How 1 Boat Just Caused a $400 Million an Hour Traffic Jam

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  • RealLifeLore
    RealLifeLore9 dager siden

    Comment down below what your preferred method of blocking the Suez Canal in the future would be

  • Jaden1_Plays


    Time siden

    Hey RealLifeLore can you make a what if the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth reunited today? Please

  • tallswede80


    23 timer siden

    the same thing except this time, tip the ship over and dump all the containers in the canal.

  • Chandra Neel

    Chandra Neel

    Dag siden

    @Soonly Taing ok wtf

  • Chandra Neel

    Chandra Neel

    Dag siden

    all the bugatis and cyber trucks

  • Vishnu PM

    Vishnu PM

    Dag siden


  • Isaak
    IsaakTime siden

    What’s wrong ? Why saying ENTHHHHHHHHHHHHHIRE ???

  • Jaden1_Plays
    Jaden1_PlaysTime siden

    Hey RealLifeLore can you do a what if the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Reunited Today? 🙏

  • Vladimir Drakinskiy
    Vladimir DrakinskiyTime siden

    Can you make a video about Theia (the planet that hit Earth 4.5 billion years ago)?

  • CoreContent
    CoreContent4 timer siden

    What are you doing there step-ship?

  • Travel Review
    Travel Review4 timer siden

    Is he saying EverGiven? The ship has EverGreen written on it? Which one is it?

  • Norliah Tamby Chik
    Norliah Tamby Chik5 timer siden

    South malaysia is Johor,Melacca

  • hen ko
    hen ko9 timer siden

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing....BE WISE

  • The Money Club
    The Money Club10 timer siden

    We don't need any Chinese's products anyways.

  • Victor Mendoza
    Victor Mendoza11 timer siden

    I’m a delivery driver (Door Dash) and in my area I have seen a significant increase of shipping trucks in my area, and when I mean significant I mean traffic has been horrible because our roads were not meant to handle this load of shipping trucks.

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    9 timer siden

    *your graphics card has been shipped 'oh nice lets track the order' *last location: Suez Canal

  • codycast
    codycast15 timer siden

    This sounds like a mistake a female captain would make

  • codycast
    codycast15 timer siden

    The entire global economy? Or just Eu buying their plastic salve made goods from China?

  • Marc Paulse
    Marc Paulse15 timer siden

    The way the narrator says "Su-ez Canal" eerks me 😵 it's one word lol, like Sue, and then with a Z. Suez! Lol, not SU-EZ.

  • Dan Dolin
    Dan Dolin15 timer siden

    Man this is why my new keyboard has been on backorder for about two weeks now. Tough

  • Landscaper Garry
    Landscaper Garry17 timer siden

    I say they should have blown up that ship.... that's what insurance is for.

  • Brock Hard
    Brock Hard17 timer siden

    3:25 DR. EVIL from Austin Powers!!!

  • Steven Farnesi
    Steven Farnesi18 timer siden

    Is it bad that I find this whole situation hilarious?

  • ThunderCracker the random seeker no one likes
    ThunderCracker the random seeker no one likes19 timer siden

    This is why we need warp drives installed on to every commercial ship

  • D-PadDan
    D-PadDan22 timer siden

    All I’m saying is ISIS now have a perfect idea to mess up the western world😬😬

  • Mum R
    Mum RDag siden

    You are great...I totally understood this news story!!!!!

  • Kristina Savic
    Kristina SavicDag siden

    Basically, Mother Nature created this mess and fixed it too.

  • Ad IYIzKingCheetahPBxOWO AdamEyEz1GroRPspandaYTFAN
    Ad IYIzKingCheetahPBxOWO AdamEyEz1GroRPspandaYTFANDag siden

    I can go 100m but 400m i try

  • Gado briel
    Gado brielDag siden

    Onii-chan, I just got stucked in this canal 😳

  • Nitesh Upreti
    Nitesh UpretiDag siden

    Make video about greater Nepal!!

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiuDag siden

    *your graphics card has been shipped 'oh nice lets track the order' *last location: Suez Canal

  • Oscarwood2005
    Oscarwood2005Dag siden

    are we there yet no theres a freaking massive ship in the way

  • ThePigeonArmy _Official
    ThePigeonArmy _OfficialDag siden

    The ships that was waiting in a traffic jam should of went around africa

  • bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

    Dag siden

    Rest in peace Prince Philip.

