off. There is no way you can get an airworthy Challenger for 800k.

  • Andi Scott
    Andi ScottMåned siden

    As a private jet Cabin Crew member (FA), I have turned down contract/freelance trips where I have been told I will be sat in the bathroom for take off and landing. Apart from the fact it is disgusting, it is unsafe. So, it does indeed happen.

  • Andi Scott

    Andi Scott

    Måned siden

    The majority of jets, especially from midsize, of the age that was being looked at up. are still bloo-loo, and you would be surprised how much they are used, especially with a relatively full cabin which they have been saying is what makes these trips affordable. So essentially you are sitting above a bucket of peoples waste mixed with chemicals. It is only when you get to the larger Globals or Gulfstream that you are more than likely to have a vacuum toilet with a black waste tank. Yes they may have a seat top and a seatbelt but I would rather not sit somewhere that has a bucket of human waste under a padded lid. But thanks for the reply.

  • Baxter


    Måned siden

    Don’t those seats actually have seat belts and cushions? How is it disgusting? I’d imagine the bathroom is rarely used and properly cleaned after every flight. It’s no different than standing next to your toilet while you brush your teeth and comb your hair.