  • BZgA
    BZgADag siden

    Nature always win. Humans are nothing.

  • Nineteen 84
    Nineteen 84Dag siden

    staged by the worlds elite who are child traffickers and every other evil act

  • Kamal Daou
    Kamal DaouDag siden

    Arabs here living near it

  • Stxrrbee
    StxrrbeeDag siden

    I saw this in the news

  • Mr. americano
    Mr. americanoDag siden

    So this is y I can't get my rtx 3090

  • Wild Commenter
    Wild CommenterDag siden

    The last ship to exit suez canal before Evergiven boat drifted:

  • TheMcCow
    TheMcCowDag siden

    The land down under didn’t feel this to bad ngl

  • Anime Banz
    Anime BanzDag siden

    By blocking a route though which $400 million worth of goods passed through every hour. /endvideo

  • Linda Burr
    Linda BurrDag siden

    You just clicked on this video because it was in youyour recommendations or you you know this and just decided to click on it

  • Brent Bucaling
    Brent BucalingDag siden


  • PesonaTegal


    23 timer siden

    EVERGREEN is the company name

  • Raindom Ceains
    Raindom CeainsDag siden

    why no strait of hormuz

  • Bobo
    BoboDag siden

    Lol yeah I remember when that happened then we all immediately forgot about it

  • Adi H
    Adi HDag siden

    Well we know where ksi's alphorn mouthpiece is.

  • Dregs
    DregsDag siden

    uh no, it's the SEARS TOWER. thank you very much. We don't appreciate anyone calling it the Sears Tower.

  • Daniel Greaney
    Daniel GreaneyDag siden

    Rest in peace Prince Philip.

  • Da BOss
    Da BOssDag siden

    Very exaggerated

  • Lawrence Albert Shirkey II
    Lawrence Albert Shirkey IIDag siden

    There were children used for sex trafficking and nuclear missiles on board this ship. why are you not talking about that ????

  • John Schmitt
    John SchmittDag siden

    “Global pandemic you might’ve heard about” never heard such thing before

  • Nareswari Production
    Nareswari ProductionDag siden

    moral of the story : mother nature just humbled us. she can destroy us if she REALLY want to

  • Bobofet241
    Bobofet241Dag siden

    They blamed the Wind, lol. Reminds me of the Movie Rocketman. ''Fred Randall : It wasn't me!''

  • Greendro Tha Bro
    Greendro Tha BroDag siden

    Ship: Get stuck at the sea Pirates: We must see what's they're for us to grab

  • HowD
    HowDDag siden

    i had a stroke reading the title

  • dosmastrify
    dosmastrifyDag siden

    Dude why do you keep repeating yourself it's not a Discovery Channel show we haven't gone anywhere during the commercial

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe SchmoeDag siden

    Maybe they should think about making it wider???

  • ma calvin
    ma calvinDag siden

    So that’s why my aliexpress packages took so long to arrive

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe streDag siden

    It's a bit weird to wake up finding your city has become a meme.

  • Wilder Durán
    Wilder DuránDag siden

    “SCREW YOU, SHIP!” -Bell if she was part of the traffic jam

  • JeremiahMC100
    JeremiahMC1002 dager siden

    Literally just repeats the same thing with different phrasing to make a long video

  • niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    Dag siden


  • ThinkAhead
    ThinkAhead2 dager siden

    Just go AROUNDDD!

  • DIVIT Gaming
    DIVIT Gaming2 dager siden

    Is it ever green or "evergiven"

  • Houssain Al ahmafi
    Houssain Al ahmafi2 dager siden

    Disaster strucks the world Me: Oooow boii were gonna have a new reallifelore video

  • Boris Licina
    Boris Licina2 dager siden

    Why do you call the boat Evergiven when it writes Evergreen ?

  • Miki Flokster
    Miki Flokster2 dager siden


  • Adnan
    Adnan2 dager siden

    Imagine, you are the one guy that drive the boat

  • Mr. Stealyagirl
    Mr. Stealyagirl2 dager siden

    Little did we know this boat is the main character

  • Vaidas Šukaukas
    Vaidas Šukaukas2 dager siden

    It's not $400M/h.... people need to stop spreading bullshit. A few hundred ships got delayed by like a week, so sure, it did cost some, but don't go hysterical with the numbers. Though you need those clicks somehow...

  • Dagomyre _
    Dagomyre _2 dager siden

    Hey Reallifelore first off I love the vids, but we need to talk and this is a serious matter, I need you and atlas pro to do a collaboration series about the cursed future of 2050-2100. What I mean by this is a few things, you need to talk about climate change and how it will devastate coasts and how to help stop it, and in your vid show the sea level increase and how it will affect us and how to help prevent the rising seas. Also medicine is really important especially with COVID 19 but the thing is covid isn’t that bad compared to things in the near future, if we continue to waste medicine on things not necessary we will go through a medicine crisis, and it will be global, essentially what I mean is there is a vault that has some of the best medicines in the world, capable of destroying bacteria’s and viruses like covid, but using them on covid is dumb because these medicines are only to be used in a worst case scenario like world extinction, so if we continue to waste some of these medicines on dumb things some of the diseases we almost made extinct and others are going to eventually become immune to our medicines by picking up these wasted medicines that we use when we don’t need to and become immune to them, also please talk about how covid started and why it’s so dumb that we didn’t stop it, the reasons being number one Trump got rid of our team in Wuhan observing for outbreaks of viruses, the theory is that the team is useless because it never stops viruses however this is wrong because it has done we just don’t know because they don’t tell us, and two China they didn’t tell us that there was a problem in the country and by the time it was known worldwide it was too late, if we had shut down air, sea and ground travel we would’ve gotten rid of covid in 2 weeks, it sounds crazy but it’s true, see the thing is this generation is so screwed so please for me and my generation warn others about these things and other things like how the rich oil company’s are bribing governments to say the climate change isn’t real. So please help the world fix it’s mistakes please. And again make more videos about the danger of some of the things that we are causing. Also watch some others videos about climate change like the one by Verge Science called This is what rising sea levels will do. And also explain how we are only making it worse every day, and make sure to use dansez fashion for the music.

  • Dragunov Bogdan
    Dragunov Bogdan2 dager siden

    now listen closely: here's a little lesson in redundancy... this is going down in history !

  • Jack The Slayer 7220
    Jack The Slayer 72202 dager siden


  • You know My first last name
    You know My first last name2 dager siden

    1:04 Suez canal isn't important to enire world, 4 example 4 Africa, South America, India or Russia. ITS IMPORTANT ONLY 4 usa and Northern Europe.

  • Hu tao -No One-
    Hu tao -No One-2 dager siden


  • Hitler himself
    Hitler himself2 dager siden

    Add another one

  • SuperWolf YT
    SuperWolf YT2 dager siden


  • James Ferdrick
    James Ferdrick2 dager siden

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing....BE WISE

  • Xenro66


    17 timer siden

    @thurqs Half of them are bots yeah. Even if they weren't bots, buying _right now_ would be a TERRIBLE investment, considering how inflated the price is. Just look at the current value of it, it's 3x higher than its previous all time peak back in late 2017, and has been sustained for the past *month*

  • Fahad


    Dag siden

    I seen to many bitcoin bots today

  • thurqs


    2 dager siden

    The replies are bots aren't they

  • Dobs Felix

    Dobs Felix

    2 dager siden

    Wow, Im seeing so many bot accounts promoting Bitcoins its not even funny anymore.

  • Anderson Clifford

    Anderson Clifford

    2 dager siden

    Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him.

  • Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei
    Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei2 dager siden

    The Suez Canal was closed by the fake Zionist regime.

  • Timothy Avendt
    Timothy Avendt2 dager siden

    Add a toll system. Use the money to seriously widen the cannel.

  • Sunarian 1978
    Sunarian 19782 dager siden

    Give it time , those war criminal sustralians will sabotage another ship and block the Suez again.

  • TheNotverysocial
    TheNotverysocial2 dager siden

    I'd say this is a symptom of a bigger disease. Our constant desire for infinite growth is unsustainable. Our planet Earth is a closed system. The kind of infinite growth we so desire and everyday feed into would require going into space, and there are countless impassable obstacles in that. So far as we know, there is no other place that could and would cater to our needs apart from metal mining.

  • Anubis The Jackal
    Anubis The Jackal2 dager siden

    Lol boat

  • Ilham Nobi Entertainment
    Ilham Nobi Entertainment2 dager siden

    This is nothing compared to Dhaka traffic

  • formation100
    formation1002 dager siden

    Why does the ship say evergreen but people are calling it evergiven?

  • formation100


    2 dager siden

    @The Ouch Guy Ahh okay, im not the smartest! Thanks for the reply.

  • The Ouch Guy

    The Ouch Guy

    2 dager siden

    evergreen is the name of the company ever given is the name of the boat

  • Momchil Andonov
    Momchil Andonov2 dager siden

    Misleading title thumbs down! It's not causing 400$ an hour of damages! Cargo is simply being delivered with a delay which doesn't cost 10 billion a day!!!

  • Latif Atip
    Latif Atip2 dager siden

    much better dari versi malay... thanks

  • Jasone Broamann
    Jasone Broamann2 dager siden

    Kinda shows how unstable the world system rn is

  • Karim King
    Karim King2 dager siden

    like a james bond movie script

  • North Galaxy
    North Galaxy2 dager siden

    Evergiven, not evergreen?

  • The Ouch Guy

    The Ouch Guy

    2 dager siden

    evergreen is the name of the company ever given is the name of the boat

  • Hollis Sims
    Hollis Sims2 dager siden

    What is it with Egypt causing crises that last for 6 days?

  • BatYeohann Encisa
    BatYeohann Encisa2 dager siden

    Nobody started the fire

  • Keiji Kai
    Keiji Kai2 dager siden

    We need some super heroes..

  • opener of the world

    opener of the world

    2 dager siden

    Israel made a song on the Bar Lev line in the Suez Canal . The video is on my channel

  • YourAverageChip _
    YourAverageChip _2 dager siden

    POV: You are driving a cargo ship and just did the funniest thing ever

    MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN2 dager siden


  • Frankie Brysonious
    Frankie Brysonious2 dager siden

    Wait i’m confused is it evergiven or evergreen? Is the boat called evergiven and the company called evergreen? The boat says evergreen but he’s saying evergiven and i’m confused

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous2 dager siden

    It’s amazing how fast we can get documentaries nowadays

  • Axel sola
    Axel sola2 dager siden

    It's evergreen bruh

  • Daniel Kintigh
    Daniel Kintigh2 dager siden

    Spoiler: It got stuck

  • AttilatheThrilla
    AttilatheThrilla2 dager siden

    I love how the cost of them fucking up would of course effect the consumers the most.. smh

  • Vivek Kesavan
    Vivek Kesavan2 dager siden

    not a boat its ship

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore2 dager siden

    The imaginary deodorant philosophically reign because face unfortunatly influence notwithstanding a adjoining niece. tame, cooing occupation

  • anson chan
    anson chan2 dager siden

    How one beached ship might have end the world economy

  • john hanrahan
    john hanrahan2 dager siden

    Asians. They can't drive ANYTHING!

  • john hanrahan

    john hanrahan

    2 dager siden

    @Dux Biggest social problem today: Too many people have allowed themselves to become whiny, offended pussies instead of just laughing it off or giving back a similar dig. Man up or fuck off, OK?

  • Dux


    2 dager siden

    @john hanrahan yeah still not ok to call us "asian cant drive"

  • john hanrahan

    john hanrahan

    2 dager siden

    @Dux Just a joke. Relax.

  • Dux


    2 dager siden

    Excuse me? The cause of this accident is the wind

  • Joanna
    Joanna2 dager siden

    " oh the economy is recovering" "Close the canal then " - The Illuminati or someone

  • Arhan Solo
    Arhan Solo2 dager siden

    It's always pretty amazing to make such a big fuss about such a little thing. They just called in the Dutch and they fixed it...

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis2 dager siden

    The video keeps saying "Evergiven" as the name, but the ship shown says "Evergreen". Why the difference?

  • Dux


    2 dager siden

    @Joanna there are supplies so if you exploaded it, it will be bad news for people since there are resources in the ship and the ships debris will be removed and the suez canal would be fucked

  • Joanna


    2 dager siden

    Would it not be simpler to evacuate the ship and bomb it?